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  Mfg pack D/C Descrpion
B.H (1)  1. MC100ES6139 circuits are designed to meet the DC specifications shown
B/S (1) 
B/T (1) 
B-0 (3)  AMI SSOP-28 + Maximum ratings are those values beyond which device damage can occur. Ma
B0- (1)  B The first bit of all commands is a Manchester 0, which is defined as mo
B00 (25)  ST TSOP To ensure good thermal conductivity, the backside of the FM20 die is dir
B01 (18)  BOSCH 模块 模块 need very low flicker noise. The HSMS-285x is a family of zero bias de
B02 (19)  Members of the Texas Instruments Widebus™ Family Flow-Through Arch
B03 (12)  95 Uses inexpensive 4 MHz reference crystal FIN capability greater than 120
B04 (13)  © 2001 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved. All Xilinx trademarks, regi
B05 (78)  PHI TQFP/80 03+ The outstanding Vitesse web managed switch software system that runs on
B06 (19)  汇桥 4K/R The Virtex-E FPGA family delivers high-performance, high-capacity progr
B07 (9)  PHI PQFP44 07+ Collision Output. Balanced differential line driver outputs from the coll
B08 (25)  94 SANYO assumes no responsibility for equipment failures that result from us
B09 (11)  PHILIPS TQFP80 07+ The FCT138T is a 1-of-8 decoder. The FCT138T accepts three binary weigh
B0A (2)  06+ QFN-12 In order to increase the adjustment range of VCO3 with fixed external tan
B0J (2)  ROHM 0805 The LTC®1628-SYNC is a high performance dual step- down switching reg
B0S (3)  0243+   Refer to the Timing Chart below. In normal steady-state   C
B0U (1)  In Power-Save mode, HCLK Clock is driven by Slow Clock, which is typical
B0W (1)  ST QFP 07+ Note 8: CIN, COUT, C1, and C2: Low-ESR Surface-Mount Ceramic Capacitors (
B0Y (1)  The UC385 is a low dropout linear regulator providing a quick response to
B-1 (14)  06+ SMD   Evolving network speeds require critical functions such as forward
B1- (4)  Analog supply pin. Crystal oscillator interface. XTAL1 is an oscillator
B1. (1)  Filtering   The Freescale Semiconductor accelerometers contain an
B1/ (1)  The isolation voltage is a galvanic isolation and is verified in an elect
B10 (139)  TEMIC SOP8S 2007+ The FAN7382 is a monolithic half-bridge gate driver IC for driving MOSFE
B11 (155)  LF(TEC) MS-013 06+ For maximum output regulation, the HR301-2805 is provided with external
B12 (172)  The EM39LV040 is a 4M bits Flash memory organized as 512K x 8 bits. The EM
B13 (61)  LITEON 06/07+   TVS devices are not typically used for dc power dissipation and ar
B14 (79)  LITEON SMA Isolation Barrier The isolation barrier consists of two transformers and
B15 (60)  BAYSEMIT 2008 Note: All information contained in this data sheet has been carefully che
B16 (56)  VISHAY SMA 05+ 1. All characteristics are measured with C = 0.1µF from Pin 1 to GN
B17 (17)  LITEON 06/07+ • Wide frequency rangeC122.0MHz to 300.0MHz • User specified
B18 (22)  LITEON 06/07+ The 80C186EB Timer Counter Unit (TCU) provides three 16-bit programmable
B19 (23)  TFK O7+ The Discharge Count Register is used to update the Last Measured Discharg
B1A (8)  s+m s+m dc95 DATEL makes no representation that the use of its products in the circuit
B1C (6)  MAT PLCC 2006 DRIVE ADDRESS LINE 0 OR TEST The DA0 address line is asserted by the host
B1D (1)  ROHM SOT-163 HEXFET technology is the key to International Rectifiers advanced line
B1H (2)  ROHM SOT-363 Delay from CKI Rising Edge to ALE Rising Edge Delay from CKI Rising Edge
B1P (1)  Program memory can store both instructions and data, permit- ting the AD
B1S (2)  PAN JIT 光偶SMD4L 0609+无铅 ICS91309 comes in a 16-pin 150 mil SOIC, SSOP or 4.40mm TSSOP package. I
B1T (1)  The macrocell register can be configured as a D-type or T-type flip-flop
B-2 (7)  NO 04+   C Replaces TTL, MSI, and other PLD logic   C Integrates compl
B2- (1)    The MSK 3554 is a pin compatible, low gain stable, drop-in replace
B2. (1)  Parameter STATIC PERFORMANCE2   Resolution (Each DAC)   Accur
B20 (96)  PULSE 36831 "Absolute Maximum Ratings" are those values beyond which the sa
B21 (33)  LITEON 06/07+ Open-Drain Output to Power Transistor Driving Fan. Connect to the gate of
B22 (36)  LITEON SMB 04+ Most of our DC tach generators are housed in aluminum casings protected
B23 (23)  LITEON 06/07+ Note 1: The data-input transition time is controlled by a 4th-order Bessel
B24 (60)  MORNSUN 08+ This document is a general product description and is subject to change wi
B25 (63)  LITEON 06/07+ The B250CC/B250B and B250CC/B250 are 5- stage and 4-stage Johnson counte
B26 (25)  DIODES DO-214 07+ The HYM72V12C736B(L)S4 Series are 128Mx72bits ECC Synchronous DRAM Modules
B27 (21)  LITEON 06/07+   The MPC92429 is a 3.3V compatible, PLL based clock synthesizer ta
B28 (11)  VIN = 3.4V VIN = 3.4V or VIN = GND, OE = GND, fI = 10Mhz, outputs open
B29 (15)  LITEON 06/07+ The MX841 is specifically designed to be operated from a single cell batt
B2A (2)  The Agilent 54830D Series Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes unique- ly combine
B2B (26)  JST connector 06+ (Multiple winds are connected in parallel) Inductance Range: 10µH
B2D (1)  SSOP-3.9-20P 6+   260C for more than 10 seconds. • When shifting from preheatin
B2F (1)  PHILIPS QFP-80 QFP-80 DESCRIPTION The M74HC4514 is an high speed CMOS 4 LINE TO 16 LINE SEGM
B2G (1)  The LM2696 is capable of switching frequencies in the range of 100 kHz
B2H (1)    This publication is issued to provide information only, which (unl
B2N (2)  To program the offset values, PEN can be brought low after reset. On the
B2P (11)  JST connector 06+   Input Leakage Current, IIL   Input Capacitance   VDD =
B2R (1)  For Surface Mount Applications Protection from switching transients, indu
B2S (4)  NEC FDIP 97+ The MAX1165/MAX1166 16-bit, low-power, successive- approximation analog-t
B2T (2)  (Note 1) Derate 0.5mA above 70C. (Note 2) 50% duty cycle,1ms pulse width.
B2V (1)  eupec eupec dc96 Hynix HYMD132725B(L)8-M/K/H/L series is designed for high speed of up to
B2X (7)  The functional block diagram shows the IEEE Standard 1149.1-1990 4-wire t
B-3 (5)  Software Data Protection (SDP) The SST39VF160Q/VF160 provide the JEDEC a
B3- (4)  ACRIAN (LX)high-frequency The MARC4 microcontroller consists of an advanced stack-based, 4-bit CPU
B3/ (1)  Infineon 2004 TQFP The output modulation current can be controlled in the range from 0 mA to
B30 (44)  KDS DIP-3 08+ The reference level is sampled during SHP active period, and the voltage
B31 (26)  DIODES 06/07+ The PHY uses the S5_LKON_DS2 terminal to notify the LLC to power up and b
B32 (469)  epcos epcos dc00 3 lines symetrical (I/O) low-pass-filter High efficiency in EMI filteri
B33 (23)  LITEON 06/07+ The negative terminal of the battery pack (negative terminal available to
B34 (46)  VISHAY O7+ AF Bypass terminal. It is connected to one of the input of a differential
B35 (87)  LITEON 06/07+ Analog ground Downstream port 2 USB data- Downstream port 2 USB data+
B36 (28)  93 (1) VDRM and VRRM for all types can be applied on a continuous basis. Rat
B37 (1011)  epcos epcos dc03 The 6B Series digital subsystem communication is compatible with the ove
B38 (29)  LITEON 06/07+ HIGH VOLTAGE TESTING Burr-Brown Corporation has adopted a partial discha
B39 (493)  s+m s+m dc99 The MAX3060E/MAX3061E/MAX3062E high-speed transceivers for RS-485/RS-422
B3B (68)  N/A 05+   Dimensions   InchesMillimeters  MinMaxMinMax .178.195
B3C (1)  The XC5200 Field-Programmable Gate Array Family is engineered to delive
B3D (2)  OMRON 原装 08+ NOTES: (1) See High Voltage Testing Section. (2) IMR is defined with resp
B3F (80)  OMRON 原装 08+ available. The data applied to the data inputs are transferred to the Q
B3G (7)  NO 04+
B3J (22)  OMRON 05+
B3M (1)  OMRON 原装 08+ • Bidirectional data strobe(DQS) • Differential clock inputs(
B3N (1)  ST 2007 If two or more UC1524 regulators are to operated synchro- nously, all o
B3P (7)  05+ SOP-5 Six pairs of current referenced differential clocks Two 3V 180 displaced
B3R (9)  06+ SOP-5 6.2 ST20196 FEATURES DMT modulation Max. number of bit per tone: 15 b
B3S (16)  OMRON 原装 08+ Each DS1249 device is shipped from Dallas Semiconductor with its lithium
B3V (2)  MAXIM 00+ (For a differential input unit) An example of I/O voltage characteristic
B3W (24)  OMRON 05+ The nominal value of the RF choke L1 is 100 nH. At frequencies below 10
B-4 (13)  NO 03+ WRITE PROTECT: The write protect pin (WP) will allow normal read/write op
B4- (2)    Designed for use in solid state relays, MPU interface, TTL logic a
B4. (1)  In Case 2 of Figure 3, external line build-out (LBO) and equalizer netw
B40 (107)  N/A The MAX104 is a fast silicon monolithic analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
B41 (77)  BAY 02+
B42 (31)  NEC DIP 06+ where R CS = parallel combination of R14 and R15, VSENSE = 0.314V, NS = 2
B43 (59)  06+ SOP-13 Inherently Matched LED Current High Efficiency: 84% Typical Drives Up to
B44 (1)  Serial-test information is conveyed by means of a 4-wire test bus or TAP
B45 (524)  s+m s+m dc99
B46 (16)  IB 04+ Notice: Stresses greater than those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratin
B47 (9)  The ripple rejection values are measured with the adjustment pin bypasse
B48 (11)  SMHKO Using the latest high voltage technology based on a patented strip layo
B49 (6)  EPCOS 00+ The segment and backplane drivers each consist of a CMOS inverter, with t
B4A (1)  JAT 32-position digital potentiometer 10 kΩ, 50 kΩ, 100 kΩ
B4B (41)  PCS 2008 • Low Jitter • High Q Crystal actively tuned oscillator circu
B4C (1)  12 INTERSIL 04+ This document is a general product description and is subject to change wi
B4D (19)  250 INTERSIL 04+ High speed Fast access time: 55/70/85 ns (max) Low power Active: 50
B4F (2)    The next value to choose is the Q factor. As dispersion is employ
B4G (2)  F.T SMD 8P 08+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may c
B4P (10)  JST The B4P-VH 4096k NV SRAM with Phantom Clock is a fully static nonvolatile
B4Q (3)  N/A The instruction set consists of 51 instructions with three formats and
B4S (3)  Full or Partial Card compliance checking LUN configuration and assignment
B4T (1)  JAT 2512 05+ † All characteristics are measured with zero common-mode input volt
B4U (1)  Each device requires only a single 3.0 volt power supply for both read a
B4V (1)  NOTE: Intersil Pb-free plus anneal products employ special Pb-free materia
B4X (1)  0 QFP Also See: • HEDS-9000/HEDS-9100   Encoder Module Data Sheet
B4Y (1)  Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which damage to the device may oc
B-5 (1)  l Rectangular-shaped, automatic mounting type l High tactile feedback (va
B5- (1)  B AS6UA25616 Intelliwatt™ active power circuitry Industrial and comm
B5. (1)  TOS DIP-4 08+ On Board 24Mhz Crystal Driver Circuit Can be clocked by 48MHz external so
B50 (57)  BROADCOM PBGA3535 03+ deasserted. Data will be read out of the FIFO on both rising and falling
B51 (48)  TOS T0-220 01+ The L1 memory system is the primary highest performance memory available
B52 (19)  2008 The APW7004 provides a complete control and mul- tiple protection for a D
B53 (15)  LITEON 06/07+ The receiver senses signals through the RXI input, which minimizes refl
B54 (145)  Serial data output; 5-V CMOS logic level tri-state output for output (sta
B55 (31)  DIODES DO214AC 05 USB Hub -1 Upstream and up to 4 Downstream Ports -Compliant with USB Spe
B56 (25)  DIP8 03+ • The products described in this document are subject to the foreign
B57 (342)  PHILIPS SOP-14 98+ Maximum / minimum signal levels The following table gives the transmitte
B58 (297)  长电 SOD-123 Recordings are stored in on-chip nonvolatile memory cells, providing zer
B59 (212)  1. Data patterns are to have maximum run lengths and DC balance shifts no
B5A (9)  Digital signal processing with the 16-bit RISC performance enables effect
B5B (14)  JST THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS   Proper thermal management is critical for
B5D (1)  Note(READ CYCLE): 1. tCHZ and tOHZ are defined as the time at which the o
B5E (1)  0 QFP   Figure 7 shows the timing of the decoder output in short frame mo
B5F (6)  LT SOP8L 01+ Hynix HYMD264G726B(L)4-M/K/H/L series is registered 184-pin double data ra
B5H (1)  Hynix HYMD264726B(L)8-M/K/H/L series incorporates SPD(serial presence dete
B5J (1)  initio TQFP 00+ The Power-saving (PS) module implements the Idle mode (ARM7TDMI core cloc
B5K (2)  TEMIC O7+ • High speed response (cut-off frequency: 40 MHz) • Built-in
B5M (3)  GENESIS QFP160 International Rectifiers R5 TM technology provides high performance pow
B5N (3)  ST TO-263 Notes: 1. The dominant wavelength, ëd, is derived from the 1931 CI
B5P (4)  Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transition times of 3 ns or less
B5S (1)    The SY88713V operates from a single +3.3V or +5V power supply, o
B5V (1)  MAXIM 00+ • High Brightness AlInGaP   Material • Industry Stand
B-6 (3)  NAKAMICH.. 05+ †For information on tape and reel specifications, including part or
B6- (1) 
B6. (1)  TC DIP4
B60 (31)  The VC pin provides a connection point to the output of the error amplifi
B61 (47)  NEC DIP Integrated Feature Set   Static Modular CPU   Clock Generato
B62 (17)  RICOH BGA 07+
B63 (17)  QFP NEC 98+ Optimized for 3.3-V Operation 3.6-V I/O Tolerant to Support Mixed-Mode S
B64 (16)  s+m s+m dc91 The Am186ED/EDLV microcontrollers have been designed to meet the most c
B65 (151)  epcos epcos dc01 The Advanced Interrupt Controller (AIC) controls the internal sources fro
B66 (55)  MOTOROLA 00+ Spread spectrum may be enabled through I2C programming. Spread spectrum
B67 (55)  9832 Special handling is required for Flash Memory products in TFBGA packages.
