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CapabilitiesLogic Analyzer State per clock modeprovides a Configurations complete display of all bus activi- Includes all Intel486 processors ty, including wait states, idlelisted above states, and cache invalidation•HP 16511B†† cycles.   •HP 16540A, D with two State per transfer mode filters HP 16541A, D cards out wait and idle states , provid- •HP 16550A (one card required)   •HP 16554A (two cards required)ing an easier to read display.    •HP 16555A (two cards required) Timing mode timing analysis is   •HP 16556A (two cards required) supported up to 500 MHz. Channel-to-channel skew is 1 ns. •HP 1660-series
SET (Pin 3): Frequency-Setting Resistor Input. The value of the resistor connected between this pin and V+ deter- mines the oscillator frequency. The voltage on this pin is held by the LTC6900 to approximately 1.1V below the V+ voltage. For best performance, use a precision metal film resistor with a value between 10kΩ and 2MΩ and limit the capacitance on this pin to less than 10pF.
Notes: 5. CX1 must be placed within 0.7 cm of the X0313CE to obtain optimum noise immunity. 6. In environments with noisy power supplies, supply rejection performance can be enhanced by   including CX2, as shown in X0313CE Functional Block Diagram in page 3.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
X0303DG   X0303DG X0303DG PDF Download N/A PHILIPS 04+   When handling individual devices (which a
X0303MG   X0303MG X0303MG PDF Download tag tag dc86 b Shift right examine and correct after each shi
X0304   X0304 X0304 PDF Download All rights reserved. Copyright ©1999 Elm El
X0304CE   X0304CE X0304CE PDF Download SHARP 652 All electrical characteristics are subject to th
X0305   X0305 X0305 PDF Download NOTES 1Sample tested during initial release and
X0305BG   X0305BG X0305BG PDF Download N/A N/A N/A − Conforms to USB specification Rev. 1.1
X0306   X0306 X0306 PDF Download SHARP DIP • High-performance RISC CPU • Only
X0306GE   X0306GE X0306GE PDF Download SHARP The disk drive adapter functions of W83877ATF inc
X031041T4   X031041T4 X031041T4 PDF Download For the pre-recorded voice prompts, the Philips
X0311   X0311 X0311 PDF Download SHARP DIP 00+ The CS4271s wide dynamic range, negligible distor
X0311CE   X0311CE X0311CE PDF Download SHARP asynchronous communications. The 73K322L is desi
X0313CE   X0313CE X0313CE PDF Download N Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
X0319GE   X0319GE X0319GE PDF Download SHARP DIP 98+ Acknowledge Polling Since the device will not ac
X0322   X0322 X0322 PDF Download MM1231, and BA7602 VCC Operating Range From 4.5
X0322GE   X0322GE X0322GE PDF Download SHARP Max. UnitsConditions  77IC = 17A  12n
X0324BG   X0324BG X0324BG PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   VCCI is the VCC associated with the data
X0325TA   X0325TA X0325TA PDF Download SHARP QFP-80 ware reset to ensure that no spurious alteration
X0327BG   X0327BG X0327BG PDF Download N/A N/A N/A BENEFITS High efficiency EMI filtering (-40db
X03280S3M2   X03280S3M2 X03280S3M2 PDF Download Bounce-Free Operation 1010 Off-State Resistanc
X033HN   X033HN X033HN PDF Download SAMSUNG 4532 05+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
X0340GE   X0340GE X0340GE PDF Download SHARP 99   Lead temperature soldering 1,6 mm (1/16 i
X03410-02140-030   X03410-02140-030 X03410-02140-030 PDF Download   The Samsung M390S2858CT1 is a 128M bit x
X0346GE   X0346GE X0346GE PDF Download SHARP 98+ DIP-64 Thermally the power module can be considered as a
X03480   X03480 X03480 PDF Download The ML2250 family is a 2-channel mixing speech s
X034BN   X034BN X034BN PDF Download SANYU
X034CE   X034CE X034CE PDF Download Three status indicators on the keyboard-Num Lock,
X0352GE   X0352GE X0352GE PDF Download SHARP 96+ 38 The LTC®4244/LTC4244-1 are Hot SwapTM control
X0354GE   X0354GE X0354GE PDF Download SHARP DIP-64 93+ WRITE PROTECTION (WP) If WP is connected to Vcc,
X0355   X0355 X0355 PDF Download 1.) When operated within the SAFE OPERATING AREA
X0355CE   X0355CE X0355CE PDF Download SHARP The EM39LV040 is a 4M bits Flash memory organized
X0358GE   X0358GE X0358GE PDF Download SHARP 97+ DIP/30 1. Ultra-low current consumption 2. Low operatin
X036   X036 X036 PDF Download The blanking control input on the hexadecimal
X0362GE   X0362GE X0362GE PDF Download SHARP DIP-64 97+ Note: Stresses greater than those listed under M
X0363GE   X0363GE X0363GE PDF Download SHARP 96+ DIP/64 DC Bus VoltageVDC DC Bus Voltage (surge)VDC(Surg
X0365   X0365 X0365 PDF Download SHARP Eight GLBs, 16 I/O cells, two dedicated inputs a
X0365C   X0365C X0365C PDF Download SHARP The value of LCOMP will vary depending on the PC
X0367GE   X0367GE X0367GE PDF Download SHARP 96+ DIP/64
X0369GE   X0369GE X0369GE PDF Download SHARP DIP-64 97+ ones and six zeros switching at the input clock
X0370GE   X0370GE X0370GE PDF Download SHARP 91+ DIP/64 In this mode, CS is inactive (high) between seri
X0371   X0371 X0371 PDF Download The information provided herein is believed to be
X0372CE   X0372CE X0372CE PDF Download SHARP DIP-24 We developed this new Type 1/1.8 5M-pixel CCD to
X0376GE   X0376GE X0376GE PDF Download SHARP DIP Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
X037DRECNA40M/X0SM-57340MARED06E4   X037DRECNA40M/X0SM-57340MARED06E4 X037DRECNA40M/X0SM-57340MARED06E4 PDF Download VHY SMD 6 Note 12: Electrical Characteristic table reflects
X0387   X0387 X0387 PDF Download
X0387GE   X0387GE X0387GE PDF Download Laser wafer trimming insures full 12-bit lineari
X.D.861   X.D.861 X.D.861 PDF Download Once a charge cycle begins, the bq2902 terminates
X.J.861   X.J.861 X.J.861 PDF Download In contrast to the BTS 7710 G, which consists of
X0001   X0001 X0001 PDF Download These parts are designed on an enhanced process
X0001PA   X0001PA X0001PA PDF Download N/A 06+ 500 5VSBY is the bias supply of the ISL6537A. It is t
X0004   X0004 X0004 PDF Download The XC9301/02 series are step-up/down DC/DC conv
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