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Notes: 1. Functional and tested operating conditions are given in Table 2. Absolute maximum ratings are stress ratings only,   and functional operation at the maximums is not guaranteed. Stresses beyond those listed may affect device   reliability or cause permanent damage to the device. 2. PCI inputs with LVDD = 5 V 5% V DC may be correspondingly stressed at voltages exceeding LVDD + 0.5 V DC.
The X0213TA-904 is a watchdog timer IC that monitors a microprocessor for runaway. In addition to the watchdog timer function, the X0213TA-904 also provides a function for supplying a high-precision stabilized power supply to the microprocessor, a power on reset function, a power supply voltage monitoring function, and a fail-safe function that masks the microprocessor outputs if a runaway is detected.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
X0200   X0200 X0200 PDF Download To support live insertion, OEB0 is held Low duri
X02001-12135-100   X02001-12135-100 X02001-12135-100 PDF Download Two non-inverting drivers provide buffering for
X02014-007   X02014-007 X02014-007 PDF Download The pulse width is controlled by means of an ext
X0202   X0202 X0202 PDF Download UTC 07+ Notes a. Not to exceed TPULSE = 50 ns. b. Requ
X0202A   X0202A X0202A PDF Download UTC 07+ • Interfaces directly to a single-scan pan
X0202BN   X0202BN X0202BN PDF Download ST 98 Operating voltage: C 2.4V~5V for the HT12A/B/C
X0202BN5BA4   X0202BN5BA4 X0202BN5BA4 PDF Download 500V, 50 Amp Capability at 110C Fully Isolated B
X0202BN6BA4   X0202BN6BA4 X0202BN6BA4 PDF Download SOT-223 GAPPED MODELS: Capable of handling large amounts
X0202BN6BA41A   X0202BN6BA41A X0202BN6BA41A PDF Download ST 223 At the moment the supply voltage on pin VDD or H
X0202DA   X0202DA X0202DA PDF Download tag n/a Notes:  5. BUSY pin only.  6. Durati
X0202DA1BA2   X0202DA1BA2 X0202DA1BA2 PDF Download ST TO-92 00 As an alternative to a full chip erase, the devi
X0202DA-1BA2   X0202DA-1BA2 X0202DA-1BA2 PDF Download ST TO-92 04+ INITIALIZATION   During the microprocessor
X0202DA1BA2FRM/D007   X0202DA1BA2FRM/D007 X0202DA1BA2FRM/D007 PDF Download Hynix HYMD132725B(L)8J-J series is designed for h
X0202DA2AL2   X0202DA2AL2 X0202DA2AL2 PDF Download ST TO-92 99 rejection, when an erroneous result occurs, the s
X0202DA5BL2   X0202DA5BL2 X0202DA5BL2 PDF Download Cypress Semiconductor Corporation products are
X0202MA   X0202MA X0202MA PDF Download ST . N/A (0.5V) and the very low supply current make it
X0202MA/1BA2   X0202MA/1BA2 X0202MA/1BA2 PDF Download • Low forward voltage • Very high
X0202MA1BA2   X0202MA1BA2 X0202MA1BA2 PDF Download
X0202MA2BL2   X0202MA2BL2 X0202MA2BL2 PDF Download   The X0202MA2BL2 is a specialized oscillat
X0202MA-2BL2   X0202MA-2BL2 X0202MA-2BL2 PDF Download Changed Boundary Scan Information and changed Fi
X0202MN   X0202MN X0202MN PDF Download ST 05+ When V CC is out of tolerance, the circuit write
X0202MN/5BA4   X0202MN/5BA4 X0202MN/5BA4 PDF Download   Burst mode operation   Auto & se
