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The ISL6440 provides the power control and protection for four output voltages required by microprocessors used in high-performance, graphics intensive gateway applications. The IC integrates a voltage-mode PWM controller and three linear controllers, as well as the monitoring and protection functions into a 28-pin SOIC package. The PWM controller regulates the microprocessor core voltage with a synchronous-rectified buck converter. The linear controllers regulate the computer systems AGP 1.5V or 3.3V bus power, the 1.5V GTL bus power, and the 1.8V power for the North/South Bridge core voltage and/or cache memory circuits. The ISL6440 includes an Intel-compatible, TTL 5-input digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that adjusts the core PWM output voltage from 1.3V DC to 2.05VDC in 0.05V steps and from 2.1V DC to 3.5VDC in 0.1V increments. The precision reference and voltage-mode control provide 1% static regulation. The AGP bus power linear controllers output (VOUT2) is user-selectable, through a TTL-compatible signal applied at the SELECT pin, for levels of 1.5V or 3.3V with 3% accuracy. Based on the status of the FIX pin, the other two linear regulators provide either fixed output voltages of 1.5V3% (VOUT3) and 1.8V3% (VOUT4), or user-adjustable by means of an external resistor divider. All linear controllers can employ either N-Channel MOSFETs or bipolar NPNs for the pass transistor.
First, each operational amplifier can operate with rail to rail input and output voltages. This means the signal input voltage and output voltage can be equal to or near to the positive and negative supply voltages. This feature allows numerous analog serial stages and flexibility in input signal bias levels. Secondly, each device was designed to accommodate mixed applications where digital and analog circuits may operate off the same power supply or battery. Thirdly, the output stage can typically drive up to 50pF capacitive and 10KΩ resistive loads.
Control input to the VCO. This voltage determines the output frequency and is derived from filtering the CPOUT voltage. Internal compensation node. This pin must be decoupled to ground with a 10nF capacitor. Internal compensation node. This pin must be decoupled to VVCO with a 10uF capacitor. VCO output. The output level is programmable from -6dBm to -13dBm. See Page 18 for a description of various output stages. VCO complementary output. The output level is programmable from -6dBm to -13dBm. See Page 18 for a description of various output stages. Charge Pump Ground. This is the ground return path for the charge pump. Digital Ground. Analog Ground. This is the ground return path of the prescaler & VCO.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
X0800   X0800 X0800 PDF Download SHARP 400 00+ DISABLE (Disabled Low) Power Down Supply Curren
X0800CE   X0800CE X0800CE PDF Download SHARP DIP To validate the data transmitted from the bq2022
X0805KRNPO0BN101   X0805KRNPO0BN101 X0805KRNPO0BN101 PDF Download PYHCOMP 805 2. Regularly and continuously improve the perfor
X0805KRNPO0BN470   X0805KRNPO0BN470 X0805KRNPO0BN470 PDF Download YAGEO 805 The LM4953 is an audio power amplifier designed
X0805KRX7R7BB104   X0805KRX7R7BB104 X0805KRX7R7BB104 PDF Download PHYCOMP 805 Hitachi Asia (Hong Kong) Ltd. Group III (Elect
X0805KRX7R9BB103   X0805KRX7R9BB103 X0805KRX7R9BB103 PDF Download YAGEO 805 The MB3836 is a lithium-ion battery protection I
X0822GE   X0822GE X0822GE PDF Download The blocks in the memory are asymmetrically ar-
X0822GE-C22   X0822GE-C22 X0822GE-C22 PDF Download to 30 Mbps Bus-Pin ESD Protection Exceeds 12 kV
X0823   X0823 X0823 PDF Download Exposure of the device under conditions beyond t
