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DMT Signal A DMT signal is basically the sum of N inde- pendently QAM modulated signals, each carried over a distinct carrier. The frequency separation of each carrier is 4.3125kHz with a total number of 256 carriers (ANSI). For N large, the signal can be modelled by a gaussian process with a certain amplitude probability density function. Since the maximum amplitude is expected to arise very rarely, we decide to clip the signal and to trade- off the resulting SNR loss against AD/DA dy- namic. A clipping factor (Vpeak/Vrms = crest fac- tor) of 5 will be used resulting in a maximum SNR of 75dB. ADSL DMT signals are nominally sent at -40dBm/Hz 3dB (-3.65dBm/carrier) with a maximal power of 100mW for down link transmitter and 15.7mW for uplink transmitter. DMT symbols are transmitted without window- ing causing sin (x)/x like sidelobes. For spectral response shaping, the 1st sidelobe level is as- sumed to be 13dB under the carrier level with an attenuation of -20dB/dec. The minimum SNR + D neede d for DMT carrier demodulation is about (3 ⋅ N + 20) dB with a minimum of 38dB were N is the constellation size of a carrier (in bits).
(tAVQV) is equal to the delay from E to output (tELQV). Data is available at the output after a delay of t GLQV from the falling edge of G, assuming that E has been low and the addresses have been sta- ble for at least tAVQV-tGLQV. Standby Mode The T0-44.7360MHZ has a standby mode which reduc- es the supply current from 15mA to 15µA with low voltage operation VCC 3.6V, see Read Mode DC Characteristics table for details. The T0-44.7360MHZ is placed in the standby mode by applying a CMOS high signal to the E input. When in the standby mode, the outputs are in a high impedance state, independent of the GVPP input.
The T0-44.7360MHZ/T0-44.7360MHZ/T0-44.7360MHZ are low-on-resis- tance, low-voltage, single-pole/single-throw (SPST) analog switches that operate from a +1.8V to +5.5V sin- gle supply. The T0-44.7360MHZ is normally open (NO), and the T0-44.7360MHZ is normally closed (NC). The T0-44.7360MHZ is normally open (NO) and has two control inputs. These devices also have fast switching speeds (tON = 50ns max, tOFF = 30ns max). When powered from a +5V supply, the T0-44.7360MHZ/ T0-44.7360MHZ/T0-44.7360MHZ offer 0.5Ω max on-resistance (RON) with 0.1Ω max RON flatness, and their digital logic inputs are TTL compatible. These switches also feature overcurrent protection to prevent device dam- age from short circuits and excessive loads. The T0-44.7360MHZ is pin compatible with the T0-44.7360MHZAX4514, and the T0-44.7360MHZ is pin compatible with the T0-44.7360MHZAX4515. The T0-44.7360MHZ/T0-44.7360MHZ are available in SOT23-5 pack- ages; the T0-44.7360MHZ is available in a SOT23-6 package.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
T0-44.7360MHZ   T0-44.7360MHZ T0-44.7360MHZ PDF Download DESCRIPTION The STV5346 decoder is a computer-c
T.RA1270   T.RA1270 T.RA1270 PDF Download
T.RC2878   T.RC2878 T.RC2878 PDF Download Note 1 These AC characteristics are guaranteed wi
T01M3000   T01M3000 T01M3000 PDF Download † Package drawings, standard packing quant
T01M3232   T01M3232 T01M3232 PDF Download NOTES: (1) Stresses above these ratings may caus
T01M3232MA   T01M3232MA T01M3232MA PDF Download TFK 0114+ When operated in its default mode, the sensor ge
T01M3232-MA   T01M3232-MA T01M3232-MA PDF Download TFK SMD SMD   Low frequency cutoff determined by extern
T02   T02 T02 PDF Download Oscillation Equations for the Dual Inverter Osci
T0202220   T0202220 T0202220 PDF Download Collector-to-Emitter Voltage Continuous Collecto
T0202S   T0202S T0202S PDF Download INNET SO 98+ Notes: 1. The algebraic convention, where most
