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The SNI consists of five main logical blocks a) the oscillator generates the 10 MHz transmit clock sig-   nal for system timing b) the Manchester encoder and differential output driver   accepts NRZ data from the controller performs Man-   chester encoding and transmits it differentially to the   transceiver c) the Manchester decoder receives Manchester data   from the transceiver converts it to NRZ data and clock   pulses and sends them to the controller d) the collision translator indicates to the controller the   presence of a valid 10 MHz signal at its input
Maximum rating Z092212VSChe maximum ratings are the limit values which must not be exceeded during operation of device. None of these rating value must not be exceeded. If the maximum rating value is exceeded, the characteristics of devices may never be restored properly. In extreme cases, the device may be permanently damages. Lifetime of light emitters If an optical module is used for a long period of time, degeneration in the characteristics will mostly be due to a lowering of the fiber output power (Pf). Z092212VSChis is caused by the degradation of the optical output of the LEDs used as the light source. Z092212VSChe cause of degradation of the optical output of the LEDs may be defects in wafer crystallization or mold resin stress. Z092212VSChe detailed causes are, however, not clear. Z092212VSChe lifetime of light emitters is greatly influenced by the operating conditions and the environment in which it is used as well as by the lifetime characteristics unique to the device type. Z092212VSChus, when a light emitting device and its operating conditions determined, Z092212VSCoshiba recommend that lifetime characteristics be checked. Depending on the environment conditions, Z092212VSCoshiba recommend that maintenance such as regular checks of the amount of optical output in accordance with the condition of operating environment. Soldering Optical modules are comprised of internal semiconductor devices. However, in principle, optical modules are optical components. During soldering, ensure that flux does not contact with the emitting surface or the detecting surface. Also ensure that proper flux removal is conducted after soldering. Some optical modules come with a protective cap. Z092212VSChe protective cap is used to avoid malfunction when the optical module is not in use. Note that it is not dust or waterproof. As mentioned before, optical modules are optical components. Z092212VSChus, in principle, soldering where there may be flux residue and flux removal after soldering is not recommended. Z092212VSCoshiba recommend that soldering be performed without the optical module mounted on the board. Z092212VSChen, after the board has been cleaned, the optical module should be soldered on to the board manually. If the optical module cannot be soldered manually, use non−halogen (chlorine−free) flux and make sure, without cleaning, there is no residue such as chlorine. Z092212VSChis is one of the ways to eliminate the effects of flux. In such a cases, be sure to check the devices reliability. Vibration and shock Z092212VSChis module is plastic sealed and has its wire fixed by resin. Z092212VSChis structure is relatively resistant to vibration and shock. In actual equipment, there are sometime cases in which vibration, shock, or stress is applied to soldered parts or connected parts, resulting in lines cut. A care must be taken in the design of equipment which will be subject to high levels of vibration. Support pins Z092212VSChe optical transmission module Z092212VSC has support pins in order to fix itself to the PCB temporary. Please make the hole for these pins in the PCB under the condition described in board layout hole pattern.
  The Z092212VSC is intended as a general purpose (RC-5) infrared remote control system for use where a low voltage supply and a large debounce time are expected. The device can generate 2048 different commands and utilizes a keyboard with a single pole switch for each key. The command are arranged so that 32 systems can be addressed, each system containing 64 different commands. The keyboard interconnection is illustrated by Fig.1.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
Z092212VSC   Z092212VSC Z092212VSC PDF Download ZiLOG O7+ As the name implies, a limiting amplifier deliver
Z(51VZ)   Z(51VZ) Z(51VZ) PDF Download • Dual voltage monitoring   V2Mon ope
Z/400ML   Z/400ML Z/400ML PDF Download   MultiMediaCard (MMC) Form Factor   S
Z0.2W9.1V   Z0.2W9.1V Z0.2W9.1V PDF Download at 25C and 100C. Increasing the reverse bias wil