B68 (13)  The Hyundai HYM71V733201 H-Series are 32Mx72bits ECC Synchronous DRAM Modu
B69 (139)  epcos epcos dc00 The information provided herein is believed to be reliable; however, BURR
B6A (1)  The SMBus block utilizes the read-byte/write-byte pro- tocol. It only sup
B6B (24)  MICROLOGIC QFP 97+ Input Voltage Range Quiescent Current Soft Start Time SD, PWM/PSM,SY
B6D (1)  SIE PLCC • CASE: Hermetically sealed glass case with DO-7   (DO-204AA)
B6E (1)  RENESAS 04+ BGA The ZiLOG ZHX1010 SIR transceiver is the ideal choice for applications in
B6P (3)  itt itt dc95 Preliminary Information- These data sheets contain minimum and maximum s
B6S (5)  HY SOP4 1999 RC: RC is the oscillator timing pin. For fixed frequency operation, set
B6T (4)  Allows Safe Board Insertion and Removal from a Live C 48V Backplane Circ
B6U (4)  sie sie dc94 2.Controlling dimension: millimeters. 3.Maximum lead thickness includes l
B7- (2)  B Operation in -40C - 125C Environment TTL/DTL/CMOS Compatible Inputs NAND
B7. (2)  TOS DIP-4 02+ Ultra low dropout voltage Guaranteed 500 mA continuous output current
B70 (20)  EPCOS Red Negative Analog Input No Connect, (Note 5) Green Positive Analog
B71 (16)  88 96+/99+ The LP358 and LP2904 are dual low-power operational amplifiers especially
B72 (261)  epcos epcos dc06 The modulation format is chosen by the state of the CNTRL0 and the CNTRL1
B73 (20)  EPCOS SMD 2002 A hardware method of locking a sector to prevent   any program or e
B74 (63)  SANYO TO-92 Low capacitance 7-fold bidirectional ESD protection diode arrays in small
B75 (6)  92   The values for the equation are found in the maximum ratings tabl
B76 (18)  EPCOS 2005+ The upper ESD diodes for the R, G and B channels are connected to a sep
B77 (46)  EPCOS 05+ Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage  Gate Threshold Voltage  Ga
B78 (120)  = 111, then all 4 bits are high. If TECH[2:0] = 001, then only bit 5 is h
B79 (10)  PLCC 02+ Internal Sample-and-Hold Single +1.9V 0.1V Operation Choice of SDR o
B7A (2)  OMRON DC/DC: structed as a multi-chip hybrid device. Actuation control is via an Inf
B7B (14)  JST 2.0mm 7 Circuits in hand 06+ A functional block diagram of the MT8985 device is shown in Figure 1. The
B7C (1)  ATMEL QFP 98+ The LTC®3703 is a synchronous step-down switching regulator controlle
B7D (1)  AT 9838+ 977 Sony Ericsson has earlier announced (June 24, 2003) the decision to increa
B7H (1)  Higher speed signalling timing. XHST = 1 normal synchronous to asynchrono
B7J (1)  The Serializer transmits serialized data and clock bits (10+2 bits) from
B7N (4)  ST TO-252 The MAX4060/MAX4061/MAX4062 are differential-input microphone preamplifie
B7P (9)  itt itt dc95 Selections for 5.0 to 170 volts standoff voltages (VWM) Protection from s
B7X (1)  TELEFILTERGmbH Potsdamer Straße 18 D 14 513 TELTOW / Germany Tel:
B-8 (2)  The feedback voltage pin is the non-inverting input to the PWM comparator.
B80 (42)  PT SMD 03/+04+ Gate-to-Source Forward Leakage Gate-to-Source Reverse Leakage Forward
B81 (95)  epcos epcos dc01 The B81130C1105M26 meets the increasing demands for higher output power
B82 (487)  EPCOS 2007+PB The ceramic resonator of the stereo decoder PLL circuit is used as a sto
B83 (15)  SOP-16   1.1 Scope. This drawing documents two product assurance class leve
B84 (30)  sie sie dc93 for each channel of each device listed in this data sheet, absolute ma
B85 (16)  SOP-8 601+ • An accelerated 80C51 CPU provides instruction cycle   times
B86 (9)  N/A DIP 2006 Programmable for 13-Bit Linear Data or 8-Bit Companded (µ-Law) Data
B87 (5)  DIP-24 Supply voltage for the LNA, bias circuits, and control logic. External RF
B88 (39)  EPCOS SOT 05+PB Bus interface   • Maximum of 25 MHz internal operation rate
B89 (4)  TOSHIBA 05+ The serial output data word is comprised of 12 bits of data. In operatio
B8A (1)  NS DIP-8 97+ Reading from the device is accomplished by taking Chip Enable (CE) and
B8B (13)  96 The device is organized as a 12-bit or 24-bit bus switch. When OE1 is LO
B8D (2)  ZILOG DIP 03+ AMDs Flash technology combines years of Flash memory manufacturing expe
B8J (1)   TAOperating free-air temperature−55125−4085C ‡ Wi
B8N (2)  ST TO-263 As address generators, the IALUs perform immediate or indi- rect (pre- a
B8P (4)  The ZL5011x are cost effective devices aimed at the low density applicatio
B8S (2)  WTE 07+ NOTES ** Note that the Test Output pins on the flat pack are pads locate
B-9 (1)  The output pulse duration is programmed by selecting external resistance
B9- (1)  B *1 If the internal sync separation circuit is not used, either CSYNC &nb
B9( (1)  The MX98715A controller is an IEEE802.3u compliant single chip 32-bit f
B90 (30)  SOP-16 The functional block diagram shows the IEEE Standard 1149.1-1990 4-wire t
B91 (8)  SANYO N/A 98+ The Hynix HYM76V4M655HG(L)T6 Series are 4Mx64bits Synchronous DRAM Modules
B92 (15)  BENCHMARQ DIP 96 The HT75XX-1 series is a set of three-terminal high cur- rent low voltage
B93 (7)  08+ When VCC is applied to the serializer and/or deserializer, the respective
B94 (17)  With a fixed level on the BCLKR/CLKSEL pin, BCLKX will be selected as t
B95 (32)  N/A DIP 07+   Compact, highly efficient silicon rectifiers for mediumCcurrent a
B96 (11)  ST SMD 2008 The EM39LV040 provides two software methods to detect the completion of a
B97 (4)  Note 2: Absolute maximum ratings are those values beyond which damage to
B98 (7)  IMI SMD 98 Real-time clock keeps track of hundredths of seconds, minutes, hours, day
B99 (8)  N/A As shown in Figure 4, the VSENSE input is connected to the collector of
B9B (9)  JST 07+ The THS9001 is a medium power, cascadeable, gain block optimized for high
B9C (2)  GENESIS QFP 01+ The onboard bandgap reference is stable with temperature and scaled for a
B9D (1)  Perpendicular recording drive support for   2.88 MBytes Burst (16-
B9N (4)  ST TO-263 The window comparator stage generates two serial data streams, one havin
B9V (1)  Parameter MASTER CLOCK (CLI) (See Figure 16)   CLI Clock Period &
BA- (34)  DIP LEDBRIGHT 3.04 The input thresholds can be globally configured for either TTL ( 1.2 V
BA/ (1)  99 QFP Available in various package configurations, these detector diodes provi
BA0 (182)  ROHM 00+ Isolated Hermetic Package, JEDEC TO-257AA Outline Adjustable Output Vol
BA1 (493)  ROHM SOP-14 04+ The on-chip charge pump high side driver stage is floating and reference
BA2 (180)  ROHM SSOP20 03+ The external bootstrap capacitor is necessary to achieve the fastest gat
BA3 (575)  ROHM JIP JIP * Permanent device damage may occur if "ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS"
BA4 (235)  N/A SOP8 07+ The ML6102 is a group of high-precision and low-power voltage detectors.
