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  Mfg pack D/C Descrpion
W.F (2)  Preliminary product information describes products which are in productio
W/B (1) 
W/F (1) 
W/H (1) 
W/S (1) 
W/W (1) 
W0- (1)  For the most current package and ordering information, see the Package Op
W00 (9)  GENERAL INSTRUMENT 87+   Burst mode operation   Auto & self refresh capability (8
W01 (17)  SILICONIX 1650 RESET: This active low input causes a chip reset which lasts for 26 clock
W02 (10)    The safe operating area curves indicate ICCVCE limits of the tran
W03 (5)  XEROX DIP8 The DP8417 8418 8419 8419X represent a family of 256k DRAM Controller Dr
W04 (19)  ST SOP-8 The device has two supply voltages. VCC is designed for 3-V to 3.6-V ope
W05 (4)  N/A 01+ SOP-8 The preamble (Figure 9 on page 10) with up to 320 periods of the 125 kHz
W06 (15)  SEP 2008+ NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.  2. Metric equivalents ar
W07 (3)  TOSHIBA 06+ 9200 Time Out Counter. The Time Out is performed by a 14 Bit Counter that co
W08 (11)  SONY 2001 The W0889-1A is a Stealth™ diode optimized for low loss performanc
W09 (1)  †Purchase of I2C components from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. or
W0A (15)  Information in this document is provided in connection with Intel ® p
W-1 (4)  N/A N/A N/A The Am29LV652D is a 128 Mbit, 3.0 Volt (3.0 V to 3.6 V) single power supp
W1- (4)  TOSHIBA SOT-23 04+ SM6610 series is high-accuracy temperature sensor IC in the ultra small p
W10 (24)  Hitachi 98   Input Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO) The MAX5069A EV kit features a
W11 (21)  ST TO-247 The designer can create, implement, and verify digital logic circuits fo
W12 (40)  NATIONAL 2008 Conexant products are not intended for use in medical, life saving or lif
W13 (54)  2 When expander logic is used in the data path, add the appro- priate maxim
W14 (33)  WIN DIP 99 Providing two banks of four outputs, the PI6C2308A is a 3.3V zero- delay
W15 (51)  TI 4000 00+ Only few external Components required Input Undervoltage Lockout 67kHz
W16 (33)  96 The MX98715A controller is an IEEE802.3u compliant single chip 32-bit f
W17 (48)  CYPRESS SOP8 01+/05+ The device is enabled when EN is set from logic low to logic high. CP1 wi
W18 (76)  CYPRESS 03+ 2.1 W/Ch Into 4 Ω at 5 V • 1.4 W/Ch Into 8 Ω at 5 V 
W19 (40)  CY 03+/P1 SOP/28 The threshold value is established as an offset to the reference level.
W1A (11)  N/A Microstrip Series Connection for HSMP-482x Series In order to take full
W1B (1)  • The W1BA supports programmable PCI Subsystem ID   and Subsy
W1D (1)  ST 2008 • Power-on Reset (POR), Power-up Timer (PWRT)   and Oscillato
W1G (1)  The W1G-IC766708 has CMOS standby mode which re- duces the maximum VCC cu
W1O (1)  PARAMETER Error Comparator Section Input Bias Current Input Offset Volt
W1S (1)  Features O 5V tolerant inputs and outputs O 2.3VC3.6V VCC specifications
W1X (1)  vishay vishay dc02 High voltage semiconductor especially designed for horizontal deflectio
W-2 (3)  CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive device. Electrostatic ch
W2- (7)  十脚铁帽 08+ The output power as a function of the supply voltage is measured on the o
W20 (73)  LUCENT LUCENT 00+ Functional Description Analog Front-End Input Selector Clamping Automa
W21 (87)  UNI Note 1: All parameters specified over standard operating conditions unles
W22 (72)    The LM393 series are dual independent precision voltage comparator
W23 (58)  CYP SSOP48 0118+   Input voltage range: 2.25V to 5.5V   Ultra-low IQ: Only 16&m
W24 (350)  WINBOND PLCC 98+ At both ends of the array and between each resistor segment is a CMOS s
W25 (104)  WINBOND 04+ 2. Data labelled Typ is not to be used for design purposes but is intende
W26 (33)  CYPRESS O7+ 1. MC100ES6139 circuits are designed to meet the DC specifications shown
W27 (133)  Windond PLCC32 03/+04+ /RCS0 -->/CS : SDRAMs D0-D8 /RCS1 -->/CS : SDRAMs D9 - D17 RBA0-RB
W28 (35)  WORKS The UCC3808 dual output drive stages are arranged in a push-pull configur
W29 (170)  AT PLCC The VSP2232 is a complete mixed-signal IC that contains all of the key fe
W2A (21)  AVX 2005(PF) Turn-On Time: In the circuit of Figure 1, turning Q1 on applies a low vol
W2B (2)  铁面BGA Feedback Voltage and Short Circuit Detection pin. It is the inverting inp
W2C (3)  MOTOROLA Low voltage noise density of 2.1nV/Hz and -88dBc spurious-free dynamic ra
W2D (1)  AVX 0805电容 02+ The LIN driver function LIN_IdleClock can check whether or not there is a
W2E (3)  For reasons of interference protection and surge immunity, the supply vol
W2F (10)  AVX 0805-100P 05+ s No products described or contained herein are intended for use in surgi
W2G (7)  ST 98  TAOperating free-air temperature−55125−4085C NOTE 3: A
W2J (1)  The Clock oscillator may be stopped at any time. To increase the shelf li
W2L (6)  AVX 0402X4 Vcc = 2.3V~2.7V, TA= 0C to 70C/ -40C to 85C, unless otherwise specified &
W2M (1)    DC bus capacitor filter with NTC inrush current limiter   IR
W2N (2)  HARRIS DIP4 CP: This is the input for the charge pump. For applications requiring a c
W2O (1)  SOP8 5. ML66Q525B with flash memory programmable with single power supply &nbs
W2R (1)  OMRON MODEL 00+ Ultra Low RDS(on) Higher Efficiency Extending Battery Life Logic Level
W2S (1)  Specifications contained in this product brief are in effect as of the pu
W-3 (5)  IR MODULE The addition of software reset enables recovery from unforeseen error co
W3- (2)  TOSHIBA SOT-23 05+ The DS1481 also supports overdrive communication with overdrive capable
W30 (31)  LUCENT TSSOP 1999 Notes 1. All voltages referenced to Vss. 2. An initial pause of 100 &m
W31 (36)  CYPRESS SSOP-48 00+ State-of-the-Art Advanced BiCMOS Technology (ABT) Design for 3.3-V Opera
W32 (31)  cyp 03+ The MAX6950 and MAX6951 were intended to drive single-digit displays, and
W33 (12)  WINBOND N/A 99+ The MAX1737 evaluation kit (EV kit) is an assembled and tested PC board t
W34 (7)  WORKS 98/93 SOP-8 Thermal Design The IRU1015 incorporates an internal thermal shutdown tha
W35 (8)  N/A N/A N/A NOTES: 1. The 732mV peak-to-peak input pulse level is specified to allow
W36 (1)  The REG103 is a family of low-noise, low-dropout, linear regulators with
W37 (2)  ST 04+ • TOSHIBA is continually working to improve the quality and reliabil
W38 (13)  WINBOND PLCC-28 To further understand 82C37A operation, the states generated by each cl
W39 (78)  WINBIND PLCC32 06+ External I/O for Timer/Counter 2 Timer/Counter 2 Capture/Reload Trigger
W3A (46)  N/A Stresses beyond those listed in the Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause pe
W3B (1)  TI QFN 07+ The Intersil ICL7106 and ICL7107 are high performance, low power, 31/2 d
W3F (12)  N/A 1206
W3H (1)  In order to take advantageof the 4 point structure of the LCP, the TIP
W3L (4)  AVX 2007+PB Low-power dissipation Operating: 15 mW/MHz (typical) Single power supply
W4- (3)  TOSHIBA SOT-23 © Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, 2004. The information contained
W40 (70)  MOT 05+ Following the address and acknowledge bit with logic 0 in the read/write
W41 (5)  ICWORKS SSOP/48 99+ The intended application of this device and signaling technique is for po
W42 (106)  BGA ATI 250 The ISP1161A is a single-chip Universal Serial Bus (USB) Host Controller
W43 (11)  WINBOND DIP 95 The attached datasheets are provided by ICSI. Integrated Circuit Solution
W45 (3)  N/A ICWORKS 04+ Auxiliary receive filter output. The output signal is inverted with respe
W46 (1)  Some of the topologys advantages are: 1) Stepping up or down the input vo
W47 (1)  MLP-S16P 38503 N/A   The MC14049B Hex Inverter/Buffer and MC14050B Noninverting Hex Bu
W48 (242)  N/A ICWORKS 04+ PCI Bus VIO: This pin should be connected to the VIO pins of the PCI bus.
