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L = 25-50 MHz, M = 50-300 MHz, U = 300-400 MHz Upper range coupling 0.75 dB L = 40-100 MHz, M = 100-200 MHz L = fL-2fL 4-coupled ports, Isolation between coupled ports, 25 dB minimum. Insertion loss specification in L range may degrade up to 1dB at cold temperature, -55C When only specification for M or MU range given, specification applies to entire frequency range. Denotes 75 Ohm models General Quality Control Procedures, Environmental Specifications, Hi-Rel and MIL description are given in General Information (Section 0). Connector types and case mounted options, case finishes are given in section 0, see Case styles & Outline Drawings". Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Mainline Loss includes theoretical power loss at coupled port. For PDC-HP models, external heat sinking is recommended to reduce case temperature.
 * For bidirectional, add a C or CA suffix after the part number, e.g. MLL14KESD5.0C or MLL14KESD5.0CA for the   MLL14KESD5.0 or MLL14KESD5.0A part numbers respectively. Capacitance will be one-half that shown in Figure 3 for zero volts. ** At 4000 watts 1µs square wave rating (See Figures 1 and 2).
Fully Specified Over Temperature Available in Three Output Configurations Push-Pull RESET Output (U0C01L) Push-Pull RESET Output (U0C01H) Open-Drain RESET Output (U0C01L) Externally Programmable Time Delay Generator 6µA Supply Current Guaranteed Reset Valid to VCC = 0.8V Power Supply Transient Immunity 5 pin SOT23-5 Packages
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
U0C01   U0C01 U0C01 PDF Download PT 04+ TSSOP-3.9-14P This product contains beryllium oxide. The produ
U.15250V   U.15250V U.15250V PDF Download NOTES: (1) For detailed drawing and dimension ta
U.474   U.474 U.474 PDF Download The user has the flexibility of using this devic
U.FL-R-SMT   U.FL-R-SMT U.FL-R-SMT PDF Download HIROSE 07+ IDT70261 easily expands data bus width to 32 bits
U.FL-R-SMT(01)   U.FL-R-SMT(01) U.FL-R-SMT(01) PDF Download Hirose Electric Co Ltd
U.FL-R-SMT(10)   U.FL-R-SMT(10) U.FL-R-SMT(10) PDF Download Hirose Electric Co Ltd 050115  Received Data Output, push-pull CMOS driver
U.FL-R-SMT-1(10)   U.FL-R-SMT-1(10) U.FL-R-SMT-1(10) PDF Download  Japan Wide   100k/200k L L H H D
U.FLRSMTO1   U.FLRSMTO1 U.FLRSMTO1 PDF Download Note:  1. Stresses greater than those list
U000101A   U000101A U000101A PDF Download TOUCHSENSOR QFP 2006 Reference level for the relative attenuation arel
U000458605   U000458605 U000458605 PDF Download 23 SII 00+ NOTES 1To order MIL-STD-883, Class B processed p
U000538920   U000538920 U000538920 PDF Download 10 SII 01+ operational when the bus is attached to an off-bo
U001   U001 U001 PDF Download
U00212A   U00212A U00212A PDF Download
U00212A/TS100   U00212A/TS100 U00212A/TS100 PDF Download N/A SOP8 0204+ The FAN2500/01 is designed to supply 100mA at th
U00220AOD   U00220AOD U00220AOD PDF Download Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
U0027   U0027 U0027 PDF Download TI 07+ Wide single supply voltage range or dual supplie
U00302E/A68428B   U00302E/A68428B U00302E/A68428B PDF Download N/A SOP8 0225+ Gain-Bandwidth Product (G +5) Gain Peaking 0.