BA5 (515)  96 The Texas Instruments MSP430 family of ultralow power microcontrollers co
BA6 (1216)  ROHM SMD Note 3: The maximum allowable power dissipation is a function of the maxi
BA7 (526)  ROHM 03/04+ The undervoltage-lockout circuit turns the output transistor off whenever
BA8 (195)  ROHM SMD 2000 NOTES: 1. All VDD pins must be connected to 3.3V power supply. 2. All V
BA9 (208)  ROHM SOP8 The input waveform may be sinusoidal but below about 20 MHz the operatio
BAA (13)  M 04+ The TV-Out processor will perform non-interlace to interlace conversion
BAB (7)  AMIS All devices provide break-before-make switching and are TTL and CMOS co
BAC (5)  FAIRCHILD SOP 07+ VDD (16) VDD is the positive supply connection. An internal shunt regul
BAD (7)  NOTES 1Measured at I OUTA, driving a virtual ground. 2Nominal full-scale
BAE (2)  PHILIPS SOT-23 Each device has 2 rows for identification. The first row designates the de
BAF (5)  TESA SOP-8 06+   Composite type with a P-Channel Sillicon MOSFET (MCH3339) and a Sc
BAG (11)  • 200MHz Clock, 400Mbps data rate. • VDD= +2.6V + 0.10V, VDDQ
BAH (3)  Intersil sot23-5 06+ The LTC®3416 is a high efficiency monolithic synchro- nous, step-down
BAI (5)  SMD-16 This is Preliminary document release. All specifications are subject to ch
BAJ (12)  ROHM SOT252 04+ After setting SDP, any attempt to write to the device without the 3-byte
BAK (5)  ROHM 06+ Outputs the result of whether the signal is PAL, SECAM or NTSC. Connect
BAL (34)  BAL 高频管 The VSP5000 device is a complete application specific standard product
BAM (12)  广达 SOT-252 07+
BAN (10)  The ISL6434 includes an Intel® -compatible, TTL 5-input digital-to-a
BAO (3)  ROHM SMD 07+   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; f
BAP (125)  NXP 08+PBF
BAQ (23)  Vishay MiniMELF Glass (SOD80) 08+ Recovered Clock. These ECL 100K outputs (+5V referenced) represent the re
BAS (1003)  All Data I/O Ports − 5-V Input Down To 3.3-V Output Level   S
BAT (882)  Infineon SOT-23 05+ Efficient Memory System. The memory controller maps the large on-chip 256
BAU (1)  The output current limit threshold of the regulator can be programmed w
BAV (469)  PHILIPS new/original 07/08+   The Schottky Powermite employs the Schottky Barrier principle wit
BAW (174)  ROHM 08+ These Schottky-clamped high-performance multiplexers feature TRI-STATE o
BAX (17)  PHI SOP The HYM71V65M801 X-Series are Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Modules su
BAY (30)  sie sie dc89 b) Be careful with ground connections. Avoid ground loops. In general, co
BAZ (7)  2008 The AT40KAL can be used as a coprocessor for high-speed (DSP/processor-ba
BB- (11)  ITT SOT-23 Logic control inputs can be driven up to +5.5V regardless of the supply v
BB0 (9)  BB N/A Internally fixed or adjustable output modes 250mV dropout at 1.0A load
BB1 (226)  PH 07+ The Hynix HYM71V8M655HC(L)T6 Series are 8Mx64bits Synchronous DRAM Modules
BB2 (52)  Siemens AG n/a dMAX Dual Data Movement Accelerator. The dMAX is a module designed to per
BB3 (196)  BB CDIP19 00+ Synchronous operation mode. This function pre- vents occasional motor noi
BB4 (55)  BB N/A The ADC08D1500 is a dual, low power, high performance CMOS analog-to-dig
BB5 (130)  SOP-16 98+ The PI90LV14 is a low-skew 1:5 clock distribution chip which incorporate
BB6 (106)  INFINEON/BD N/A N/A The MK1491-06 requires some inexpensive external components for proper
BB7 (45)  BB 模块 When the device is in current limit, there will be spurious oscil- latio
BB8 (115)  sie sie dc92 1 hp (0.75kW) power output   Industrial rating at 150% overload fo
BB9 (20)  PHILIPS 08+PBF (2) The technical information described in this material is limited to sh
BBA (14)  TSSOP-8 03+ Internal Timing C With external components as indicated on the application
BBB (9)  PCS 2008 RV and CJ are very difficult to measure. Consider the impedance of CJ =
BBC (6)  AEG 03+ 2. Application   PFC circuit(current continuous mode)   This
BBD (17)  LAMBDA 05+ INPUT FRAME OFFSET SELECTION   Input frame offset selection allows t
BBE (16)  153 MOTOROLA 02+ Internal Power Dissipation JA (Exposed paddle soldered down) JA (Expose
BBF (2)  Note 3: Without a heat sink, the thermal resistance of the TO-3 package i
BBG (21)  BCM 2007 The programming flowchart in Figure 3 shows the fast interactive programm
BBH (2)  N/A N/A N/A After the input data remains zero for 2500 or 12 500 cycles of Fs as set
BBI (15)  ALCATEL 06+ SNR = 90 dB in 150 kHz bandwidth (to Nyquist   @ 61.44 MSPS) Worst
BBJ (2)  TSSOP-10 04+ Absolute Maximum Ratings are stress ratings only. Permanent damage to the
BBK (3)  When the ECU experiences a loss of ground condition, this pin switch to a
BBL (21)  samtec samtec dc95 Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appropriate value specified u
BBM (3)  FAI SOT-23 BP_DIS is used to enable or disable the autoswitching function between bu
BBN (1)  Because of the consideration for minimized power consumption, the max.
BBO (76)  AD SOP-8 EXPANSION IN ( XI )   This input is a dual-purpose pin. Expansion In
BBP (24)  MINI 08+ The COP87L88GD/RD OTP (One Time Programmable) Family microcontrollers a
BBR (24)  BB The LPS input is considered inactive if it remains low for more than 2.6
BBS (25)  N/A (VDD = +5V 5%, VL = 2.7V to 3.6V; VSS = 0V or -5V 5%; fSCLK = 2.0MHz, exte
BBT (13)  MSOP 05+ NOTES 1. Data, Clock and Enable inputs are high impedance Schmitt buffer
BBU (1)  SANYO assumes no responsibility for equipment failures that result from u
BBV (1)    Maximum terminal current is bounded by the maximum applied voltage
BBW (1)  256 x 256 channel non-blocking switch Automatic signal identification (ST
BBY (163)  Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) with six PWM outputs with deadtime insertion
BBZ (3)  Pin-for-Pin compatible with AMD® Am186ES/188ES devices All features
B-C (1)  SAM QFP 2006 Loop enable. When LOOPENx is active high, the internal loop-back path is
BC- (4)  Beceem 0647+ Eight sectors with 512 Kb each Program Page Program (up to 256 bytes) i
BC/ (7)  CAN 04/05+ Senses motion of ring magnet targets Integrated filter capacitor
BC0 (31)  SMA TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation
BC1 (218)  N/A N/A N/A TI380PCIA can connect to up to four devices in a system: the PCI bus, the
BC2 (256)  MOT/ST CAN3 All part numbers end with a place code, designating the silicon die revisi
BC3 (382)  03+ Maximum voltage device can withstand without damage at rated voltage. &nb
BC4 (117)  MOT/ST CAN3 Except for pin-to-pin input and output parameters, the a.c. parameter del
BC5 (440)  PHI TO-92 02+ In addition to the three required external power supplies, a +3.3V suppl
BC6 (122)  HIT SOP 03/+04+ Gain-Bandwidth Product (G +5) Gain Peaking 0.1dB Gain Flatness Bandwi
BC7 (15)  NO 1. Added DDR333 function 2. Updated DDR333 test specification 3. Deleted
BC8 (1369)  06+ In case of the spindle motor to repeat acceleration anddeceleration , the
BC9 (5)  US QFP- 07+/08+ NTSC-M, PAL-M/B/D/G/H/I Composite, S-Video & YCrCb component video ou
BCA (13)  MARVELL 04+ Handle carefully Solder under the following conditions. 5 seconds max.
BCB (8)  NA 4532 The matte tin finish on Sirenzas lead-free package utilizes a post anneali
BCC (24)  MICROCHIP QFN-8P小体 6+ The AC ACT843 consists of nine D-type latches with TRI-STATE outputs The
BCD (2)  LED BRIGHT 04+ The HY62256A is a high-speed, low power and 32,786 x 8-bits CMOS Static R
BCE (1)  The power supply of the device must start its ramp from 0.0 V. Functional
BCF (10)  As shown in the functional block diagram on Page 1, the ADSP- 21262 uses
BCI (1)  or bidirectional data flow in bursts. An automatic power down feature, c
BCK (5)  INFIN . 04+   Built-in watch dog timer   Low current consumption130µA
BCL (27)  N/A Specular Reflectance (Rf): The amount of incident light reflected by a s
BCM (1974)  BROADCOM TQFP48 07+ ENCV Variable clock enable (TTL compatible input) - This input directly c
BCN (127)  BI 2.2K-2010-8P To lower power dissipation in the regulator, a dropping resistor can be
BCO (10)  BLOSSM SOP-28 O2 The MAX2602 includes a high-performance silicon bipolar RF power transist
BCP (249)  • Antiparallel diode for high frequency   switching devices
BCQ (1)  TO- N/A   Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability,
BCR (730)  INFINEON SOT-23 05+ In the normal mode, these devices are 18-bit universal bus transceivers t
BCS (59)  TDK new The 1 Mbyte Flash memory array is organized into nineteen blocks called
BCT (58)  TI SOP This pin has an on-chip 1.0MΩ pullup resistor. An a.c. coupled si
BCU (4)  BLOSSOM QFP 01+ These devices are organized as four 4-bit low-impedanceswitcheswithsepar
BCV (103)  INFINEON SOT-23 05+ -15 VOUT - is a regulated -15 volt output available for exter- nal uses.
BCW (299)  PHILIPS SOT23-3 06+ † Package drawings, standard packing quantities, thermal data, symb
BCX (386)  ph ph dc0451 Notes : 4. CX1 must be placed within 0.7 cm of the HSDL-3610 to obtain
BCY (164)  MOTOROLA CAN3 A family of products offers 3-line, 2-line, and simple decod- ers in 8-b
BCZ (6)  DSI n/a For a microcontroller that has no dedicated SPI bus, a general purpose
BD- (33)  LED BRIGHT 04+ These Precision Optical Perform- ance AlInGaP LEDs provide superior l
BD0 (41)  SOP-8 • Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) Module  
BD1 (203)  PHI Ground Supply voltage for logic Input voltage for LCD H : Data signal,
BD2 (267)  PHI TO-3P 06+ The high-side driver is designed to drive low rDS(on) N-channel MOSFETs.
