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  Mfg pack D/C Descrpion
S.E (1)  As the LEDs are driven directly by the MCU, care had to be taken to avoid
S.F (1)  Amplifier dissipation reaches a maximum when the peaks of the ac output
S.M (2)  JAT 2W 05+ The Am29SL800D is an 8 Mbit, 1.8 V volt-only Flash memory organized as
S.T (1)  All MAX® II devices provide Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) boundary-
S.X (1)  MOT SOP16S 2007+ (1) The minimum supply voltage for the REF3212 is 1.8V. (2) Thermal hys
S/B (9) 
S/C (2) 
S/H (1) 
S/P (1) 
S/S (1) 
S/T (2) 
S/W (3) 
S-0 (11)  SUMIDA 04+ 5. The ALD1704 operational amplifier has been designed to provide full &
S0- (1)  00+ SOP-16 The S0-16 OptoRec interface has been designed for ease of use and flexi
S00 (66)  stock   2 MHz (typ.) PWM Switching Frequency   Operates from a single
S01 (62)  SGNEC SOP-20 N/A   Maxim evaluates pressure pot stress from every assembly process du
S02 (81)  NSC 07+ TMS320C62x, VelociTI, and C62x are trademarks of Texas Instruments. Moto
S03 (59)  SMK The digital controlled potentiometer is implemented using 255 resistive
S04 (38)  STMicroelectronics n/a The XC6203E series are highly precise, low power consumption, positive v
S05 (71)  TECCOR 05+ !Features 1) 4 -input 1-output switch. 2) Built-in 6dB amplifier and 75&
S06 (31)  ST TO-220 04+ Four 8-bit registers are provided for control, option select and status m
S07 (47)  SGNEC QFP 03+ ASYNCHRONOUS OPERATION For asynchronous operation, separate transmit and
S08 (72)  DSI n/a ACEx™FACT™ ActiveArray™FACT Quiet Series™ Bottomless
S09 (4)  INFINEON 2008 n OSD Window Fade In/Fade Out n OSD Half Tone Transparency n OSD overrid
S0B (1)  † All characteristics are measured with a 0.33-µF capacitor a
S0C (9)  INTEL 2007+ DESCRIPTION This new generation of TRENCH MOSFETs from Zetex utilises a
S0G (1)  The US member body, Canada and some other member bodies have expressed th
S0I (3)  HANA SOP-3.9-8P 6+ *Absolute maximum ratings apply at 25C, unless otherwise noted. Stresses
S0J (1)  FLEX 8000 devices provide a large number of storage elements for applica
S0L (4)  SOP 505 Differential termination for Stratix devices is supported for the left an
S0M (28)  N/A N/A 04+ FEATURES • Normally Open, Single Pole Single Throw Operation ̶
S0N (1)  TECCOR 05+ • The information contained herein is presented only as a guide for
S0P (1) 
S0R (1)  IOAPIC clock output. (14.318 MHz) Poweredby VDDL CPU Output clocks. Powe
S0T (1)  MAIN PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: Where EMI filtering in ESD sensitive equip
S0U (2)  After the CMX866 has been successfully powered up, both the CMX866 Transmi
S0V (1)  Operating Temperature, -40C to 85C Storage Temperature, -55C to 100C *
S0X (1)  VCU1 3.80 to 4.40 Adjustment VCD1 3.45 to 4.40 Adjustment VDD1 2.00 t
S-1 (310)  SII-IC 20/SOP 07+/08+ The selection of the reference crystal frequency is based on some assumpti
S1- (6)  SANKEN N/A SmartVoltagetechnology provides a choice of Voc and V,, combinations,as s
S1/ (1)  DIP 94 • Low On-Resistance (17W typ.) Minimizes Distortion and   Erro
S10 (501)  TECCOR 05+   (Note 1) (Unless otherwise specified, these specifications apply
S11 (123)  SHARP 06+ Rectifiers advanced line of power MOSFET transistors. The efficient geo
S12 (182)  INOVA DIP DIP Note that the ASH radio RX Data output signal is inverted before being ap
S13 (134)  Deep Power Down Mode is a additional operating mode for Low Power SDRAM.
S14 (163)  SEIKO SOP GENERAL FEATURES Simultaneous SD and HD Inputs and Outputs Oversampling
S15 (131)  MOSPEC TO-220 04+ The two address buses (PMA and DMA) share a single external address bus,
S16 (157)  DSI n/a This datasheet contains new product information. Anachip Corp. reserves th
S17 (67)  skyworks 04+ The VFC measures bipolar signals up to 250mV. The bq2060 detects charge a
S18 (89)  The LM4040 utilizes fuse and zener-zap reverse breakdown voltage trim d
S19 (127)  SPANSION 07+ The innovative design of the internal T/H assures an exceptionally wide 1
S1A (92)  There are three different types of ground pins on the S1A13A. They are
S1B (30)  FSC SMA 05+ The TMS320LF240xA and TMS320LC240xA devices, new members of the TMS320C24
S1C (48)  The SecSi™ (Secured Silicon) Sector is an extra 256 byte sector ca
S1D (259)  EPSON 2007 Note - If any of the identified ranges include code positions to which no
S1E (5)  DIODES DO214AC 05 Soldering/Cleaning Cleaning agents from the ketone family (acetone, me
S1F (30)  murata murata dc79+ GTLP is the Texas Instruments derivative of the Gunning Transceiver Logic
S1G (45)  VISHAY SMA 05+ The S1G/11T and S1G/11T are 4,718,592-bit Syn- chronous Static Random Acc
S1H (18)  EPSON/ SOP 03+ This supplemental information applies to the GS816118/36T datasheet, which
S1I (2)  o dcOutput Duty Cycle48 NOTE 1: Defined as skew between outputs at the
S1J (31)  VISHAY SMA 04+   The most common application for the S1J/11T/1226/ 1227 devices i
S1K (18)  LITEON 06/07+ BUS OPERATIONS There are five standard bus operations that control the
S1L (77)  SAM 2008 1) Skew is defined as the absolute value of the difference between the ac
S1M (59)  DIODES SMA 04+ • International standard packages • miniBLOC with Aluminium
S1N (13)  SHINDEGE SMD 06+ 6.7MHz Y and C filters, with CV out for NTSC or PAL 75Ω cabl
S1P (7)  DIP The AFEU accepts data in 32-bit words per write cycle and produces 4 byte
S1R (16)  EPSON BGA 01+ Features • Hole-less TO-247 package for clip  mounting •
S1S (16)  96
S1T (52)  SAMSUNG 2002 The frequency of the VCO is locked to a reference frequency by an on-chip
S1V (14)  EPSON 02+ 7.1 The parties agree that the AMBE® Voice Compression Software shal
S1W (34)  6 BGA   The absolute maximum ratings are values which must not individuall
S1X (7)  SEIKO QFP PB 05+ DESCRIPTION The HCF4013B is a monolithic integrated circuit fabricated
S1Y (4)  shi n/a Maximum Charge Current Charge Current Load Dependency Trickle Charge Cur
S1Z (41)  SANYO 03+ This series of hermetic packaged MOSFETs are ideally suited for low volta
S-2 (261)  SEIKO SOP/8 04+ It includes Selectable A-law/u-law function, Internal Gain Adjustment fro
S2- (9)  FUJITSU 2008 AC CHARACTERISTICS PARAMETER DQM to input data delay WRITE command to
S20 (515)  N/A N/A N/A CBR refresh is utilized by bringing CAS low earlier than RAS (see paramet
S21 (122)  SHARP DIP-6 (1) The algebraic convention, in which the least positive (most negative)
S22 (127)  N/A SMD 2000 The self-refresh mode is entered by dropping CAS low prior to RAS going l
S23 (49)  S DIP-8 Specifically designed for Automotive applications, this HEXFET® Powe
S24 (191)  SILICONI SOP8 Data pin for I2C circuitry 5V tolerant Clock input of I2C input Analog
S25 (136)  ST . N/A Timer counter 5 : 8-bit 1 (square-wave output, event count, serial baud
S26 (37)  VISHAY 2003+ The external bus interface (EBI) provides a glueless interface to 8 and 1
S27 (38)  N/A N/A N/A   Operating temperature range is: C40C to +85C.   Guaranteed b
S28 (47)  DSI n/a Hynix HYMD564M646(L)6-K/H/L series is designed for high speed of up to 133
S29 (949)  MIT 2350 All parameters measured at fMAX unless noted otherwise. NOTE 1: Assumin
S2A (27)  N/A the device has a Sector Protect function which hardware write protects
S2B (32)  2W High speed 8-bit ADC up to 110MHz conversion rate Support display res
S2C (19)  DIODES DO214AA 05 Reset In: Sets the Program Counter to zero and resets the Interrupt Enabl
S2D (20)  VISHAY Notes: 5. Distribution data sample size is 500 samples taken from 5 diffe
S2E (16)  TOSHIBA MOUDLE N/A Write cycle time Write pulse width Address setup time Address setup tim
S2F (9)  DIODES DO214AA 05 * This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at
S2G (20)  ST 07+ CD players read out the digital signal from the disc using a built-in p
S2H (1)  铁帽4脚 08+ The switched-capacitor lowpass filter (IC1), with a transition ratio of 1
S2J (18)  GS 08+ Crystal input, has internal load cap (36pF) and feedback resistor from
S2K (12)  GSI SMB The maximum graphics resolution supported is 1280 x 1024 in 16 Million
S2L (14)  Shindengen N/A DIP Port 2: Port 2 is an 8-bit bi-directional I/O port with internal pull-ups
S2M (21)  VISHAY 8V to 15V IC supply. A 220µF bypass capacitor to GND with a 470nF
S2N (7)  LF(TEC) DO-214 06+ Note 5: Rise and fall times are measured using 10% and 90% levels. Duty
S2P (4)  MOT 06+ The modem includes a programmable single/dual tone transmitter, a progra
S2S (32)  LF(TEC) DO-214 06+ The device is suited to high-density applications in which data is sequen
S2T (6)  NSC SOP8 03+ The SK-2910 Series of quartz crystal oscillators provide DPECL Fast Edge
S2V (6)  SHINDENGEN The APX9142 is an integrated Hall Effect Sensor IC designed for electric
S2W (1)  The 16-bit synchronization counter is the basis behind the transmitted
S2X (1)  SOP The OPA363 and OPA364 families offer excellent CMRR without the crossov
S2Y (3)  TOS TO-126F 04+ Enhanced N channel FET with no inherent diode to Vcc 5Ω bidirectio
S2Z (2)  The BALBSG (the indicates the output voltage value) is a low-saturation
S-3 (68)  SEIKO SOP 1999 Min. Typ Max. Min. Typ. Max. UnitsTest Conditions 80 80VApplied drain-t
S3- (5)  HARRIS PDIP40L 8437 Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage 500 Gate Threshold Voltage …2.0
S3/ (2)  NOTES 1. Data inputs have internal pull-up resistors to enable them to b
S30 (350)  AMCC QFP 05+ NOTE: Device will meet the specifications after thermal equilibrium has b
S31 (33)  PANJIT SMD 04+ As an example lets find the total power consumption for an MM74C00 opera
S32 (66)  SOP24 I2C INTERFACE TIMING CHARACTERISTICS6, 11 (Specifications Apply to All Pa
S33 (43)  N/A SOP8 The TC57 series of precision low dropout regulator controllers use an e
S35 (107)  AMI CDIP CDIP TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation
S36 (10)  ST 99+ SOT252 There are three ways to terminate the Idle mode. Activation of any enabl
S37 (11)  DSI n/a As a alternative to a full chip erase, the device is organized into four
S38 (74)  DC Characteristics for FCT Family Devices (Continued) Typical values are
S39 (52)  SEIKO Unless otherwise specified, the following specifications apply over the o
S3A (21)  VISHAY 07+ SHORT-CIRCUITS Some amplifier applications must be designed to survive a
S3B (34)  VISHAY 07+ The receive section of the CY7C9689 HOTLink accepts a se- rial bit-strea
S3C (498)  SAM SOP20 01+ The 56F802 supports program execution from either internal or external me
S3D (33)  vishay vishay dc00 The accelerated program (ACC) feature allows the system to program the d
S3E (6)  DIODES DO214AB 05 Erase Command Erase Command is the command for chip-erase, and chip-eras
S3F (85)  SAMSUNG 08+ Mechanical The primary thermal path for power dissipation is through t
S3G (22)  VISHAY 07+ Second-generation HOTLink® technology AMD™ AM7968/7969 TAXIchip
S3H (3)  NEC 06+ 1. Measured using a 750 mV source, 50% duty cycle clock source. All loadin
S3J (18)  VISHAY 07+ Note 1: Calculated by measuring the combined oscillator and prescaler supp
S3K (13)  VISHAY 07+ Dimensions are in inches. Metric equivalents are given for general info
S3L (30)  COILCRAFT N/A The Secured Silicon Sector is an extra 256 byte sec- tor capable of bein
S3M (19)  VISHAY 07+ n Floating channel designed for bootstrap   operation   Fully
S3N (3)  MOT SOP-8 The ZL50018 is a maximum 2,048 x 2,048 channel non-blocking digital Time
S3O (1)  01+ BGA The CM8560 is a low cost linear regulator designed to provide a desired o
S3P (185)  SAMSUNG 2007 Note: 1) Inverter low-side is composed of three sense-IGBTs including fre
S3Q (1) 
S3R (7)  N/A SOP 06+ The single conversion superheterodyne receiver approach is now generall
S3S (8)  NSC SO-8 06+ (1) VDRM and VRRM for all types can be applied on a continuous basis. Rat
S3T (3)  ALCATEL QFP-100P 03+ This pin provides a 6 µA current source to linearly charge an exte
S3V (12)  SHINDENGEN •RAD-PAK® Technology Hardened   Against Natural Space Radia
S3W (2)  SHINDENG 07+ Hynix HYMD116645A(L)8-K/H/L series incorporates SPD(serial presence detect
S-4 (8)  模块 08+   Maxim evaluates pressure pot stress from every assembly process du
S4- (6)  MITSUMI 4×5   The PA50 is a MOSFET power operational amplifier that exten
S4. (1)  The Am29PDS322D is a 32 Mbit, 1.8 V-only Flash memory organized as 2,09
S40 (180)  TECCOR TO-218 05+ Notes: 1. R= Read only RW= Read and Write 2. PWD = Power on Default 3
S41 (38)  MSOP/8 Page Write Page write allows up to 64 bytes to be consecu- tively latch
S42 (65)  MOT SMD-8 99+ Stresses beyond those listed in the Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause pe
S43 (25)  SENSITRON 2002 The 2-wire control interface implements a read/write slave only interface
S44 (47)  SIEMENS SMD-8 CMOS imager sensor CMOS imager sensor   2:1 Interlace2:1 Interlace
S45 (29)  AUK DIP8 04+ Hynix HYMD18M725A(L)6-K/H/L series is unbuffered 200-pin double data rate
S46 (5)  93 Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appropriate value specified un
S47 (13)  BEL 2000 Portable Instrumentation Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) Digital Offset a
S48 (39)  AMCC BGA 08+ • Microchip's web site: www.microchip.com • Microchip's Techni
S49 (14)  MOT more than 99% when deselected (CE HIGH or both BLE and BHE are HIGH). The
S4A (7)   (1) Power saving driver  (2) Built in DA converter accepting 6
S4B (20)  TI 07+ This series of TTL DTL compatible MOS analog switches feature high speed
S4C (3)  Differential and Single-Ended Analog Input/Output Built-In Analog Functi
S4D (22)  TI 07+ 1. Typical characteristics are at TA = 25oC.2. Fmax = 1/tRC . 3. These ar
S4E (6)  EPSON 1. A17 is a NC for IDT70V3399. 2. All VDD pins must be connected to 3.3V
S4F (6)  N/A NOTES: 1. Both VCC pins must be connected to the power supply to ensure r
S4G (1)  The XC62FP series is a group of positive voltage output, three-pin regul
S4H (2)  N/A DIP8 06+ Fb (Bump B1): Output voltage feedback connection. The white LED string n
S4L (13)  For alternating current, such as that from the mains, average power als
S4M (1)  SGNEC DIP-32 03+ 1) Limited by junction temperature. Pulsed current is also limited by wir
S4N (5)  MOT SMD The EB-2100x accommodates either a coaxial or an optical S/PDIF digital a
S4P (2)  MOT SMD Flexible serial port communication combinations 2 integrated USARTs 2 in
S4S (9)  LF(TEC) DO-214 06+ Information in this document is provided in connection with Conexant Syst
S4V (6)  TW A 75 Ω termination resistor with short traces should be attached be
S-5 (26)  EVERLIGHT 0403+ s Up to 47 5 V tolerant general purpose I/O pins in tiny LQFP64 package.
