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Each red, green and blue current output should have a load resistor connected to AVDD. The resistors are typically 75 Ω and should be kept in the 72 Ω to 85 Ω range. The outputs should drive a high impedance load such as a voltage follower.
To be in regulation, minimum VIN1 (or VIN2) must be greater than VOUT1,NOM (or VOUT2,NOM) by an amount determined by external components. Minimum VIN3 = VOUT3 + VDO or 2.2V, whichever is greater. Maximum VOUT is dependent on external components and will be less than VIN. Depends on external components.
The X0670GE provides an on-chip MIB statistics register to collect, receive, and transmit statistics for each port. Additionally it provides direct hardware support for the EtherLike MIB, Bridge MIB, MIB II (interfaces) and the first four groups of the RMON MIB. All nine groups of RMON can be supported by using additional capabilities, such as port mirroring/snooping, together with an external microcontroller to process some MIB attributes. The MIB registers can be accessed through the serial management port by an external microcontroller.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
X0600   X0600 X0600 PDF Download SHARP DIP 00+ The Si3038 is an integrated direct access arrange
X0600CE   X0600CE X0600CE PDF Download SHARP DIP The POR function initiates the soft-start sequen
X0600CE-6G   X0600CE-6G X0600CE-6G PDF Download Notes: 1. Standard Deviation and Typical Data b
X0602GE   X0602GE X0602GE PDF Download SHARP DIP 0150+ High resolution ADC   24 bits no missing co
X0602MA   X0602MA X0602MA PDF Download ST . N/A Tip provides half of the two-wire connection to
X06039B   X06039B X06039B PDF Download FAICHILD TO92 (AVDD = DVDD = PVDD = 3V, AGND = DGND = PGND = 0,
X0603KRNPO0BN101   X0603KRNPO0BN101 X0603KRNPO0BN101 PDF Download YAGEO 603 Single power supply. Crystal/Ring oscillator opt
X0603KRX7R0BB103   X0603KRX7R0BB103 X0603KRX7R0BB103 PDF Download YAGEO 603 Digital ground reference. Connected to externa
X0603KRX7R6BB104   X0603KRX7R6BB104 X0603KRX7R6BB104 PDF Download YAGEO 603   The S5K433CA and S5K433LA are highly inte
X0605MA   X0605MA X0605MA PDF Download ST . N/A HY57V56820 is offering fully synchronous operatio
X0607   X0607 X0607 PDF Download The leading edge of the input signal (which cons
X0607C   X0607C X0607C PDF Download Interrupt active low open-drain output. This out
X0607GE   X0607GE X0607GE PDF Download SHARP The MX98715A contains a PCI local bus glueless i
X0608GE   X0608GE X0608GE PDF Download TOSHIBA is continually working to improve the qu
X0608GE-072   X0608GE-072 X0608GE-072 PDF Download manage the transfer of data between the DQA/DQB
X0609GE   X0609GE X0609GE PDF Download SHARP DIP-64 01+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
X0610GE   X0610GE X0610GE PDF Download SHARP DIP 90+ Finally, trimming the various pins for lowest di
X06116   X06116 X06116 PDF Download The UCODE HSL IC (UCODE High frequency Smart Labe
X0612   X0612 X0612 PDF Download This asynchronous input halts AGP clocks at logi
X0612A   X0612A X0612A PDF Download ST 07+ Current Output Models Two settling times are spe
X0612GE   X0612GE X0612GE PDF Download SHARP 95+ 73
X0613A   X0613A X0613A PDF Download ST • Serial Presence Detect with Serial E2PROM
X0615A   X0615A X0615A PDF Download ST 01+ Ultra low dropout voltage (110 mV @ 1.5A typ) L
X0615C   X0615C X0615C PDF Download ST 07+ Notes: 1. Test conditions assume signal transit
X0616GE   X0616GE X0616GE PDF Download SHARP QFP The Discharge Count Register (DCR) is used to upd
X0626GE   X0626GE X0626GE PDF Download SHARP . 5 Continuous over-current loads will cause the part
X0635CE   X0635CE X0635CE PDF Download 98   C Three I/O Ports   C Two 16-bit Tim
X0640   X0640 X0640 PDF Download SHARP 05+/06+ The AD5379 contains 40, 14-bit DACs in one CSPBG
X06401588CR12T04NJ22K   X06401588CR12T04NJ22K X06401588CR12T04NJ22K PDF Download The A8430 uses a constant-frequency, current-mod
X0640C   X0640C X0640C PDF Download SHARP SIL-7 01+ The Hynix HYM4V33100DTYG Series are 1Mx16bits Syn
X0640CE   X0640CE X0640CE PDF Download SHARP 1450 The bq2085 contains 512 bytes of internal data f
X0646GE   X0646GE X0646GE PDF Download SHARP 92+ DIP/64 The Master begins a transmission by sending a ST
X0652AAH   X0652AAH X0652AAH PDF Download SRAM Compliant with PCI Specification, Revision
X0670GE   X0670GE X0670GE PDF Download SHARP The SO-8 has been modified through a customized l
X0670QE   X0670QE X0670QE PDF Download Sharp 94 TOSHIBA is continually working to improve the qu
X0683GE   X0683GE X0683GE PDF Download SHARP 92+ DIP/64
X0684   X0684 X0684 PDF Download Clocks in the ispLSI 2096VL device are selected
X0684GE   X0684GE X0684GE PDF Download SHARP 91+ 67 The TS5A23159 is a dual single-pole double-throw
X0684GE-121   X0684GE-121 X0684GE-121 PDF Download Data Output Bit 10 Data Output Bit9 Data Outp
X0685   X0685 X0685 PDF Download SHARP DIP 03+
X0685CE   X0685CE X0685CE PDF Download SHARP . 20 Excellent power supply ripple rejection for VIN
X0687CE   X0687CE X0687CE PDF Download SHARP The sync-signal generator uses signals VS and BL
X0688GE   X0688GE X0688GE PDF Download SHARP DIP-52 95+ Note 5: A military RETS specification is availabl
X0692   X0692 X0692 PDF Download The instruction that sets PCON.0 is the last ins
X0692CE   X0692CE X0692CE PDF Download SHARP DIP-28 92+ Full Duplex LED Before link OK, this pin is tri-
X0693GE   X0693GE X0693GE PDF Download SHARP DESCRIPTION The 74LVX16373 is a low voltage CMO
X0696GE   X0696GE X0696GE PDF Download 91+ 1440 THERMAL EFFECTS Internal heating can have a sig
X0698GE   X0698GE X0698GE PDF Download DIP All parameters, unless otherwise specified, are m
X.D.861   X.D.861 X.D.861 PDF Download Once a charge cycle begins, the bq2902 terminates
X.J.861   X.J.861 X.J.861 PDF Download In contrast to the BTS 7710 G, which consists of
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