W49 (82)  N/A ICWORK 04+ This unit controls all operations on addresses (calculates the next instru
W4B (1)  NTT DaTa High speed output rise and fall (20 ns typ) at load capacitance (CL) of
W4C (2)  NTT DaTa 98 In addition to the H-LUT input control multiplexers (shown in box "
W4N (1)  N/A N/A N/A The Start Circuitry generates the internal START signal which causes th
W4T (1)  01+ SOP This document is a general product description and is subject to change wi
W-5 (1)  † Design targets only. Not tested in production.. NOTES: 5. Both
W50 (7)  N/A DIP 01+ • Photo detector and preamplifier in one package • Internal
W51 (18)  WIZNET 08+   C Internal Address and Data Latches for 128 Bytes   C Intern
W52 (29)  WIN 1999 DIP Electrical These devices use a modified 4 x 7 dot matrix light emittin
W53 (14)  Multiformat video decoder supports NTSC-(M, N, 4.43),   PAL-(B/D/G/
W54 (15)  3956 WIN 03+ Notes: 3. These specifications are guaranteed only for the test conditio
W55 (18)  WINBOND 2007 The basic unit of logic on the ispLSI 3160 device is the Twin Generic L
W56 (13)  WINBOND PLCC-28 The MSK 5115 series are highly thermally conductive devices and the ther
W57 (20)  WINBOND SSOP 02+ IF+, IF C (Pins 2, 3): Differential IF Signal Inputs. A differ- ential si
W58 (35)  WINBOND . 10 Terminal nos. 3 and 8 are soft start terminals. Connect a capacitor to th
W59 (3)  NTT DaTa 98 Extended data out (EDO) allows data output rates up to 40 MHz for 60-ns d
W5B (1)  NS SOP-14 SX Notes: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2. This parameter is guarant
W5L (1)  17 ST 00+ VID0-4 are the input pins to the 5-bit DAC. The states of these five pins
W5N (2)    Specifications are not production tested but guaranteed by design
W5P (1)  Host clock frequency selection is achieved by applying the appropriate lo
W5Q (1)  On Board 24Mhz Crystal Driver Circuit Can be clocked by 48MHz external so
W6- (1)  NEC SOT23 01+ Only the destination of the lower-order byte in the ta- ble is well-defin
W60 (5)  95 SUMMARY High-Performance 32-Bit DSPApplications in Audio,   Medica
W61 (1)  N/A NEW 95+ Output drive power down C An active low signal that controls the power-do
W62 (12)  With an increasing supply voltage the IC enters the start-up state; the
W63 (3)  BI SOP-8 99/P3   IDTCV104B is a 48 pin clock generation device for desktop PC platf
W64 (5)  WINBOND LCC Inhibit: The Inhibit pin is an open-collector/drain negative logic input
W65 (20)  04+   3.4.1 Lead finish and formation. Lead finish shall be solderable i
W66 (13)  WINBOND 99 The MSP430x11x2 and MSP430x12x2 series are ultralow-power mixed signal mi
W67 (15)  N/A 06+ 496 Referenced to VCCA Voltage VCC Isolation Feature − If Either VCC In
W68 (45)  Remote On/Off: This is an open-collector (open-drain) negative logic inpu
W69 (6)  CHIPS BGA 97+ • Protects Sensitive circuits from short duration fast   rise
W6N (5)  ST INPUT OFFSET VOLTAGE, initial4 OFFSET VOLTAGE, vs. temperature4 OFFSE
W7- (5)  TOSHIBA SOT-23 05+ The device supports low-power standby operation. When RESET is low, the d
W70 (6)  WACOM 00+ TQFP-M100P " Window structured high power laser diode ideal for high speed &nb
W71 (4)  DESCRIPTION The STi7710 is STMicroelectronics first single chip set-top
W72 (4)  TI DIP These N-Channel enhancement mode power field effect transistors are produ
W73 (11)  SI SOP-8 N/A This pin normally functions as a three-state input that controls the two
W74 (30)  W 03+ SMD TheSN55LVDS32,SN65LVDS32, SN65LVDS3486, and SN65LVDS9637 are differenti
W75 (4)  Winbond   The device also includes a 1 volt regulator capable of sourcing u
W76 (7)  COILCRAFT 128 x 1 Sensor-Element Organization (1 Not Connected, 1 dummy, 128 real,
W77 (111)  Winbond 7+   The MSK 4351 is a 50 Amp, 3 Phase Isolated Bridge Smart Power Moto
W78 (451)  N/A WINBOND 04+ Zero dead time switching Maximum output current 7.5 A Standby mode Hi
W79 (61)  Winbond PLCC 06+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may c
W7B (1)  NS SOP-14 SX The Transmit section input, VFXI, is a high impedance sum- ming input w
W7L (1)  07+ tPLDhOutput enable time3⋅T + tPD4⋅T + tPDnsT=CLK period &nbs
W7N (5)  N 96+ TO-220 † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may c
W7P (4)  Sector Read With sector read, a sector address is supplied with the rea
W8- (6)  TOSHIBA SOT-143 The EVBD4400 evaluation board implements a single power phaseleg circui
W8/ (1)  System Resources, some of which have been previously listed, provide add
W80 (15)  05/06+ Sensitivity describes the gain of the sensor and can be determined by app
W81 (17)  93 This MOSFET is an enhancement-mode silicon-gate power field effect
W82 (46)  03+ The RESET pin is asserted whenever VCC falls below the reset threshold v
W83 (329)  Winbond 08+ FEATURES High Accuracy, Supports IEC 687/1036 Less than 0.1% Error over
W84 (2)  98 Input. This input is not considered active unless it is active for at lea
W85 (4)  WINBOND SOP/24 90+ The FETKY™ family of Co-Pack HEXFET® Power MOSFETs and Schottky
W86 (27)  WINBOND PLCC-68 04+ The Spartan™ and the Spartan-XL families are a high-vol- ume produ
W87 (6)  WINBOND QFP 06+   All devices also available in tray quatities. For the most current
W88 (40)  Winbond QFP 1997 Description The HSDL-3612 is a low-profile infrared transceiver module
W89 (29)  WIN QFP 1995 1/0 Read the contents of the Wiper Counter Register   pointed to by
W8B (1)  NS SOP-14 SX Split supplies of 3.3V and 2.5V are used. The 3.3V power supply powers a
W8F (1)  The device contains two operational amplifiers and a precision shunt re
W8N (5)  N/A • NPT IGBT technology   - high switching speed   - low
W-9 (2)  TI A and B Ports Up To −2 V Integrated Diode to VCC Provides 5-V Input
W9- (4)  TOSH SOT-23 05+ An internal oscillator fixes the switching frequency at 500KHz to minim
W9/ (1)  The MTC20136 is a dedicated controller chip, spe- cifically designed to
W90 (13)  LUCENT QFP32 PB0~PB5 constitute a 6-bit Schmitt trigger input port. Each bit on port ar
W91 (216)  WINBOND . 1000   The FCT573Tis an octal transparent latch built using an advanced d
W92 (28)  ST TO263 02+ Unless otherwise specified, these specifications apply at an ambient oper
W93 (35)  N/A SMD 04+ preamplifier. An external microphone should be AC coupled to this pin via
W94 (22)  QFP The W941232AD-5 supports GMII, RGMII, SGMII, SerDes, TBI, RTBI, and MII
W95 (2)  A ceramic capacitor(0.1µF) should be connected from pin 8 to pin 5 t
