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Picture Structure Improvement including Color Transition Improvement, Luma Peaking/Coring and Luma Contrast Enhancer H/V format conversion with Zoom In/Out (4x to 1/8x) with H/V decimation Letterbox and 4:3 to 16:9 format conversion with programmable 5-segment Panoramic mode Very flexible Sync Generator for Master and Slave modes by Vsync and Hsync signals generation Progressive Display mode (60 Hz, 50 Hz) for full-screen graphic planes Mosaic mode with up to 16 pictures displayed
Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which the life of the device may be impaired. Note 2: See thermal regulation specifications for changes in output voltage due to heating effects. Load and line regulation are measured at a constant junction temperature by low duty cycle pulse testing. Note 3: Line and load regulation are guaranteed up to the maximum power dissipation (25W for the X10042A in T package and 27.5W for
The X10042A includes a selectable B3ZS/HDB3 Encoder/Decoder (ENDEC). When the ENDEC pin is low, the ENDEC is selected and the receiver generates a composite NRZ logic data following the B3ZS (for DS3/STS-1) or HDB3 (for E3) substitution codes via the RPOS/RNRZ pin as shown below.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
X10042A   X10042A X10042A PDF Download 仙童 袋装 Product Description/Features: • Low skew,
X1004GE   X1004GE X1004GE PDF Download SHARP 5.2.4 Control of Transceiver Chip The ST20196 r
X101151SS   X101151SS X101151SS PDF Download Capacitance measurements shall be made by means
X1011A   X1011A X1011A PDF Download ST 07+ ringing that accompanies fast current transients
X1011CE   X1011CE X1011CE PDF Download SHARP SIP7 TIMING CHARACTERISTICS Serial Control Bus &nbs
X1013G   X1013G X1013G PDF Download 92 The 74HC/HCT4094 are 8-stage serial shift regist
X1014G   X1014G X1014G PDF Download SONY . 6 FEATURES Operates over entire Li+ Battery range
X1021   X1021 X1021 PDF Download 1. Typical characteristics are at TA = 25oC.2. Fm
X10226   X10226 X10226 PDF Download The ZiLOG ZHX1010 SIR transceiver is the ideal ch
X102338-SS   X102338-SS X102338-SS PDF Download TO89 5 (1) Pulsed: Pulse duration = 300 µs, duty
X10-24S03   X10-24S03 X10-24S03 PDF Download HIGH SPEED: tPD = 5ns (TYP.) at VCC = 6V LOW P
X10-24S05/T2   X10-24S05/T2 X10-24S05/T2 PDF Download LAMBDA stock NOTES: (1) Spurious-Free Dynamic Range refers to
X1030CE-752   X1030CE-752 X1030CE-752 PDF Download DIP (5) Capacitor Selection   A low ESR (Equiv
X1030G   X1030G X1030G PDF Download SHARP 93 1. Absolute maximum continuous ratings are those
X1034CE   X1034CE X1034CE PDF Download SHARP Connect control terminal to VIN terminal The qui
X103DM3935C3296   X103DM3935C3296 X103DM3935C3296 PDF Download NOTES: (1) Specifications apply to both DACs. (2
X1042GE   X1042GE X1042GE PDF Download SHARP Read (READ) The READ instruction outputs serial
X105234851   X105234851 X105234851 PDF Download N/A PLCC-28 This IC provides protection for lithium ion batte
X1072   X1072 X1072 PDF Download X SMD PWR 3.3V Analog Power pin for Core PLL   T
X1077   X1077 X1077 PDF Download SHARP DIP 00+ The HYM7V65801B F-Series are Dual In-line Memory
X10771   X10771 X10771 PDF Download • Single power supply: 5 V 10% • Ful
X1077CE   X1077CE X1077CE PDF Download SHARP DIP The CZ80CPU is designed to run at frequencies up
X1078   X1078 X1078 PDF Download Supports bus operation up to 250 MHz Available
X1078CE   X1078CE X1078CE PDF Download SHARP N/A DIP signal processing, and are commonly used in digi
X10EL57   X10EL57 X10EL57 PDF Download ONS SOP16 Note 3: Minimum load current is defined as the mi
X10HF   X10HF X10HF PDF Download The output enable input is active LOW. If the out
X.D.861   X.D.861 X.D.861 PDF Download Once a charge cycle begins, the bq2902 terminates
X.J.861   X.J.861 X.J.861 PDF Download In contrast to the BTS 7710 G, which consists of
X0001   X0001 X0001 PDF Download These parts are designed on an enhanced process
X0001PA   X0001PA X0001PA PDF Download N/A 06+ 500 5VSBY is the bias supply of the ISL6537A. It is t
X0004   X0004 X0004 PDF Download The XC9301/02 series are step-up/down DC/DC conv
X0007   X0007 X0007 PDF Download nRF902 is a single-chip transmitter for the 868 M
X0007TA   X0007TA X0007TA PDF Download HITACHI DIP-16 98 The two PWM controllers that regulate the system
X0018   X0018 X0018 PDF Download SHARP Todo el material que no es necesario fu retirado
X0018PA   X0018PA X0018PA PDF Download HITACHI DIP-14 98 The X0018PA is a high-speed triple 8-bit monolith
X0020   X0020 X0020 PDF Download The ISL6118 is a dual channel, fully independent
X0021   X0021 X0021 PDF Download • CLK: with each cycle of this signal a one-
X0022   X0022 X0022 PDF Download XICOR DIP 04+ The SO-8 has been modified through a customized
X0025CE   X0025CE X0025CE PDF Download
X0028   X0028 X0028 PDF Download . . 2023 135-mΩ -Maximum (5-V Input) High-Side MOSF
X0028AP   X0028AP X0028AP PDF Download SONY . 100 The ADM666A has an additional comparator, C4, th
X0028PA   X0028PA X0028PA PDF Download SONY RFMs amplifier-sequenced hybrid (ASH) transceiver
X0030-2   X0030-2 X0030-2 PDF Download ST 01+ • Internal Avalanche Rugged SenseFET R
X0030-3   X0030-3 X0030-3 PDF Download ST
X0034   X0034 X0034 PDF Download 10-Bit Resolution Non-Linearity: 1/2 LSB to 2 LS
X0035TA   X0035TA X0035TA PDF Download SHARP Unless otherwise noted, a positive logic (active
X0038TA   X0038TA X0038TA PDF Download The CY7C1350G is a synchronous-pipelined Burst SR
X004   X004 X004 PDF Download The ERAL instruction erases the entire 128´
X0040TA   X0040TA X0040TA PDF Download N 06+ 750   © 2002 STMicroelectronics C Printed
X0042CE   X0042CE X0042CE PDF Download
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