X0823GE   X0823GE X0823GE PDF Download SHARP DIP-64 Signal input pin. An internal matching circuit,
X0826QE-C56   X0826QE-C56 X0826QE-C56 PDF Download SHARP DIP64 92+
X0830CE   X0830CE X0830CE PDF Download SHARP DIP Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
X0830TAE02   X0830TAE02 X0830TAE02 PDF Download SHARP BGA 00+ NMOS linear image sensors are self-scanning phot
X0846CE   X0846CE X0846CE PDF Download SHARP . 20 • Ballast control and half-bridge driver in
X0849GE   X0849GE X0849GE PDF Download SOP 98 SelfCTest   The sensor provides a selfCtes
X0852T-528   X0852T-528 X0852T-528 PDF Download SHARP 06+ 3000 *Note: Insert the threshold level suffixes for VC
X0853606PSC   X0853606PSC X0853606PSC PDF Download Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
X0854   X0854 X0854 PDF Download RF Integrated Corp. believes the information pro
X0854CE   X0854CE X0854CE PDF Download SHARP . 40 Low Power Clock For the Bluetooth low power clo
X0854TA016   X0854TA016 X0854TA016 PDF Download SHARP QFP 07+ At both ends of each array and between each resi
X0854TA-016   X0854TA-016 X0854TA-016 PDF Download SHARP QFP 2001 Quickly pulling and holding any of these pins ab
X085K31   X085K31 X085K31 PDF Download MOT SOP N/A VCO tank VCO tank Internally connected Lock-de
X08-70372   X08-70372 X08-70372 PDF Download The UCC3941 family of low input voltage single i
X0870TA   X0870TA X0870TA PDF Download SHARP 2000+ BGA Port 2: Port 2 is an 8-bit bidirectional I/O port
X0870TA-E10   X0870TA-E10 X0870TA-E10 PDF Download After each 24-hour period has elapsed, the batter
X0880   X0880 X0880 PDF Download SHARP DIP 00+ In the external oscillator mode the external sou
X0880CE   X0880CE X0880CE PDF Download SHARP DIP All outputs skew <100 ps typical (250 max.) 1
X0883GE   X0883GE X0883GE PDF Download DIP   The X0883GE is specifically designed to m
X0894TA-A09   X0894TA-A09 X0894TA-A09 PDF Download SHARP BGA 2001 Bild / Fig. 6 B6 - Sechpuls-Brckenschaltung / Si
X08K06   X08K06 X08K06 PDF Download MOT When executing a jump instruction, conditional sk
X08K07   X08K07 X08K07 PDF Download MOT SOP N/A When the recommended transformer is used and the
X08K11   X08K11 X08K11 PDF Download MOT SOP N/A • Two digitally controlled potentiometers a
X08K18   X08K18 X08K18 PDF Download MOTO 00
X08K31   X08K31 X08K31 PDF Download MOTOROLA The HR700 Series of DC/DC converters has an uppe
X08K40   X08K40 X08K40 PDF Download MOT With the sense leads connected, the difference b
X.D.861   X.D.861 X.D.861 PDF Download Once a charge cycle begins, the bq2902 terminates
X.J.861   X.J.861 X.J.861 PDF Download In contrast to the BTS 7710 G, which consists of
X0001   X0001 X0001 PDF Download These parts are designed on an enhanced process
X0001PA   X0001PA X0001PA PDF Download N/A 06+ 500 5VSBY is the bias supply of the ISL6537A. It is t
X0004   X0004 X0004 PDF Download The XC9301/02 series are step-up/down DC/DC conv
X0007   X0007 X0007 PDF Download nRF902 is a single-chip transmitter for the 868 M
X0007TA   X0007TA X0007TA PDF Download HITACHI DIP-16 98 The two PWM controllers that regulate the system
X0018   X0018 X0018 PDF Download SHARP Todo el material que no es necesario fu retirado
X0018PA   X0018PA X0018PA PDF Download HITACHI DIP-14 98 The X0018PA is a high-speed triple 8-bit monolith
X0020   X0020 X0020 PDF Download The ISL6118 is a dual channel, fully independent
X0021   X0021 X0021 PDF Download • CLK: with each cycle of this signal a one-
X0022   X0022 X0022 PDF Download XICOR DIP 04+ The SO-8 has been modified through a customized
X0025CE   X0025CE X0025CE PDF Download
X0028   X0028 X0028 PDF Download . . 2023 135-mΩ -Maximum (5-V Input) High-Side MOSF
X0028AP   X0028AP X0028AP PDF Download SONY . 100 The ADM666A has an additional comparator, C4, th
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