W96 (1)  The major functional blocks of the PSD3XX include:   • Two pr
W97 (5)  07+ The HC534, HCT534, HC564, and HCT564 are positive edge triggered flip-f
W98 (133)  WINBOND TSOP Separate 16-Bit Data Memory Buses and One Program Memory Bus 40-Bit Arit
W99 (87)  N/A PLCC44 N/A Block Protect Bits - BP2, BP1, BP0 - (Nonvolatile) The Block Protect Bit
W9A (1)  Operating the two memory banks in an interleaved fashion allows random ac
W9B (1)  NS SOP-14 SX Skyworks APD Series of silicon PIN diode chips are designed for use as sw
W9C (2)  Note 2: The maximum power dissipation is dictated by TJMAX, JA, and the a
W9D (1)  A buffered output-enable (OE) input can be used to place the eight output
W9E (1)    The TC55V8512JI/FTI is a 4,194,304-bit high-speed static random ac
W9G (2)  Max. UnitsConditions  CCCVVGS = 0V, ID = 250µA CCCV/C Refere
W9M (1)  BENEFITS • Long life • Maintenance free • Current-lim
W9N (6)  ST TO-220F Information furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurate and r
WA- (1)  Notes: 4. CX1 must be placed within 0.7 cm of the HSDL-3612 to obtain op
WA0 (21)  APEX CAN8 08+   The choice of C2 is a compromise between an accept- able startup
WA1 (15)  UJ TQFP 02+ The output current which can be drawn from the comparator reference (Ire
WA2 (9)  N/A N/A N/A The AD8353 can also operate with a 5 V power supply, in which case no ex
WA3 (5)  N/A N/A N/A Reading from the device is accomplished by taking Chip En- able (CE) an
WA4 (4)  YAMAHA SOP24W 2007+ This is not an extensive capacitor list. Capacitors from other vendors a
WA5 (3)  2. Force IDL Transmit   This enhancement is an additional SCP cont
WA6 (8)  55 MODULE Notes: 1. The PLL is able to handle spread spectrum induced skew. 2. Ope
WA7 (2)  Small 10-Lead MSOP or DFN Package Uses Tiny Capacitors and Inductor High
WA8 (9)  WLW AXIAL 5 High location function normally (see Figure 5). If bit 2 is 1, the assoc
WA9 (2)  QFP 03+/04+ The Fairchild Switch FST16209 provides 18-bits of high- speed CMOS TTL-
WAB (9)  IR 421B SMD220-5 3-wire serial digital data link requires few I/O pins Analog input trac
WAC (36)  07+ High current sink/source 25 mA/25 mA Up to 76 I/O with individual direc
WAE (3)  SMT 00+ • For indirect jumps and calls that use a 16-bit DAG   address
WAF (19)  ST BGA 99 Hynix HYMD132G725A(L)8-K/H/L series is registered 184-pin double data rate
WAG (3)  LSILOGIC BGA 04+ Figure 1 shows the basic architecture of the STA111. The devices major f
WAH (3)  SOP48 06+ The IGBT is ideal for many high voltage switching applications operating
WAL (3)  Read operations are initiated in the same way as write operations with th
WAM (3)    The MAX2531 multiband LNA/Mixer IC is optimized for CDMA, GSM, and
WAP (1)  WAVECOM BGA Edition 07.96 This edition was realized using the software system FrameMa
WAR (15)  PHILIPH QFP 04+ Guaranteed monotonic INL error: 1 LSB max On-chip 1.25 V/2.5 V, 10 ppm/C
WAS (10)  N/A ATMEL 04+ The device is available with an access time of 70, 90, or 120 ns. The d
WAT (7)  ST 05+ SOP-20 The UCC28510 family also features leading-edge modulation for the PFC sta
WAV (2)  During interrupts and subroutine calls, the return address program counte
WB- (6)  N/A 1812 GND (Pin 10): Signal Ground. The oscillator, slew control circuitry and t
WB0 (4)  TSOP8S 2007+ NOTE: 1. Because the gate controls are asynchronous, runt pulses are pos
WB1 (58)  MN662790RSC is a signal processing LSI for CDs which is applicable to 4x-
WB2 (20)  SINCERA 0805-70R 05+ A serial communications interface (SCI) is integrated on all devices to p
WB3 (30)  COILCRAFT The following specifications apply for AGND = DGND = DGND(I/O) = 0V, VA =
WB4 (6)  N/A 1812 If you have any questions or comments regarding this publication, please
WB5 (2)  N/A DIP 98   Parameter Total Gate Charge (turn-on) Gate - Emitter Charge (t
WB6 (6)  ZIOLG QFP DESCRIPTION The CLP30-200B1 is designed to protect telecommunication e
WB8 (5)  WB SOP-8 N/A The HT24LC08 is an 8K-bit serial read/write non-volatile memory device us
WBA (2)  JAT 4(0603) The MAX1533/MAX1537 are dual step-down, switch- mode power-supply (SMPS)
WBC (7)  pny pny dc00 (1) All typical values are at TA = +25C. (2) Integral nonlinearity is d
WBD (1)  The ground return for the digital supply for the ADC12DL065s output driv
WBH (1)  TI TSSOP48 06+ The variable product-term distribution on this device removes rigid limit
WBL (5)  Cortina 07+ Over Voltage Detection The MX841 will go into a shutdown state to avoid
WBR (6)  Information in this document is provided in connection with Intel product
WBS (1)  The following addresses are reserved for special purpose :   $FFFAh
WBT (1)  N/A Boomer audio power amplifiers were designed specifically to provide hig
WBU (2) 
WC0 (4)  HIT The FM1233A permits a pushbutton (or a signal) to initiate a reset exter
WC1 (3)  MOT CDIP 90+ The NON_MUXED_OUT pin is a latched output. It is latched when MUX_SELECT_
WC2 (1)    PIN and NIN should be differentially driven, ac-coupled for optimu
WC3 (3)  WDC PLCC A read cycle is initiated by the falling edge of CAS or OE, whichever o
WC4 (3)  SENOR 1206-470K 05+ DC ACCURACY Integral Linearity Error Differential Linearity Error No
WC5 (1)  This device has been designed to meet the increasing demand for white S
WC6 (3)  WDC 12018 01+ 4. Prohibition of Access to Undefined or Reserved Addresses Note: Access
WC7 (1)  wdc wdc dc92 Reading from the device is accomplished by taking Chip En- able 1 (CE1)
WC8 (3)  The internally switched supply voltage, VINT (ei- ther VCC input or VBAT
WCA (4)  READ OPERATIONS Read operations are initiated in the same way as write op
WCC (2)  reset (pin 4)   An active low input that forces both outputs low,
WCD (1)  I/ODescription  Data inputs for an 18-bit bus.  When RS is se
WCE (3)  Notes: 7. The luminous intensity, I V, is measured at the peak of the sp
WCF (4)    The 33099 is designed to regulate the output voltage in diode-rect
WCG (3)  HYUPJIN !Features 1) Built-in bias resistors enable the configuration of an &nbs
WCI (21)  N/A 3225 • Fast Page Mode Access Cycle • TTL compatible inputs and out
WCL (3)  AMIS 07+ The device is entirely command set compatible with the JEDEC single-powe
WCM (57)  TAI-TECH SMD 07+ Now we can examine the value of < f, ( C ä) >. < f, ä
WCO (1) 
WCP (1)    Item Repetitive Peak Off-State Voltage R.M.S. On-State Current
WCR (381)  welwyn welwyn dc06 • Precision voltage monitor for 3V, 3.3V or 5V power   suppli