Z0003052/24604-3   Z0003052/24604-3 Z0003052/24604-3 PDF Download Note 8: Skew is defined as the absolute value of
Z0020CE   Z0020CE Z0020CE PDF Download 96+ The clock signal connected to this pin is used t
Z0040CE   Z0040CE Z0040CE PDF Download
Z0054877   Z0054877 Z0054877 PDF Download IMPORTANT NOTE: The Virtex-II Platform FPGA data
Z00607   Z00607 Z00607 PDF Download ST 06+ 4000 accuracy on the transmitted signal frequency Str
Z00607DA   Z00607DA Z00607DA PDF Download Soldering/Cleaning Cleaning agents from the ket
Z00607DA1BA2   Z00607DA1BA2 Z00607DA1BA2 PDF Download The RESET/OE and CE pins control the tri-state bu
Z00607MA   Z00607MA Z00607MA PDF Download ST TO-92 07+ The SDA is a Bi-directional pin used to transfer
Z00607MA1   Z00607MA1 Z00607MA1 PDF Download Arbitrary trigger levels for receiver and transm
Z00607MA1BA   Z00607MA1BA Z00607MA1BA PDF Download Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
Z00607MA1BA2   Z00607MA1BA2 Z00607MA1BA2 PDF Download ST TO-92 Data is shifted in on the rising edge of the SI
Z00607MA1-BA2(E)   Z00607MA1-BA2(E) Z00607MA1-BA2(E) PDF Download ST TO 92 07/08+ (see Reference 2 for derivation) where q is the
Z00607MA5BL2   Z00607MA5BL2 Z00607MA5BL2 PDF Download The three transmitter operating modes C transmit
Z00607MA-CN   Z00607MA-CN Z00607MA-CN PDF Download ST TO-92 07+ Clip mounting (on case), where lead does not ove
Z0072CE   Z0072CE Z0072CE PDF Download The advent of cheaper and more powerful personal
Z0072CE(HDK-J)   Z0072CE(HDK-J) Z0072CE(HDK-J) PDF Download SHARP ZIP 07+ 1. For DC outputs, especially those resulting fr
Z0102   Z0102 Z0102 PDF Download ST TO-92 04+ The Z0102 is a single-supply, broadband modem, m
Z0102MA1AA2   Z0102MA1AA2 Z0102MA1AA2 PDF Download This is to advise Samsung customers that in accor
Z0102MN   Z0102MN Z0102MN PDF Download ST SOT-223 05+ The DS4077 is an integrated voltage-controlled cr
Z0103   Z0103 Z0103 PDF Download HAR TO92 2000 Stresses above the ratings listed below can caus
Z0103DA1AA2   Z0103DA1AA2 Z0103DA1AA2 PDF Download ER (error signal) is low when normal operation i
Z0103DN   Z0103DN Z0103DN PDF Download 06+ Chip Enable Input. If logic high, all functions a
Z0103DN5AA4   Z0103DN5AA4 Z0103DN5AA4 PDF Download ST 00+ 3-wire FSK Interface Data (CMOS Output). Mark fr
Z0103DN-5AA4   Z0103DN-5AA4 Z0103DN-5AA4 PDF Download ST TO-223 Agilents HSMS-286x family of DC biased detector
Z0103MA   Z0103MA Z0103MA PDF Download ST sgs dc02 Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
Z0103MA116   Z0103MA116 Z0103MA116 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ Data Inputs/Outputs: Inputs array data during pr
Z0103MA1AA2   Z0103MA1AA2 Z0103MA1AA2 PDF Download ST 06/07+ PARAMETER Reference Voltage Section Fb Voltage
Z0103MA2AL2   Z0103MA2AL2 Z0103MA2AL2 PDF Download Port 2 Port 2 is an 8-bit bidirectional I O port
Z0103MA412   Z0103MA412 Z0103MA412 PDF Download VCC and GND are the supply voltage pins for the
Z0103MA5AL2   Z0103MA5AL2 Z0103MA5AL2 PDF Download ST   Read the contents of the Data Register po
Z0103MN   Z0103MN Z0103MN PDF Download ST SOT-223 An active high input from an external circuit wh
Z0103MN/T3   Z0103MN/T3 Z0103MN/T3 PDF Download All Z0103MN/T3 series models guarantee full 8-bi
Z0103MN135   Z0103MN135 Z0103MN135 PDF Download PHILIPS O7+ 3.6 Link Test and Jabber Logic The link test cir
Z0103MN5AA4   Z0103MN5AA4 Z0103MN5AA4 PDF Download ST 04+ Through in-system programming, connections betwe
Z0103MN5AA4A   Z0103MN5AA4A Z0103MN5AA4A PDF Download sgs sgs dc99
Z0103NA   Z0103NA Z0103NA PDF Download ST 04+ CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electros
Z0103NA1AA2   Z0103NA1AA2 Z0103NA1AA2 PDF Download
Z0103NA2AL2   Z0103NA2AL2 Z0103NA2AL2 PDF Download The ADS821 employs digital error correction to p
Z0103NA5AL2   Z0103NA5AL2 Z0103NA5AL2 PDF Download High performance digital echo circuit thanks to 1
Z0103NN   Z0103NN Z0103NN PDF Download PHILIPS SOT223 It is our intention to provide our valued custom
Z0103NN135   Z0103NN135 Z0103NN135 PDF Download Up to this point the discussion of power consump
Z0103NN5AA4   Z0103NN5AA4 Z0103NN5AA4 PDF Download ST 00+
Z0103SN   Z0103SN Z0103SN PDF Download NEC 06+ Writing to the SRAM is accomplished when the chi
Z0103SN5AA4   Z0103SN5AA4 Z0103SN5AA4 PDF Download ST 00+ MATERIAL: Units are encap- sulated in a low th
Z0105MA   Z0105MA Z0105MA PDF Download tag n/a   DATEL's new DMS-3019X Series, 3½ D
Z0106MA   Z0106MA Z0106MA PDF Download   The safe operating area curves indicate I
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