BD3 (254)  ROHM 2008   Figure 2 illustrates a typical application circuit (output source
BD4 (281)  ROHM SOT-153 04+ Unless otherwise specified, these specifications apply over V12=12V, V5=5V
BD5 (187)  FAIRCHILD/POWER TO-220 06+   DESCRIPTION Frequency Range Small Signal Gain Small Signal G
BD6 (345)  ROHM SOP-8 00+ The signal on the current sense input pin is also connected to the input
BD7 (159)  ST/SL/POWER TO-3P 07+ The ISO120 and ISO121 are precision isolation ampli- fiers incorporating
BD8 (95)  FAIRCHILD/POWER/ST TO-220 06+ The test pins control the various test modes of the CY7C68310. Most test
BD9 (175)  ROHM TQFP-S32P 6+ 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs internal equivalent capacitance
BDA (10)  FDS 08+ Features • Hole-less TO-247 package for clip  mounting •
BDB (9)  ROHM   The melting temperature of solder is higher than the rated temper
BDC (16)  MINI 08+ I2C BUS INTERFACE Data transmission from main µP to the LNBEH21 an
BDD (1)  Reset In: Sets the Program Counter to zero and resets the Interrupt Enabl
BDE (2)  N/A QFP-48 Tantalum Characteristics Tantalum capacitors with a minimum 10-V rating
BDF (4)  DIGITAL OUTPUTS(6) Logic Family Logic Coding Low Output Voltage (IOL =
BDG (17)  LUCENT SOJ16 06+ High Current Transfer Ratio, 800 % Low Input Current Requirement, 0.5 m
BDH (2)  SANXING 05+   The device has several operating modes dependent on the applied v
BDK (1)  The Link Fault Indicator (LFI) output is a TTL-level output that indicat
BDM (1)  The signal current at the input flows into the summing node of a high-gai
BDN (1)  The BDN10-3CB/A01 is a P-Channel Power MOS FET with low on-state resista
BDP (41)  (1) Signal Output   PWM signals of L channel and R output from OUTL
BDS (117)  PHI Separate byte enables allow individual bytes to be written. BW1 controls
BDT (144)  FAIRCHILD/POWER/ST TO-220 06+   ON Semiconductors e2 PowerEdge family of low VCE(sat) transistors
BDV (60)  FAIRCHILD/POWER/ST TO-220 06+ IOSShort-circuit output currentC 15C 85mA ICCSupply currentVID = 0, No
BDW (135)  FAIRCHILD/POWER/ST TO-220 06+ HOTLink II devices are ideal for a variety of applications where parallel
BDX (209)  ST/ON/FAIRCHILD TO-126 08+ DTACK signalThe external input data acknowledge signal. When using the ex
BDY (97)  PHIL/ST/MOT TO-3 07+ IF IT DOES NOT WORK Poor soldering (dry joints) is the most common reaso
BE- (9)  TI SMD wiring C2MOS technology. It is ideal for low power applications mantain
BE0 (9)  N/A DIP 2006 The negative output voltage of the Power Trends PT6900 Series ISRs may b
BE1 (2)  13 INTERSIL 03+ EUROPE: LDC for ON Semiconductor C European Support  German Phone: (
BE2 (11)  • Function, pinout, and drive compatible with FCT and   F logi
BE3 (5)  N/A SOP-8 08+ These Schottky diodes are specifi- cally designed for analog and digital
BE4 (6)  AO CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive device. Electrostatic ch
BE5 (2)  Serializer/Deserializer Independent Channel Operation 2.5-V Power Supply
BE6 (1)  The MAX8597/MAX8598/MAX8599 voltage-mode PWM step-down controllers are de
BE8 (9)  BT PLCC 07+ STATIC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Characteristics noted under conditions
BE9 (2)  PHILIPS PLCC 95 * 3 In case supply voltage provided outside without using charge-pump bui
BEA (7)  INTERSIL TSSOP10 EE cell S1 controls whether the macrocell will be combi- natorial or re
BEB (2)  infineon O7+ The Fairchild Switch FST3126 provides four high-speed CMOS TTL-compatibl
BEC (2) 
BEE (3) 
BEF (3)  (2) Those contemplating using the products covered herein for the followi
BEG (3)  PHILIPS 06+ Motorola reserves the right to make changes without further notice to any
BEH (3)  s Two serial (I2S-bus/Japanese) digital audio inputs with independent clo
BEI (11)  N/A PLCC-44 The IC41C8512 and IC41LV8512 is a CMOS DRAM optimized for high-speed ba
BEK (1)  The device has up to 64K bytes of reprogrammable flash EE- PROM program m
BEL (7)  N/A DIP 98+ Wide Operating VCC Range of 0.8 V to 3.6 V Optimized for 3.3-V Operation
BEM (2)  06+ Agilent Technologies HLMP subminiature LED lamps [3]. For example, the p
BEN (4)  BENISTOR STK 2004+  The Hynix HYM71V32655AT8 Series are Dual In-line Memory Modules sui
BEP (7)  All synchronous inputs pass through input registers controlled by the ris
BER (12)  PHILIPS 00+   The ULx2803A, ULx2803LW, ULx2823A, and ULN2823LW have series inpu
BES (9)  0603B  TAOperating free-air temperatureC4085C NOTE 4: All unused inputs o
BET (8)  IR SMD20   The DAC device type identifier default is 0101[b]. In order to ac
BEX (1)  05+ DSD quantization noise in the digital domain, and the resulting multi-le
BF- (10)  WP N/A N/A Data Inputs/Outputs: Inputs array data during program operation, when CE
BF0 (130)  LCC 07+ The MM74HC14 utilizes advanced silicon-gate CMOS technology to achieve
BF1 (167)  MOT/PHI CAN4 The following figure provides a graphical repre- sentation of the MTC20
BF2 (166)  PHILIPS CAN3 06+ 1.70 (43.18mm) PCB Height 168-Pin Registered DIMM with Double Sided ECC
BF3 (99)  ACX 100% production tested at the specified temperature. 100% production te
BF4 (125)  飞利蒲 袋装 Passivated guaranteed commutation triacs in a plastic envelope suitable
BF5 (96)  KEJIAXIN SMD 2008 The PSC bytes are pre-programmed by the manufacturer with a code, which
BF6 (40)  PHI 08+PBF Output voltage is set to a nominal value between 26V and 28V, by an inte
BF7 (82)  PHI SOT-223 05+ 45V zener diode between VBAT and ground with a 500Ω resistor in ser
BF8 (81)  PHILIPS 08+
BF9 (193)  SIE 01+ Note: These are stress ratings only. Stresses exceeding the range specifi
BFA (9)  FSC Note Stresses greater than those listed under MAXIMUM RATINGS may cause
BFB (11)  SIE 01+ CPU Core power: 0.925V to 2.0V output range 1% reference precision over
BFC (126)  TI QFP-52 99 ‧SOP package 4 Pin type in miniature design ( / .173.169
BFD (8)  PHILIPS 04+ The contents of this specification are subject to change without further
BFE (6)  PHILIPS 2008 This option provides four choices for each group in frequency which imp
BFF (1)  MICROCHIP QFN-8P小体 6+ Ultrasonically bonded leads and controlled die mount techniques are util
BFG (244)  PHI SOT-143 05+ Select data in or data out on SDA or Measurement latching for transmissio
BFH (1)  TEM DIP 1999 MIC2594: Turn-Off Threshold. When the voltage at the OFF pin is less than
BFI (1) 
BFJ (20)  DSI n/a In software control mode (only when using external trigger), if the START
BFL (2)  N/A o 12-Bit Resolution, 1/2LSB Linearity o Single +5V Supply Operation o S
BFN (41)  INFINEON E6327 SOT89-DD 06+   The MPX12 series device is a silicon piezoresistive pressure senso
BFO (1)  PHILIPS 04+ The analog input range is equal to a 2V spread. The voltage on VT-VB wi
BFP (216)  INFINEON These devices are controlled through a 20MHz SPI™/QSPI™/MICRO
BFQ (168)  PHILIPS TO-92
BFR (312)  SIE TO-92 04+   The ISP2100A is designed to interface directly to the PCI bus and
BFS (174)  SIEMENS 99+ Receiver Byte Clocks. Two 180 degrees out-of-phase 62.5 MHz clock signals
BFT (94)  PHILIPS CAN3   The TC554161AFT is a 4,194,304-bit static random access memory (SR
BFU (10)  PHILIPS 06+ SOT343 n Fast single ended transceiver (typical driver enable and   receiv
BFV (25)  MOT / PH CAN3 01+ Note: Human Body Model ESD test performance for this product was demonstr
BFW (65)  MOT/PHI CAN4 A six-byte command (Enter Single Pulse Program Mode) sequence to remove t
BFX (101)  N/A N/A N/A The in-Line Micro filter has been specifically designed to implement the
BFY (85)  N/A N/A N/A Hynix HYMD264G726(L)4-K/H/L series incorporates SPD(serial presence detect
B-G (1)  The memory portion of the device is a CMOS Serial EEPROM array with Int
BG0 (9)  ph ph dc01   Operating temperature range is C40C to +85C.   Guaranteed by
BG1 (33)    CNC7S101 is an AC input compatible optoisolator in which two GaAs
BG2 (12)  eao eao dc93 I2C BUS INTERFACE Data transmission from main µP to the LNBEH21 an
BG3 (30)  N/A QFP-80 Lead Temperature (1.6mm or 1/16 from case for 10s)+260C (1) Stresses be
BG4 (7)    Extremely low 1µA supply current (typical)   2.55V on
BG5 (8)  ST 07+ Features:   Operates from 2.4V to 26V supply voltage with reverse v
BG6 (9)  Dropout Voltage The input/output Voltage differential at which the regu-
BG7 (1)  DIP-4 07+/08+ An excitation voltage is applied to the thermistor (RTHERM) and precisio
BG8 (1) 
BGA (114)  Other 07+ n Single-cell 0.9V to 2.5V battery operation n BTL mode for mono speake
BGB (53)  PHILIPS regulator and the load is gained up by the factor of (1+R2/ R1), or the e
BGC (6)  INFINEON 05+ Input or Output Voltage (DC or Transient) (Referenced to VSS   Vin,
BGD (53)  PH 高频管 N/A The UCC381 provides unique short circuit protection circuitry that redu
BGE (18)  PHI   Conditions Measured from input terminals to output terminals, s
BGF (34)  PHILIPS 0319+   The g-cell is a mechanical structure formed from semiconductor ma
BGG (3)  PHI QFN 2005 The four documents listed in Table 1 are required for a complete descripti
BGH (11)  N/A While maintaining all architectural and operational characteristics of th
BGJ (5)  The LTC6900 operates with a single 2.7V to 5.5V power supply and provides
BGK (1)    The TC170 brings low-power CMOS technology to the current-mode-sw
BGL (10)  N/A 0603B Hynix BGL1608A330HT-H/L series is unbuffered 184-pin double data rate Sync
BGM (21)  NXP 08+ TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation
BGN (1)  Note 2: Dropout voltage is specified over the full output current range of
BGO (32)  NXP N/A 08+ Using the first two interface options outlined above it is possible to co
BGP (4)  SMA The BGP36 16-kbit AddCOnly Memory identifies and stores relevant informat
BGR (4)  NXP N/A 08+ SIGNAL DESCRIPTIONS See Figure 1, Logic Diagram, and Table 1, Signal Na
BGS (10)  N/A
BGT (6)  MOT PLCC52 05+ The Bt8370/8375/8376 is a family of single chip transceivers for T1/E1 and
BGU (3)  PHILIPS 06+ SOT343R CPU_STOP# is an asynchronous input to the clock synthesizer. It is used to
BGV (4)  2008 Select the desire reference voltage to be detected by serial data from th
BGW (23)  NXP SIP 06+ Master Clock. Master clock provides the clock for DSP. In MPI mode, it
BGX (16)  With an increasing supply voltage the IC enters the start-up state; the
BGY (281)  PHILIPS O7+ For additional flexibility, the MR pin is provided so the EPLD can
B-H (3)  FAIRCHILD QFN 05+ The MAX4212/MAX4213 single, MAX4216 dual, MAX4218 triple, and MAX4220 qua
BH- (66)  霍尔传感器 The TSM107 is a monolithic IC that includes three op-amp for which the
BH/ (3)  MOT CAN 04/05+ PRODUCT PREVIEW information concerns products in the formative or desig
BH0 (30)  交频管 SOPT-14P 05+ Decreasing Sensitivity In some cases the QT113 may be too sensiti
BH1 (129)  ROHM 06+ HVSOF-5 f=1kHz,THD=1% Volume=0dB VIN=1Vrms, f=1kHz Volume=0dB VIN=1Vrms, f=1kH
BH2 (104)  OAKTECHLOGY QFP-L160P 6+ Eight GLBs, 32 I/O cells, two dedicated inputs and two ORPs are connecte
BH3 (202)  ROHM 2004 SOT-5 The MAX5051 power-supply controller is primary as well as secondary-side
BH4 (55)  ROHM The repeatability of switching with a magnetic field is slightly affected
BH5 (31)  VADEM QFP 07+ Bt8110B offers internal ROM 24 or 32 full-duplex channel capacity (48 or
BH6 (331)  Connect a resistor from this pin to the drain of the upper PWM MOSFET.