WCS (12)  DALE 晶振 2000 After initialization and synchronization, the serializer accepts parallel
WCT (5)  8   DESCRIPTION   These dual channel diode-transistor optocouple
WCW (2)  Panasonic 1812-223 05+  tpLZ7nsDisable time, low-level-to-high-impedance output (1) All t
WD- (11)  JAE The HEF4094B is an 8-stage serial shift register having a storage latch
WD1 (246)  WDC DIP 04+ The MCP6295s VCM for op amp B (pins VOUTA/VINB+ and VINBC) is VSS + 100 m
WD2 (62)  WDC DIP 84 This pin is IF input to double balanced mixer (DBM). The input is desig
WD3 (83)  07+ If the instruction preceding the REF has a redundancy effect, this effect
WD4 (16)  WDC O7+ After power-on-reset, the ATA5275 is in standby mode. For minimum power c
WD5 (22)  Notes: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2. This parameter is guarantee
WD6 (66)  SUMMIT DIP/8 94+ Programmable window comparators monitor Over-Voltage (OV) and Under-Volt
WD7 (74)  N/A WDC 04+ Maximum / minimum signal levels The following table gives the transmitte
WD8 (50)  WD CDIP40 ——   Operating features include an on/off inhibit, output voltage adjus
WD9 (98)  WDC QFP 94+ Supports a 33-MHz, 64-bit PCI host bus interface with a 264 MB/sec maxim
WDC (28)  The HY628400A is a high-speed, low power and 4M bits CMOS SRAM organized
WDD (8)    VOUT Temperature Coefficient   DC Crosstalk2 REFERENCE INPUT
WDE (1)  To measure a refractive index, the LED must be illuminated during the mea
WDG (4)  CAN10 Eight (388) or Sixteen (386) Line Receivers Meet or Exceed the Requiremen
WDI (2)  The S3C72N8/C72N5 microcontroller is also available in OTP (One Time Progr
WDK (8)  Enable/Undervoltage Lockout (Input): A low level on this pin will power d
WDL (3)  WDL DIP 1990  TAOperating free-air temperatureC55125C4085C NOTE 3: All unused in
WDM (8)  MP3 Decoding Functions (MPEG audio standard [ISO/IEC 11172-3] layer 3)
WDO (2)  MOT SOP-16 00+01+  AVDD Operating CurrentIAVDDVAVDD = 20V20µA Note 1: Limits are
WDP (1)  Aluminum electrolytic or tantalum capacitor types can be used. (Because
WDR (2)  HERMATEK TSSOP 0311+ KEY1~KEY8 all function as trigger keys. By mask option, the HT812L0 provi
WDS (1)  bosch bosch dc97 They provide transparent enhancements to Intels 8xC251Sx family with an a
WDT (1)  ics ics dc03 HEXFRED diodes are optimized to reduce losses and EMI/RFI in high frequen
WDV (1)  The EEPROM has a capacity of 256 bits and is organized in 8 pages of 4
WDW (1)  ic-haus ic-haus dc03 The HSDL-3612 can be completely shut down to achieve very low power c
WDX (1)  The FSTD3306 is a 2-bit ultra high-speed CMOS FET bus switch with enhan
WDY (1)  WDY 04+ SIP 2.1 Transmit-only mode The device will power up in the transmit-only mode
WE- (3)  LUCENST 9711 On-Chip Debug Circuitry Facilitates Full Speed, Non-Intrusive In-System D
WE/ (3)  AC characteristics are guaranteed by design and characterization. PWC = (
WE0 (4)  TSOP8S 2007+ Isolated Hermetic Package, JEDEC TO-257AA Outline Reference Voltages Se
WE1 (26)  AT&T . 9 Pin and Software Compatibility with Standard 80C51 Products and 80C51Fx/R
WE2 (29)  LUCENT   4.4.2 Group B inspection. Group B inspection shall be conducted in
WE3 (33)  stock Halt function and wake-up feature reduce power consumption Up to 0.5ms
WE4 (7)  DIP8 2007+ The following characteristics are applicable to the operating temperature
WE5 (2)  ST SMD 98+ Low input current with normal VCC or VCC e 0V (30 mA typ) High noise imm
WE6 (16)  N/A N/A N/A To reset the VTRIP voltage, apply a voltage between 2.7 and 5.5V to the
WE7 (2)  gain, one of two (or both) Cz capacitors can be switched to subtract cha
WE8 (5)  TOKO 04+ SMD The ISR functions normally with pin 1 open-circuit, providing a regulate
WE9 (34)  WIN DIP 89+ The HYS 64V4300 is an industry standard 168-pin 8-byte Dual in-line Memor
WEB (3)  MOT PLCC52 06+ removal of EEPROM devices. DMS will also allow the system software to b
WED (38)  DIP Notes:  1. The voltage on any input or I/O pin cannot exceed the po
WEE (2)  IC SOP Note 1: In the typical PECL 100K logic output Voh is 2.35 volts and Vol
WEF (3)  AT&T . 32 The AWT6135 meets the increasing demands for higher efficiency and line
WEL (10)    The current-control circuitry limits the load current as follows:
WEN (1)  ST 07+ (2) Storage   The BG-LEDs should be stored at 30C or less and 70%RH
WEQ (3)  These very small, low cost filters are intended for use with A-D and D-A
WER (3)  Panasonic Transmit Input. Balanced differential line receiver inputs to the Transmi
WES (1)  The UPC2753GR is a frequency converter manufactured with the NESAT III
WF- (1)  N/A 0603L It is important that the logic used to turn ON and OFF the various transi
WF0 (8)  ST 01+  Maximum ratings are those values beyond which device damage can occ
WF1 (16)  N/A 04+ NOTES: Permanent device damage may occur if ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS are
WF2 (8)  stock   ¡In the absence of confirmation by device specification shee
WF3 (5)  NEC Light has characteristics to move electrons in the integrated circuitry of
WF4 (5)  NEC 01+ NOTES: 1. Stresses beyond those listed may cause permanent damage to the
WF5 (7)  NEC FEATURES   High Ripple Rejection75dB typ. (f=1kHz Vo=3V Version) &
WF6 (16)  JAT • Hot-swapping and hot-docking (low resistance for PCI and  
WF7 (31)  ST 07+ Input Channels 0-3 PECL/ECL differential signal inputs. Multiplexing of t
WF8 (3)  NRS 03+ This access is initiated when the following conditions are satisfied at c
WF9 (10)  92 DIP Reading from the device is accomplished by taking Chip Enable (CE) and Ou
WFA (4)  95 The user can program the frequency of the output banks through nF[0:1] an
WFB (1)  2. Products and product specifications may be subject to change without n
WFC (5)  AMIS 07+   The TC58FVT160/B160A is a 16,777,216-bit, 3.0-V read-only electric
WFD (9)  ST 07+ 918 The 34-pin PowerCap module integrates SRAM memory and NV control along wit
WFF (9)  ISDOM TO220 2007+ The HYB 39S256400/800/160T are four bank Synchronous DRAMs organized as
WFH (1)    Typical represent average readings at 25C, VDD = 5 V.   Re
WFI (2)  WFI DIP DIP Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which the safety
WFK (1)  2. Using a CAS-before-RAS refresh cycle. CAS-before-   RAS refresh
WFM (1)  • High speed   tAA = 10ns • Low active power for 10 ns
WFP (12)  06+ QFP The EM78860 is an 8-bit RISC type microprocessor with low power , high sp
WFR (3)  N/A NSC 04+ Note 3: Minimum load current is defined as the mini- mum current required