U00308E   U00308E U00308E PDF Download Features • 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 transient volta
U0030XE/64728-C/TS100   U0030XE/64728-C/TS100 U0030XE/64728-C/TS100 PDF Download FLEX SOP8 0137+ Couples AC and DC signals 0.01 % Servo Lineari
U00318E   U00318E U00318E PDF Download FLEX SOP8 0137+
U0063A-AY   U0063A-AY U0063A-AY PDF Download   When handling individual devices (which a
U0065A-AY   U0065A-AY U0065A-AY PDF Download Port 1: Port 1 is an 8-bit I/O port with a user-c
U016   U016 U016 PDF Download Sipex SOT-23-3 05+ Within 10 seconds after power-on, effective ZC s
U0177   U0177 U0177 PDF Download UC DIP 91 Note: CPD is defined as the value of the interna
U02226/MORCCO-STRS10   U02226/MORCCO-STRS10 U02226/MORCCO-STRS10 PDF Download 37 ST 03+
U02H-1U   U02H-1U U02H-1U PDF Download Hynix HYMD264G726B(L)4-M/K/H/L series incorporate
U02PE-A   U02PE-A U02PE-A PDF Download Widebus+ Family DOC Circuitry Dy
U02W20V   U02W20V U02W20V PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT-23 TEMPERATURE PROTECTION   The thermal prote
U02X   U02X U02X PDF Download 2. Cleaning If required, surface contamination
U02Z300N-X   U02Z300N-X U02Z300N-X PDF Download TOSHIBA SOD-323 07+PB Note 11: CPD is defined as the value of the inte
U02Z300-Y   U02Z300-Y U02Z300-Y PDF Download TOSHIBA 0805-30V-LY Speed Is Enhanced Two Ways Delays in LCA-based
U02Z300-Y(TPH3)   U02Z300-Y(TPH3) U02Z300-Y(TPH3) PDF Download TOS 1 • Low On-Resistance (16Ω typ) Minimi
U03003-00440   U03003-00440 U03003-00440 PDF Download The PSoC device incorporates flexible internal c
U031-1ES   U031-1ES U031-1ES PDF Download Bits 4C7 of the control register correspond to c
U034A   U034A U034A PDF Download ICX 28/SOP 07+/08+ NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
U035   U035 U035 PDF Download ST 大铁帽 08+ The bq2902 is a low-cost charger for rechargeabl
U038   U038 U038 PDF Download The SN65LV1023A serializer and SN65LV1224A deser
U03X   U03X U03X PDF Download ACST4-7S triggering current has to be sunk from
U0402FC08C   U0402FC08C U0402FC08C PDF Download PROD 07+/08+ o +2.7V to +5.5V Input Range o Output Voltages
U0402FC08C-T710-2   U0402FC08C-T710-2 U0402FC08C-T710-2 PDF Download 0402X2 The host system can detect whether a sequential r
U0402FC36C   U0402FC36C U0402FC36C PDF Download PROD 07+/08+ Information Input Regarding the Primary Current.
U0402FC36C-T73   U0402FC36C-T73 U0402FC36C-T73 PDF Download PROTEK 2004 LEDs vs CCFL White LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)
U0402FC36C-T7336V   U0402FC36C-T7336V U0402FC36C-T7336V PDF Download The 512Mb DDR SDRAM uses a double-data-rate arch
U0404FC05C-T710-2   U0404FC05C-T710-2 U0404FC05C-T710-2 PDF Download Oscillation Equations for the Dual Inverter Osci
U0404FC36C-T710-2   U0404FC36C-T710-2 U0404FC36C-T710-2 PDF Download PROTEK • Floating High Side Driver with boot-strap
U0404FC36C-T73-2   U0404FC36C-T73-2 U0404FC36C-T73-2 PDF Download N/A NOTES: • Use a 0.1 µF capacitor on VD
U0408FC08C-T73-1   U0408FC08C-T73-1 U0408FC08C-T73-1 PDF Download PROTEK 1206/8 The four manuals listed in Table 1 are required
U045L300J6H46UAT   U045L300J6H46UAT U045L300J6H46UAT PDF Download Notes: (1) RMA flux is recommended. Duration can
U04A   U04A U04A PDF Download SMD   Although the Motorola accelerometers cont
U04X   U04X U04X PDF Download VCC, GND - DC power is provided to the device on
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