BH7 (170)  ROHM QFP QFP The MAX2680/MAX2681/MAX2682 operate from a sin- gle +2.7V to +5.5V supply
BH8 (15)  ROHM TSSOP 05+ The BH8100FV-E2EB/RB Family OTP (One Time program- mable) microcontrolle
BH9 (118)  ROHM QFP 03+ AT24C02SC, 2K SERIAL EEPROM: Internally organized with 32 pages of 8 byt
BHA (13)  DIP14 03+ 2.7V to 5.5V Power Supply Low Power CMOS Active Read Current Less Than 1
BHB (1)  ROHM SSOP-16 04+ Note 12: VREF is defined as the CCD OS voltage for the reference period f
BHC (9)  BAI 06+ 500   MPX200 series pressure sensors are available in absolute, differen
BHD (38)  BOSHIDA 07+ MODULE Users familiar with the PIC16C5X microcontroller family will realize th
BHE (1)  ROHM N/A 00+ The YZD and YED packages are available in tape and reel. Add a R suffix (
BHF (1)  1.4 PHASE/FREQUENCY DETECTOR The Main and Aux phase(/frequency) detector
BHH (2)  Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions, deletions) and any pertin
BHJ (3)  ALPS SOP32W 2007+ The MSP430x13x and the MSP430x14x series are microcontroller configuratio
BHK (2)  ST MODULE N/A If parallel loading is selected, both the COEF_WR pin and the LOAD_EN pin
BHL (2)  A decode cycle begins immediately after the assigned re- ceive time-slot
BHM (3)  The bandwidth of the HFA1102 may be limited by connecting a resistor (RD
BHN (5)  Access Time: 200ns Simple Byte and Page Write Single 5V Supply  
BHO (1)  One/Two/Three/Four Independent DS3/E3 Framers on a Single Die Framing an
BHP (17)  MINI 08+ The EM78M612 is a series of Universal Serial Bus 8-bit RISC Multi-Time Pro
BHQ (1)  N/A Note 1: Absolute maximum ratings are DC values beyond which the device m
BHR (36)  AD 06+/07+ PRELIMINARY INFORMATION describes products that are not in full production
BHS (24)  Jack(Available) The UCC3588 synchronous step-down (Buck) regulator provides accurate high
BHT (5)  SOT353 06+ The RTL8308B is a 128-pin, low cost and ultra low power consumption 8-por
BHU (5)  ROHM QFP The L297s translator generates phase sequences for normal drive, wave d
BHV (1)    This 18-bit universal bus transceiver is built using advanced dual
BHX (8)  When the master has received the ACKNOWLEDGE from the DS1050, the master
BHY (1)  !Features 1) High power conversion efficiency. (BP5233-33A : 93%) 2) Lar
BHZ (2)  Hand soldering and wave soldering should be avoided since these methods
BI- (10)  BI DIP8 05+ 1. Due to the SCR structure inherent in the CMOS process, connecting any
BI/ (2)  Stresses beyond those listed under "absolute maximum ratings" m
BI0 (2)  BI DIP14 03
BI1 (124)  BI 08+   The following discussion refers to the schematic below. A FET cur
BI2 (4)  2004 !Features 1) Elimination of a transformer enables compact, lightweight po
BI3 (15)  N/A N/A 0250+ The voltage VIN in Figure 1 , on the left side of R1, is the signal volta
BI5 (1)  BI 2008 Note 2: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond which damage to t
BI6 (279)  00+ DIP The active polarity of CLPDM and SHP (active high or active low) can be c
BI7 (11)  BI SOP8L 1991,08 When the output is clamped, the negative input continues to source a sle
BI8 (54)  BI DIP16 07+ Temperature Error Using Remote Diode of 0.13 micron Pentium 4 with typi
BI9 (10)  IC SOP The high frequency oscillator allows the use of small inductors and outp
BIA (4)  PHILPS SMD 03/+04+ Fabricated in high-density CMOS with 5V-tolerant, TTL-compatible digital
BIB (1)  ALCATEL 06+ between the two supply inputs is + 8.0 volts while the minimum voltage
BIC (40)  01+ dresses are stable, the address access time (tAVQV) is equal to the del
BID (4)  光纤 07+/08+ Hynix HYMD264726B(L)8-M/K/H/L series incorporates SPD(serial presence dete
BIE (1)  MICROCHIP 05+ QFN-8P小体 NOTES: 1. Pin is a NC for IDT70V658 and IDT70V657. 2. Pin is a NC for I
BIF (11)  VIA SOP 506 The BIFROSTMLAMAINCONTROLLERBOA is optimized for use as the primary-side
BIH (1)  ST TO-220 All voltage values, except differential voltage, are with respect to netw
BIJ (1)  If the open-load detection bit (OLD) is set to low, a pull-up current for
BIK (1)  92 The Secure Microcontroller Family (DS5000FP, DS5001FP, DS5002FP, and ass
BIL (2)  4096-color STN LCD driver LCD drivers80-commons, 104RGB-segments Display
BIM (5)  N/A PLCC-M32P 07+ The SDA 9401 does a simple 100/120 Hz interlaced (50/60 Hz progressive) sc
BIN (39)  N/A Testing of the switching parameters is modeled after testing methods spec
BIO (20)  AMIS 06+ The TDA8762 is a 10-bit high-speed analog-to-digital converter (ADC) fo
BIP (11)  EN (Pin 3): CMOS-BIPIC0106Kevel Digital Chip Enable Input. BIPIC0106Kogic
BIQ (2)  BI 03+ 2µs Settling to 0.0015% for 10V Step 1LSB Max DNL and INL Over Indu
BIR (13)  SEC SSMD 98 1. 10 X 1000 ms, non−repetitive 2. 1 square copper pad, FR−
BIS (40)  BI The graph shows the boundary conditions which must be used for proper op
BIV (5)  SC QFN 04 INTERRUPT REQUEST: is a level triggered input which is sampled during the
BIX (2)  Thermal fault. All the low-side transistors are turned on, shorting the l
BIZ (1)  . DIP 1987 For a write operation, the X24042 requires a second address field. This
BJ- (6)  220MHz Gain-Bandwidth Product 1500V/µs Slew Rate 6.5mA Supply Curr
BJ0 (20) 
BJ1 (19)  PHILIPS/BD N/A N/A These Schottky chips are de- signed for hybrid applications at DC throug
BJ2 (8)  2B/0805 The EBJ2BROM version of this device, the BJ2B, is available in plastic
BJ3 (9)  The UCC5631A is used in multi-mode active termination applications, whe
BJ4 (4)  BJ N/A 03+ The TPS6102x devices keep the output voltage regulated even when the in
BJ5 (2)  Operating the four memory banks in an interleave fashion allows random ac
BJ6 (7)  N/A Note The Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which the safet
BJ7 (5)  FEATURES   High Ripple Rejection70dB typ. (f=1kHz,Vo=3V Version) &
BJ9 (1)  The bq2014 determines battery capacity by monitoring the amount of charge
BJA (3)  USB D+ signal. PWM2 output (10V open-drain). PWM1 output (5V open-drain)
BJB (3)  PHILIPS/BD N/A N/A This series of hermetically packaged products feature the latest advanced
BJC (1)  The ISL6441 is a high-performance, triple-output controller optimized for
BJD (1)  PHILIPS/BD N/A N/A   Item Power Rating Power Rating Thermal Resistance Resistance R
BJE (4)  N/A SMD 03+ Built-in overvoltage protection prevents the output from going above 115%
BJF (1)  The DSC-544 digital-to-synchro (D/S) converter compliments DDCs low pr
BJG (1)  PHILIPS/BD N/A N/A   Dual 2:1 multiplexer and 1:2 buffer   1C 4 Gbps fully differe
BJH (9)  SGS SOP-7.2mm The DS1554 is in the read mode whenever CE (chip enable) is low and WE (
BJK (3)  PHILIPS/BD N/A N/A The spacings between the request packets are constrained by the followin
BJM (3)    See Table 8 for information on other conversion rates.   Gua
BJN (1)  N3/23 • LCD common output pins. • COM1, COM2, and COM3 are not us
BJP (12)  N/A Single-channel isolated signal-conditioning modules. Accepts outputs fro
BJS (3)  SONY/SAN N/A N/A BOOT BLOCK LOCKOUT DETECTION: A software method is available to determin
BJT (3)  TOSHIBA 03+ • Auto precharge/precharge all banks by A10 flag • Possible t
BJW (2)  PHILIPS/BD N/A N/A   tPHZBus disable time17.5   ns   tPLZSEL to A, B17.0
BJX (1)  ON 2004   - Wiper Movement Control. This input provides for wiper position ch
BJZ (3)  N/A N/A HP  LD3985G12R (*) LD3985G122R (*) LD3985G125R (*) LD3985G135R (*)
BK- (15)  The MAX 7000E devicesincluding the EPM7128E, EPM7160E, EPM7192E, and EPM
BK/ (411)  BUSSMANN D077K18   The 74VCXH16245 is an advanced performance, non−inverting 1
BK1 (89)  TAIYO YUDEN 08+ The operating speed of each receiver and transmitter can be selected in
BK2 (46)  Each channel has a request bit associated with it in the 4-bit Request re
BK3 (15)  N/A   The SY10EP89V is a differential fanout gate specifically designed
BK4 (1) 
BK5 (8)  BELLNIX 07+ A write cycle is accomplished by asserting write enable (WE) and chip ena
BK6 (22)  ASTEC 10 years minimum data retention in the absence of external power Data is
BK7 (3)  1.4 ATM features Adaptation Layers: AAL5 (data), supported in   h
BK9 (9)  The PVN013 Series Photovoltaic Relay at 100 milliohms features the lowe
BKA (28)  2004/ Differential termination for Stratix devices is supported for the left an
BKB (3)  ST N/A 25 mV (or less) For normal line resistances data may be recovered from l
BKC (1)  † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may c
BKD (1)  05+ QFN-16 The ISL6118 current sense and limiting circuitry sets the current limit t
BKF (1)  Finally, the CY7C374i features a very simple timing model. Unlike other
BKG (51)  Stresses above these ratings may cause permanent damage. Exposure to abso
BKH (13)  SDRAM Controller - 32-bit data bus interface - Supports two banks of SDR
BKM (48)  NOTE: Device will meet the specifications after thermal equilibrium has b
BKO (15)  MITSUBISHI TOSHIBA is continually working to improve the quality and reliability of
BKP (16)  TAIYO YUDEN 08+ The ADSP-21262 contains two computational processing ele- ments that ope
BKR (3)  One factor affecting the quality of the CIDCW service is the CPEs CAS spe
BKS (4)  N/A QFP 07+ TIA/EIA-644 Standard Operate With a Single 3.3-V Supply Designed for Sig
BKT (2)  The BKT-03E contains 12 tap cells with 108 12-bit memory locations for ea
BKU (2)  MOT QFP44 07+ HEAT SINKING In addition to assuring that an application does not exceed
BKZ (1)  The following are trademarks of Skyworks Solutions, Inc.: Skyworks®, t
B-L (1)  HIC 2008 For Schottky barrier diodes thermal run-away has to be considered, as in
BL- (102)  ‧Telecommunications (PC, Electronic notepad) ‧Measuring and T
BL0 (41)  BL DIP-24 The TC6501 and TC6503 have an open-drain, active- low output, which targe
BL1 (48)  B 2002 n Memory mapped I/O n Software selectable I/O options (TRI-STATE ®
BL2 (22)  ACX This is often true. With pin 8 shorted to V+, a check on the potentials
BL3 (28)  The HEDS-65xx/HEDL-65xx are high performance two and three channel op
BL4 (7)  06+ SMD Low-power dissipation Operating: 55 mW/MHz (typical) Single power supply
BL5 (29)  88 detection, and an FSK voltage comparator which provides FSK demodulatio
BL6 (4)  Being a member of the switch family provides a number of unique advantag
BL7 (3)  ST BGA 07+ • Fast Write Cycle Time  - Page Program time : 300µs(Typ
BL8 (30)  SCANLOGIE 00+ TQFP0707-48 In addition to the power-on-reset and undervoltage-supervisor function, t
BL9 (10)  02 FEATURES Allows Safe Board Insertion and Removal from a Live   C48
BLA (80)  1 For normal continuous operation. A higher Tj is allowed as an overload
BLB (16)  There are 2 types of data which should be accessed through the serial data
BLC (10)  toko toko dc04   Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability,
BLD (2)  ti ti dc81+ (1) Lead Forming   When forming leads, the leads should be bent at
BLF (112)  N/A N/A N/A Caution: The BiCMOS inherent to the design of this component increases th
BLH (3)  Vcc = 2.3V~2.7V, TA = 0C to 70C, unless otherwise specified   -12
BLK (5)  MINI 08+ The BLK-18 has a dynamic range of 102dB for ADC, 106dB for DAC and is well
BLL (3)  PHI SOT-502A 6 With the circuit modification shown in Figure 2, the trailing black level
BLM (890)  1206 During the pre-equalizing, vertical sync and post equalizing periods, com
BLN (2)  This pin represents the output of the charge pump. The voltage at this pi
BLP (47)  MINI 08+ Asynchronous output enable. OE must be low to read data from the 71V2546/4
BLQ (1)  MURATA Electrically-insulating, thermally-conductive "pads" may be in
BLS (18)  N/A 01+ SOP-8 Each flip-flop can be triggered on either the rising or falling clock ed
BLT (28)  N/A N/A SZ Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which the life
BLU (29)  PH 高频管 N/A The HMU16 has independent clocks (CLKX, CLKY, CLKL, CLKM) associated wi
BLV (95)  PH 高频管 N/A Note 2: When non−modulated signal (optical all high or all low level
BLW (53)  N/A N/A N/A Software Data Protection (SDP) The SST39VF160Q/VF160 provide the JEDEC a
BLX (53)  N/A N/A N/A NOTE: Permanent device damage may occur if Absolute Maximum Ratings are e
BLY (43)    The compensation capacitor is connected between pins 1 and 3 and
BLZ (11)  AVX KYOCERA 04+ The HS-1135RH is a radiation hardened, high speed, low power current fe
B-M (1)  SOP 90 Notes: 1. For codes not listed in the figure above, please refer to the r
BM- (10)  N/A QFP 03+ When VCC is between 0 and 2.1 V, the device is in the high-impedance stat
BM0 (35)  JST 07+ 2500 The intended application of these devices and signaling technique is bo
BM1 (41)  JST 07+ AVDD Current (Normal Mode) AVDD Current (Reduced Power Mode) AVDD Curren
BM2 (31)  BM 2007 TO-263 By means of controlling pin 24 less than 0.5 V, it can make the audio mut
BM3 (18)  I-Cube,Inc PQFP 1999 HIGH to LOW prior to the expiration of the watchdog time out period. Th
BM4 (11)  ZOWIE 99+ ADC data outputs are internally connected directly to the receivers digi
BM5 (13)  ZOWIE QFP 99+ The simplest approach for generating low-current logic levels from an AC
BM6 (17)  OWNS STOCKOWIE 99 An incoming data burst (Figure 2, top) is retrans- mitted as outputs A2
BM7 (15)  NS DIP 93   ON Semiconductors e2 PowerEdge family of low VCE(sat) transistors
BM8 (23)  ASTEC This application note presents the design of a temperature display LIN sl
BM9 (4)  TAIWAN 07+ROHS HY5V22G is offering fully synchronous operation referenced to a positive
BMA (32)  N/A N/A N/A Test Procedure 100% production tested and QA sample tested per QA test p
BMB (19)  0603B The last bit of the slave address defines the operation to be performed.