WFS (1)    C Asynchronous Access Time C 70 ns   C Page Mode Read Time C
WFU (2)  TO-251 06+ -331.40 -194.50  -48.00   87.40  235.20 383.40 530.40
WFW (1)  1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs internal equivalent capacitance
WFX (6)  JAT 2520 05+ In order to compensate for the loss of the high-frequency signal componen
WFZ (1)  N/A DIP 1991 These pins should each be bypassed to AGND with a low ESL (equivalent s
WG0 (5)  N/A 06+ 500 Note: Hitachis serial EEPROM are authorized for using consumer applicatio
WG1 (3)  BICDC DIP 2002 Note 11: If the product is in shutdown mode and VDD exceeds 6V (to a max
WG2 (1)  Collector-to-Emitter Voltage Continuous Collector Current Continuous
WG3 (1)  netgear netgear dc 06+ • wideband coverage, DC to 18 GHz • extra rugged constructi
WG4 (1)  A/D & D/A converters: which are implemented with 2nd-order sigma-de
WG6 (2)  Jack(Available) Functional improvements have also been implemented in this family. The U
WG7 (1)  DELAB, DELCD: Delay Programming Between Complementary Outputs. DELAB pro
WG8 (5)  INTEL 06+ Generates 106.25 MHz clocks from a 21.25 MHz crystal Less than 45ps one
WG9 (1)  03+ The EB1175 evaluation board is available to aid designers in demonstrati
WGA (2)  The HIP6017 provides the power control and protection for three output
WGC (1) 
WGJ (2)  The HEDS-5500, 5540, 5600, 5640, and the HEDM-5500, 5600 provide moti
WGM (1)  The CS4344 family members are complete, stereo digital-to-analog output s
WGP (4)  This publication is issued to provide information only and (unless agreed
WGR (1)  Intel board, minimum creepage and clearance requirements must be met as specif
WGS (2)  • JEDEC registered 1N5333 to 1N5388B • Zener voltage availa
WGU (1) 
WGW (1)  SUPPLY VOLTAGE C VCC = 3V to 3.6V for Program, Erase and   Read Op
W-H (1) 
WH- (1)  N/A DIP18 03+ The DMA controller is a state-driven address and control signal generato
WH0 (2)  N /A 00+ N/A Current versions of the MC68HC908AZ60A data sheet specify a maximum tota
WH1 (21)  N/A N/A N/A The four manuals listed in Table 1 are required for a complete descript
WH2 (34)  HAIER DIP42 * 3.5 Marking. Devices shall be marked in accordance with MIL-PRF-19500,
WH3 (3)  N /A 00+ N/A 8-bit Resolution 500 Msps (min) Sampling Rate Power Consumption: 3.8W Ty
WH4 (3)  N/A NOTES 1See the Terminology section. 2Temperature range (A, B Version): C
WH5 (14)  CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive device. Electrostatic ch
WH6 (1)  This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at the
WH8 (1)  XC4000E devices have generous routing resources to accommodate the most
WH9 (1)  The WH91BA06W11H provides the receiver functions of quantization, signal
WHA (2)  裸片 00+ • Automatic power-down • Expandable data bus to 32/36 bits or
WHB (1)  MOT SMD The demonstration board also supports direct interfacing to audio decode
WHC (4)  TI 07+ Note 5: In applications where high power dissipation and/or poor package
WHE (1)  TI SOP48W 06+ † TPS3106E09 and TPS3110K33 will be available in August 2001; all o
WHI (9)  Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshold Voltage ➃ Gate
WHK (1)  Software selectable I O options (TRI-STATE output push-pull output weak
WHM (4)  WANLON 07+ 70 VBIAS (VCC, VBS1,2,3) = 15V, VS0,1,2,3 = VSS and TA = 25C unless otherwis
WHP (16)  NAIS 04 All voltages are referenced to VSS = 0 V (ground). All characteristics
WHR (1)  debugging cycles. The logic, circuitry, and interconnects in the MAX II
WHS (1)  Selects Burst Order. When tied to GND selects linear burst sequence. When
WHT (10)  PhaseLink Corporation, reserves the right to make changes in its products
WI- (31)  N/A The AT88RF256 is an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip designed t
WI2 (1)  N/A The Code Warrior Integrated Development Environment is a sophisticated to
WI3 (10)  Notes:  1. Contact a Cypress representative for industrial temperat
WI4 (8)  N/A 45321812 The wide operating supply range and high accuracy make the LTC6101 ideal
WI5 (1)  TI SSOP-56 01+  Guaranteed by design. Not production tested.  Sample tested du
WIA (1)  The XC5200 CLB consists of four LCs, as shown in Figure 4. Each CLB has
WIB (7)  NS SMD 2001 Up to 9 channels Simultaneous two-channel sampling Sequential sampling
WIC (13)  - - The HD404358 Series is a 4-bit HMCS400-Series microcomputer designed to i
WID (3)  N/A The data inputs (SDIP/SDIN) and clock inputs (SCIP/SCIN)are internally te
WIE (1)  • Double data rate architecture: two data transfers   per cloc
WIF (1)  N/A 4532 TTL Ground 1 TTL I/O Bit 0 TTL Direction Control ECL Direction Cont
WIG (1)  SIEMENS SOP20 03+ The time-domain maximum slope argument can be appropriate for non-sinusoi
WIJ (4)  The VP-1000A is an advanced CMOS LSI chip for general purpose voice/soun
WIL (2)  DIP 97+ Transmit Error Active high. When an error happened in the transmit data
WIM (5)  CHT 3225-1R0M 05+ • Timer0: 8-bit timer/counter with 8-bit prescaler • Timer1:
WIN (40)  WINBAN 2002 High performance   90 ns access time   25 ns page read times
WIP (3)  SD is a serial bi-directional data bus which is used to transfer address
WIR (6)  95+ Input or Output Voltage (DC or Transient) (Referenced to VSS   Vin,
WIS (5)  AMIS 07+ Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond which damage to t
WIT (8)  The ADS-119 is a high-performance, 12-bit, 10MHz sampling A/D converter.
WIW (1)  SHARMA 07+ Package drawings, standard packing quantities, thermal data, symbolizatio
WJ3 (5)  WJ TO-4P Reduced Threshold Voltages for LVTTL on Control Pine ♦ Eliminates
WJ4 (1)  PS-2 Module N/A The 4 Mbit Flash memory array is organized into eleven blocks called se
WJ7 (2)  N/A DIP 94 VBIAS (VCC, VBS) = 12V, CL = 1000 pF, and TA = 25C unless otherwise specif
WJ9 (1)  High-frequency EMI is best filtered at DXP and DXN with an external 2200p
WJA (6)  SOP-8 00+ Hynix HYMD116645B(L)8J-J series is unbuffered 184-pin double data rate Syn
WJC (7)  The IC requires only a common inexpensive capacitor in order to function.
WJD (1)  Technology: high performance SiGe Bandwidth: 9 GHz Input noise current
WJE (1)  LSI 02+ PLCC28 A common ground is required between the input and the output voltages. Th
WJH (1)  EAST LIGHT DIP18   OSC1, OSC2 are connected to an RC network or Crystal (determined b
WJL (45)  Cortina 07+ The AD1833A is fully compatible with all known DVD formats, accommodatin
WJM (1) 
WJR (1)  Since front polarizer is easily damaged, pay attention not to scratch it.