S5- (1)  SIEMENS 01+ PLCC28 MXIC's Automatic Programming algorithm requires the user to only write
S50 (122)  MOSPEC TO-3P 04+
S51 (34)  SOP16M 2007+ The MAX2640 and MAX2641 are ultra-low-noise ampli- fiers that operate wit
S52 (125)  31 TEMIC 99+ (2) Storage   The LEDs should be stored at 30C or less and 70%RH o
S53 (32)  N/A SOP-8 02+ The primary function of the HPC3130A is to allow noninterfering hot-plug
S54 (272)  CDIP   The next value to choose is the Q factor. As dispersion is employ
S55 (195)  BEL 01+ 1450 Semelab Plc reserves the right to change test conditions, parameter limits
S57 (31)  SIEMENS . TACHYON Architecture Tachyon TS continues with the TACHYON architectu
S58 (14)  BEL SMD 06+04+
S59 (78)  TEMIC SOT-143 1 Under all conditions, VDDQ must be less than or equal to VDD 2 Peak t
S5A (8)  For the most current package and ordering information, see the Package Op
S5B (23)  Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rectifier utilize advanced p
S5C (31)  Notes on Repetitive Avalanche Curves , Figures 14, 15: (For further info,
S5D (104)  SAMSUNG DIP Start Condition All commands are preceeded by the start condition, whic
S5E (2)  DIODES DO214AB 05 Hynix HYMD564646(L)8-K/H/L series is unbuffered 184-pin double data rate
S5F (9)  SAMSUNG 05+ Power Thyristor/Diode Module PK25FG series are designed for various recti
S5G (8)  SAMSUNG DIP40 2001 AL,BL,CL - Are the lowside logic level digital inputs. These three input
S5H (16)  Note 2: The maximum power dissipation is dictated by TJMAX, JA, and the a
S5J (9)  When the Transmit FIFO is bypassed (FIFOBYP is LOW), the TXFULL output c
S5K (10)  DIODES 08+ Note 1) The specified condition Tj=25˚C means that the test should
S5L (153)  SAMSUNG 0318+ TQFP Most modern speakerphones use half-duplex operation, which switches tra
S5M (8)  MODULE QtyDescription Resistors 610KΩ, 5% 1/4W, leaded 11KΩ, 5% 1/
S5N (29)  N/A N/A N/A Propagation delay time high-to-low  level output from A, B, C or D
S5P (7)  dt71v632 99+ TQFP1420-100 SDRAM device attributes: Minimum clock delay back-to-back column access
S5R (1)  The voltage regulator uses a p-channel MOS transistor as a regulating ele
S5S (2)  TO-252 for reads or writes to any location in memory. An automatic power down f
S5T (21)  SAMSUNG 2008 Output Bit Driver Voltage Supply Ground Output Enable: HI = High Imped
S5U (3)  Testing of the switching parameters is modeled after testing methods spec
S5V (5)  SSOP28 07+ Current Limit Protection Isolation Test Voltage 5300 V RMS Typical RON
S5X (1)  The PICmicro family meets the specifications contained in the Microchip Da
S-6 (12)  SMD-8 99 When pin 23 (FIFO/DIR) has a logic "1" applied, the FIFO is in
S6- (1)  The 24XX32A supports a bidirectional, 2-wire bus and data transmission
S6. (1)  • FullCduplex capability • External loopback mode allows testin
S60 (159)  vangnard vangnard dc87+  Working Standoff Voltages: 5.5 volts to 171 volts  Metallurgi
S61 (20)  AGILENT 04+ SOP8 The LTC®4252 negative voltage Hot SwapTM controller allows a board to
S62 (11)  ACST4-7S triggering current has to be sunk from the gate pin G. The switc
S63 (45)  94 The DLYBLK input can be used to halt address generation at the end of a
S64 (12)  JAPAN ZIP-10P   Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability,
S65 (16)  AUK 2008 The Hitachi HM5112805F, HM5113805F are 128M-bit dynamic RAMs organized as
S66 (13)  N/A N/A N/A Regulates voltage over a broad operating current and temperature range S
S67 (17)  SOP flying capacitor transfers charge to the COUT, elevating both the voltag
S68 (50)  AMI DIP40 2007+ Guaranteed monotonic INL error: 4 LSB max On-chip 1.25 V/2.5 V, 10 ppm/C
S69 (8)  01+ All unused inputs of the device must be held at VCC or GND to ensure pro
S6A (69)  SAMSUNG 06 • 6A Output Current • Input Voltage Range:   3.1 V to 5
S6B (92)  SAMSUNG Each device includes a voltage regulator, two Hall transducers, temperatu
S6C (10)  2001 SAMSUNG 790 a) Adopting new 4th generation planar IGBT chip, which per-   forma
S6D (11)  SAMSUNG D/S 05+06+07+ 1. Hysteresis denotes the difference in forward LED   current value
S6E (2)  DIODES DO214AB 05 Supply Voltage.-0.3V to 6.5V Voltage at any Pin.-0.3V to +Vs +0.3V Input
S6F (2)  DIODES DO214AB 05 It is not necessary to write to all the offset registers at one time. A
S6G (2)  DIODES DO214AB 05 Note 2: Absolute maximum ratings are those values beyond which damage to
S6J (2)  TSC DO214AB 05 The HCT646 devices consist of bus-transceiver circuits with 3-state outpu
S6K (3)  TO-220 For the most current package and ordering information, see the Package Op
S6M (2)  DIODES DO214AB 05 Two-Wire I2C Serial Interface Supports 400kHz Protocol Single Supply V
S6N (4)  LF(TEC) DO-214 06+ Maxwell Technologies 28LV010 high density, 3.3V, 1 Megabit EEPROM microci
S6P (1)  The transmitter accepts CMOS logic level clock (TCLK), positive data (TPO
S6R (1)  HAR SOT-23 00+   Lead temperature soldering 1,6 mm (1/16 inch) from case for 10 sec
S6S (12)  LF(TEC) DO-214 06+ ‡ All typical values are at VCC = 5 V, TA = 25C. The output cond
S-7 (87)  SEIKO SOT-353 05+ 1. Two coil latching relay 4C series are for intermittent operation only.
S70 (46)  N/A N/A 98 Meets or exceeds PC133 registered DIMM specification 1.1 Spread Spectru
S71 (168)  IC BGA 04+ Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limited by maximum junction tem
S72 (80)  seiko seiko dc97 After power-on-reset, the ATA5275 is in standby mode. For minimum power c
S73 (8)  S DIP24 8243+ For applications where efficiency is a prime consideration, the buck cont
S74 (280)  Signetics DIP-14 07+/08+ The AD7818 and AD7817 are 10-bit, single- and 4-channel A/D converters w
S75 (24)  HAMAMATSU 2005 ON Semiconductor andare registered trademarks of Semiconductor Components
S76 (12)  SOP 01 Atmel Colorado Springs, USA Atmel Nantes, France Atmel Colorado Springs,
S77 (8)  ROHM QFP 03+ DESCRIPTION The STP25NM60N is realized with the second generation of MD
S78 (26)  [H] PLCC en = Noise Voltage of the Transistor referred to the input. (Figure 3) &
S79 (22)  AUK TO-220 04+ PWM Current Limit for Short Circuit Protection Over-Temperature Protect
S7A (5)  Each VR has its own VR latch, which holds its programmed resistance valu
S7B (8)  TYPE N/A 2004 The 32 registered macrocells in the GLB are driven by the 32 outputs fr
S7C (8)  N/A N/A 04+ The MAX4641/MAX4642/MAX4643 are monolithic, dual, single-pole/single-thro
S7D (4)  EPSON QFP1420-100 Notes: 1. Unless otherwise specified, these specifications apply for (VI
S7H (1)    The RC4700 ALU consists of the integer adder and logic unit. The
S7L (1)    Main CLK(Hz)Under 3.58M14.3M   Operating Voltage(min)2.2V3.6V
S7N (3)  ST SOP-3.9-8P 6+ The CS61880 is a full-featured Octal E1 short-haul LIU that supports 2.
S7P (2)  MOT SMD-8 95+ Product Description/Features: • Low skew, low jitter PLL clock dri
S7S (1)  SOP8 A random read requires a dummy byte write sequence to load in the data wo
S7W (1)  floeth floeth dc99 Serial data for this mode is entered at the shift-right data input When
S-8 (2950)  SEIKO SOT-153 Hynix HYMD264G726(L)4M-K/H/L series incorporates SPD(serial presence detec
S8- (1)  N/A For proper operation, a 0.1µF or greater bypass capacitor must be
S80 (576)  N/A N/A 04+ Once in synchronization, the falling edge of the reference signal (C8Kb or
S81 (136)  SEIKO EPSON SOT23 0515+ The device is manufactured using Atmels high-density nonvolatile memory t
S82 (324)  HIT 0433+ TSSOP14 The BS616LV4018 is a high performance, very low power CMOS Static Random
S83 (111)  N/A TSSOP8
S84 (61)  MITSUMI DIP The PCI subsystem is a bus master interface that performs the memory acce
S85 (44)  seiko seiko dc99   The 556C/W for the SOTC23 package assumes the use of the recommen
S86 (21)  1 As shown in Figure 1, the Sequence Generator is subdivided into the addr
S87 (250)  S/PHI CWDIP40 96 The FS6322 is a ROM-based CMOS clock generator IC designed to minimize co
S88 (42)  LITTELFUSE SOT-89 05+ The algebraic convention is used in this data sheet; the most negative val
S89 (28)  AMCC BGA VIN and VOUT Limited Only by External Components Adjustable Slope Compens
S8A (4)  LEI SOP/18 00+ There are dishonest and possibly illegal methods used to breach the code
S8B (6)  JST 07+ The addition of software reset enables recovery from unforeseen error co
S8C (1)  QFP  TJ=PD X (RJC +RCS +RSA) +TA Where  TJ=Junction Temperature &
S8D (3)  stock The Microchip name and logo, the Microchip logo, Accuron, dsPIC, KEELOQ,
S8E (5)  The TSH8x serie offers Single and Dual opera- tional amplifiers featuri
S8G (1)  This manual includes hardware details and programming information for the
S8H (1)  S 218 Drop-in replacement for IBM AT computer clock/calendar Pin compatible wi
S8I (2)  VISHAY C.T 3L 2007   The PTH03000 series of non-isolated power modules are small in si
S8J (3) 
S8M (3)  SGNEC DIP-28 04+ Suffix denotes Vz tolerance: non suffix for 20%, A suffix for 10%. Measu
S8N (2)  ST SMD 04+ THEORY OF OPERATION The MEMSIC device is a complete dual-axis accelerati
S8O (1)  08+ The AHC138 decoders/demultiplexers are designed for high-performance memo
S8P (4)  73 SONIX O6 The DS1330 256k NV SRAMs are 262,144-bit, fully static, NV SRAMs organized
S8S (1)  NSC nation for the bus as follows. If the DIFSENS signal is below 0.5V, the
S8T (14)  floeth floeth dc93 Life Support Applications These NEC products are not intended for use i
S8U (1)  SEMTECH SOP-8P 409 Description   The S8ULCC05-2 is an interline CCD solid-state image
S8V (61)  SAMSUNG 00+ DESCRIPTION The S8V67ZVFI, S8V67ZVSP is a monolithic high voltage integ
S-9 (107)  SEIKO 04 The LTC®1709-7 is a 2-phase, VID programmable, synchro- nous step-dow
S9- (1)  HARR 2008 If the 1-Wire port is used, the memory functions will not be available unt
S90 (88)  SANYO 05+/06+ High Efficiency: Up to 95% Very Low Quiescent Current: Only 40µA 2
S91 (37)  N/A In general, a higher operating frequency decreases the peak ripple curre
S92 (35)  2008 Output clock data format C Controls the output clock (ODCK) format for ei
S93 (104)  NSC PLCC20 03/+04+ The IALUs have hardware support for circular buffers, bit reverse, and z
S94 (55)  SUMMIT 98 Clocks in the ispLSI 2032 and 2032A devices are se- lected using the de
S95 (37)  SANYO DIP-40 07+/08+ 1. These values of VI are used to test DC electrical characteristics only
S96 (17)  SC PLCC 07+ Use with 10 to 14-bit A/D converters 5 Megapixels/second minimum throughp
S97 (31)  NSC DIP48 Chroma Output/Green Output A 75 Ω termination resistor with short t
S98 (22)  97+ INF 2 IOB has more versatile clocking polarity options. IOB has programmable in
S99 (41)  SPANSION BGA 06+ Features  NPT IGBT technology  low saturation voltage  l
S9A (1)  External Load Capacitance Output Current  (At IO < IO, min, the
S9B (7)  13 2005
S9C (2)  • 3V, single power supply operation - Full voltage range: 2.7-3.6
S9E (1)  MOT BGA 1 Similarly, the bq24400 suspends fast charge if the battery temperature i
S9F (1)  TOSHIBA SMT 96+ The Fairchild Power Switch(FPS) product family is specially designed for
S9G (4)  TOSHIBA (LX)high-frequency 256K x 4 advanced high-speed CMOS static RAM JEDEC revolutionary pinout (
S9N (2)  ST SMD The AMI signal first enters a fixed equalizer, which is designed to overc
S9P (1)  For DC coupled single supply operation, it is recom- mended that input
S9S (1)  By this setting, the function of F0/DATA, F1/REQ, and F2/SCK are changed.