X0202MN5AA4   X0202MN5AA4 X0202MN5AA4 PDF Download The HD66764 is a common-driver LSI for systems w
X0202MN5BA4   X0202MN5BA4 X0202MN5BA4 PDF Download ST SOT-223 05+ The major functional blocks of the PSD3XX includ
X0202MN-5BA4   X0202MN-5BA4 X0202MN-5BA4 PDF Download ST TO-223 04+ The A-to-B enable (CEAB) input must be low in o
X0202MN5BA4/A   X0202MN5BA4/A X0202MN5BA4/A PDF Download Users access 32,768 memory locations each with 8
X0202MN5BA4/X2M   X0202MN5BA4/X2M X0202MN5BA4/X2M PDF Download ST SOT-223  TOSHIBA is continually working to improve
X0202MN-5SA4   X0202MN-5SA4 X0202MN-5SA4 PDF Download ST TO-223 Electrical Characteristics AVIN = PVIN = 5V unles
X0202NA   X0202NA X0202NA PDF Download The information provided herein is believed to be
X0202NA1BA2   X0202NA1BA2 X0202NA1BA2 PDF Download sgs sgs dc07 Accuron, Application Maestro, dsPICDEM, dsPICDEM
X0202NN   X0202NN X0202NN PDF Download ST SOT-223 06   This device is intended specifically for,
X0202NN5BA4   X0202NN5BA4 X0202NN5BA4 PDF Download ST SOT223 02+ EAOUT: Error Amplifier Output. It is also connect
X0202T/B   X0202T/B X0202T/B PDF Download   Output Drive Capability: 15 LSTTL Loads &
X0202T/R   X0202T/R X0202T/R PDF Download The Philips Semiconductors FAST loads solve this
X0203   X0203 X0203 PDF Download Feedback. Input to the error amplifier. For the A
X0203DA   X0203DA X0203DA PDF Download ST TO-92 00+ BRIGHT RED (GaP) BRIGHT RED (GaP) BRIGHT RED (G
X0203MA   X0203MA X0203MA PDF Download ST TO-92 04+ This pin adjusts the threshold level and the def
X0203MA1BA2   X0203MA1BA2 X0203MA1BA2 PDF Download Since the device will not acknowledge during a wr
X0203MA2BL2   X0203MA2BL2 X0203MA2BL2 PDF Download ST TO-92 01 VCC 2.7V VCC < 2.7V VCC 2.7V VCC < 2.7
X0203NA   X0203NA X0203NA PDF Download INTRODUCTION National Semiconductor (NSC) is co
X0203NA1BA2   X0203NA1BA2 X0203NA1BA2 PDF Download Specifications will vary with foreign stan
X0203NN   X0203NN X0203NN PDF Download ST SOT-223 03+/04+ The CMX866 shares internal register addresses and
X0203NN5AA4   X0203NN5AA4 X0203NN5AA4 PDF Download SGS N/A N/A 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
X0204   X0204 X0204 PDF Download ST TO-92 0 The DM9601 provides USB transceiver which is comp
X02046-002   X02046-002 X02046-002 PDF Download MICROSOF BGA 05+ The X02046-002 device utilizes DirectFET TM pack
X02046-003   X02046-003 X02046-003 PDF Download BGA Microsoft 05+ • Pin compatible with bipolar FAST™
X02047-012   X02047-012 X02047-012 PDF Download Microsoft 07+ The AT49BV16X4(T) is 2.7 to 3.6 volt 16-megabit
X02047-012B-GO   X02047-012B-GO X02047-012B-GO PDF Download N/A N/A 2006+   Release 99 EDGE/GPRS/GSM protocol stack
X02056-010   X02056-010 X02056-010 PDF Download BGA Microsoft 05+ To generate low and high tones for the ringing s
X02056-011   X02056-011 X02056-011 PDF Download BGA The power good signal generator is to monitor th
X02056-012   X02056-012 X02056-012 PDF Download MICROSOF BGA 05+ The PKF series of DC/DC power modules are manufac
X0205DA5BL2   X0205DA5BL2 X0205DA5BL2 PDF Download The HYM72V12C736B(L)S4 Series are 128Mx72bits ECC