WJS (2)  4. This parameter is sampled and not 100% tested. 5. WE is HIGH for READ
WJW (1)  SMD 91+ Hynix HYMD132G725A(L)8M-K/H/L series is Low Profile registered 184-pin dou
WJZ (2)  3.3-V power. I/O 3.3-V circuit power terminals. A combination of high-fre
WK- (2)  The three transmitter operating modes C transmit ASK, transmit OOK, and p
WK0 (3)    The SOA curves combine the effect of all limits for this Power Op
WK1 (1)  HEADIANEL PLCC 90+ System and Device Block Diagrams Recommended Companion Components Device
WK2 (13)  A4451 The following is a list of advisories on modules in this version of silic
WK4 (1)  *Absolute maximum ratings apply at 25C, unless otherwise noted. Stresses
WK5 (4) 
WK8 (2)  NEC QFP Each Peppermint board features a preprogrammed CY22393 embedded onto th
WKA (1)  Other 07+ To achieve proper device operation, an initial pause of 200 µs foll
WKB (1)  Notes:  5. AC characteristics (except High-Z) for all 8-ns and 10-n
WKC (5)  MOT 07+ The WKC38XOV2.2 is a high precision, high throughput analog front end. T
WKD (1)    In-band Interference Rejection 20dB max.   2103dBm Sensitivit
WKK (2)  92 The bq2060 uses a fully differential, dynamically bal- anced voltage-to-f
WKN (1)  QFP240 0307+ The Image Manipulation Sequencer can support any nearest- neighbor, bili
WKO (14)  temperature. System power may be further reduced using the optional disa
WKP (14)  0807+ n Sector Protection   C Any combination of sectors may be locked &
WKS (3)  MICROCHIP SMD18 07+ Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond which damage to t
WKV (1)  For BCP converters configured with the negative-polarity option on t
WL- (6)  DIP16 DIP16 02+ The AT90S8535 is a low-power CMOS 8-bit microcontroller based on the AVR
WL0 (6)  fagor fagor dc02 These N-Channel enhancement mode power field effect transistors are produ
WL1 (59)  N/A 0402L Areas where care in design must be observed are thermal ground, RF groun
WL2 (11)  MOT 94 Unlike other truly nonvolatile memory technologies, there is no write d
WL3 (12)  N/A 1206L  † Package drawings, standard packing quantities, thermal data
WL4 (4)  SUM TO-92 05+ • High speed: propagation delay < 3.5 ns (max) • Very low C
WL5 (5)  JDS 光纤/金 07+/08+ Gain Bandwidth Product: 10 MHz (typ.) Supply Current: IQ = 1.0 mA Supp
WL6 (14)  AGERE BGA196 05+ Note: Some revisions of this device may incorporate deviations from publi
WL7 (6)  JAT SOT-89 04+ Internal sample-and-hold Internal Reference Capability Dual gain sett
WL8 (4)  MITEL N/A † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may c
WLA (3)  WLA BGA N/A FEATURES 1 A Output Current at 2.5 V 0.6 V Maximum Dropout Voltage at
WLB (10)  LSI TQFP-144 99 A variety of frequency ranges and packaging options are available. The
WLD (4)  WDC 814 The manufacturer and device codes can be accessed by software or hardware
WLF (1)  05+ 96 QFN 3. This input current only exists when the voltage at any of the input le
WLG (1)  Thus when the voltage across the inductor is positive (State 1), the ind
WLL (2)  • Low-power, high-speed CMOS EPROM/   EEPROM technology R
WLM (1)  LUCIDITY SOP-24 800 mA Continuous Output Current Rating 30 V Output Voltage Rating Int
WLN (10)    If the A5, A1, A0 address line inputs are LOW then the IDT72V8985
WLO (3)  • External components   • External host for initialization
WLP (4)  N/A NEC 04+   DESCRIPTION   These diode-transistor optocouplers use a ligh
WLR (4)  The information provided herein is believed to be reliable at press time.
WLS (4)  • Wide supply voltage range of 1.2 to 3.6 V • In accordance wi
WLT (2)    Simplifies Circuit Design   Reduces Board Space   Reduc
WM- (16)  PANASONIC 袋装 International Rectifiers R5 technology provides high performance power
WM0 (4)  The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. -Th
WM1 (35)  WM SOP 07+ When used as a decimating post-filter with a double speed oversampling an
WM2 (12)  SILI 08+ Hynix HYMD512G726(L)4M-K/H/L series incorporates SPD(serial presence detec
WM3 (9)  N/A N/A N/A When the device is configured for programmable flags and both WEN2/LD a
WM5 (5)  VISHAY CAN3 The configurable non-multiplexed microprocessor port allows users to progr
WM6 (10)  GLENSAYRE 2000 400 MSPS Internal Clock Speed Integrated 14-bit D/A Converter Programmab
WM7 (2)  912 WOLFSON 9800 By using the control signal CS, SK and data input signal DI, these instru
WM8 (351)  WOLFSON SSOP 28P 03+ When the CAT34AC02 begins a READ mode, it transmits 8 bits of data, rel
WM9 (105)  WM QFP 05+ Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rectifier utilize advanced p
WMB (2)  97 Stresses beyond those listed under "absolute maximum ratings" m
WMC (9)  Highest sustained bandwidth per DRAM device • 8000/6400/4800 MB/s
WMF (7)  Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions, deletions) and any perti
WMG (2)  To achieve the ever-present need for smaller, faster, lighter devices tha
WMI (10)  HDRIVE, LDRIVE: The outputs of the PWM are totem pole MOSFET gate driver
WML (3)  MITSUMI Y 03+ The insertion loss measurement was taken by connecting two baluns back to
WMM (5)  27 WM 0026+ The ISL6433 monitors all the output voltages. A single Power Good signa
WMO (1)  Accesses can be initiated by asserting all three Chip Enables (CE1, CE2,
WMP (1)  N/A SMD 03+ Address Strobe from Processor, sampled on the rising edge of CLK. When a
WMQ (1)  NS SOP 1992   PWM signal can be reflected in turn-on signal by supplying PWM sig
WMR (1)  (LX)high-frequency Up to 18 A Output Current 12-V Input Voltage Wide-Output Voltage Adjust
WMS (35)  WINBOND 0318+ SSOP Make sure the decoder MFBAH/L0 and MFBAH/L1 registers are set so that an
WMV (1)  Acknowledge Acknowledge is a software convention used to provide a posi
WN- (2)  2008 − 15-kV − Human-Body Model Meets or Exceeds the Requirements
WN0 (1)  07+ 3. Measured by the voltage drop between A and B pins at the indicated cur
WN1 (11)  TO-92 NOTES:  1. W is high for read cycle.  2. All timings are refer
WN3 (1)  SOP 04+   JLC1563 is an I2CCbus signal transceiver and conditioner. Current
WN4 (1)  PHILIPS 01+ 3. "Maximum allowable voltage" is that value at maximum contact
WN5 (1)  SILICONI CAN3 An access time of 90, 100, 110, or 120 ns is available. Note that each
WN6 (1)  HARRIS 2008   The adjustable output device has an output voltage range of 1.25
WN7 (1)  SMD 03/+04+ The ZL30414 is an analog phased-locked loop which provides rate conversion
WN8 (2)  WN QFN-32 N/A • The TOSHIBA products listed in this document are intended for usag
WN9 (1)  SEIKO 08+
WND (2)  ST SMD-16 02+ Tiny SOT−353 and SOT−553 Packages 2.7 ns TPD at 5 V (typ) So
WNG (2)  • Voltage Supply   -2.7 ~ 3.6 V • Organization  
WNI (1)  T PLCC 00/01 The I2C bus is a simple two-wire bidirectional serial interface. It contr
WNP (1)  clock cycle Interleaved auto refresh mode Programmable burst lengths and
WNQ (1)  Stresses above these ratings may cause permanent damage. Exposure to abso
WNS (1)  N/A DIP40 06+ The MT90826 Quad Digital Switch has a non-blocking switch capacity of 4,09
WO- (1)    2.1.1 Specifications, standards and handbooks. The following speci
WO0 (1)  me me dc95   The WO08 is a low skew 1CtoC10 differential driver, designed with
WO1 (1)  TOS The TPS793xx family of low-dropout (LDO) low-power linear voltage regul
WO2 (2)  Speed grade update to preliminary status, Power-on specification and Cloc