S9X (1)  SUMMIT SOP-8 03+ This INFINEON module is an industry standard 144 pin 8-byte Synchronous D
S9Z (1)  MOT TSSOP 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs internal equivalent capacitance
S-A (46)  The internal circuit is composed of 3 stages including buffer output, w
SA- (41)  JDS module • N channel FET switches with no parasitic diode to VCC   C I
SA/ (4)  PHI SOP16S 06+ Low skew: < 200ps Fast switching frequency >133 MHz Fast output
SA0 (54)  NS DIP 86 The charge pump is a doubler configuration that uses one external flying
SA1 (536)  AVX   2.2.1 Specifications and standards. The following specifications a
SA2 (175)  SAIFUN SOP8 05+ Ground. Oscillator input. Oscillator output. Active high reset. (with i
SA3 (166)  SA全系列专营 07/08+ 4. Values for two Turn-On loss conditions are shown for the convenience o
SA4 (76)  AVXCOPR Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause perm
SA5 (711)  PHILIPS SOT23-5 0335+ MISCELLANEOUS PERFORMANCE  input capacitance  input resistance
SA6 (280)  PHI STK 2005+ Caveat: This calculation has assumed that the voltage drops due to the v
SA7 (109)  SA全系列专营 07/08+ RJC Thermal Resistance (Output Switches)1.5C/W RJC Thermal Resistance (Re
SA8 (154)  SA全系列专营 07/08+ Circuit Board Material: Top RF layer is .014 Getek, 4 total layers (0.062
SA9 (115)  SILAN 06+ SOP/16 A start may be issued to terminate the input of a con- trol byte or the
SAA (2265)  PHILPS DIP DIP  Typicals represent average readings at 25C and VDD = 5 V.  
SAB (1686)  N/A DIP † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may c
SAC (80)  MOTOROLA 2007 When no data transfer occurs, you can use the Powerdown state. The Seri
SAD (39)  91 The HC670 and CD74HCT670 are 16-bit register files organized as 4 words
SAE (45)  SIEMENS 06+ 500 Note 1: Absolute maximum ratings are DC values beyond which the device m
SAF (988)  muRata In the Write mode (See fig6A, p.9), the clock gen. acknowledges Address B
SAG (36)  QFP-   These devices employ the Schottky Barrier principle in a large are
SAH (53)  SIEMENS 0834++ NOTES: A. CL includes probe and test-fixture capacitance.   B. Wave
SAI (14)  SOP4 2003 • Control and safety devices for airplanes, trains, automobiles, and
SAJ (19)  sie sie dc89 All parameters measured at fMAX unless noted otherwise. NOTE 1: Assumin
SAK (423)  inf 0 458/tray/qfp Note 1 These AC characteristics are guaranteed with external clock drive
SAL (39)  MINI 08+   This new option of integrated digital transistors is designed to
SAM (148)  SAM 1994 QFP †The MAX6326/MAX6327/MAX6328/MAX6346/MAX6347/ MAX6348 are available
SAN (10)  N/A SOP- 8 The Programmable Interconnect Matrix (PIM) consists of a completely glo
SAP (41)  04+ SOP/18 for reads or writes to any location in memory. An automatic power down f
SAQ (1)  MURATA 07+ Sets the oscillator frequency and maximum duty cycle Frequency modulati
SAR (24)  QFP208   Single LEDs are often driven using either a high side or low side
SAS (27)  TI SOP14 -Port 92 Support -Fast Gate A20 and KRESET Outputs Serial Ports -Two Fu
SAT (39)  Other 07+ V2 Voltage Fail Output. This open drain output goes LOW when V2MON is les
SAU (2)  EXAR Corporation does not recommend the use of any of its products in lif
SAV (5)  TOSHIBA MOUDLE N/A In Case 1 of Figure 3, the signal from the DSX-3 cross-connect feeds di
SAW (24)  SAWTEK 00+ Finally, the CY7C372i features a very simple timing model. Unlike other h
SAY (25)  MINI 08+ With every advance of this magnitude, there arise new considerations th
S-B (2)  TBGA All information contained in this document is subject to change without n
SB- (18)  LUCENT PLCC-28 9749 Two-frame transmit and receive PCM slip buffers Clock rate adapter synth
SB( (1)  Junction CapacitancepF Test Conditions: f = 1 GHz Video Resistancek͐
SB1 (247)  GS TO-220 07+ Figure 1 shows a block diagram of the 80C186EB 80C188EB The Execution Un
SB2 (199)  SANYO 08+ The total power consumption is then simplified to: Total Power = (CPD +
SB3 (172)  SMD 1993   2.1 General. The documents listed in this section are specified in
SB4 (32)  12 ATI O6 NOTES: (1) Junction Temperature = Ambient Temperature for low temperature
SB5 (85)  FSC DO214A 06+ These signal conditioners are designed to provide an easy and convenient
SB6 (71)  .   The power dissipation of the SOTC23 is a function of the drain pa
SB7 (13)  SANYO NOTES: 1. Input voltages may exceed the supply voltages provided the inpu
SB8 (216)  INTEL 9714 The CS8920A is a low-cost Ethernet LAN Control- ler optimized for Indus
SB9 (3)  Notes: (1) Measured with baluns on the input and output of the device. (
SBA (52)  SANYO 01+ SMD OUTPUT VOLTAGE LIMITERS Default Limiter Voltage Minimum Limiter Separa
SBB (23)  SIRENZA N/A 06+   The current source provides a closely regulated zener current, wh
SBC (44)  AUK 96 2N73734581008.55.05.010-65 to +200 Derate linearly 22.8 mW/qC for TA &g
SBD (3)  S TO- Data flow from A to Y is controlled by Output Enable (OE). The device op
SBE (32)  SANYO SOT-163 05+NOPB 5k NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.  2. Metric equivalents ar
SBF (40)  04+ Functional Description Hardware USB Interface Transceiver Interface E
SBG (34)  TO-220 All of the bytes in the chip must be verified to check whether they have
SBH (6)  SANYO SOD-123 04+ CASE: Molded, surface mountable TERMINALS: Gull-wing or C-bend (modified
SBI (5)  ZILOG 00+ The input/output pins (I/O1 through I/O16) are placed in a high-impedan
SBJ (2)  GS ISENSE: This is the input to the X10 wide bandwidth current-sense amplifi
SBK (68)  N/A Supply Voltage Input. From it a stable internal reference voltage VREF an
SBL (226)  GSI TO-220 05+   The Thermal DF Series Thermal Cutoffs are single action devices th
SBM (41)  DIODES SMB-3 05+
SBN (27)  GIE TO-220 05+ Receive master clock. Must be 1.536 MHz, 1.544 MHz or 2.048 MHz. May be
SBP (58)  GIE TO-220 05+
SBQ (7)  (For a single-phase input unit) An example of the I/O voltage characteri
SBR (133)  DIODES ITO-220AB 07+ The MTC20136 is a dedicated controller chip, spe- cifically designed to
SBS (63)  GIE TO-220 05+ The product term allocator is a dynamic, configurable resource that shift
SBT (74)  MINI 08+ The A128 devices contain the following: • ARM7TDMI 16/32-Bit RISC
SBU (9)  TOS 01+ QFN/4*13 CAUTION: The BiCMOS inherent to the design of this component increases the
SBV (3)  DC Supply Voltage Reverse DC Supply Voltage DC Reverse Ground Pin Cur
SBW (5)  NINEX 02+ Output Capacitors (Optional) For applications with load transients (sudd
SBX (53)  SONY 1997 The TLE 4299 is a monolithic voltage regulator with fixed 5-V output, sup
SBY (73)  2008 There are five Voltage Identification Pins, VID4-VID0, on the
S-C (2)  TEMIC 01+ PLCC44 NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC specifications shown in the
SC- (82)  99 • Solid-state Relay (Equivalent to AQW210S)   - Typical RON 2
SC( (1)  PHILIPS 05+ The ADP3419 includes an anticross-conduction protection circuit, undervo
SC. (1)  The LM75 is a temperature sensor, Delta-Sigma analog-to- digital conver
SC/ (1)  ♦ Features • Generates high frequency clock from a high stabi
SC0 (179)  FUJI SMA 05+ Timer Clearing A negative edge or pulse at the TCL input longer than 15
SC2 (614)  MITSUBISHI 805 This document is a general product description and is subject to change wi
SC3 (525)  MOTOROLA 83+ CDIP40 This pin is active only when the chip transmits tone dialing signals. Othe
SC4 (1819)  OKI SOP 02+ NOTE: Device will meet the specifications after thermal equilibrium has b
SC5 (868)  MOT 02/03+ PLCC52 • Plastic package has Underwriters Laboratory   Flammability
SC6 (390)  MOTOROLA CAN8   The QS4A205 is a high-performance CMOS analog Four-Channel SPDT m
SC7 (505)  The input sample period is defined between rising edges of wordclock (WD
SC8 (447)  N/A PLCC44 06+   HyperPHY transceiver technology includes a full clock recovery mec
SC9 (302)  SC SOP 03/+04+ The ISL43140/ISL43141/ISL43142 are quad single-pole/ single-throw (SPST
SCA (243)  NS 07+   AND Flash Memory: (2048 + 64) bytes (More than 16,057 se
SCB (52)  PHIL 05+ Analog Overvoltage input. When OV is pulled above the 1.223V threshold, an
SCC (322)  PHI 96+ SOP These devices consist of four independent high-gain frequency-compensat
SCD (197)  N/A   The IDT5T907 2.5V single data rate (SDR) clock buffer is a user-se
SCF (29)  MOTOROLA QFP   Since the 1996 model year, North American automobiles have been
SCG (19)  SHARP TQFP-M120P 6+ en = Noise Voltage of the Transistor referred to the input. (Figure 3) &
SCH (74)  SMSC 05+ QFP
SCI (227)  SEIKO SOT-89 05+   When only the S1 pin is at a logic one the temperature measuring
SCJ (5)  ON 02+ TOP BOOT SECTOR LOCK: When the TBL pin is held low, program and erase ope
SCK (17)  2001 Hynix HYMD216646(L)6-K/H/L series is designed for high speed of up to 133M
SCL (361)  SCL 96 Efficient 16-bit 56800 family controller engine with dual Harvard archite
SCM (187)  CHENMKO Electrical Characteristics AVIN = PVIN = 5V unless otherwise indicated un
SCN (280)  Notes: 1: VC1,VC2, VM12 = 3.3V, TC = 25C, 50Ω system. 2: Bias cur
SCO (195)  SUNNY   Information provided by Graychip is believed to be accurate and re
SCP (53)  SSS DIP 03+ 2. Indirect addressing resources (registers and initial load memory) &nb
SCQ (25)  MOT • Speziell geeignet fr Anwendungen im Bereich   von 400 nm bi
SCR (94)  N/A Wave shaping is incorporated into the transmitter to minimize EMI radiate
SCS (70)  04+ MSOP8 † The D packages are available taped and reeled. Add R suffix to de
SCT (29)  If a specific pattern is repetitive, the Deserializer could enter false
SCU (2)  50 ATMEL These Ultrafast, soft recovery diodes are optimized to reduce losses and
SCV (23)  MOTOROLA 07+/08+;0729+ For convenience, a sample of the LM2650 and eight other components have
SCW (17)  N/A The CY22393, CY22394, and CY22395 are a family of parts designed as upgra
SCX (558)  NSC 98 NOTES: 1. See Test Conditions under TEST CIRCUITS AND WAVEFORMS. 2. Thi
SCY (52)  ON SOP24 Maximum Recurrent Peak Reverse Voltage Maximum RMS Voltage Maximum DC
SCZ (4)  freesc freesc dc0647 Description Reserved PCI6 Output Control 1 = enabled, 0 = forced LOW P
SD (1)  The HIP6017 includes an Intel-compatible, TTL 5-input digital-to-analog
S-D (1)  OKI QFP-44   3.9 Verification and review for device class M. For device class M
SD- (74)  The shaft locking device consists of a tapered nut tightening a slotted
SD0 (63)  (空白) 1206 Operating Temperature Range (Note 2)   LM136−55˚C to +15
SD1 (515)  AE 06+/07+ Always use semiconductor devices within their recommended operating condi
SD2 (165)  IR DO-200AB (B-Puk) 00+ Data flow from A to Y is controlled by Output Enable (OE). The device op
SD3 (82)  NOTES: 1. WE is high in read Cycle. 2. Device is continuously selected w
SD4 (87)  IR B-8 00+ Soft−Start Timing control pin. An external soft−start capacit
SD5 (160)  VISHAY SOP-14 95+ the device has a Sector Protect function which hardware write protects
SD7 (91)  neosid neosid dc94 • Internal self-timed write cycle • Individual Byte Write C
SD8 (58)  IR B-43 (E-Puk) 00+ Packaged in the new innovative 3mm x 2mm MLP this combination dual compr
SD9 (14)  TAIWAN DIP-14P 6+ Signal input pin. A internal matching circuit, configured with resisto
SDA (1030)  micronas micronas dc00 All data transfers are initiated after CS goes LOW and a logic 1 is clo
SDB (65)  MCC 07+ The LTC6101 monitors current via the voltage across an external sense res
SDC (169)  ADI 07+ The MAX1589A low-dropout linear regulator operates from a +1.62V to +3.6V
SDD (25)  MSC SOP-8 00+   The IDT72V3623/72V3633/72V3643 are pin and functionally compatible
SDE (28)  SIEMENS Note: Hitachis serial EEPROM are authorized for using consumer applicatio
SDF (31)  MSC SOP-8 00+ CEL certifies, to its knowledge, that semiconductor and laser products de
SDG (32)  SIL . Tangent of loss angle:   5000 pF < C 20000 pF   20000 pF &
SDH (16)  MSC SOP-8 00+ Out Short Circuit to GND Duration (VIN< 12V)...Continuous Out Short Ci
SDI (34)  crydom crydom dc00 The device incorporates auto-calibration and built-in self-test (BIST) ro
SDJ (1)  TOSHIBA Figure 17-4. Figure 18-1. Figure 18-2. Figure 18-3. Figure 19-1. Figu
SDK (25)  schurter schurter dc00 The 80C186XL provides a local bus controller to generate the local bus c
SDL (30)  MSC SOP-8 00+ This series of hermetically packaged products feature the latest advanced
SDM (154)  N/A N/A N/A The product can also be used for general analog signal isolation applica
SDN (13)  FAIRCHILD 2004 SOT-3 The OPA682 provides an easy to use, broadband fixed gain buffer amplifie
SDP (92)  INFINEON TO-220 05+ The CY7C9689 HOTLink Transceiver is a point-to-point com- munications b
SDQ (8)  OEL 05+ Applying loads outside of the specified output range may result in uninte
SDR (104)  Note 4: Receiver Skew Margin is defined as the valid data sampling region
SDS (113)  AUK SOT-23 05+ ISOLATION PARAMETERS Rated Voltage, Continuous Partial Discharge, 100%
SDT (255)  08+ International Rectifiers RADHard HEXFET® technol- ogy provides high p
SDU (11)  CEM 05+   2.2.1 Specifications, standards, and handbooks. The following spec
SDV (14)  AUK 0805-V8 When pin CPH exceeds 5.1V, the IR21592 enables the over-current protectio
SDW (21)  MITSUBISHI MODULE N/A ispVHDL™ Systems VHDL/Verilog-HDL/Schematic Design Options Funct
SDX (36)  HOWELLEY SENSOR N/A   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; f
SDZ (7)  AUK 23-33V 04+ The chopper stabilization technique uses a 170 kHz high frequency clock.