BMC (27)  bi bi dc03 Each macrocell also generates a foldback product term. This signal goes t
BMD (5)  N/A In the absence of confirmation by device specification sheets, SHARP take
BME (2)  The Asynchronous mode is used for communication with asynchronous termina
BMF (5)  N/A Memories C 8 to 32K dual voltage High Density Flash (HD-   Flash)
BMH (1)  YEON HO 04+ passes through one or more preheat zones. The preheat zones increase the
BMK (10)  A/N 1206-3P Note 2: Operating Ratings indicate conditions for which the device is fun
BML (6)  88 135-mΩ -Maximum (5-V Input) High-Side MOSFET Switch 250 mA Continu
BMM (3)  FAI SOT-23 05+ Bild / Fig. 6 B6 - Sechpuls-Brckenschaltung / Six-pulse bridge circuit H
BMO (1)  NOTES 1All limits at temperature extremes are guaranteed via correlation
BMP (8)  MINI 08+ Flexible 3-Wire Serial Digital Audio Input and  Output Ports Master
BMR (49)  SOT23 00+ The SM561 uses a Cypress proprietary phase-locked loop (PLL) and Spread
BMS (16)  BUJEON 05+ The device fully supports live-insertion with its Ioff and power-up/ dow
BMT (4)  BMT DIP-8 DIP-8 The L5970AD is a step down monolithic power switching regulator with a
BMV (2)  UCC 07/08+ multiplier. This is analogous to using an elephant to carry a twig. It m
BMW (11)  MOT 01/02+ PLCC68 The LT ®1933 is a current mode PWM step-down DC/DC converter with an
BMX (2)  N/A The output stages switch at half the oscillator frequency, in a push-pull
BN- (3)  - - 531 The MT8985 device provides both functions and allows existing systems base
BN/ (5)  ST Tantalum Characteristics Tantalum capacitors with a minimum 10-V rating
BN0 (7)  N/A N/A N/A DP and DM are the high-speed USB signaling pins, and they should be tied
BN1 (24)  STM DIP8 00+ result of the assumptions that VOH = VCC and VTH = 0.5 VCC. In addition
BN2 (12)  The main counter, Nominal Available Capacity (NAC), represents the availa
BN3 (4)  NEC TO-92S Collector-to-Emitter Breakdown Voltage Continuous Collector Current Co
BN4 (3)  solitron solitron dc71 † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may c
BN5 (10)  DIP The high-current-output drivers consist of MOSFET output devices, which s
BN6 (1)  DPSI 06+ Recommended power supply range: 2.0 to 3.4 V 16 Channels 0 dBm nomina
BN7 (1)  3. If an external source backfeeding the regulators output   is gre
BN8 (4)  DIP 9509   Added section 4.15.3 - In-System-Programming (ISP) of FLASH ROM De
BN9 (1)  NS DIP 07+ The internal configuration of the Xinger® balun is diagramed above, t
BNA (3)  2004/ IV Conclusions A silicon bipolar low power LNA for 1.9GHz has been design
BNB (1)  FAIRCHILD 23 Logic input. A low level input turns off the high-side half-bridge MOSF
BNC (11)  N/A 36928 WRITE PROTECTION (WP) If WP is connected to Vcc, PROGRAM operation onto t
BND (4)  MIT QFP/64 Logic Ground Isolation-TTL/TTL, TTL/CMOS, CMOS/ CMOS, CMOS/TTL EIA RS 2
BNH (1)  Inputs contain a jitter-free 19.44 MHz or a 6.48 MHz reference clock when
BNI (3)  AMERICAN Resolution Integral Nonlinearity (fin = 10kHz) Differential Nonlinearity
BNP (10)  murata NOTES: 1. Pins listed as LVTTL inputs will accept 2.5V signals under all
BNR (5)  ST QFP 00 † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may c
BNS (2)    The BNS4308R-102-220 is a programmable interval timer/counter, bi
BNT (10)  ML PLCC44 99+
BNW (1)    The A3946 is designed specifically for applications that req
BNX (13)  MURAT • 8 external analog input channels, two with level   shift in
BO- (1)  MOT 2008 CAPITAL letters are used as subscripts for the desig- nation of static
BO1 (1)  CTI 钢面 08+ Case: JEDEC TO-220AB, ITO-220AB & TO-263AB molded plastic body Term
BO2 (2)  Interrupt Controller C Interrupt control module is responsible for the in
BO3 (3)  MX SOP44 03+
BO5 (2)  N/A QFP The time and date may be set by writing to the RTC registers. To avoid
BO6 (1)  The DSP56800 core is based on a Harvard-style architecture consisting of
BO7 (3)  When a product has been in production for a period of time such that no c
BO8 (3)  COILCRAFT 05+ The BO8TJ has a serial interface designed for daisy-chaining in multi-d
BO9 (2)  XILINX 9314+ Low capacitance 7-fold bidirectional ESD protection diode arrays in small
BOA (5)  M 04+ (according to DIN EN 60747-5-2(VDE0884)/ DIN EN 60747-5-5 pending) see fi
BOB (2)  The device offers stereo line level inputs along with two control input p
BOE (1)  DIP-20 02+ Typical Applications • Vibration Monitoring and Recording •
BOM (1)  This document is a general product description and is subject to change wi
BON (1)  05+ SOP-5 Figure 1 is a simplified block diagram of a subscriber line protection t
BOO (2)  PLCC68 The Intersil SLIC incorporates many of the BORSHT functions on a single
BOS (6)  SIEMENS 08+ The 28F400B3, 28F800/008B3, 28F160/016B3, 38F320/032B3 may contain design
BOT (3)  BUJ 04+ The SR (refer to Figure 4) contains the interrupt mask (seven levels avai
BOW (2)  38 AMIS Although ESD protection circuitry has been designed into the VC-710 proper
BOX (12)  Lamp Type: 1X 32W T8 Lamp Line Input: 90-140VAC/60Hz Interface DALI (
BP- (6)  BKM 2005 Address, data inputs, and all control signals are synchronized to the inpu
BP0 (23)  IT 05/06+ each port are independent of one another and can be asynchronous or coinc
BP1 (66)  Description: The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CMPTA13, CMPTA63 series types are
BP2 (23)  SOP16S 2007+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may c
BP3 (22)  ST N/A This is an analog output which can be used as a reference source and/or
BP4 (33)  ST N/A Information furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurate and re
BP5 (99)  N/A N/A 07+ The equivalent circuit for the sensing element is shown in the figure bel
BP6 (10)  The sealed modules offer a metal baseplate for improved thermal performan
BP7 (4)  1) All in one chip IC incorporating functions of volume, tone,   an
BP8 (18)  PGA 05+ The RESET/OE and CE pins control the tri-state buffer on the DATA output
BP9 (1)  The STTH60L06, which is using ST Turbo 2 600V technology, is specially
BPA (21)  IT 05/06+ Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond which damage to t
BPB (3)  TOSHIBA 03+ 8042 Software Compatible 8 Bit Microcomputer 2k Bytes of Program ROM 25
BPC (24)  HE 08+ Shift Frequency Read Cycle Time Access Time Read Recovery Time Read Pu
BPD (5)  DESCRIPTION The 74V2T241 is an advanced high-speed CMOS DUAL BUS BUFFER
BPE (9)  Each Address ALU can update one address register from its respective addr
BPF (10)  *Note: Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may caus
BPH (9)  N/A 1812 The digital data is supplied to either an AM- or FM-input pin, the outpu
BPI (3)  Notes: 1. Gate Open 2. Measurement using the gate trigger characteristic
BPJ (2)  The FAN53168 features a high bandwidth control loop to provide optimal r
BPL (8)  TI DIP-20 07+/08+ 1. ICC is dependent on output loading when the device output is selected.
BPM (9)  DATEL 模块 08+ SW(Pin 9): This is the drain of the internal NMOS power switch. Minimize
BPN (11) 
BPP (1)  ON SOP-14 04+ Enough current should be supplied into the VCC lead to keep the internal
BPS (7)  ON SOT–223 05+ Load Mux. RRE = "1" and MSE = "1": LDM is an output te
BPT (2)  N/A DIP 1.1 GHz Toggle Frequency Supply Voltage 4.5 to 5.5 V Low Power 4.0 mA Ty
BPV (15)  VISHAY 2006+ • IN-SYSTEM PROGRAMMABLE   3.3V In-System Programmability Us
BPW (64)  ph ph dc90 Parameter Positive Supply Voltage (VCC to GND) Negative Supply Voltage
BPX (41)  金属帽 9819 • Message bit rates up to 1 Mbps • Conforms to CAN 2.0B ACT
BPY (4)  The TPS773xx features an integrated power-on reset, commonly used as a su
BQ- (21)  LED BRIGHT 04+ During discharge and charge, the bq2050H monitors V SR for various thresh
BQ/ (1)  PMI 94 RFM's OPB-series Voltage Controlled SAW Clocks are designed for use in Pha
BQ0 (68)  AVX 07+ The customer¢s voice sources are recorded section by section into an
BQ1 (4)  The HT36A0 is an 8-bit high performance RISC-like microcontroller specifi
BQ2 (1031)  TI SOP-8P 07+ This product features an asymmetrically-blocked architecture providing
BQ3 (74)  02+ Published by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH & Co. OHG Wernerwerkstras
BQ4 (182)  TI 07+ The small package size makes these LEDs prime choices for all backligh
BQ5 (3)  TI SOP-8P 07+ ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive device. Electrostatic charges as
BQ6 (3)  TI SSOP-8 02+ RFMs BQ6257C amplifier-sequenced hybrid (ASH) receivers are specifically
BQ7 (5)  TI 07+ CHIP ERASE: The entire device can be erased at one time by using the 6-b
BQ8 (19)  BENCHMARQ SOP 07+ Maximum output deviation is 10% inclusive of trim. If remote sense is not
BQC (1)  NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed under ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATIN
BQE (1)   P2ROM stands for Production Programmed ROM. This exclusive Oki te
BQF (2)  TOPLINE QFP-132 06+ - Post processing operation : After capturing the full-frame raw data, RP
BQK (1)  05+ QFP Schottky Barrier Diode Characteristics Stripped of its package, a Schott
BQM (1)  The MK3725 is a low cost, high-performance, two output 3.3 Volt VCXO an
BQP (1)  JAT SMA 05+ DESCRIPTION The M27C4002 is a 4 Mbit EPROM offered in the two ranges U
BQW (6)  ADAPTEC TQFP-128 98   The values for the equation are found in the maximum ratings tabl
BQY (1)  PHI 99+ These devices have a certain immunity to fast negative going transients.
