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For Schottky barrier diodes, thermal run-away has to be considered as in some applications the reverse power losses PR are a significant part of the total power losses. Nomograms for determining the reverse power losses PR and IF(AV) rating will be available on request.
Stresses greater than those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress rating only; functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational section of this specification is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability.
Up to 2.25-A Output Current at 85C 4.5-V to 18-V Input Voltage Range Wide-Output Voltage Adjust (0.9 V to 5.5 V) Efficiencies Up To 93% On/Off Inhibit Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO) Output Overcurrent Protection (Nonlatching, Auto-Reset) Overtemperature Protection
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
T030   T030 T030 PDF Download Along with the original Plastic Pin Grid Array (
T03061-EL1-CT(5240R)   T03061-EL1-CT(5240R) T03061-EL1-CT(5240R) PDF Download When VCC returns to a level above the internal ba
T0309S   T0309S T0309S PDF Download INNET 40L N/A Cntrl (Bump A1): Shutdown control pin. When VCntr
T03106520RF2494   T03106520RF2494 T03106520RF2494 PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
T032   T032 T032 PDF Download SOP5.2 1.ICC is dependent on output loading when the de
T0327   T0327 T0327 PDF Download The extremely high maximum data rate is achieved
T034   T034 T034 PDF Download TI TSSOP14 06+ TC9208M includes a physical layer configuration /
T034127721   T034127721 T034127721 PDF Download [H] PLCC involves the following phases :   PHASE 0:
T03428DS-LCD   T03428DS-LCD T03428DS-LCD PDF Download Figure 1: Figure 2: Figure 3: Figure 4: Figur
T034PWR   T034PWR T034PWR PDF Download TI TSSOP16 01+   2.1 General. The documents listed in this
T0354   T0354 T0354 PDF Download QFN 05+ The input and output matching resistors attenuat
T0358C   T0358C T0358C PDF Download . . 03+ 1. StarTech PPI Card memiliki konektor DB25 Femal
T038   T038 T038 PDF Download SC SOP-8 01+ Timer counter 4 : 8-bit 1   (square-wave/8
T03812   T03812 T03812 PDF Download 4. Accesses to registers other than CHIPCTL0 are
T0384JS   T0384JS T0384JS PDF Download • Support for low voltage interface to VGA
T0392   T0392 T0392 PDF Download INNET 01+ This device operates from a single 3.3-V supply.
T0393   T0393 T0393 PDF Download INNET 01+ The 512Mb DDR2 SDRAM is organized as a 32Mbit x 4
T03BEP   T03BEP T03BEP PDF Download The X76F102 is a Password Access Security Superv
T03C   T03C T03C PDF Download NSC N/A 2000 Hynix HYMD232726A(L)8J-J series incorporates SPD(
T03E   T03E T03E PDF Download • SCR Latchup Resistant BiCMOS Process and
T03MICAWASHER   T03MICAWASHER T03MICAWASHER PDF Download To ensure good thermal conductivity, the backsid
T.RA1270   T.RA1270 T.RA1270 PDF Download
T.RC2878   T.RC2878 T.RC2878 PDF Download Note 1 These AC characteristics are guaranteed wi
T.T-8821A   T.T-8821A T.T-8821A PDF Download DIP 94 ParametersMin. Typ. Max. Units Conditions AC Ele
T/N/TN80C196KC16   T/N/TN80C196KC16 T/N/TN80C196KC16 PDF Download Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStar͐
T/N/TNC-50KJ   T/N/TNC-50KJ T/N/TNC-50KJ PDF Download The RM3183 contains two discrete ARINC 429 recei
T/T/T0.22/35   T/T/T0.22/35 T/T/T0.22/35 PDF Download EM Microelectronic-Marin SA cannot assume respon
T/T/T10/10   T/T/T10/10 T/T/T10/10 PDF Download STORAGE • Condition : 5C~35C,R.H.60% •
T/T/T10/6.3   T/T/T10/6.3 T/T/T10/6.3 PDF Download Overcharge detection output pin NPN transistor o
T/T/T10UF10V   T/T/T10UF10V T/T/T10UF10V PDF Download
T/T/T10UF16V   T/T/T10UF16V T/T/T10UF16V PDF Download   The microchip is essentially the high eff
T/T/T10UF20V   T/T/T10UF20V T/T/T10UF20V PDF Download This document is a general product description an
T/T/T10UF25V   T/T/T10UF25V T/T/T10UF25V PDF Download Recommended Application: VIA PM133 chipset Out
T/T/T2.2/16   T/T/T2.2/16 T/T/T2.2/16 PDF Download s 60/75 MHz (LPC2210/2220) maximum CPU clock ava
T/T/T2.2/16V   T/T/T2.2/16V T/T/T2.2/16V PDF Download  V ds,clamp Drain to source clamp voltage
T/T/T2.2/35   T/T/T2.2/35 T/T/T2.2/35 PDF Download This input coupling capacitor blocks DC voltage
T/T/T22/20   T/T/T22/20 T/T/T22/20 PDF Download The output consists of a PNP current source and
T/T/T22UF16V   T/T/T22UF16V T/T/T22UF16V PDF Download Members of the Texas Instruments Widebus ™
T/T/T22UF-16VC-CASE   T/T/T22UF-16VC-CASE T/T/T22UF-16VC-CASE PDF Download   Operating temperature range is C40C to +8
T/T/T22UF20V   T/T/T22UF20V T/T/T22UF20V PDF Download • Data mask (DM) for write data. •
T/T/T27UF15V   T/T/T27UF15V T/T/T27UF15V PDF Download The LTC ®2439-1 is a 16-channel (8-differenti
T/T/T3316   T/T/T3316 T/T/T3316 PDF Download   There are two limitations on the power ha
T/T/T4.7/10   T/T/T4.7/10 T/T/T4.7/10 PDF Download Data Rates up to 10.709Gb/s Typical Rise/Fall Ti
T/T/T4.7/16   T/T/T4.7/16 T/T/T4.7/16 PDF Download   The T/T/T4.7/16/C0504 has seven I/O ports
T/T/T4.7UF16V   T/T/T4.7UF16V T/T/T4.7UF16V PDF Download 160-MHz Clock Support LVCMOS/LVTTL Compatible In
T/T/T4.7UF6.3V   T/T/T4.7UF6.3V T/T/T4.7UF6.3V PDF Download Notes:  9. No input may exceed VCC + 0.3V.
T/T/T47/6.3   T/T/T47/6.3 T/T/T47/6.3 PDF Download The SN74LVC2G157 features a common strobe (G) in
T/T/T47UF16V   T/T/T47UF16V T/T/T47UF16V PDF Download The circuit of the TSOP22..YA1 is designed in th
T/T/T68UF16V   T/T/T68UF16V T/T/T68UF16V PDF Download • DLL aligns DQ and DQS transitions with CK
T0000NIX   T0000NIX T0000NIX PDF Download TOSHIBA BGA 07+ Notes: * Measured by the voltage drop between th
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