S-E (3)  CENTILLIUM O7+ • High self-resonant frequency values. • High Q values at hig
SE- (12)  SERVEENGINES 06+ BGA * Specifications will vary with foreign standards certificati
SE0 (95)  DN Room = 25C, Full = as determined by the operating suffix. Typical values
SE1 (125)  DENSO DIP16 91 The NetPHY™ 4LP devices on-chip input filtering and output waveshap
SE2 (100)  D O7+ Power supply voltage   VCCs = 2.7 V~3.6 V   VCCf = 2.7 V~3.6 V
SE3 (70)  DENSO SOP The ISD5008 series is also ideal for playback-only applications, where s
SE4 (62)  SiGe 56 Couples AC and DC signals 0.01 % Servo Linearity Wide Bandwidth, >
SE5 (256)  N/A SOP16 N/A *Part Numbers listed are for units with outer plastic-film insulation and
SE6 (69)  MOT / ST CAN3 01+ eight-pin, hermetic, dual-in-line, ceramic packages. The devices opera
SE7 (53)  D SMD-8   . . . employing the Schottky Barrier principle in a large area me
SE8 (50)  MOT CAN3 The TLC3704C is characterized for operation over the commercial tempera
SE9 (38)  MOT 01+ TO-3 To streamline development time, JTAG-compliant scan-based emulation has b
SEA (31)    The pressure is monitored by a voltage comparator, which compares
SEB (2)  ST DIP-28 Altera® ACEX 1K devices provide a die-efficient, low-cost architectur
SEC (150)  SIEMENS 96/97+ PLCC84   The SEC51C805-8.0E2C devices combine 10-bit CMOS shift registers,
SED (276)  EPSON QFP 99+ If an output channel is set to three-state condition, the TDM serial strea
SEE (8)  KYOCERA SOP 94+   The MSK 3017 is an all N-Channel three phase power MOSFET Bridge C
SEF (12)  JRC SOP8 N/A Fully Differential Architecture Centered Input Common-mode Range Minimum
SEG (14)  SOP 94 The SEGA315-5289CSEGA315-5289 have internal termination resistors for use
SEH (6)  SHOFI 1994 Operating from a wide-input voltage range of 7 V to 36 V, the PTN78000 pr
SEI (12)  IC SOP Package[1] A: 7.6 mm (0.3 inch) Single Digit Seven Segment Display F:
SEJ (4)  . SOT-23 05+/06+ Modulus control output for controlling an external dual-modulus prescaler
SEK (7)  EPSON 2008 Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appropriate value specified u
SEL (49)  The clear function for the LV163A devices is synchronous. A low level at
SEM (161)  SEMIKRON 311A/1200V/IGBT/2U   The 78ST100 is a series of wide input voltage, 3-terminal Integra
SEN (13)  SEN DIP NOTES: 1. 'X' in part numbers indicates power rating (S or L). 2. VCC =
SEO (2)  ALCATEL 06+ 500 The TPS736xx family of low-dropout (LDO) linear voltage regulators uses
SEP (40)  Notes: 1. Measurements taken on 50Ω test board shown on Figure 1. E
SEQ (1)    Updated values in Current Consumption per Power Supply Pin, Table
SER (34)  N/A The WCFS0808V1E is a high-performance 3.3V CMOS Static RAM organized as 3
SES (17)  PHI QFP 2005 The third step is the internal Program operation which is initiated after
SET (15)  DOWA Logic and internal gate drive supply voltage Oscillator timing resistor
SEV (2)  Notes:  Repetitive rating; pulse width limited by   max. jun
SEW (3)  ON SOP 107 Two times of receiving check Built-in oscillator needs only a 5% resisto
SEX (1)  SIPEX 04+ TR6 In ES series models, flag M1083 is not provided. When FROM/TO instruction
S-F (3)  N/A N/A Each sense amp consists of 1K bytes of fast storage (512 bytes for DQA
SF- (58)  N/A *Stresses greater than those listed above may cause permanent damage to th
SF/ (1)  NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Max. or Min., use appropriate value sp
SF0 (62)  NEC 03+ 225 * All specs and applications shown above subject to change without prior
SF1 (310)  SOP16W 2007+ The TSOP48..ON1 - series are miniaturized receivers for infrared remote
SF2 (116)  SHINDENGEN TO-220F 05+ Quad channel Low-Side-Switch (2x5A/2x3A) in Smart Power Technology (SPT)
SF3 (126)  TW SEMI N/A 03+ The MSA-series is fabricated using Agilents 10 GHz fT, 25 GHz fMAX, sil
SF4 (46)  N/A 00+ DIP-18 Boot Blocks : The two boot blocks are intended to replace a dedicated bo
SF5 (106)  TOS TO-220 04+ These ICs are analog stereo enhancement processors. They use patented Q Xp
SF6 (32)  96 Advanced submicron CMOS technology makes the Am79Q02/021/031 QSLAC devi
SF7 (14)  CAN4 The MBRS320TRPbF surface-mount Schottky rectifier has been designed for a
SF8 (40)  To overcome this limitation, TI design engineers developed the patented E
SF9 (16)  SAM PQFP48 2007+ Surface mount equivalent to 1N4728 to 1N4764A Ideal for high-density and
SFA (39)  CET TO The chip supports an optional start and stop bit (either 0 or 1) that p
SFB (20)  N/A Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appropriate value specified u
SFC (246)  SESCOSEM 2008 Hynix HYMD264646B(L)8J-J series is designed for high speed of up to 166MHz
SFD (38)  N/A Notes: 1. CL = Load capacitance: includes jig and probe capacitance.
SFE (132)  MOT 2008 CPU output type select latch input pin 0= K7, 1= CK408 / AGP clock output
SFF (21)  TSC TO To achieve the same timer Reset period on the PIC18F8490 family as the
SFG (34)  NS PLCC 89+ Guaranteed by design and characterization. ESD voltage applied between
SFH (1257)  sie sie dc94 since an approaching finger could be compensated for partially or entire
SFJ (5) 
SFK (1)  The information provided herein is believed to be reliable at press time.
SFL (2)  N/A QFP 96+ The Bay Linear B3800 series is monolithic control circuit containing th
SFM (98)  FORMOSA 06/07+ Analog output. The output signal amplitude is a maximum of 2.4 VPP above
SFN (1)  Reference Acknowledgement (REF_ACK) Output The REF_ACK (reference acknowl
SFO (21)  JST na Serial data input; receives serial data from the control device; serial d
SFP (166)  SANKENC 08+ • Single 3.3V 0.3V power supply • All device pins are LVTTL c
SFR (228)  FAIFCHILD TO-251/252 04+ As load current is reduced, the energy required in the inductor diminis
SFS (126)  VISHAY TO- Parameter REFERENCE INPUTS   REFIN(+) to REFIN(C) Voltage1, 9 &nbs
SFT (107)  murata murata dc00   Once the supplies are above the UVLO threshold, the soft-start ca
SFU (37)  FAIRCHLD TO-251 05+
SFV (40)  FCI SMD 4 Positive digital power supply. Ring oscillator/crystal input pin. Rese
SFW (99)  HARRIS TO-263 The 512Mb DDR SDRAM uses a double-data-rate archi- tecture to achieve h
SFX (17)  SAMSUNG 03+ QFN The STR73xF requires an external 4.5 to 5.5V power supply. There are two
SFY (3)  N/A N/A The bq2085 uses an integrating converter with continuous sampling for t
SFZ (4)  MURATA The HSDL-3600 is a low-profile infrared transceiver module that provid
S-G (1)  INTERFACE TIMING CHARACTERISTICS Applies to All Parts6, 11   Input
SG- (429)  KODENSHI Power Thyristor/Diode Module PK90F series are designed for various rectif
SG0 (22)  SGA 04+ The SG0102/M1 is a low-cost, digitally controlled, variable gain ampli-
SG1 (522)  SG DIP-16 6+ The information provided herein is believed to be reliable at press time.
SG2 (320)  1850 Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshold Voltage Gate-to-Sourc
SG3 (380)  LINFINITY DIP DIP • An accelerated 80C51 CPU provides instruction cycle   times
SG4 (37)  SanKen SOP Because it is a synchronous device, address, data inputs, and read/ writ
SG5 (378)  SILICON SOP 9748 For the device-specific interrupt priority configurations, see the Interr
SG6 (503)  SG /SYSTEMGE 05.04+ DIP-8 Pin NamePin TX Data 031 TX Data 147 TX Data 25 TX Data 38 TX Data 410
SG7 (213)  SG TO-2P 6+ C Program entire chip in 10-25 seconds with no in-   volvement of t
SG8 (133)  EPSON SOIC/3.9mm 20+ Common Flash Memory Interface (CFI) The SST39VF160Q/VF160 also contain t
SG9 (23)  SG 04+ On a single 5V supply, the LT1990 has an adjustable 85V input range, 70dB
SGA (215)  RFMD(Sirenza) 07+ The DDU4C tolerances are guaranteed for input pulse widths and periods gr
SGB (35)  INFINEON 07+ The devices come in 8- and 10-bit resolution versions (see Figure 2 for
SGC (19)  N/A Case: JEDEC TO-220AC, ITO-220AC & TO-263AB molded plastic body Term
SGD (18)  FAIRCHILD TO-252 08+ The transceiver contains a supervisory circuit to control the power supp
SGE (16)  SG SOP-7 6+ The sensors include a temperature-compensated Hall plate with active of
SGH (96)  YAMAHA QFP 04+ PROBES The circuit effectively measures the thermal resistance of the p
SGI (5)  INFINEON 0703+ TO-262 INVALID OP-CODE: If an invalid op-code is received, no data will be shif
SGJ (5)  LINFINITY CERDIP-14 98+ Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may cause per
SGK (1)  NS PDIP 06+ Internal Organization When ORG is connected to VDD or ORG is floated, the
SGL (133)  SIRENZA Intersils Satellite Applications(SAF) devices are fully tested and guar
SGM (96)  SONY SOT-343 Output channel data strobe input terminal: in the Normal Mode phase, seri
SGN (9)  ST QFP NOTES: JA is specified for worst case mounting conditions, i.e., JA is s
SGP (56)  LINFINITY 97+ 3000 Receiver gain control pin, Receiver signal output pin. Capable of contro
SGQ (2)  PULSE The SGQ1553-51A/SGQ1553-51A are 8-bit successive approxima- tion Analog
SGR (26)  IMP PDIP28宽 9241 ♦ Adjustable Accurate DPWM Frequency with Sync  Function
SGS (200)  ST TO-3 small signal bandwidth from VREF to output up to 15 MHz (typ), fast outp
SGT (40)  SEAGATE TQFP1414-100 The H11NX-M series has a high speed integrated circuit detector optically
SGU (34)  N/A 晶振 06+ The VHC125 contains four independent non-inverting buff- ers with 3-STAT
SGW (48)  01+ TQFP NOTE: 1. Stresses greater than those listed under ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATING
SH- (17)  Semtech STO-24 99+ The TLC156 series is a family of low-cost, high speed, high noise immunity
SH0 (19)  yageo yageo dc04 Microprocessors with bidirectional reset pins (such as the Motorola 68HC1
SH1 (120)  四脚铁帽 08+   The SC5388 is a 2-channel digital preset equalizer utilizing CMOS
SH2 (44)  DIP-32 98+ Operating free air temperature range Storage temperature range Lead Tem
SH3 (64)  ABCO 06+ Notes * Indicates JEDEC registered data. 1. The current transfer ratio
SH4 (15)  ABC 4M-100 05+ Places the 1-bit bypass register between the TDI and TDO pins, which al
SH5 (28)  N/A N/A N/A 2Mbit of Page-Erasable Flash Memory Page Write (up to 256 Bytes) in 11m
SH6 (121)  ZHONGYIN SMD-8 04+ Input HIGH Voltage Input LOW Voltage Input HIGH Current Input HIGH Curr
SH7 (36)  HITA TQFP 2001   The K6T8016C3M families are fabricated by SAMSUNGs advanced CMOS
SH8 (17)    The RC4700 ALU consists of the integer adder and logic unit. The
SH9 (27)  N/A N/A N/A DC Electrical CharacteristicsOct.22.2002   - ICC changed 4mA ->
SHA (28)  TI DIP-16 98+ State-of-the-Art EPIC-B™ BiCMOS Design Significantly Reduces Power
SHB (9)  N/A 0603B C Glueless Interface to Synchronous   Memories: SDRAM or SBSRAM C G
SHC (75)  BB DIP 04+ s Meets or exceeds the requirements of ANSI TIA/EIA-644 Standard s Low-V
SHD (13)  FREESCALE 05+ PLCC52 Accesses to the MBAR register at long word $3FF00 are internal only, and
SHE (5)  The K7B803625B and K7B801825B are 9,437,184-bit Synchro- nous Static Rand
SHF (29)  Sirenza 04+
SHI (12)  HOLTEK SOP28 07+/08+ Pin-Out Compatible with Standard 125 Logic Products 5Ω A/B bi-direc
SHJ (33)  NEC QFP 97 Interrupt Request (active high). Interrupts are enabled in the interrupt
SHK (2)  Internal fixed off-time, PWM current-control circuitry can be used
SHL (19)  MOTOROLA (LX)high-frequency A unique feature of the ISL6310 is the combined use of both DCR and rDS(O
SHM (67)  DESTINY 708 CDIP Of the 87 product terms, 80 are for general-purpose use for the 16 macroc
SHO (9)  N/A SMD 2000 † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may c
SHP (39)  TOKYO COIL 07+ Expansion header J7 is provided to monitor or apply input signals to the
SHQ (9)  N/A 45321812 • TOSHIBA is continually working to improve the quality and reliabil
SHR (29)  NAIS RELAY 06+ The MK2049-34 produces low-jitter output clocks. In addition, this part h
SHS (43)  TOSHIBA Power Diode Module DF200BA is designed for three phase full wave rectific
SHT (12)  SENSIRION Notes: 1. The Standby input must be controlled using an open-   co
SHU (6)  SAMSUNG 99+ Code protection is constantly evolving. We at Microchip are committed to
SHV (22)  SANKEN conditions, the contents of the memory lo cation specified on the address
SHW (79)  N/A N/A N/A Specifications Outline Dimensions Pin Connections and Short Description
SHY (1)  Simple Setup and Versatile Choices C Setting the threshold and hysteres
SI- (433)  SANKEN TO220-5L 06+ If the signal is bipolar, such as a sine wave centered around zero, each
SI0 (27)  SMSC QFN The Edge646 driver supports three distinct programmable driver levels; hi
SI1 (358)  VISHAY SOT-523 04+ Conclusion As digitizing systems increase in speed, aperture effects pl
SI2 (299)  SILICON 04+ The DS8830, SN55183, and SN75183 dual differential line drivers are des
SI3 (600)  Siliconix 06+ SOT163 No output filter required for inductive loads Externally configurable g
SI4 (1677)  VISHAY SOP-8 05+ s Two 64 Megabit (Am29LV640D) in a single 64-ball 13   x 11 mm Fort
SI5 (197)  SILCONIX MLP1206-8 06+ 150V Power Schottky rectifier are suited for switch Mode Power Supplies
SI6 (407)  9049 Note 2: Absolute Maximum continuous ratings are those values beyond which
SI7 (565)  ST 94  Lead temperature, Tsol, 1,6 mm (1/16 inch) from case for 10 seconds
SI8 (139)  SI MSOP-8 03+   This octal buffer/driver is built using advanced dual metal CMOS t
SI9 (1033)  SI DIP 07+ Compliance with draft ANSI X3.302-199x Ultra2 SCSI (SPI-2) standard 64-
SIA (50)  DIP Notes:  2. Multiple Supplies: The voltage on any input or I/O pin ca
SIB (8)  SANKEN DIP The UC3854A/B products are pin compatible enhanced versions of the UC38
SIC (50)  PMX MQFP 04+ 2-channel, 250 kSPS, 10-/12-bit ADCs in TSOT package. Low power consumpt
SID (67)  三肯 ALO,BLO,CLO - are the logic inputs for controlling the switching of the
SIE (39)  Maximum Input Voltage Power Dissipation Thermal Resistance Junction t
SIF (19)  NOTE: Intersil Pb-free plus anneal products employ special Pb-free materia
SIG (81)  JGD 00+ The SecSiTM (Secured Silicon) Sector is an 256 byte extra sector capabl
SIH (14)  SAM SIL-9 03+ NOTES 1Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may ca
SII (208)  SILICON LMGE TQFP1414-100 Vo Adjust: Using a single resistor, this pin allows the modules complemen
SIK (4)  SIK The 70C version utilizes an industry standard line driver IC (26LS31) wh
SIL (409)  SILICON QFP144 07+PB Integrated 4-band Graphic Equaliser Adjustable output stage filter compen
SIM (114)  SIMcom 07+ The APW 7093 uses a unique current-mode, constant-off-time, PWM control s
SIN (26)  PHILIPS PLCC44 05+ When the receiver is placed in the power-down (sleep) mode, the output im
SIO (21)  SMSC LQFP The numeric devices decode positive BCD logic into characters 0-9, a
SIP (121)  NEC DIP 1993 Problems relating to playback of sound on audio sys- tems. With natural
SIQ (30)  The CY7C133 (master) and CY7C143 (slave) consist of an array of 2K words
SIR (56)  N/A N/A N/A sFEATURES  qOperating Voltage4.7 to 13V  qWOW Function  
SIS (410)  SiS PQFP 1995 Widebus Family Supports SSTL_2 Data Inputs Outputs Meet SSTL_2 C
SIT (36)  SANSUNG DIP 2000 All devices provide break-before-make switching and are TTL and CMOS co
SIU (3)  rohm rohm dc95 Dallastats maintain the position of the wiper in the absence of power.