BR- (9)  PRONIC N/A The UC385 is easy to use. The adjustable version requires two resistors t
BR0 (7)  The outputs ability to swing rail-to-rail and not increase supply curren
BR1 (69)  PHI SOP 05+ Notes a. Room = 25_C, Full = −40 to 85_C. b. The algebraic conve
BR2 (263)  ROHM CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive device. Electrostatic ch
BR3 (32)  RECTRON/SEP/HY 07+ Figure 9(a) presents the 3-wire serial port protocol. As shown, the 3-wire
BR4 (5)  ST 05/06+ • 8/10-bit A/D converter : 15 channels   • Resolution i
BR5 (6)  ST 07+ While COEF_ADDR (9-7) selects MB0-MB5 for writing, COEF_ADDR (6-0) select
BR6 (41)  RECTRON/SEP/HY 07+   3.5.1 Certification/compliance mark. The certification mark for de
BR7 (11)  4. In the case of CMOS Output Type: The time interval between the rising
BR8 (15)  RECTRON/SEP/HY 07+ The SMJ320C67x DSPs are the floating-point DSP family in the SMJ320C6000
BR9 (234)  ROHM n Window comparison simplifies design of ACPI   compatible temperat
BRA (22)  Hitachi The listed characteristics are ensured over the operating range of the in
BRB (8)  N/A n −40˚C to +85˚C operation n Complete CODEC and filteri
BRC (20)  Hitachi   Swap Drives A and B   Non-Burst Mode DMA Option   Det
BRD (4)  PLCC RAYTHEON 94+ The HYM72V32M656T6 Series are gold plated socket type Dual In-line Memory
BRE (1)  MOT PLCC52 06+ The HAL5xx family consists of different Hall switches produced in CMOS
BRF (40)  SOT23 The L-Series converters utilize a single-ended for- ward topology with
BRG (3)  STANLEY Power down control. When PD is LOW, the inputs are disabled and internal
BRI (8)  Paradise QFP 00+ Electrical Characteristics (Tc=25)   ItemSymbol Collector to Emit
BRO (1)  DIP8 Oscillator Pin. If a single-ended reference is used (such as a TCXO), it
BRP (21)  Internal Timing C With external components as indicated on the application
BRR (3)  LUCENT 2007 Hynix HYMD116725B(L)8J-J series is unbuffered 184-pin double data rate Syn
BRS (27)  LUCENT SOJ 99+ (3) Inductor Selection   A 10uH inductor is recommended for most ap
BRT (133)  INFINEON The CE pin is taken LOW to enable all Playback and Record operations. The
BRU (4)  DESCRIPTION Ground pin. Complement clock of differential SRC clock pair
BRX (7)  ph ph dc00 Note: Stresses greater than those listed under MAXIMUM RATINGS may cause
BRY (27)  金属帽 2R The UVS-312A/313A/315A is 0.3 inch (7.62mm) height single digit display.
BRZ (2)  PHILIPS • 1.25(31.75mm) PCB Height • 168-Pin Unbuffered DIMM with Dou
BS- (70)  LED BRIGHT 04+   Operating temperature range is: C40C to +85C.   Guaranteed b
BS0 (15)  INFINEON SOP-8 04 The speech recognition engine uses sophis- ticated Hidden Markov Models (
BS1 (63)  ON TO-92 07+ The MAX8597/MAX8598/MAX8599 voltage-mode PWM step-down controllers are de
BS2 (38)  BI • 3.3V+0.165V/-0.165V Power Supply. • I/O Supply Voltage 3.3V
BS3 (14)  TOKIN SSOP Note 3: The maximum power dissipation must be derated at elevated tempera
BS4 (2)  LG BGA 05+ Each PIC block encompasses two PIOs (PIO pairs) with their respective sys
BS5 (12)  SHARP 05+ ➀ Typical at TA = +25C under nominal line voltage and balanced &qu
BS6 (727)  BSI TSSOP 04+ NOTES: (1) Junction Temperature = Ambient Temperature for low temperature
BS7 (3)  NS SOP 98+ Receiver data output. RDO is the received data converted back to asynchrn
BS8 (18)  ROHM BGA 01+ DSP CORE FEATURES 6.25 ns Instruction Cycle Time (Internal), for up to
BS9 (21)  NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed under ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATI
BSA (7)  N/A module 2005+ Ready/Busy (RB). Ready/Busy is an open drain output that can be used to
BSB (5)  04+ 2. VIH (max) = 3.0V AC.The overshoot voltage duration is 3ns. 3. VIL (mi
BSC (96)  INFINEON QFN8 Note: 1. A write cycle occurs during the overlap of a low CS and a low WE
BSD (19)  SAMSUNG NA Linearity errors of 0.5 and 1.0 LSB, and Differential Non-linearity to
BSE (6)  The Hitachi HM62V8100I Series is 8-Mbit static RAM organized 1,048,576-wo
BSF (11)  All 5 V tolerant with high sink current Hardware enhanced UART, SMBusT
BSG (2)  PHILIPS BGA 2006+   The TC55VEM208ASTN is a 4,194,304-bit static random access memory
BSH (63)  PHILIPS 05+   Parameter Total Gate Charge (turn-on) Gate - Emitter Charge (tu
BSI (4)  2004PB   2.3 Order of precedence. In the event of a conflict between the te
BSJ (10)  ph ph dc90 Unlike masked or programmable gate arrays, which induce variable delay de
BSK (8)  or Powered-Down Low and Flat ON-State Resistance (ron) Characteristics O
BSL (8)  1.High isolation voltage between input and output (Viso=5000 Vrms). 2.Co
BSM (631)  The M68300 family of integrated processors and controllers is built on an
BSN (49)  PHilip 05+ PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION: The product identifica- tion mode identifies the
BSO (79)  INFINEON SOP8 04+ The CY7C024V/025V/026V and CY7C0241V/0251V/036V are low-power CMOS 4K,
BSP (360)  Infineon SMD8 3 • Wide frequency rangeC122.0MHz to 300.0MHz • User specified
BSR (111)  N/A DIP 07+ (5-V Input and Output Voltages With 3.3-V VCC) Bus Hold on Data Inputs E
BSS (343)  ZETEX 06+ - CONNECTION MEMORY   Data to be output on the serial streams may come
BST (102)  NXP 08+PBF † These characteristics are guaranteed by either production test or
BSU (1)  mouse trak mouse trak dc02 The received digital signal input. Internal 1 M  pullup. A logic
BSV (96)  MOT CAN Atmel Colorado Springs, USA Atmel Nantes, France Atmel Colorado Springs,
BSW (97)  MOTOROLA CAN3 • Low power consumption: STANDBY   - 72 µW max at 3.6V
BSX (150)  PHILIPS CAN3 • Design Flexibility   Common Anode or Common   Cathode
BSY (83)  KRC 金属帽 TOGGLE BIT: In addition to DATA Polling the AT28C010-12DK provides another
BSZ (1)  The ISP1181 is ideally suited for application in many personal computer p
B-T (6)  IGS QFP 97+ UART channel A Receive Data or infrared receive data. Normal receive data
BT- (56)  LED BRIGHT 04+ The application circuits were designed to achieve the optimum combination
BT0 (11)  NHBT DIP DIP DESCRIPTION Positive power supply for the chip CMOS functions High side
BT1 (810)  PHILIPS TO-220 NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Max. or Min., use appropriate value sp
BT2 (129)  batron batron dc99 An external capacitor C is charged and discharged by two cur- rent sourc
BT3 (30)  ph ph dc01 • Fault Protected 16-Channel 12-Bit A/D   Converter with Sampl
BT4 (420)  PLCC PLCC Wide Operating VIN Range: Up to 80V Rugged Architecture Tolerant of 100V
BT5 (12)  N/A N/A N/A Line preamplifier input Line receiver signals are input through a capaci
BT6 (60)  BT PLCC-28 07+ stream into active Message Mode; i.e., the contents of the Connection Me
BT7 (6)  ST SOP-8 The ADP3806 is a complete Li-Ion battery-charging IC. The device combine
BT8 (378)  BT 02+ Excellent performance is maintained to an absolute maximum of 25mA, howe
BT9 (74)  95 The transmitter accepts logic level clock (TCLK), positive data (TPOS) an
BTA (856)  ST TO-220 06+   1.2.1 RHA designator. Device classes Q and V RHA marked devices me
BTB (484)  ST TO-220 06+ 256-position End-to-end resistance 5 kΩ, 10 kΩ, 50 kΩ,
BTC (15)  SIEMENS 07+ Note: All devices contains Access.bus (ACB), Clock and Re- set, MICROWIR
BTD (4)  全宇晰 SOT-23 The temperature of the case should be measured using a thermocou- ple pl
BTE (2)  The target can run disk less, it only needs an ethernet connection The r
BTF (14)  LUCENT SOP 06+ The AT8xC51SND1C provides the necessary features for human interface like
BTG (1)  The Simtek STK14C88-3 is a fast static RAM with a nonvolatile element in
BTH (4)  PH 06+ Output Current (each output)  Power Off Leakage, VCC = 0, C10 V p
BTI (1)  Gain Bandwidth Product: 2 MHz (typ.) Supply Current: IQ = 170 µA
BTL (3)  PHILIPS 2008 Pin driving the discharge-controlling FET (P-ch) Normally "L";
BTM (13)  infineon QFP 03+/04+
BTN (11)  全宇晰 SOT-89 The ISP1521 is a stand-alone Universal Serial Bus (USB) hub controller IC
BTP (11)  BT 06+ Features • High sensitivity (+4dB compared with ICX086AK) •
BTQ (2)   Japan Wide   100k/200k L L H H Dont care Dont care Dont
BTR (10)  NO Low cost Resolution better than 1milli-g at 1Hz Dual axis accelerometer
BTS (552)  INFINEON SMD 02+ Product Description/Features: • Low skew, low jitter PLL clock dri
BTT (13)  batron batron dc94 In order to use the Candy boards, users must have Windows 98 Sec
BTU (4)  7701
BTV (17)  BTV QFP1420-100 95+ The ADE7763 provides a serial interface to read data and a pulse output
BTW (61)  ST 04+ The Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface is a 12-Mb/s or 1.5-Mb/s, multip
BTX (5)  9149 Pin-for-Pin compatible with AMD® Am186ES/188ES devices All features
BTY (2)  Jack(Available) When using the FOD2741, power supply designers can reduce the component c
BTZ (1) 
B-U (1)  The DG308B/309B analog switches are highly improved versions of the ind
BU- (9)  DDC 04+ 4. Designed to meet these characteristics over the stated voltage and tem
BU0 (8)  TOS\AHIT 01+ TO-3 For the system/MAC interface, seamless support is provided for the Motor
BU1 (211)  PHIL/ST/MOT TO-220 07+ The BG-LEDs are packed in cardboard boxes after packaging in anti-electros
BU2 (788)  ROM 2001 SOP Four different schemes are shown in Figures 2, 3, 4, and 5. Note that th
BU3 (243)  RESET: A RESET input pin is provided to ease some sys- tem applications.