X0205DA5BL2(PRFMD)   X0205DA5BL2(PRFMD) X0205DA5BL2(PRFMD) PDF Download Highly specialized electronic sensors have been d
X0205DA9BL2   X0205DA9BL2 X0205DA9BL2 PDF Download Any data, prices, descriptions or specifications
X0205DA9BL2(2K/RL)D/C98   X0205DA9BL2(2K/RL)D/C98 X0205DA9BL2(2K/RL)D/C98 PDF Download The CAT64LC10/20/40 is a 1K/2K/4K-bit Serial EEP
X0205DAB   X0205DAB X0205DAB PDF Download For CD signal output, set parameters OT for outpu
X0205MA   X0205MA X0205MA PDF Download ST 08+ Programmable LVDS amplitude (VOD) and LVDS offse
X0205MA1BA2   X0205MA1BA2 X0205MA1BA2 PDF Download SGS 117 Parameter Supply Voltages   Positive Suppl
X0205MA2BL2   X0205MA2BL2 X0205MA2BL2 PDF Download STM 07+ As shown in the Block Diagram, the circuit is co
X0205MN   X0205MN X0205MN PDF Download The AHC139 devices are dual 2-line to 4-line dec
X0205MN5BA4   X0205MN5BA4 X0205MN5BA4 PDF Download ST - Pin-compatible upgrade of TMC2242B User-selectab
X0205NA   X0205NA X0205NA PDF Download ST TO-92 Built-in input signal filter, with fi
X0205NA/1BA2   X0205NA/1BA2 X0205NA/1BA2 PDF Download The X0205NA/1BA2 is a configurable dual-voltage-
X0205NA1BA2   X0205NA1BA2 X0205NA1BA2 PDF Download ESD damage can range from subtle performance deg
X0205NN   X0205NN X0205NN PDF Download 2. The maximum rated output power for this serie
X0205NN5BA4   X0205NN5BA4 X0205NN5BA4 PDF Download ST SOT-223 04+ Users expect several obvious system benefits fro
X0211GE   X0211GE X0211GE PDF Download SHARP RST Reset input A high on this pin for two machi
X0212   X0212 X0212 PDF Download SHARP DIP 00+   The NCP5314 provides full−featured
X0212CE   X0212CE X0212CE PDF Download SHARP DIP-42 execute the command. The contents of the register
X0212CEE   X0212CEE X0212CEE PDF Download SHARP DIP-42 02+   The MAX3873A successfully meets the quali
X0213   X0213 X0213 PDF Download The Am29DS323D family consists of 32 megabit, 1.
X0213TA-904   X0213TA-904 X0213TA-904 PDF Download AT&T QFP64 The SN74CBT3125C is a high-speed TTL-compatible
X02146/40.OOOMHZ   X02146/40.OOOMHZ X02146/40.OOOMHZ PDF Download   Eco Plan - The planned eco-friendly class
X02175-40.0000MHZ   X02175-40.0000MHZ X02175-40.0000MHZ PDF Download Note 9: The 1µA limit is based on a testing
X0219   X0219 X0219 PDF Download In addition to the savings resulting from reduce
X0220GE   X0220GE X0220GE PDF Download SHARP DIP-16 The Timing and Watchdog Module (TWM) contains a
X0220N-PGM   X0220N-PGM X0220N-PGM PDF Download JAT SOT-223 04+ Provides RF Uart Functions, 12 Bit Symbols to Se
X0221AA1   X0221AA1 X0221AA1 PDF Download N/A ST 04+ Output Enable, active Low. This input must be ass
X0222   X0222 X0222 PDF Download Parameter Relay Portion (Pins 15,16)   Out
X0222GE   X0222GE X0222GE PDF Download SHARP 652 The HC4066 and CD74HCT4066 contain four independ
X0223CE   X0223CE X0223CE PDF Download SHARP DIP
X0223CE-3G   X0223CE-3G X0223CE-3G PDF Download The MAX8586 single current-limited switch control
X0223CE-3K   X0223CE-3K X0223CE-3K PDF Download 1. Life support devices or systems are devices or
X0223CE-3L   X0223CE-3L X0223CE-3L PDF Download The CY7C4261/71/81/91V consists of an array of 1