SIV (10)  SI 00+   This device contains protection circuitry to guard against damage
SIW (56)  siliconwave 811 The MHF converters are switching regulators which use a quasi- square wa
SIX (4)  INTEL QFP QFP At the moment the supply voltage on pin VDD or HV exceeds the level of
SIY (2)  SI DIP High-Density Function Blocks The XC7354, XC7372, XC73108 and XC73144 dev
SIZ (10)  SOT-89 4 DMA controllers, each with 4 data streams manage memory to memory, peri
SJ- (27)  SJ The SPS product family is specially designed for an off-line SMPS with m
SJ0 (7)  TQFP 01+ The XC3000A family has additional interconnect resources to drive the I
SJ1 (11)  In addition, Dallas Semiconductor's continuous reliability monitor program
SJ2 (16)  DIP-5 07+/08+ ✔ Molded JEDEC SO-16 (Wide Body) Package ✔ Weight 0.15 gram
SJ3 (2)    The EL6119 is a dual four-channel   laser diode current amp
SJ4 (6)  TO-3 Note 3: Although power dissipation is internally limited, these specifica
SJ5 (9)  HOLTEK 00+ Hynix HYMD116G725A(L)8M-K/H/L series incorporates SPD(serial presence dete
SJ6 (3)  SANYO SOT-252 MAX 3000A devices are supported by Altera development systems, which are
SJ7 (9)  ON 66/133-MHz, 64-bit, true multifunction PCI-X host bus interface Backwar
SJ8 (5)  03+ When writing data to the memory it responds to the 8 bits received by a
SJ9 (4)  N/A N/A N/A Amplitude compensation (harmonic compensation) To maintain appropriate
SJA (32)  ?? 4 1. A 0.1 µF low frequency tantalum bypass capacitor in parallel with
SJB (4)  ON T0-92 05+/06+ Note 11: Skew is defined as the absolute value of the difference between
SJC (3)  SMD20 03+ Three parallel I/O registers with open-drain capability Four baud-rate g
SJD (15)  ON SOT252 -Complex functions (up to 16 inputs) in a single logic cell -High synthe
SJE (36)  MOTOROLA TO220 When the receiver is placed in the power-down (sleep) mode, the output im
SJF (1)  Caution: The BiCMOS inherent to the design of this component increases th
SJG (1)  Collector C Base Cutoff Current, IE= 0mA, VCB=-10V Emitter C Base Cuto
SJH (3)  100 SOP 00+ The SJH011-RA is a miniature slotted optical switch designed for surface
SJI (4)  dc05 TJ = 25C VIN = -14.5V to -30V, TJ = 25C VIN = -16V to -22V, TJ = 25C
SJM (3)  INTERSIL H00 DIP28 Temperature measurements are made by determining the time to charge and
SJR (1)  N/A The Hyundai HYM71V65801 X-Series are 8Mx64bits Synchronous DRAM Modules.
SJS (9)  PLCC The device comes with extensive serial communication capabilities. On-ch
SJT (4)  NEC JAPAN DIP64 94+ The C-suffix devices are characterized for operation from 0C to 70C. The
SJW (1)  VBIAS (VCC, VBS 1,2,3) = 15V unless otherwise specified. The VIN, VTH and
SJX (1)  30 fully-programmable I/Os (5V tolerant) 4 external interrupts 8-bit p
SJZ (2)  FAST data sheets carry several types of AC information. The AC Character
SK- (52)  滤波器 The Customer Demonstration Board provides the ROC093XC radio with a PIC mi
SK0 (168)  YAG   The HCT161A/163A are programmable 4Cbit synchronous counters that
SK1 (173)  32K x 16 Bank-Switchable Dual-Ported SRAM Architecture C Four independent
SK2 (104)  DIP 07+  tPZLOutput enable time to low level1025   See Figure 6ns &nb
SK3 (269)  N/A HAR 04+ SWITCHING CHARACTERISTICS 3  Propagation Delay A to B or B to A, tPD
SK4 (67)  Notes:  1. SSSEL has internal pull-up and SSON has pull-down resist
SK5 (82)  EUPLE 04+ Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause per
SK6 (34)  N/A Note 6: CPD is defined as the value of the internal equivalent capacitanc
SK7 (86)  POLYFET TO 00+ For example, if a block of data is to be transferred from RAM to an I/O
SK8 (60)  SK 04+ The CMPIN pin drives data slicer DS1, which convert the analog signal fro
SK9 (27)  For AGC with a maximum gain of 24 dB, AGCFIL should be set to 3 V and AGC
SKA (30)  infneon The TTL parallel I/O interface may be configured as either a FIFO (confi
SKB (248)  MIC 2008+ The ChipCorder I5216 is an 8 to 16 minute Voice and Data Record and Playba
SKC (77)  skc skc dc00 Pulse loading: The capacitors charged which unsinusoidal voltage pulses
SKD (357)  SEMIKRON SOP Initial version Add 17.91MHz main CLK ADD eFHP5830D, eFHP5830AD, and e
SKE (107)  ALPS SALE--STOCK!! 08/09+ Notes: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2. This parameter is guarantee
SKF (52)  ELNA 02+ The CZ80CPU is designed to run at frequencies up to 80 MHz on a typical 0.
SKG (3)  MOT 01+ TO-3 These three terminal negative regulators are supplied in a high density h
SKH (83)  SEMIKRON 55 MODULE   • 0.13µ CMOS design allows industrys lowest power &nbs
SKI (721)  SEMIKRON MODULE N/A The Microwire/SPI (MWSPI) interface module supports syn- chronous serial
SKJ (9)  TELECOM SEMI 98+   C System Speeds > 100 MHz   C Flip-flop Toggle Rates >
SKK (2060)  1850 The LT®1990 is a micropower precision difference ampli- fier with a
SKL (17)  ZILOG DIP 93 The four address select inputs (ADD0 to ADD3) allow up to 16 MAX1169 devi
SKM (573)  西门康 MOSFET between X2 and ground. Stuffing of these capacitors on the PCB is optio
SKN (279)  DSI n/a 1.9GHz gain-bandwidth product 1.05nV/Hz input voltage noise 0.8pA/Hz
SKP (49)  INFINEON TO-220 05+ Optical transmitter The optical transmitter in a fiber optic system conve
SKQ (62)  ALPS SALE--STOCK!! 08/09+ VCC and GND are the supply voltage pins for the digital control inputs
SKR (162)  semikron semikron dc04 The TPS773xx or TPS774xx is offered in 1.5-V, 1.6 V (TPS77316 only), 1.8-
SKS (93)  MITSUBISHI SOD-123 04+ Precision fixed operating frequency (100 / 67 / 50KHz ) Pulse by pulse
SKT (385)  SEMIKRON SOP Power supply for the A/D converter. Connect this pin as close as possib
SKU (9)  MMC 06+ 1. Use this component within operating temperature range. It might not be
SKV (6)  lup fung lup fung dc01 Bursts can be initiated with either ADSP (Address Status Processor) or
SKW (28)  N/A N/A N/A clock stream is corrupted during a transmission. In these two modes the D
SKX (6)  While on probation, the sync separator outputs remain enabled and separat
SKY (165)  SKYWORKS 0524+ Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are limits beyond which damage to the de
S-L (30)  SEIKO 06+ROHS Serial Control Interface Clock (For MPI)/Timeslot Selection (For GCI). I
SL- (120)  SANYO N/A The improvements in the DG411/883 series are made possi- ble by using a
SL0 (67)  VISHAY SOD-123 04+ The flowchar t in the Programming section of the EPROM Products Data Bo
SL1 (382)  LINEAR SMD 03+ Positive digital power supply. Ring oscillator/crystal input pin. Rese
SL2 (167)  GPS SOP16P 96+   Most everything applies to driving the P-Channel gates as the N-Ch
SL3 (136)  N/A N/A N/A The SN74CB3T16212 operates as a 24-bit bus switch or as a 12-bit bus exch
SL4 (135)  HYNIX 01+ DIP-S14P These solid state display devices are designed and tested for use in a
SL5 (164)  5) Next, a heat sink with lower SA than the one calcu-   lated in s
SL6 (176)  PS CAN 86+ The HT815D0 is a single chip LOG-PCM voice synthesizer LSI with 11.2-sec
SL7 (76)  HYNIX 02+ SOP-3.9-16P • Live Insertion and Removal Power Manager • Adjustable Powe
SL8 (55)  NS 96+ The Hitachi HM5264165F is a 64-Mbit SDRAM organized as 1048576-word 16-b
SL9 (33)  LT SOP 03/+04+ Reset (Input). A logic low at this input resets the SL90067. To ensure pro
SLA (604)  ZIP9 01+ Incorporating a successive approximation architecture with on-board sampl
SLB (42)  SIEMENS DIP8 08+ • Two isolated elements are contained in one package, allowing &nbs
SLC (73)  ero ero dc77+ The ispLSI 5000VE Family features 3.3V, non-volatile in- system programm
SLD (40)  95+ Notes: 1. S-parameters include bond wires.   Gate: Total 2 wire (s
SLE (56)  N/A 05+ Note 5: CPD is defined as the value of the internal equivalent capacitanc
SLF (435)  TDK SMD 05+ Upon power-up, the FIFO must be reset with a Reset (RS) cycle. This cau
SLG (45)  N/A Independent operation of the serial input and the two serial outputs is g
SLH (21)  HITACHI The MAX 3000A architecture supports 100% transistor-to-transistor logic
SLI (36)  N/A The MAX4667 has two normally closed (NC) switches, the MAX4668 has two no
SLK (23)  97 The DS2745 provides current-flow, voltage, and temperature measurement da
SLL (23)  hit hit dc99 The software Sector Erase mode is initiated by issuing the specific six-w
SLM (67)  SAMTEC 08+ ISENSE: This is the input to the X10 wide bandwidth current-sense amplifi
SLN (19)  N/A Port 3: Port 3 is an 8-bit I/O port with a user configurable output type.
SLO (6)  SIEMENS DIP14 03+ ADJ: In the adjustable version, the user programs the output voltage with
SLP (58)  MINI 08+
SLQ (1)  N/A JEDEC standard 3.3V power supply LVTTL compatible with multiplexed addres
SLR (160)  ROHM 2003 1 phase, full-wave, linear DC motor driver Built-in TSD (Thermal shutdo
SLS (57)  HYNIX 01+ Escape Characters - An escape sequence may be entered while in data mod
SLT (36)  HITACHI CASE: DO-214AA (SMBJ) outline Terminals solderable per MIL-STD-750, Metho
SLU (2)  LEGERITY QFN 99 operational when the bus is attached to an off-board service node. This n
SLV (46)  PROTEK SOP-8 06+ The internal PFD, a high-speed rising edge triggered type, has an interna
SLW (47)  samtec SOP 05+ Data Outputs: A 4-bit parallel data word, forming a HEX character represen
SLX (29)  SIRENZA The Z86C83/C84 Consumer Controller Processors (CCP™) are full-feat
SLY (3)  The 3-state control gate is a 2-input AND gate with active-low inputs s
SLZ (5)  MOT DL-34 (Notes) 1. Power types and 1 Form A types are available on request. (Not
S-M (3)  97 • ML22Q54   The ML22Q54 is a speech synthesis device with a 4-
SM- (75)  COPAL 05+ SMD Pb−Free Package is Available Small Compact Surface Mountable Packa
SM/ (2) 
SM0 (166)  STC SOP connected from Drain to Source internally. This diode helps to control
SM1 (425)  SOP 97+ High FSK Sensitivity: -106 dBm at 20 kBaud/-109.5 dBm at 2.4 kBaud (433.92
SM2 (192)  STMicroectronics 07+ Operating the four memory banks in an interleave fashion allows random ac
SM3 (177)  JAT SMB 05+ 80C51 based architecture 4K x 8 ROM (IC80C51 only) 128 x 8 RAM Two 16
SM4 (164)  ST 07+ DO-214AC
SM5 (736)  DIP 96 Notes: 1. Synchronous preset (SPE) input can set max 256 down counts. &n
SM6 (296)  SG TO-3 99+ The LCA Series are low capacitance, bidirectional TVS arrays that are des
SM7 (182)  pin signalised an interrupt (logic 0). However, if the Mode 0 & 1 pin
SM8 (446)  SMC DIP enables to plan a circuit to detect welding or go back to the beginning
SM9 (63)  ANPEC 06+ Data input for AUI interface. This differential signal is coupled through
SMA (1776)  SANKEN SIP 00+ 135-mΩ -Maximum (5-V Input) High-Side MOSFET Switch 250 mA Continu
SMB (2203)  GS/VISHAY 05+ To measure the performance of the sensor in the module, a sensor test mod
SMC (1145)  DIP 04/05+ Note 4: The Temperature Coefficient of the adjusted input offset voltage
SMD (948)  For a typical application, where 2kbaud date has to be sent to a transpon
SME (283)  SUN BGA N/A Non-repetitive current pulse per Figure 5 and derate above TA = 25C per
SMF (172)  SEMTECH SC70-5 04+ • Triple Logic Voltage Outputs   (Independently Regulated !)