BU4 (372)  ROHM Notes: 1. Operation of this device in excess of any one   of these
BU5 (222)  N/A N/A N/A   3.7 Certificate of conformance. A certificate of conformance as re
BU6 (201)  ROHM QFP/56 97+ The IRU1075 is a low dropout three-terminal adjustable regulator with min
BU7 (96)  PHIL/ST/MOT TO-3P 06+ Notice: The information contained in this data sheet pertains to products
BU8 (179)  TO-3P
BU9 (261)  PHIL/ST/MOT TO-3P 06+   October 10, 2001: Revised AC timing characteristics in Tables 5, 6
BUB (6)  ON The CS8920As analog front end incorporates a Manchester encoder/decoder
BUC (5)  QFP 94+   The NJU6673 is a 25-common x 100-segment bit map LCD driver to dis
BUD (45)  FOUR N/A TEL Copies of documents which have an ordering number and are referenced in th
BUE (1)  The customer¢s voice sources are recorded sec- tion by section into
BUF (204)  AD CAN8 The data contained in the data stream can also affect lock time. If a spe
BUG (1)  The data rate is scalable and the ATM protocol is the basis of the broad
BUH (44)  MOT TO-220 04+ A common ground is required between the input and the output voltages. Th
BUJ (34)  PHILIPS TO- There are recommended techniques such as grooves and ribs which may be u
BUK (1251)  N/A FEATURES Laser Trimmed to High Accuracy:   10.000 Volts 5 mV (L and
BUL (184)  ST TO-220 08+ Notes: 1. All InGaN LEDs represented here are IEC825 Class 2. See Applic
BUM (1)  MAL During a reprogram cycle, the address locations and 64 bytes of data are
BUP (91)  N/A TO-220 04+ Electrical & Optical Specifications Specifications hold over the rec
BUR (28)  ST TO-3 Vishay Semiconductors offers a wide range of semi- conductor components
BUS (133)  DDC DIP N/A MAX 7000A devices contain from 32 to 512 macrocells that are combined in
BUT (125)  FSC/PH TO-220 05+ Unless otherwise specified, these specifications apply over V12=12V, V5=5V
BUV (115)  N/A TO-3P 04+ The high-current power driver consists of FET output de- vices, which c
BUW (108)  READ: The AT28C010-12DK is accessed like a Static RAM. When CE and OE are
BUX (171)  ST TO-3 These 8-bit latches feature 3-state outputs designed specifically for dri
BUY (116)  PHIL/ST/MOT TO-3 07+ clock cycle Interleaved auto refresh mode Programmable burst lengths and
BUZ (300)  LINFINEON 03+ 220   There are two limitations on the power handling ability of a tran
BV0 (40)  91   77 instructions   C-Language friendly architecture   PI
BV1 (10)  TO-220 07+ SS (Pin 13) (soft start): SS will remain at Gnd as long as the IC is dis
BV2 (7)  advantage series SOP original stock AEC-Q100† Qualified for Automotive Applications Customer-Specific
BV3 (6)  ST The device is designed to comply with all JEDEC standards set for Synchro
BV4 (6)  HAR TO92 2000 Segment resistors are desirable to minimize power dissipa- tion and chip
BV6 (4)  ROHM 2007 CEL certifies, to its knowledge, that semiconductor and laser products de
BV9 (2)  3.0 to 6.0V Supply Operating Range 8 MHz Maximum Clock Frequency -40 t
BVA (1)  MOT SOP-20 00+
BVC (1)  These enhancement-mode (normally-off) transistors utilize a vertical DMO
BVE (2)  axing axing dc00 Hynix HYMD212G726(L)S4-K/H/L series is designed for high speed of up to 13
BVF (1)  The AD8353 can also operate with a 5 V power supply, in which case no ex
BVH (2)  NEC TSOP 99
BVN (1)  The LTC1051 is available in an 8-lead standard plastic dual-in-line packa
BVP (2)    To prevent oscillations, place the output capacitor between the ou
BVR (1)  N/A N/A  The HYM72V16M636T6 Series are Dual In-line Memory Modules suitable
BVS (8)  PLCC A0, A1, A2, A3 (Pins 2, 3, 21, 22)   Address Inputs. These inputs a
BVT (2)  The SP8480 Series are complete monolithic data acquisition systems, featu
BVU (1)  N/A The RF3315 is a high-efficiency GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor
BVV (11)  The non-overlap time is the time between turning off the conducting pai
BVX (1)  150 µA Typ at 5 V Fast Response Time . . . 200 ns Typ for TTL-Leve
BVY (1)  Collector-to-Emitter Voltage Continuous Collector Current, each IGBT Con
BVZ (1)  This advanced power MOSFET is designed, tested, and guaranteed to withs
B-W (1)    An on chip resistor is provided which can be used to drop the sup
BW- (54)  MINI 08+  ICCMaximum Quiescent Supply Current5.58.080µAVIN = VCC or GND
BW1 (7)  How are these devices different than the other Crystal PCI audio products
BW2 (5)  SOP Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may cause pe
BW3 (4)  SIT 9035 Notes: 1. Failure criterion ; IR > 100 nA at VR = 30 V   2. Plea
BW6 (1)  N/A   2.1 General. The documents listed in this section are specified in
BW8 (1)  ROHM 07+/08+   Parameter Total Gate Charge (turn-on) Gate - Emitter Charge (tu
BWA (2)  NEC DIP 06+   The NL17SZ07 is a high performance single inverter with open drai
BWD (22)  IPD SOP V+ - Is the higher voltage H-bridge supply. The MOSFETS obtain the drive
BWF (1)  Parameter Positive Supply Voltage (VCC to GND) Negative Supply Voltage
BWH (1)  regulator and not to the load. In fact, if R1 is connected to the load si
BWL (2)  NEC TO-92 99 When the APC pin is asserted, the phase build-out function is triggered
BWR (66)  DATEL 00+ 模块  The TOSHIBA products listed in this document are intended for usage
BWS (16)  MINI SOP 98+ I/O READ: I/O Read is a bidirectional active low three-state line. In the
B-X (2)  SEIKO Sampling clock rates can be programmed to 16, 32 or 64K bits/second from
BX- (26)  LED BRIGHT 04+ • Molded epoxy package meets UL94V-0 • Terminals: Solderabl
BX0 (4)  N/A module 2005+ Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appropriate value specified u
BX1 (16)  n/a The transmitter converts electrical PECL compatible serial data (TD and
BX2 (23)  BX 06+ 1300   Motorolas MPXAZ4115A series sensor integrates onCchip, bipolar op
BX3 (14)  high-frequency tube ROHM 04+   •Program control unit (PCU)   •DMA controller (w
BX4 (13)  PULSE 06+ MODULE Appendix B: Manual/Compatibility Mode Demodulator Write and Read Registe
BX5 (2)  ? CWDIP16宽 96 Schmitt trigger inputs on Port G MICROWIRE PLUS serial I O Packages &nb
BX6 (7)  PULSE Test 2 Pin(Internal pull-down pin) Receiver Input 3 with Amp for 0.2Vpp
BX7 (15)  ROHM ZIP-10P电路集成版 6+ The HYM71V653201 H-Series are Dual In-line Memory Modules suitable for eas
BX8 (67)  high-frequency tube ROHM 04+ Notes:  4. Not 100% tested, guaranteed by design.  5. IVDD c
BX9 (1)  N/A 05+ The functionality of each circuit block is customized during configurati
BXA (159)  ARTESYN SOP A decoupling capacitor of 0.01µF must be connected between VDD (p
BXB (103)  N/A The PHY-link interface can follow either the IEEE 1394a-2000 protocol or
BXC (14)  The CXD3027R-1 supports variable playback speeds from 0.5 to 4. This sy
BXF (8)  ARTESYN SOP Removed preliminary. Removed old CP44 pin names and replaced with updated
BXM (1) 
BXN (2)  The clock input is differential and TTL/CMOS-compatible. The 10-bit digi
BXR (1)  Low-power dissipation Operating: 15 mW/MHz (typical) Single power supply
BXT (1)  • High performance ferrite core is used in this epoxy   confor
BXV (5)  VISHAY LL34 The ISSI IS41C82002 and IS41LV82002 are 2,097,152 x 8-bit high-performan
BXX (1)  PB0~PB5 constitute a 6-bit Schmitt trigger input port. Each bit on port ar
BXZ (6)  Philips 2008   Main CLK(Hz)Under 3.58M14.3M   Operating Voltage(min)2.2V3.6V
BY1 (15)  Siemens AG n/a GND HD15 HD14 HD13 3.3V-VDD HD12 HD11 HD10 1.8V-VDD GND HD9 HD8
BY2 (106)  dio n/a   Output Voltage Options: Adjustable, 2.5 V, 3.3 V, 5.0 V, 8.0 V, 10
BY3 (58)  PH 06+ Single Supply for Read and Write: 2.7 to 3.6V (BV), 3.0 to 3.6V (LV) Fast
BY4 (31)  ST TOP220 04
BY5 (34)  VISHAY Output Buffer   The SY88713Vs PECL output buffer is designed to dri
BY6 (2)  DSI n/a The LM135, LM235, LM335 are precision tempera- ture sensors which can b
BY7 (6)  PHILIPS The BY710 is a low-cost, full-speed Universal Serial Bus (USB) RISC-based
BY8 (16)  Jack(Available) The PCA9544A provides four interrupt inputs (one for each channel) and on
BYA (2)  MSOP 6 To increase the flexibility of the device, it contains an Erase Suspend a
BYB (1)  罗姆 06+ † Pulse-testing techniques maintain junction temperature close to a
BYC (20)  NXP 08+PBF program or erase functions are being executed in memory plane A and vic
BYD (113)  ph ph dc95 *Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause per
BYE (1)  GEN TO-220 2000 The coarse and fine mixers can be combined to span a wider range of fre
BYF (6)  DSI n/a Note 5: Dynamic supply current is higher due to the gate charge being de
BYG (131)  VISHAY DO214AC 07 (a) For a dual device surface mounted on 8 sq cm single sided 2oz copper
BYI (2)  N/A N/A N/A Byte write operation is performed by using Byte Write enable (BW) input
BYK (1)  micropackage. The HCC/HCF4000B, HCC/HCF4001B, HCC/HCF 4002B and HCC/HCF4
BYL (1)  PH 04+ AV+,BV+,CV+ - are pins for connecting the tops of each half bridge to th
BYM (140)  gi gi dc95 s Fully complies with Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev. 2.0
BYP (14)  Jack(Available) 1. Life support devices or systems are devices or systems   which,
BYQ (72)  PH/ST TO- The TPS793xx family of low-dropout (LDO) low-power linear voltage regul
BYR (21)  PH/ST TO- The on-chip DPLL meets Telcordia GR-1244-CORE stratum 4 specifications (St
BYS (61)  sie sie dc0503 These Precision Optical Perform- ance AlInGaP LEDs provide superior ligh
BYT (322)  N/A
BYU (3)   P2ROM stands for Production Programmed ROM. This exclusive Oki te
BYV (471)  PH 97+ TO-220 applied to the RESET pin while PWM inputs IN1,...IN6 are held high (off
BYW (283)  ph ph dc02 The CLB can thus be used as an asymmetrical dual-port RAM, with F being
BYX (53)  DSI n/a Codec negative analog output. The DC level is Vcm, and the full-scale ac
BYY (4)  itt n/a 4. Setting possible during non-induction   It is possible to set a
BZ- (51)  MICRO SO 03 n/a The two PWM controllers that regulate the system main 5V and 3.3V voltage
BZ0 (7)  AVX, 法拉电容   Conforms to JEDEC byte-wide standard   Reliable CMOS with MNO
BZ1 (2)  PHI SOP20 04/05+ Notes: 1. Minimum Noise Figure and Associated Gain at Fmin computed from
BZ2 (3)  LL34 The FDC37M81x supports the ISA Plug-and- Play Standard (Version 1.0a) and
BZ3 (1)  The device powers on in the read mode. Command sequences are used to pl
BZ4 (1)  The SPT1175 operates from a single +5 V power supply. AVDD and DVDD must
BZ5 (2)  LMD is the last measured discharge capacity of the battery. On initializa
BZ6 (1)  These capabilities make the FM25L16 ideal for nonvolatile memory applic
BZ7 (2)  TriState The TriState feature puts the LVPECL output driver into a high
BZ8 (4)  MOT SOT-23 Because of the fast rise-time of the ESD transient, placement of PulseGu
BZA (64)  PHI SOP-7.2-20P 6+   The timer function has three main components: an 8-bit basic timer
BZB (39)  PHILIPS n Supports high-efficiency PowerWise Technology   Adaptive Voltage
BZC (4)  intertec intertec dc99 Thermal Data - Thermal Resistances Some thermal data (e.g., junction tem
BZD (223)  ph ph dc02 The treble network consists of R7, R8, R9, R10, C7, C8, C9, and C10. Res
BZE (8)  These signal conditioners are designed to provide an easy and convenient
BZG (483)  VISHAY SMA 04+ The HT24LC08 is an 8K-bit serial read/write non-volatile memory device us
BZH (2)  Note: These are stress ratings only. Stresses exceeding the range specifi
BZM (140)  VISHAY/TFK † Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maximum ratings may c
BZP (12)  MIL-STD-750, method 3131. The maximum limit (not to exceed the group A, s
BZQ (2)  N/A DIP 2006 GENERAL FEATURES Programmable DAC Gain Control Sync Outputs in All Modes
BZT (606)  PHILIPS SOD-57 04+ NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC specifications shown in the
BZU (2)  N/A The transmitter circuitry is disabled under the following conditions: pow
BZV (919)  PHILIPS SOT-89 2
BZW (369)  FAGOR It is not necessary to have a host and target system that are the same ar
BZX (3192)  PHILIPS 04+ TRANSFER FUNCTION TEST A functional diagram of the transfer function tes
BZY (128)  FAGOR Signal Processors (DSPs) TMS320C62x C 5-, 4-, 3.33-ns Instruction Cycle T
BZZ (1)  The TDA8931 is a switching power stage for high efficiency class-D
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