T0208   T0208 T0208 PDF Download 1000 • Added Reverse Type Package in ODERING INF
T021   T021 T021 PDF Download SSOP28 Low standby power and true fail-safe operation a
T0211-1.0   T0211-1.0 T0211-1.0 PDF Download ST QFP80 99+ In the event that any or all SANYO products(incl
T022   T022 T022 PDF Download TI SOP/8 04+   The PT6670 is a series of high-output Int
T0220I   T0220I T0220I PDF Download ST SMD 04+ Embedded single-issue, 32-bit MPC8xx core (imple
T025/15089   T025/15089 T025/15089 PDF Download The HYM72V16M636B(L)T6 Series are 16Mx64bits Sync
T025M2   T025M2 T025M2 PDF Download The W256 is a 3.3V/2.5V buffer designed to distri
T026   T026 T026 PDF Download MSOP 06+ Supply Voltage Terminal Terminal for OSC, and
T026026A   T026026A T026026A PDF Download A HIGH on this pin when BM is HIGH selects byte b
T026C   T026C T026C PDF Download MOTOROLA SMD-8 03+ NOTES:   1. Maximum Ratings apply to Case 8
T026CD   T026CD T026CD PDF Download TI 06+ • Ultra Small Surface Mount   Package
T026NSR   T026NSR T026NSR PDF Download TI SOP8 02+ The DS1267 Dual Digital Potentiometer Chip consis
T028S1410810   T028S1410810 T028S1410810 PDF Download  ⁄4 ˝ CMOS imager sensor 2:1 Int
T02AA174   T02AA174 T02AA174 PDF Download TSSOP 04+   The LH543601 has two 36-bit ports, Port A
T02B   T02B T02B PDF Download Part I, Overview Part II, Features Part III, Ma
T02C   T02C T02C PDF Download SOP 00+ This N-Channel MOSFET is produced using Fairchild
T02SF   T02SF T02SF PDF Download N/A The HS-80C85RH is an 8-bit CMOS microprocessor
T02ZAE1   T02ZAE1 T02ZAE1 PDF Download 660 mW (Military) Synchronous and asynchronous o
T030   T030 T030 PDF Download Along with the original Plastic Pin Grid Array (
T03061-EL1-CT(5240R)   T03061-EL1-CT(5240R) T03061-EL1-CT(5240R) PDF Download When VCC returns to a level above the internal ba
T0309S   T0309S T0309S PDF Download INNET 40L N/A Cntrl (Bump A1): Shutdown control pin. When VCntr
T03106520RF2494   T03106520RF2494 T03106520RF2494 PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under absolute maxi
T032   T032 T032 PDF Download SOP5.2 1.ICC is dependent on output loading when the de
T0327   T0327 T0327 PDF Download The extremely high maximum data rate is achieved
T034   T034 T034 PDF Download TI TSSOP14 06+ TC9208M includes a physical layer configuration /
T034127721   T034127721 T034127721 PDF Download [H] PLCC involves the following phases :   PHASE 0:
T03428DS-LCD   T03428DS-LCD T03428DS-LCD PDF Download Figure 1: Figure 2: Figure 3: Figure 4: Figur
T034PWR   T034PWR T034PWR PDF Download TI TSSOP16 01+   2.1 General. The documents listed in this
T0354   T0354 T0354 PDF Download QFN 05+ The input and output matching resistors attenuat
T0358C   T0358C T0358C PDF Download . . 03+ 1. StarTech PPI Card memiliki konektor DB25 Femal
T038   T038 T038 PDF Download SC SOP-8 01+ Timer counter 4 : 8-bit 1   (square-wave/8
T03812   T03812 T03812 PDF Download 4. Accesses to registers other than CHIPCTL0 are
T0384JS   T0384JS T0384JS PDF Download • Support for low voltage interface to VGA
T0392   T0392 T0392 PDF Download INNET 01+ This device operates from a single 3.3-V supply.
T0393   T0393 T0393 PDF Download INNET 01+ The 512Mb DDR2 SDRAM is organized as a 32Mbit x 4
T03BEP   T03BEP T03BEP PDF Download The X76F102 is a Password Access Security Superv
T03C   T03C T03C PDF Download NSC N/A 2000 Hynix HYMD232726A(L)8J-J series incorporates SPD(
T03E   T03E T03E PDF Download • SCR Latchup Resistant BiCMOS Process and
T03MICAWASHER   T03MICAWASHER T03MICAWASHER PDF Download To ensure good thermal conductivity, the backsid
T04006   T04006 T04006 PDF Download 3-V Operation Two Differential Microphone Inputs
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