SMG (108)  BOSCH PLCC 05+ ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive device. Although the MX841 feature
SMH (81)  SOP16S 2007+ The AT40KAL is a family of fully PCI-compliant, SRAM-based FPGAs with dis
SMI (88)  N/A 45321812 The LTC3722-1/LTC3722-2 feature adjustable synchro- nous rectifier timing
SMJ (230)  TI 00+ The SMJ27C128-12JM is a fully integrated multiprotocol serial interface.
SMK (74)  TAIYO . 09+ - Removed all references to XCLKS, since function is removed. - typo - r
SML (691)  Microsemi DO-214AB 07+ Note 12: For VIN(−) VIN(+) the digital code will be 0000 0000. Two
SMM (785)  vishay vishay dc03 Note 1: Specifications to -40C are guaranteed by design and not production
SMN (7)  T Peak current lasting <30 seconds with a maximum 10% duty cycle. At 25
SMO (20)  ZILOG DIP 98+ DESCRIPTION Using the latest high voltage technology based on a patente
SMP (560)  ST 08+ With the sense pin connected, the difference between the voltage measure
SMQ (16)  N/A ON 04+ For use with 1/4-inch optical systems Sensitivity increased by 4 dB ove
SMR (97)  LEGIC TSSOP-24 Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V
SMS (350)  SEMTECH 00+ Power Dissipation and Thermal Characteristics   Maximum Power Dissi
SMT (262)  ST 2008+ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which device damage can occur. M
SMU (45)  T PLCC The SDA 525x contains a slicer for TTX, VPS and WSS, an accelerating acqu
SMV (246)  AI SOD523 04+ At power-up or reset, all sectors are unlocked. To activate the lockdown
SMW (29)  N/A • Flexible architecture with abundant routing resources   Ve
SMX (7)  STAR 06+ DIP Cntrl (Bump A1): Shutdown control pin. When VCntrl is 1.4V, the LM3502
SMY (1)  SM PLCC N/A The CY22393, CY22394, and CY22395 are a family of parts designed as upgra
SMZ (89)  VISHAY 07+ The AT8xC5111 has 3 software-selectable modes of reduced activity for fur
S-N (1)  N/A 日本航空 05+ HIGH SPEED: tPD = 5.5ns (TYP.) at VCC = 5V LOW POWER DISSIPATION: ICC
SN- (12)  05-07+ 4. Design your application so that the product is used within the ranges
SN0 (120)  TI O7+ AVS, BVS, CVS - are the return pins on the bottom of each half bridge. T
SN1 (756)  QFP TI 97+ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which device damage can occur. Ma
SN2 (366)  TI QFP-44 00+ Storage Temperature Ambient Temperature under Bias Junction Temperature
SN3 (215)  TI SOP8 99+ Vo Adjust: This pin is used to trim the output voltage to a value within
SN4 (55)  TI 07+ Max. UnitsConditions  VVGE = 0V, IC = 250µA  V/C VGE = 0
SN5 (2437)  TI SOP 9733 Notes: (1) Clip mounting (on case), where lead does not overlap heatsink
SN6 (1577)  TI N/A 2006+ Note 4: The maximum allowable power dissipation is a function of the maxi
SN7 (26285)  Power Supply Input. These parts can be operated from 1.65 V to 2.75 V; V
SN8 (169)  SONIX PDIP48 06+ DESCRIPTION This MOSFET series realized with STMicroelec- tronics uniqu
SN9 (81)  S 06+ 1500 The ground return for the digital supply for the ADC11DL066s output dri
SNA (62)  TI 99/P • Plastic package has Underwriters Laboratory   Flammability
SNB (57)  TI SMD 93 Boost converter with a 2A, 0.18Ω switch Boost output voltage adju
SNC (402)  DIP 03+   The received serial data is internally converted to parallel by th
SND (15)  The Intersil ISL83699 device is a low ON-resistance, low voltage, bidire
SNE (6)  The parameter tAOH indicates the system compatibility of this device when
SNF (3)  TOKYO COIL The bq2083−V1P2 SBS-compliant gas gauge IC for battery pack or in
SNG (1)  Notes: 1. All inputs except OE must meet setup and hold times for the L
SNH (6)  TI 07+ SNHVD3082EDGKG4 800MHz FSB P4 SBC w/Serial ATA, CRT/LVDS, Audio, Dual G L
SNI (1)  TI DIP-16 98
SNJ (2799)  TI Data Output Control The usual state of the data output is the High-Z s
SNK (2)  ∗1 Period Jitter 1: This value is the standard deviation of an outp
SNL (14)  TI 07+ The built-in LDO can be used for a second output voltage derived either
SNM (11)  NPC SOP 07+ Boot PROM data line 0(EECS=0): boot PROM or flash data line 0. EEPROM da
SNN (3)  13 HITACHI 00+ (VDD = 2.7V to 3.6V (SNN5165805FJ6/SNN5165805FJ6), VDD = 4.5V to 5.5V (SNN
SNO (3)  N/A SMD 2000 The MHF Series is designed to provide full power operation over the inpu
SNP (21)  This series of optically coupled isolators consist of a Gallium Arsenid
SNR (2)  bosch bosch dc97   The SNR0270200164 is designed to convert three lines of input data
SNS (11)  06/ TI 550 sample capacitor before powering down the measuring cir- cuitry.  
SNT (14)  SAMTEC 717 † Package drawings, standard packing quantities, thermal data, symb
SNU (1)  The LS323 contains eight edge-triggered D-type flip-flops and the inters
SNV (1)  SMD 1998 © 2002 PLX Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. PLX and the PLX log
SNY (9)  ST 04+ The HS I2C™-compatible module is a reference solution for implement
SO- (8)  PHILIPS SOP16 06+ This device contains two independent positive pulse trig- gered J-K flip
SO0 (1) 
SO1 (37)  SMK SMD 95+ The high-current output drivers consist of MOSFET output devices, which s
SO2 (50)  SMK 97 Tachyon TS focuses on mass storage applications for any topology that
SO3 (19)  HITACHI SMD NOTES:   1. Dimensions are in inches.   2. Metric equivalents
SO4 (17)  SANYO SOT-23 07+(ROHS) Literature Distribution Centers: USA: Motorola Literature Distribution;
SO5 (15)  SGS 06+ - The transmitter consists of an integrated VCO and tank circuit, a complet
SO6 (5)  06+ Low temperature coefficient Wide operating current of 400 µA to 1
SO7 (4)  SGNEC QFP52 0419+ The following circuit shows a charged monitor for pro- tection against ba
SO8 (11)  07+ Note 2: When the analog signal exceeds +13.5V or -12V, the blocking action
SO9 (5)  SGS 06+ - This is a dual function pin. In the IDT Standard mode, the FFC function is
SOA (12)  SGS 06+ SOT23 In addition, the ISD1000A Series has an internal VCC detect circuit to ma
SOB (3)  BSE 05+ The ICS91309 provides synchronization between the input and output. The
SOC (326)  Repetitive rating; VGE = 20V, pulse width limited by max. junction temper
SOD (10)  FAIRCHLD 04+ This datasheet contains new product information. Analog Technology reserve
SOF (5)  AMIS 06+ 500 Notes:  1. Minimum voltage is equal to C 2.0V for pulse durations o
SOG (21)  VISHAY SOP 01+ standard for high-speed system bus running at half the CPU clock High-b
SOH (8)  BB UNUSUAL LOADS Usually an op amp sources current to the load (Q1 conduct-
SOI (53)  SOP 04+ Both drivers incorporate adaptive shoot-through protection to prevent u
SOJ (3)  SOPJ20 2007+ Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage  Gate Threshold Voltage  Ga
SOL (34)  TOPLINE SOP 03+ Comprehensive Power Management Capability for Mobile and Desktop Applicat
SOM (411)  N/A ACTIVE: Product device recommended for new designs. LIFEBUY: TI has annou
SON (31)  No part of this document may be copied or reproduced in any form or by an
SOO (3)  ROHM 2008 When the cell voltage falls below the undervoltage threshold for two cons
SOP (45)  PTC SOP8 05+ s FEATURES  • Low Operating Current  • Output Curren
SOQ (4)  MITSUI & CO.,LTD. Maxims MAX312/MAX313/MAX314 analog switches feature low on-resistance (10
SOR (1)  The TL05x series of JFET-input operational amplifiers offers improved dc
SOS (6)  The SOS-440-16 user selects the mode of operation (deci- mate, interpola
SOT (89)  NO 04+   77 instructions   C-Language friendly architecture   PI
SOU (3)  MHS DIP40 2007+  The Hynix HYM71V32C735AT4 Series are Dual In-line Memory Modules su
SOW (6)  01 Notes: 1. See test circuit and wave forms. 2. This parameter is guarante
SOY (1)  The ACE1501 (Arithmetic Controller Engine) family of microcon- trollers
SOZ (1)  The PCM1780/81/82 is a CMOS, monolithic, inte- grated circuit, which in
S-P (2)  SMD4 Note that the S-PV/TE1781 contains a limited low voltage write protectio
SP- (98)  TI DIP-16P The Idle mode stops the CPU while allowing the other chip function to con
SP/ (4) 
SP0 (103)  MICROC DIP 8943 The A8430 incorporates a power switch and feedback sense amplifier to p
SP1 (231)  N/A ZIP-3P DATEL makes no representation that the use of its products in the circuit
SP2 (782)  SB: The voltage on SB sets the output current level at which standby mod
SP3 (1087)  XR The ISL422XE features an automatic powerdown function that powers down t
SP4 (567)  SIPEX SSOP-8 03+ Divide bit - this bit sets the frequency of the internal PWM clock. Writi
SP5 (274)  GPS CDIP CDIP Allows Safe Board Insertion and Removal from a Live Backplane Controls S
SP6 (1010)  The products described herein are TTL compatible dual high speed circuit
SP7 (498)  The BS616LV4017 is a high performance, very low power CMOS Static Random
SP8 (620)  SIPEX 08+ - 10, 8, 6 or 4bit up/down counting - Parallel load - 8 different inp
SP9 (69)  PLESSEY DIP-8 02+ We recommend that the worst case current be no greater than 80% of the ma
SPA (144)  LNFINEON 04+ (0.8-V, 1.2-V, 1.5-V, 1.8-V, 2.5-V, 3.3-V, 5-V) Control Inputs Can be Dri
SPB (147)  infineon P-TO263-3-2 07+ The EM39LV040 provides two software methods to detect the completion of a
SPC (362)  N/A These devices can be used in a wide range of digital panel meter applicat
SPD (149)  INFINEON TO-252/251 05+ In applications using one DAC per channel, where the track- and-hold fea
SPE (36)  IR TO-3P   Protection diodes are employed at all pins except V+ and V- of th
SPF (77)  SUNRISE QFP 06+ 505µA supply current 75MHz bandwidth Power down to Is = 33µA
SPG (44)  EPSONS The skew between CLKOUT and the CLKA/B outputs is not dynamically adjuste
SPH (61)  TDK 2003   (Unless otherwise indicated, copies of the above specifications, s
SPI (161)  † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may c
SPJ (3)  JAT SOT-23 05+ Rev. A Information furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurat
SPK (5)  N/A MOTOROLA 04+ an automatic power-down feature that significantly reduces power consump
SPL (108)  OSRAM DIP-2 07+ Time timer and a Watchdog unit. The Real-Time Clock Tim- ing function c
SPM (145)  SUNPLUS 02+ This document describes how to design a platform with a common footprint
SPN (42)  MICREL 06+ 100mV/A 10% max. DC offset 200mV active high, 15V CMOS active high, 15V
SPO (13)  SIEMENS 07+/08+ Input and output signals to and from the internal clock generation circui
SPP (155)  ALPS SALE--STOCK!! 08/09+ Figure 5 shows the output levels overlayed using a storage scope. The at
SPQ (4)  SPQ DIP8 Length is measured from the mounting surface to the free end of the sha
SPR (79)  GI 87+ DIP48 Notes: The gain for the unmatched device in 50 ohm system is shown as th
SPS (151)  SANYO 06+ The ÉlanSC300 microcontroller from AMD is part of the growing &Ea
SPT (206)  FS 07+ Once the feature is enabled, the data in the boot block can no longer b
SPU (112)  INFINEON TO-251 08+ The CS8920As analog front end incorporates a Manchester encoder/decoder
SPV (36)  SUNPLUS MQFP 02+ FEATURES High Definition Input Formats 8-Bit or 16-Bit (4:2:2) Parallel
SPW (39)  INFINEON TO-3P 06+Pb-Free 2) Limiting the external clock frequency to 12 MHz AND making sure the on-
SPX (2007)  SIPEX 07+ Timer Clearing A negative edge or pulse at the TCL input longer than 15
SPY (10)  SUNPLUS 1999 芯片 The second switching regulator operates in the same manner, but with a 17
SPZ (4)  SANKEN 00+ Stability The IRU1015 requires the use of an output capacitor as part of
SQ- (19)  2001+/ The CLK output is switched on if the amplitude of the current flowing thr
SQ0 (3)  N/A SMD 02+ Unless otherwise specified, these specifications apply over Vcc=5V, VcH1=V
SQ1 (9)  Notes: 1. The regulator will operate down to no load with reduced specifi
SQ2 (15)  Agilent DIP 04+ TI does not warrant or represent that any license, either express or impl
SQ3 (31)  ATMEL QFP-100 9823 VDD (16) VDD is the positive supply connection. An internal shunt regul
SQ4 (10)  N/A 45321812   Designed for pulse-width modulated (PWM) current control of bipol