WO3 (2)  Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may cause pe
WOD (1)  stock This is a bidirectional pin used to transfer addresses and data into an
WOG (1)  DESCRIPTION The 74AC573 is an advanced high-speed CMOS OCTAL D-TYPE LA
WON (1)  The LM2696 is a pulse width modulation (PWM) buck regu- lator capable o
WOO (1)  SMD28 Decrementer, time base, and real-time clock (RTC) from the PowerPC  
WOR (6)  SAM SOP44W 2007+ Frequency select latch input pin / 14.318 MHz reference clock. Supply fo
W-P (1)  The integrated circuit U6803B requires a stabilized supply voltage (VS =
WP- (138)  SC LK A 94 • High Efficiency Linear Regulators • Post Regulators for Swit
WP0 (18)  The LTC®1628-SYNC is a high performance dual step- down switching reg
WP1 (40)  03+ BGA/9*9 The UC382 is easy to use. The adjustable version requires two 0.1% resist
WP2 (23)  N/A CYPRESS 04+ This document contains information on a product under development at Adva
WP3 (15)  ANSTEK 05+ QFP A 400 Ω resistor in series with the input provides some phase advan
WP4 (3)  These voltage regulators are monolithic integrated circuits designed as fi
WP5 (28)  IOR SMD 97+ The WP50012L46E family of FPGAs offers four devices at the low end of th
WP6 (2)  NSC DIP-8 Advanced Process Technology Ultra low On-Resistance Provides Higher Effic
WP7 (21)  WP Features include soft-start, input undervoltage lockout (UVLO) and Powe
WP8 (1)  INTEL BGA 05+ Loudspeaker amplifier power supply input An external power supply connec
WP9 (914)  N/A TI 04+ The AD8021 is not only technically superior, but also priced considerabl
WPA (5)  shinway shinway dc02 The device is accessed by a simple serial interface that is SPI-compatib
WPC (24)  powercon powercon dc01 ADDRESS STROBE: This is an active high signal used to control latching of
WPD (5)  iomega 01+ The output drivers in the HIP6601B, HIP6603B and HIP6604B have the capa
WPE (2)  The TLC3541 and TLC3545 are a family of high performance, 14-bit, low p
WPG (1)  WORLD N/A 2007 In Discontinuous mode, when the inductor current drops to zero, the vol
WPI (8)  Directly placing semiconductor transient protection devices or MOV's on
WPJ (1)  98+ PLCC DESCRIPTION This Power Mosfet is the latest development of STMicroelect
WPL (1)  . . 30 The DDX-2000 converts serial I2S digital audio signals into pulse-width-m
WPN (18)  NULL N/A H2 The second harmonic arises from the input stage, and the lower the ap
WPO (2)  IR TO-247 05+ The steady state life test of step 1 shall be extended to 1,000 hours for
WPP (2)  94 Six High-Side and six Low-Side-Drivers Free configurable as switch, halfb
WPQ (4)  NS 98 You can, however, measure the V-I demand of a motor (or any other load)
WPS (3)  TEXAS SOP14 07+ When starting up the circuit utilizing the MSK 4301 for the first time,
WPT (2)  IXYS 04+ Note: 1. Stress greater than those listed under ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS
WPU (2)  The Hynix 128Mb DDR SDRAMs offer fully synchronous operations referenced
WQ0 (1)  This voltage is made in an external loop filter and sent to VCO's input b
WQ1 (1)  WINBOW DIP TMIN = −40C, TMAX = +85C. Typical values are at TA = 25C, clock fre
WQP (1)  Zilog 00+ DIP-28 The SDRAM employs state-of-the-art technology for high performance, relia
WR- (53)  JAE 07+ *3 Transient peak current (Itm)   The peak current rating, Itm, is
WR0 (229)  PILKOR 05+ All devices are 100% production tested at +25C and are guaranteed by desig
WR1 (57)  Module 94   TstgStorage temperature range2C65+150C NOTES: 1. Stresses beyon
WR2 (50)  NA 06+ 66/133-MHz, 64-bit, true multifunction PCI-X host bus interface Backwar
WR3 (13)  N/A IGBT 2005+ Port RAM for 32-bit-or-more word systems. Using the IDT MASTER/SLAVE Du
WR4 (54)  vishay-gro n/a Samsung products are not designed, intended, or authorized for use as com
WR5 (8)  vishay-gro n/a per Figure 5 Waveform Peak Power − Min. 150 W @ 20 ms (Unidirection
WR6 (24)  RET DIP16 An output capacitor of at least 10uF must be used to insure stability o
WR7 (10)  . . 3 The CD4001B, CD4002B, and CD4025B types are supplied in 14-lead hermetic
WR8 (1)  The ADCMP565 is an ultrafast voltage comparator fabricated on Analog Dev
WR9 (12)  Winbond Converts Y, Cr, Cb data to analog RGB and composite or S-video and comp
WRA (5)  MORNSUN 08+ RIN=30Ω, CIN=10µF, RL=499Ω, unless otherwise specified.
WRB (21)  MORNSUN 08+ The system clock for the microcontroller is derived from either 6MHz or 1
WRC (11)  western western dc02 The high efficiency of the HPR2XX Series means less internal power dissi
WRF (1)  The small size and battery-powered operation associated with LCD-equipped
WRG (1)  The AGB3302 is one of a series of high performance InGaP HBT amplifiers
WRI (34)  Extended Data Out (EDO) Operation CAS-Before-RAS ( CBR) Refresh High-Imp
WRM (14)  This pin has an on-chip 1.0MΩ pullup resistor. An a.c. coupled si
WRN (1)  The RESET output is guaranteed to be in the correct state with V CC down
WRO (1)  N/A N/A N/A Bidirectional Data I/O Lines. As inputs, they feed into an on-chip data r
WRS (1)  The AVR uses a Harvard architecture concept C with separate memories and
WRU (1)  N/A Connect this pin to the upper MOSFETs gate. This pin provides the PWM-con
WS- (14)  SHARP QFP A 5% resistor value is recommended. In the OOK mode, this pin is usually
WS/ (1)  The 64-bit wide memory array provides the system with an 800MB/s peak b
WS0 (1)  NOTES : 1. In case of 40MHz Frequency, CL1 can be supported. 2. Samsung
WS1 (27)  铁帽 08+ Frame rate: 30/15/10/5/4/3/2/1 fps Sub-sampling quarter mega pixel for
WS2 (103)  WSI 00+ The AT17F Series of In-System Programmable Configuration PROMs (Configura
WS3 (8)  WS TO-92 07+ A/D Mute Toggles mute status at the rising edge. If this pin is not used
WS4 (7)  N/A 2450 LINEARITY ERROR (also called INTEGRAL NONLINEAR- ITY OR INL): Analog Dev
WS5 (294)  WSI 99+00+ 4503 The MHF converters are switching regulators which use a quasi- square wa
WS6 (26)  WSI 07+ rejection, when an erroneous result occurs, the software routine should in
WS7 (23)  WIN 91+ QFP/160 † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may c
WS8 (4)  WS SOP 212 PAGE READ: The page read operation of the device is controlled by CE, OE,
WS9 (6)  91
WSA (7)  WSA SOP28 0611+
WSB (5)  N/A NOTE: Device will meet the specifications after thermal equilibrium has b
WSC (92)  N/A CLOCK SYNC- is an input for synchronizing to an external clock. The sync
WSD (23)  WS DIP Notes:  6. Test conditions assume signal transition time of 3 ns or
WSF (5)  Input bus select / I2C clock input. The operation of this pin depends on
WSH (1)  N/A N/A • Automatic power-down • Expandable data bus to 32/36 bits or
WSI (365)  WSI DIP Each XC5200 CLB contains four independent 4-input func- tion generators
WSK (8)  WST 263 07+   Leads are Readily Solderable • Lead and Mounting Surface Temp
WSL (455)  N/A Stereo Codec: DAC SNR 98dB, THD -84dB (A weighted @ 48kHz) ADC SNR 90dB,
WSM (6)  This IC was developed as an interface IC for video equipment having a smal
WSN (9)  (1) Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may cause
WSP (3)  Notes: 1. Absolute maximum I/O pins is maximum pin count minus 8. Additio
WSQ (1)  TOTO-KOTTO QFP 04+ Data is shifted out of the FIFO on the falling edge of the SO signal. Th