X0223CE-4C   X0223CE-4C X0223CE-4C PDF Download  3.3V tolerant input for CPU frequency selec
X0223CE-4D   X0223CE-4D X0223CE-4D PDF Download
X0225   X0225 X0225 PDF Download SHARP 50 SIP The ADC0832 multiplexer is software configured f
X0225AA-1DA2   X0225AA-1DA2 X0225AA-1DA2 PDF Download ST TO-92 04+ Testing of the switching parameters is modeled a
X0225AA2DL2   X0225AA2DL2 X0225AA2DL2 PDF Download TxDAC AC CHARACTERISTICS   Fundamental &nb
X0225C   X0225C X0225C PDF Download SHARP The EC4558 consists of two high performance oper
X0227MA   X0227MA X0227MA PDF Download The wiper settings are controllable through an I
X0229MA/STT509   X0229MA/STT509 X0229MA/STT509 PDF Download ST TO92 1995 The LMH6714/6720/6722 series combine Nationals
X0229MA/STT527   X0229MA/STT527 X0229MA/STT527 PDF Download ST TO92 95+ +5V Analog Supply Voltage Left Voltage Common
X0230AO   X0230AO X0230AO PDF Download The device provides up to 16 inputs and 8 outputs
X0235   X0235 X0235 PDF Download The device will support SVHS mode for three enco
X0236   X0236 X0236 PDF Download SHARP TI warrants performance of its semiconductor pro
X0236CE   X0236CE X0236CE PDF Download SHARP Instruction Structure The byte following the ad
X0238   X0238 X0238 PDF Download SHARP 05+/06+ MATERIAL: Units are encap- sulated in a low th
X0238CE   X0238CE X0238CE PDF Download XIC SIP 91+ • Single power supply : 5 V 10% • 51
X0240   X0240 X0240 PDF Download SHARP It also provides the non-volatility of Flash wit
X0241   X0241 X0241 PDF Download SANSUNG 50 SIP These transceivers are designed for low-voltage
X0241C   X0241C X0241C PDF Download ZIP NEC Functional overview MPEG-2 syntax parser Erro
X0243   X0243 X0243 PDF Download Notes: 2. The Fmin values are based on a set of
X0250   X0250 X0250 PDF Download SHARP Drain- Source Voltage Continuous Drain Current
X0250C   X0250C X0250C PDF Download SHARP SIL-10 02+ Pixel select C Selects between one or two pixels
X0252   X0252 X0252 PDF Download − Conforms to USB specification Rev. 1.1
X0260   X0260 X0260 PDF Download The hardware RESET# pin terminates any operation
X0260C   X0260C X0260C PDF Download SHARP Power control features are included in the SO-14
X0261GE   X0261GE X0261GE PDF Download SHARP DIP associated with such unintended or unauthorized
X0263   X0263 X0263 PDF Download SHARP • Each BTL driver has a dedicated Bus GND f
X0263CE   X0263CE X0263CE PDF Download 05+ put, namely; mechanical and optomechanical. It re
X0275CE   X0275CE X0275CE PDF Download SHARP 652 Where transient overvoltage protection in ESD s
X0275GE   X0275GE X0275GE PDF Download SHARP DIP connected from Drain to Source internally. This
X0280   X0280 X0280 PDF Download To have a good approximation of the remaining vo
X0281   X0281 X0281 PDF Download Hardware data protection measures include a low
X0296   X0296 X0296 PDF Download Even though absolute integral and differential l
X02A   X02A X02A PDF Download NS SOT23-6 06+ The driver is designed for up to 60 mA of sink o
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