SQ5 (4)  1 The status of this pin determines the sampling edge on RClk to RPOS/ RNE
SQ6 (9)  SQ SMD 9522+ If you have any marketing or sales questions, please contact:   Law
SQ7 (5)  N/A QFP/52 06+ A doubled buffered serial data interface offers high-speed, 3-wire, SPI
SQ8 (5)  03+ QFP/128 The MK2049-34 produces low-jitter output clocks. In addition, this part h
SQ9 (14)  (3) The products described in this material are intended to be used for s
SQA (1)  SanRex SOP Jumper JU1 connects the MAX1737 thermistor input (THERM) to GND through a
SQB (1)  Each of the 32 macrocells generates a buried feedback that goes to the gl
SQC (12)  SIEMENS O7+ The CE input of the lead (or only) PROM is driven by the DONE output of
SQD (50)  SANREX n I2C/SPI Control Interface n I2C/SPI programmable National 3D Audio n
SQE (1)  These versatile devices are useful for driving a wide range of loads in
SQF (3)  infineon 08+;07+ The SQF6186F is a high frequency, 100V Half Bridge N-Channel power MOSF
SQG (2)  The SM561 is a PLL-type clock generator using a proprietary Cypress desi
SQH (3)  N/A Support Mode 3 (11 MB s) timing proposal on en- hanced IDE (IDE-2 or ATA
SQL (7)  Unknown The PI74LPT573 is an 8-bit transparent latch designed with 3-state outpu
SQM (18)  Edition 10.97 Published by Siemens AG, Bereich Halbleiter, Marketing- K
SQN (1)  SEQUANS 0617+ BGA   Sample tested during initial release and after any redesign or pro
SQO (2)  Optional accessories for module-type MCC 95 version 1 B Keyed gate/catho
SQP (25)  infineon 03+/04+ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which device damage can occur. Ma
SQR (1)  Notes: 1. Unless otherwise specified, these specifications apply for (VI
SQS (13)  BI SSOP-16 00/04+ Fast throughput rate: 100 kSPS Specified for VDD of 2.5 V to 5.5 V Low p
SQT (24)  samtec samtec dc99 The LTC®4210 is a 6-pin SOT-23 Hot SwapTM controller that allows a bo
SQU (2)  SAMSUNG 03+ An active bias circuit can be implemented if the user does not wish to sa
SQV (2)  YAGEO 4532 The MAX1536 constant-off-time, pulse-width-modulated (PWM) step-down DC-t
SQW (16)  samtec samtec dc01 The LVTH162245 data inputs include bushold, eliminating the need for ex
SQZ (1)  4. Multiple-Message Playback, Controller Interface The 8M EPROM is divid
S-R (1)  ADC Output (LSB) ADC Output ADC Output ADC Output ADC Output ADC Out
SR- (34)  NANA International Airport Industrial Park • Mailing Address: PO Box 1140
SR/ (1) 
SR0 (67)  SOP14 03+ 1.1 EMI REDUCTION The COP8SAx family of devices incorporates circuitry t
SR1 (458)  N/A N/A N/A • Five protective functions (over-current, over-voltage, short-circu
SR2 (545)  PROTEK 05+ Regulatory Compliance See Table 1 for transceiver Regulatory Complianc
SR3 (201)  AVX 08+ Fully static RISC processor core, capable of operating from 0 to 24 MHz
SR4 (46)  POLYFET HIGHFREQUENCY 06+ Features • Wide frequency rangeC15.0MHz to 250.0MHz • User s
SR5 (93)  teledyne teledyne dc72+ • Microchip's web site: www.microchip.com • Microchip's Techni
SR6 (81)  N/A
SR7 (165)  N/A   The EFJ2803 is a high reliability EMI filter for use with the DAC
SR8 (37)  SANYO 98+ This is a family of products based on the most advance CMOS mixed signal
SR9 (9)  MOT 93 3000   C Supports both Firmware Hub (FWH) and LPC Memory Read and Write C
SRA (155)  MINI 08+ To enhance device driver efficiency and reduce interrupt latency, intern
SRB (8)  HIT SOD-323 05+ Note 3 tHAE is specd for case with HLD falling edge occurring at the lates
SRC (133)  TI 07+ In addition to low distortion, the large amount of loop gain and fl
SRD (91)  SIEMENS 04+
SRE (20)  MITSUMI 04+   1.2.1 RHA designator. Device classes Q and V RHA marked devices me
SRF (293)  MOTOROLA high-frequency tube and output enable ( OE ) controls. The device requires only a single 3.0
SRG (48)  ALPS SALE--STOCK!! 08/09+ The over range devices display 1 and decimal point. The character he
SRH (7)  UNRISE 05+ PLCC   C Internal Address and Data Latches   C Internal Control Tim
SRI (5)  ST 07+   The compensation capacitor is connected between pins 1 and 3 and
SRJ (3)  Any and all SANYO products described or contained herein do not have speci
SRK (7)  NEC 91+ If the heating up feature is present, it inhibits the Auto Shut-Off funct
SRL (25)  08+
SRM (260)  TSSOP 38503 EPSON   The external compensation capacitor CC is connected between pins
SRN (28)  EIC 07+ • Integrated Pulse Shaping Circuit. • Built-in B3ZS/HDB3 Encod
SRO (10)  HN58X24xxI series are two-wire serial interface EEPROM (Electrically Eras
SRP (53)  RAYCHEM RAYCHEM 08+ DATA POLLING: The AT49BV16X4(T) features DATA polling to indicate the en
SRQ (1)  Within each processing element is a set of computational units. The comp
SRR (19)  94   Extensive applications information for Hall-effect sensors is avai
SRS (60)  97 The HY51V(S)16163HG/HGL is the new generation dynamic RAM organized 1,048,
SRT (19)  OMRON Calibrated directly in Celsius (Centigrade) Linear a 10 0 mV C scale fact
SRU (23)  BOURNS 2007+PB Each device requires only a single 3.0 volt power supply for both read a
SRW (13)  TDK The 7640 group, an enhanced family of CMOS 8-bit microcontrollers, offers
SRX (25)  Positive driver supply pin for the ADC12DL065s output drivers. This pin
SRY (2) 
SRZ (4) 
S-S (2)  The product term select multiplexer (PTMUX) allocates the five product te
SS- (185)  ST 07+   Designed for 802.16 WiBro and dual mode applications with frequenc
SS0 (42)  N/A The 3K bytes of static RAM are used for temporary storage of data and for
SS1 (231)  ON DO214AC 05 The BALBSG (the indicates the output voltage value) is a low-saturation
SS2 (161)  gs gs dc04
SS3 (102)  N/A N/A N/A Regulators (ISRs). These ISRs are de- signed with premium low threshold
SS4 (76)  HONEYWELL Eight GLBs, 16 I/O cells, dedicated inputs (if available) and one ORP a
SS5 (45)  Honeywell SOT89S 06+ Texas Instruments LinCMOS process offers superior analog perfor
SS6 (78)  sam sam dc87 A burst write access to an active row is initiated with the WRITE comman
SS7 (23)  MOT 01+ The Simtek STK12C68 is a fast static RAM with a nonvolatile, electrical
SS8 (99)  N/A N/A N/A Precision Fixed Operating Frequency KA1M0265R (70kHz) , KA1H0265R (100k
SS9 (84)  FAIRCHILD 06/07+ Internally current controlled to cover extended range of 70 cm. Cur
SSA (52)  AUK SOT23 07+ The HYB 39L128160AC Mobile-RAM is a new generation of low power, four ban
SSB (53)  ALLEGRO SOT-23 05+ The Intersil ICL32XXE devices are 3.0V to 5.5V powered RS-232 transmitte
SSC (94)  ????? Phase Jitter has long been recognized as one of the most critical and def
SSD (196)  FAIRCHILD 0231+ SO-8 Suffix denotes Vz tolerance: non suffix for 20%, A suffix for 10%. Measu
SSE (4)    Address, active High. These 18 inputs, combined with the DQ[15]/A[
SSF (186)  FAIRCHILD TO-3P 05+ TSOP40 C 40 lead Plastic Thin Small Outline, 10 x 20mm, Package Outline .
SSG (36)  The PSoC architecture, as illustrated on the left, is comprised of four
SSH (132)  FAIRCHLD TO-247 05+ 3) Down convert to an I.F. of 1MHz then digitize at a rate of 1MHz. In
SSI (214)  SSI QFP- 07+/08+ The Hitachi HN58S256A is a electrically erasable and programmable EEPROMs
SSK (8)  N/A OKI 04+ Micropower Operation Single 5V or 15V Supply Operation Low Charge Inject
SSL (192)  . Synchronous Address Advance. ADV is an active LOW input that is used to ad
SSM (680)  ADI 07+ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which device damage can occur. M
SSN (16)  BI O7+ SIGNAL DESCRIPTIONS See Figure 1, Logic Diagram, and Table 1, Signal Na
SSO (38)  siliconsensor siliconsensor dc99 Channel 0 Red (V) Video Input. Input for Red component video channel or
SSP (231)  FAIRCHILD The GS82032A is an SCD (Single Cycle Deselect) pipelined synchronous SR
SSQ (77)  N/A In this mode, CS is active (low) between serial I/O CLOCK transfers and e
SSR (123)  FAIRCHILD TO-251/252 05+ Har d war e Res et , ac t iv e L o w. Provides a hardware method of reset
SSS (175)  FAIRCHILD TO-220 06+ OUTPUT VOLTAGE PROGRAMMING   Resistors R1 and R2 program the output
SST (2675)  SST 08+ Configuration of a single-ended input has been facilitated by biasing n
SSU (45)  FAIRCHILD TO-251/252 05+   The AV34063 is a monolithic control circuit containing the primar
SSV (21)  N/A OTAX 05+ WRITE ENABLE (W)   A write cycle is initiated on the falling edge of
SSW (202)  FAIRCHILD TO The beginning of a block of 16 serial data at port A or B is determined b
SSY (6)  ST CAN 03+ 1. Configure the A/D to use the VREF+ and VREF-   pins for the volt
SSZ (1)  N/A TI 04+ Forward-Current Transfer Ratio  IC = 1.0 Adc, VCE = 2.0 Vdc  
S-T (11)  SEIKO 03+ This center tap Schottky rectifier series has been optimized for low reve
ST- (550)  COPAL 3X3-2K The address space is divided into eight areas. The data bus width and acc
ST. (2)  N/A SMD 98+ The FCT374T and FCT574T are high-speed low-power octal D-type flip
ST/ (28)    These phase detector outputs can be combined externally for a loo
ST0 (89)  IDT CDIP20 † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may c
ST1 (1075)  94 The digitally controlled potentiometers are imple- mented using 255 res
ST2 (945)  N/A N/A N/A Once the device detects a button press, it reads the button inputs and
ST3 (453)  ST SSOP-20 Notes regarding these materials 1. These materials are intended as a re
ST4 (265)  ♦ Four Regulators in One Package ♦ Bias Power Using Charge
ST5 (228)  ST SOP-8 The information contained herein is the exclusive property of Prime View
ST6 (1064)  01+ QFP Host HCI Transport (3-Wire UART) To reduce the number of signals and to
ST7 (1479)  STM is high. The CARRY and BORROW signals are high when the counter is coun
ST8 (86)  SGS 96+ SOP-8 Two on-chip low-dropout voltage regulators (LDO) are provided to minimize
ST9 (787)  ST Since Xilinx FPGAs can be reprogrammed an unlimited number of times, th
STA (564)  SANKEN 05+ TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation
STB (686)  ST TO-263 04+   For serial programming, SEN together with LD on each rising edge
STC (518)  STM TSSOP8 08 The STC5NF20VA/STC5NF20V75A/STC5NF20V76A ensure that the output voltage d
STD (910)  ST TO-252 08+ This product has been designed to meet the extreme test conditions and env
STE (285)  AMI NEW 95+ Charge in Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Batteries Supports the Smart Battery Spec
STF (119)  ST 07+ These very small, low cost filters are intended for use with A-D and D-A
STG (284)  ST QFN16 04+ The internal circuit is composed of 3 stages (2- INPUT) or 5 stages (3-
STH (148)  ST TO-247 05+ The AD581 can also be used in a two-terminal mode to develop a positive
STI (520)  ST QFP N/A SDA is a bidirectional pin used to transfer data into and out of the de
STJ (10)  ST8 07+   As with all power integrated circuits, the UDN2987A and UDN2987LW
STK (2454)  SANYO A recommended PCB pad layout for the miniature SOT-323 (SC-70) package i
STL (334)  ST QFP 05+ The DS1386 executes a read cycle whenever WE (Write Enable) is inactive (H
STM (686)  ST 306 The INFINEON Direct RDRAM is a general purpose high-performance m
STN (136)  ST 06+ EN (enable) is a CMOS input. A logic low turns the oscillator off. The t
STO (15)  N/A International Rectifiers RAD-HardTM HEXFET® MOSFET technology provi
STP (1937)  ST TO-220 06+ Dual MOSFET Drives for Synchronous Rectified Bridge Adaptive Shoot-Throug
STQ (38)  N/A Under many operating conditions, both the high-side (GH) and low-side (
STR (1190)  SK DQ7, the Toggle Bits DQ6 and DQ2, the Error bit DQ5 or the Erase Timer
STS (224)  TI 07+ 1. In certain applications, the external load-resistor current may includ
STT (536)  ST 2008+ *All outputs loaded; thresholds on input associated with output under tes
STU (102)  ST TO This device is intended to be used only in a half-bridge which drives in
STV (899)  PHI Test data input. One of four terminals required by IEEE Std 1149.1-1990.