WSR (88)  N/A NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed under ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATIN
WSS (4)  W.S.S QFP100 00+   C175CmAIndustrialfCLOCK = 1 MHz One output at a time for a maxim
WST (5)  WST 2007 Laser mode hopping noise during read mode can be reduced by the use of an
WSW (23)  hughes hughes dc72+ Note 2: The maximum power dissipation is dictated by TJMAX, JA, and the a
WSZ (1)  SIEMENS DIP-22 NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches. Metric equivalents are given f
WT- (6)  N/A DIP N/A The device integrates complete interfaces to stereo or mono microphones a
WT0 (11)  Panasonic ZIP-6 07+/08+ The HC4066 and CD74HCT4066 contain four independent digitally controlle
WT1 (9)  WINCAN LQFP-128 2004  The information contained herein is presented only as a guide for t
WT2 (33)  2008 • 2GHz gain-bandwidth product • Gain-of-10 stable •
WT3 (6)  VHTCCH DIP 4 Operation is synchronous and the device is edge-triggered on the LOW to
WT4 (4)  01+
WT5 (6)  WELTHEND QFP 2002 When the CH7009 is operating as a VGA to TV encoder in master clock mod
WT6 (79)  Weitfend 2 NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max., use the appropriate valu
WT7 (35)  N/A OKI 04+ The LM1881 Video sync separator extracts timing informa- tion including
WT8 (109)  95/96 The CPU controls the PWM output by setting the TPU parameters. The Stator
WT9 (2)  Weltrend DIP 04+ A refresh operation must be performed at least once every 16 ms (128 ms f
WTA (14)  QFP 1997 Notes: Stresses greater than those listed under MAXIMUM RATINGS may cau
WTB (7)  Airborn 06+ Function Standby Read Write: Word (Early Write) Read-Write EDO Page-M
WTC (8)  SOP The pre-bias current is controlled by the pin VPRE and can be controlled
WTD (3)  00 2. Indirect addressing resources (registers and initial load memory) &nb
WTI (1)  system clocks (At a SCLK of 66Mhz and TCK of 1MHz this allows for 66 TC
WTK (4)  KB 裸片 04+ Ÿ Miniature, cost-effective switching solution. Ÿ State of the
WTL (5)  973 Hynix HYMD232726(L)8-K/H/L series incorporates SPD(serial presence detect)
WTO (1)  JKC The LVDS388 and LVDT388 (T designates integrated termination) are eight
WTP (1)  Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appropriate value specified u
WTS (1)  WINBOND 07+ This document is a general product description and is subject to change wi
WTT (4)  Maximum Output Current: 250 mA. Highly Accurate Output Voltage +/- 1.4%
WTU (2)  SOP34 01+ Memories C 1K or 2K bytes Program memory (OTP,   EPROM, FASTROM or
WTV (2)  ADC data outputs are internally connected directly to the receivers digi
WU- (3)  The Customer Demonstration Board provides the ROC093XC radio with a PIC mi
WU1 (2)  wustlich wustlich dc01 EBEN selects the functionality of Port 5 and Port 6 When EBEN is low the
WU2 (2)  wustlich wustlich dc02 The blanking control input on the hexadecimal displays blanks (turns o
WU4 (2)  The ZZ input pin is an asynchronous input. Asserting ZZ places the SRAM i
WU7 (1)  wustlich wustlich dc94 Current Word Register Each channel has a 16-bit Current Word Count regist
WUA (1)  The digital controlled potentiometer is implemented using 1023 resistiv
WUB (6)  vossloh vossloh dc05 The CS4344 family is based on a fourth order multi-bit delta-sigma modula
WUH (1)  vs vs dc0442 The IP4001S has a thermal protection against the abnormal operation. When
WUJ (12)  The SN74CBT16210C is a high-speed TTL-compatible FET bus switch with low
WUT (1)  2.88MB Super I/O Floppy Disk Controller − Relocatable to 480 Diffe
WUW (3)  NTT DaTa 98 The TPS773xx or TPS774xx is offered in 1.5-V, 1.6 V (TPS77316 only), 1.8-
WUX (1)  NS SOP-20 00-01+/SX Notes: 1. The luminous intensity is measured on the mechanical axis of t
WUY (1)  wustlich wustlich dc03 DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE  Maximum Output Update Rate (fDAC)  Output
WV0 (2)  Notes: (1) The ISR will operate at no load with reduced specifications.
WV3 (4)  Motorola reserves the right to make changes without further notice to any
WV5 (1)  NA DIP 98 The attached spice model describes the typical electrical characteristics
WV8 (1)  .. SOP 00+ The OPA341 series rail-to-rail CMOS operational amplifiers are designed
WVA (1)  PLESSEY DIP n/a 5-mm-LED-Gehäuse (T 13/4), schwarz eingefärbt, Anschluß i
WVJ (1)  Resolution: Accelerometers can be used in a wide variety of low g applica
WVM (1) 
WVT (2)  MITEL QFP 04+ There are five selectable modulation schemes: binary frequency shift key
WW- (3)  NSC 2008 guarantees lower guaranteed maximum supply current than competing produc
WW0 (1)  NSC 2008 Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Ask
WW1 (5)  NSC 2008 NOTES:   1. Dimensions are in inches.   2. Metric equivalents
WW2 (4)  N/A   The PLL post-divider N is configured through either the serial or
WW4 (1)  • Gain calibration, to compensate for gain errors   (in Kv and
WW9 (2)  NSC PLCC-44P 00+ Current Limit Protection Isolation Test Voltage 5300 VRMS Typical RON
WWI (2)    The three package styles available provide a magnetically optimize
WWM (1)  LINEAR SOT23-5 05+ The intended application of these devices and signaling technique is bo
WWN (2) 
WWP (3)  SONY The EBD10RD4ADFA is 128M words 72 bits, 1 rank Double Data Rate (DDR) SD
WWR (1)  The CXD2931R is capable of receiv- ing signals from 16 satellites at the
WWT (1)  The HT24LC16 has a write protect pin that provides hardware data protecti
WWW (5)  TECH DIP 2000 Output current pulses are enabled when an L signal is applied to the WE
WX- (1)  TWATSU 16-bit programmable input frequency divider (including a 32/33 prescaler)
WX1 (2)  DIP 98 Keep safety first in your circuit designs! 1. Renesas Technology Corpor
WX2 (3)  N/A VIN and VOUT Limited Only by External Components Adjustable Slope Compens
WX5 (1)  99 Analog signals should be inputted through AIL and AIR pins. The signals t
WX7 (1)  NRS SMD 04+ For enhanced performance, the VRE304 has an external trim option for user
WX8 (1)  NRS 03+ • 4000 Watts for One Microsecond Square Wave or   14,000 watt
WXE (4)  Maximum ratings are those values beyond which device damage can occur. Ma
WXT (1)  The LTC®3717 is a synchronous step-down switching regulator controlle
WY0 (9)  vishay vishay dc99 Mailing Address: PO Box 11400 • Tucson, AZ 85734 • Street Addr
WY2 (1)  The M36L0R7050T0 and M36L0R7050B0 com- bine two memory devices in a Mul
WY4 (2)  SOP 2.5.9Process critical and key parameters 0076604 Process Qualificatio
WY9 (1)  WINBOW DIP HARDWARE FEATURES   Any combination of sectors can be erased  
WYA (1)  Double metal process for low gate resistance International standard pa
WYE (11)  ZIVA 02+ Small Compact Surface Mountable Package with JCBend Leads Rectangular P
WYF (5)  07+ Floppy Disk Controller (FDC) Software compatible with the PC8477 (the P
WYO (16)  VISHAY O7+ The LVTH241 devices are organized as two 4-bit line drivers with separa
WYW (1)  CYPRESS 06+ 500 When a valid DTMF signal burst is present, ESt or DStD will go high. The
WZ- (1)  AH174 is a single-digital-output Hall-effect sensor for high temperature
WZ0 (4)  Differential clock input. The TFP513 supports both single-ended and fully
WZ1 (73)  at 9-A Continuous Output Source or Sink Current Disabled Current Sinking
WZX (2)    The attached datasheets are provided by SAMSUNG Electronics. SAMSU
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