STW (222)  ST TO-247 06+ † NOTICE: Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maximum Rating
STX (31)  ON TSSOP 04+   4.3 Screening (JANTX, JANTXV, and JANS levels only). Screening sha
STY (25)  ST TO-247 05+ Oxide passivated structure for very low leakage currents Epitaxial struc
STZ (50)  ROHM 23-5.6V 05+ . . . using the Schottky Barrier principle with a large area metalCtoCsil
SU- (8)  N/A 00+ DIP-10 The SU-103 is a ultra high-speed (UHS) CMOS compatible single-pole/singl
SU1 (27)  SOP 00+ 10-Year Minimum Data Retention in the Absence of External Power Data is
SU2 (57)  st 07+ 10000 1. Sound spreading is easily modified using an external VR. 2. Few extern
SU3 (5)  MOT 01+ TO-3   Input Current, IIN, SCLK Pin   Input Current, IIN, CS Pin &n
SU4 (53)  Other 07+ RB7/KBI3/PGD RB6/KBI2/PGC RB5/KBI1/PGM RB4/AN11/KBI0 RB3/AN9/CCP2* RB
SU5 (5)  N/A N/A N/A Spansions Flash technology combines years of Flash memory manufacturing e
SU6 (3)   Over voltage recovery (1) Ideal input span, does not include gain
SU7 (1)  R2 sets the balanced output impedance to 500 Ω. L1 and C2 serve dua
SU8 (5)  KEHYTAS 29 (leap year - valid until year 2100), 30 and 31 day months are made a
SU9 (2)  SANKEN QFP100 00+ The TMS551xx multiport video RAMs are high-speed dual-ported memory devic
SUA (6)  QFP 05+ The timing diagrams in Figure 1 illustrate XDR DRAM device write and rea
SUB (112)  VISHIBY 12000 07+ Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may cause per
SUC (97)  Cosel Product term sharing is the process of using the same product term among
SUD (194)  VISHAY TO To allow for simple in-system reprogrammability, the AT29LV1024 does not
SUE (1)  Several features have been designed in for added value. A thermal overlo
SUF (21)  Vishay GP20 08+ RS is perhaps the easiest to measure accurately. The V-I curve is measur
SUG (1)  SOP-28P 05+ Left Feedback Amplifier Inverting Input Left Feedback Amplifier Non-Inver
SUK (1)  ROHM TO252-3 Microcontrollers are often used in harsh environments where power supply
SUM (129)  VIHSYA TO requires that the differential linearity error not exceed 1 LSB in the n
SUN (27)  DIP DIP The reference level is sampled during SHP active period, and the voltage
SUP (151)  VISHAY TO-220 04+ The internal circuit is composed of 3 stages in- cluding buffer output,
SUR (76)  TR SOT363   Parameter Remote On/Off Signal Interface  (VI = 0 V to 75
SUS (75)  Cosel The device is an 8-bit high performance RISC-like microcontroller desig
SUT (15)  AUK SOT-363 FEATURES  D Replaces OR-ing Diodes  D Operating Supply Range
SUU (20)  VISHAY 06+ Note: All information contained in this data sheet has been carefully che
SUV (4)  • General-purpose optical design independent   of objective len
SUW (32)  Cosel switch and a second IMP8980D for communication with the line interface c
SUY (8)  VISHAY SOT-252-3 04+   The MSK 0002 is a general purpose current amplifier. It is the ind
SUZ (1)  SMD28 All synchronous inputs pass through input registers controlled by the ris
SV- (5)  SIEMENS SOP 07+ s Anyone purchasing any products described or contained herein for an abo
SV/ (2)  All voltages are referenced to VSS. Offset specified after auto-calibrati
SV0 (38)  SANKEN The Watchdog Timer provides an independent protection mechanism for mic
SV1 (28)  SGC 1999 Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which damage to the device may oc
SV2 (13)  JAT SOT 05+ Power Thyristor/Diode Module PK110F series are designed for various rect
SV3 (6)  NEC 06+PB TTL/CMOS input select control signal for the LVDS LOUT0-LOUT2 outputs. LSE
SV4 (10)  ACBLE stock An IIC interface allows full programmability of internal algorithms and c
SV5 (16)  SILICON7 BGA0811 03+/04+  The Hynix HYM71V32755AT8 Series are Dual In-line Memory Modules sui
SV6 (13)  SILICON7 02+ Test conditions unless otherwise noted. 1. T = 25º C, Supply Volta
SV7 (4)  Package drawings, standard packing quantities, thermal data, symbolizatio
SV8 (7)  SBGA 01+ is the case then the N-Channel MOSFET is fully enhanced and the CTIM capa
SV9 (11)  SGC 1999 dresses are stable, the address access time (tAVQV) is equal to the del
SVA (7)  SAMSUNG The C6701 includes a large bank of on-chip memory and has a powerful and
SVC (225)  SANYO 04+ The Current Transfer Ratio (CTR) ranges from 100% to 200%. It also has an
SVD (9)  8300 functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyon
SVE (8)  N/A 06+ NOTES: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2. Minimum limits are guaran
SVF (1)  ‡ The D packages are available taped and reeled. To oerder a taped
SVH (14)  JST 2008 4,500 Information in this document is provided in connection with Intel product
SVI (35)  TECHNICS MODULE N/A 6. Cleaning solvents compatibility Dip cleaning with an organic solvent
SVL (1)  A 6:1 stereo input multiplexer is included for selecting between line l
SVM (145)  The SVM5550A is a physical layer device for a single wire data link capab
SVN (2)  DIP8 Description 48MDOT Output Control 1 = enabled, 0 = forced LOW 48MUSB Ou
SVP (36)  CVA DIP8 The high-performance, 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) has a mini
SVR (17)  HCH 3X3-20K 05+ Peripheral Features D 34 I/O Pins D Additional 32-Bit Accumulator D Thr
SVS (7)  The power supply operating range of the EL2244 and EL2444 is from 18V d
SVT (7)  DRIVE • Learn C Learning involves the receiver calculating   the tra
SVV (7)  Assembler. The macro assembler allows the assembly code to be merged sea
SVX (1)  HOSIDEN 02+ software developers, enabling the design of highly efficient and compac
SVZ (1)  SILICON 04+ Notes: 1. Non-repetitive Current Pulse Per Fig. 3 and Derated above TA=25
S-W (3)  Nintendo SOP64W 2007+ Figure 9(a) presents the 3-wire serial port protocol. As shown, the 3-wire
SW- (183)  MACOM 03+ (See Notes 1 and 4 and Figure 1 thru Figure 5 ) VCC e 5 0V g10% unless oth
SW/ (1) 
SW0 (63)  IC SOP The TPS72xx is offered in 2.5-V, 3-V, 3.3-V, 4.85-V, and 5-V fixed-voltag
SW1 (54)  M/A-COM The TC650/TC651 acquire and convert their junction temperature (TJ) inf
SW2 (104)  N/A Overall ground is improved if a dense population of plated through holes
SW3 (50)  MICROCHIP 08+PBF The H8S/2000 CPU can execute basic instructions in one state, and is prov
SW4 (11)  macom macom dc98 provided by an active LOW chip enable (CE1), an active HIGH chip enable
SW5 (3)  TO-220 06环保
SW6 (21)  LSI 2007 524,288-word by 8-bit CMOS static RAM. The IS61LV5128 is fabricated usi
SW7 (32)  WS DIP The MM74HC14 utilizes advanced silicon-gate CMOS technology to achieve
SW8 (10)  TO 01+ switch either ac or dc loads. Connection B, with the polarity and pin
SW9 (11)  M/A-COM the device can work also with dynamic ones). Many of its electrical cha
SWA (6)  ON 05+ The SWAJ0311LT1 is a timing controller that combines an LVDS single pixe
SWB (12)  ZILOG DIP 99+ The driver controls the gate voltage of the power switch. To limit large
SWC (103)  SERVER BGA N/A DESCRIPTION This new generation of TRENCH MOSFETs from Zetex utilises a
SWD (19)  The internal circuit is composed of 2 stages including buffer output, w
SWE (10)  Power down for voltage regulator. When driven low, the device uses an int
SWF (32)  AD A resistively-coupled lower-power complementary pair offers extremely l
SWG (8)  SOP • Plastic package has Underwriters Laboratories   Flammabilit
SWI (91)  N/A 0805L If the DPs are not required, then the connections shown in Table 2 can be
SWL (9)  Description These displays have a 32.9 mm (1.3 inch) character height.
SWM (4)  MINI 08+ PRELIMINARY INFORMATION describes products that are not in full production
SWN (1)  SHAREWAVE 0052 Group C sample selection. Samples for subgroups in group C
SWO (5)  DIP4 07+ degradation of reliable operation. In addition, the high effi- ciency of
SWP (3)  BB DIP 00+ The PSoC device incorporates flexible internal clock genera- tors, inclu
SWR (10)  N/A 01+ The feedback network provides a closed loop gain of 1 000 and the integr
SWS (10)  IC SOP The SWSS0157/9 low voltage CMOS LDOs feature fixed or adjustable o
SWT (24)  The HPR2XX Series is designed for multiple channel applications that req
SWV (1)  NOTE: 1. The level to be set on FS is determined by the nominal operatin
SWW (2)  The architecture of the Direct RDRAM allows the highest sustained bandw
SWZ (1)  Ideal for conversion from 1.8V or 1.5V inputs Designed for use with low
SX- (33)  NANA NO In theory, the proportionality and digitization constants should adequat
SX0 (32)  AMIS/WavePlex SOP-24P 02+
SX1 (75)  SENSYM TO-39 9829 Left Channel Input. Left Bass Control Pin 1. A Capacitor may be Connect
SX2 (30)  MOT SOP7.2mm 1999 A synchronized data clock, programmable for most common data rates, is pr
SX3 (41)  (空白) 1808 Vishay Siliconix maintains worldwide manufacturing capability. Products ma
SX4 (6)  UBICOM QFP-48 Advantages n Replace expensive hybrid and module FET op amps n Rugged J
SX5 (19)  SMI 4532 04+ POWER-ON INITIALIZATION When power is first applied, power-on reset circ
SX6 (17)  TOUODA SOT-23 05+ The CCITT V.22 standard defines synchronous operation at 600 and 1200 bit
SX7 (14)  Honeywell (LX)high-frequency The Set Default command resets all conditions to the power on default sta
SX8 (4)  SANYO 05+ BGA The 32K x 8 Radiation Hardened Static RAM is a high performance 32,768
SXA (96)  ARTESYN SOP The UVS-312A/313A/315A is 0.3 inch (7.62mm) height single digit display.
SXB (7)  SONY 1997  Notes ; 1O Repetitive Rating : Pulse Width Limited by Maximum Junc
SXC (4)  ABB PLCC 96+ This pin supplies +5V supply voltage to the PLL circuit. We recommend tha
SXD (3)  MOT The ATF1502ASV macrocell, shown in Figure 1, is flexible enough to suppor
SXE (82)  nec nec dc04 Input switch. For V0 to V8 output, VL is output for low; VH for high.
SXF (4)  MOTO 0   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the performance requirements
SXH (6)  SIRENZA SOT-89 06+ Parameter Total Gate Charge (turn-on) Gate - Emitter Charge (turn-on)
SXI (3)  SENSONIX SOP-16 06+ Recordings are stored into on-chip nonvolatile memory cells, providing zer
SXK (8)  SONY CDIP32 06+ The ISP1563 is a Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI)-based, single-ch
SXL (4)  SIRENZA SOT89 2003 This center tap Schottky rectifier series has been optimized for low reve
SXM (4)  Uses inexpensive 4 MHz reference crystal FIN capability greater than 120
SXN (14)  Fault protection is provided by an output overvoltage comparator and opti
SXO (8)  N/A SEOAN 04+ The TLV2262/4 also makes great upgrades to the TLV2332/4 in standard desi
SXP (1)  MOTO MODULE 00+ TEST LEVELS 1. Production test at room temperature and nominal supply vol
SXQ (6)  JAT 2520 05+
SXR (1)  The main loop is responsible for updating the kWh counter and maintaini
SXS (7)  JAT 2520 05+ • Up to 6-A Output Current • 5-V Input Voltage • Wide-
SXT (33)  VISHAY/SI SOT-89   Guaranteed by design but not tested. Typical parameters are repres
SXZ (1)  SILICON SOP The block SelectRAM memory resources are 18 Kb of True Dual-Port RAM, p
SY- (18) 
SY/ (1)  ZETEX 100000 functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyon
SY0 (10)  DIP-18P 94+ Revision 1.0 Supports up to Four Independently Controlled Hot-Plug Slots
SY1 (985)  MICREL 2004 Dual tones for the ringing signal are illustrated in the time domain (Fig
SY2 (44)  N/A DIP N/A DC Supply Voltage, VCC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -
SY3 (17)  07+/08+   The MP3275 is a complete 16-channel, 12-bit Data Acquisi- tion Su
SY4 (12)  MICREL Note: 5. This input level is calculated from the input power delivered t
SY5 (125)  MICREL MSOP10 2004 Serial Clock Input. By default, data is clocked into the input shift regi
SY6 (54)  ELNA 2008+ OUTPUT DRIVE ENABLE (ODE)   The ODE pin is the master output three-s
SY7 (1)  ELNA The R/B output indicates the status of the device operation. When low, it
SY8 (351)  synergy synergy dc02   Device types identified as current may not be a first choice for n
SY9 (3)  07+/08+ RESET: A RESET input pin is provided to ease some sys- tem applications.
SYA (3)  MINI 08+ The SYAS-1 high current Schottky rectifier module series has been optimiz
SYB (2)  TDK QFP 07+/08+ Makes DRAM Interface and refresh tasks appear virtu- ally transparent to
SYC (18)  SYVANTEK O7+   The state of the OUT pin is driven by a voltage comparator whose
SYD (2)  MINI 08+ The ISP10160A SXP supports the following: s Ultra (Fast-20), Ultra2 (Fas
SYF (8)  ELNA SMD 06+ When no data transfer is required, the power-down mode can be used. The s
SYG (2)  ST PLCC 04+ 1. One output at a time for a maximum duration of one second. VOUT = 0.5V
SYH (5)  SYMBIOS 03+ • Internal VCO adjustment free circuit eliminating need   for
SYI (1)  MTCREL SOP 602  Lead temperature 1,6 mm (1/16 inch) from case for 10 seconds D, DB,
SYK (1)  MINI 08+ 专业射频微波 The shift register bits are initialized to zero. Then starting with the le
SYL (3)  ELNA 2008+ The F157A is a high-speed quad 2-Input multiplexer. Four bits of data fro
SYM (162)  SYMBIOS QFP176 Description Agilents MGA-71543 is an economical, easy-to-use GaAs MMIC
SYN (3)  DELAY: Delay programming pin for restart after overcurrent condition. A c
SYP (24)  SYK 38503 SYK Synchronous Address Advance. ADV is an active LOW input that is used to a
SYQ (1)  Differential current outputs are provided to support single- ended or di
SYR (3)  ST SOP 03/+04+ Silicon implementations are much more cost effective than multi-wire cabl
SYS (29)  N/A 65 The LXT974/975 provides three separate LED drivers for each of the four P
SYT (5)  synertek synertek dc77 product term timing. For optimization of logic, the XPLA3 CPLD architect
SYU (5)  DIP N/A The Hynix HYM71V8M635HC(L)T6 Series are 8Mx64bits Synchronous DRAM Modules
SYV (1)  N/A QFP This pin accepts a data enable signal which is high when active video da
SYX (13)  SYNERGY SOP8 05+ Internally trimmed offset voltage Low input bias current Low input noise
SYY (1)  SYMBIOS 03+ RESET (RS)   Reset is accomplished whenever the Reset (RS) input is
SYZ (1)  Infineon Technologies Components may only be used in life- support device
S-Z (1)  The DS1554 is available in two packages (32-pin DIP and 34-pin PowerCap m
SZ- (4)  BUFFER READ: Data can be read from either one of the two buffers, using d
SZ1 (84)  N/A ON 04+ Eight GLBs, 32 I/O cells, two dedicated inputs and two ORPs are connecte
SZ2 (48)  DIP 06+   This N-Channel power MOSFET is   manufactured using the inn
SZ3 (15)  LSI PQFP-144 98 One master and as many slaves as necessary may be connected in parallel t
SZ4 (57)  delta delta dc0323 During a Read or Write command cycle, Address input defines the colum addr
SZ5 (51)  EIC SMA 07+ Anyone purchasing any products described or contained herein for an above
SZ6 (76)  EIC SMB 07+ Hardware data protection measures include a low V CC detector that autom
SZ7 (18)  MOT • Bidirectional data strobe [DQS] (x4,x8) & [L(U)DQS] (x16) 
SZ8 (3)  delta delta dc0402 IS61C6416AL and IS64C6416AL   • High-speed access time: 12 ns
SZA (19)  PHI SOP 97/P1 Exposure of the device under conditions beyond the limits specified by Ma
SZB (11)  The ADC12081 is a monolithic CMOS analog-to-digital con- verter capable
SZC (7)  TDK 99/00+ Intels Series 2 Flash Memory Card facilitates high-performance disk emula
SZF (2) 
SZG (10)  reliable operation, the stored energy from circuit inductance dissipated
SZH (4)  jst jst dc01 In addition to increased performance and FIFO size, the OXCF950 also pro
SZI (7)  AMIS SOP 07+ TI assumes no liability for applications assistance, customer product des
SZL (4)  7. Series resistance of the resonator (ceramic resonator or crystal) shoul
SZM (244)  DIP42   4.4.2 Group B inspection. Group B inspection shall be conducted in
SZN (1)  PH 0744+ NOTES 1Sample tested during initial release and after any redesign or pr
SZP (31)  on on dc00 Figure 5. Block diagram of 2 GHz production test board used for Noise Fig
SZR (1)  84 dB dynamic range TX/RX Integrated analog front end (AFE) and 2- to 4-
SZT (29)  ZILOG SOP 02+ The transmitter data path consists of a transmit input buffer, pulse-sha
SZW (1)  N/A The spacings between the request packets are constrained by the followin
SZX (8)  Maximum ratings are those values beyond which device damage can occur. Ma
SZZ (2)  SZI 91 NOTE: 1. Stresses greater than those listed under ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATIN
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