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!Features 1) 4 -input 1-output switch. 2) Built-in 6dB amplifier and 75Ω driver. 3) Built-in mute function. 4) Sync tip clamp input. 5) Wide operating supply voltage range. (4.5V to 13.0V) 6) Low power consumption. (Typ.100mW) 7) Excellent frequency characteristic. (Typ.10MHz, 0dB) 8) Wide dynamic range. (Typ.3.5VP-P) 9) Few cross talk between channels.   (Typ.−65dB, f=4.43MHz)
(WE) inputs are both LOW. Data on the input pin (DI) is written into the memory location specified on the address pins (A0 through A11). Readingthedeviceisaccomplished bytak ingthechipenable(CE)LOWwhile(WE) remains HIGH. Under these conditions, the contents of the location specified on the address pins will appear on the data output (DO) pin. The output pin remains in a high impe dance state when chip enable is HIGH, or write enable (WE) is LOW.
NOTE: The physical external memory addresses are limited by 20 address lines, and are determined by the external data width and packing of the external memory space. The Strobe signals (MS3-0) can be programmed to allow the user to change starting page addresses at run time.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
S0503LS1   S0503LS1 S0503LS1 PDF Download The MB3836 is a lithium-ion battery protection I
S0504CP102JPS   S0504CP102JPS S0504CP102JPS PDF Download Vcc = 1.7V~2.3V, TA = 0C to 70C/ -40C to 85C(I),
S0504F1   S0504F1 S0504F1 PDF Download
S0506F1   S0506F1 S0506F1 PDF Download   The IDT70V3579 is a high-speed 32K x 36 b
S0506F43   S0506F43 S0506F43 PDF Download TECCOR where VTH is the threshold voltage at which the c
S0506FS21   S0506FS21 S0506FS21 PDF Download TECCOR 05+   3.2 Design, construction, and physical di
S0506FS22   S0506FS22 S0506FS22 PDF Download TECCOR The IC must be equipped with external RC circuit
S0506FS31   S0506FS31 S0506FS31 PDF Download Layout Consideration The output capacitors must
S0506L   S0506L S0506L PDF Download TECCOR 05+ In order to increase the adjustment range of VCO
S0506LS2   S0506LS2 S0506LS2 PDF Download TECCOR 05+ INPUT LO: Direct output mode where CE/LD, HBEN,
S0506LS3   S0506LS3 S0506LS3 PDF Download TECCOR 05+   The minimum recommended value for CT is
S0508F1   S0508F1 S0508F1 PDF Download TECCOR 05+ Common Flash Memory Interface (CFI) The SST39VF1
S0508F2   S0508F2 S0508F2 PDF Download TECCOR (1) Package drawings, standard packing quantitie
S0508FS21   S0508FS21 S0508FS21 PDF Download TECCOR 05+ The gate drive ready pin (GDR) is used to indicat
S0508FS31   S0508FS31 S0508FS31 PDF Download TECCOR 05+ Operating voltage: fSYS=4MHz: 3.3V~5.5V fSYS=8M
S0508L   S0508L S0508L PDF Download The automatic sector/page erase begins after the
S0508LS2   S0508LS2 S0508LS2 PDF Download TECCOR 05+ D/A Converter Sampling Clock For Y Signal (PCK)
S0508LS3   S0508LS3 S0508LS3 PDF Download TECCOR TO-202 04+  The HYM75V32M636(L)T6 Series are Dual In-l
S0508R   S0508R S0508R PDF Download TECCOR TO-220 05+ High-speed ADC Family Companion Chip Selectable
S0510F1   S0510F1 S0510F1 PDF Download TECCOR 05+ The S0510F1 Ethernet Transceiver is a low power
S0510FS21   S0510FS21 S0510FS21 PDF Download TECCOR 05+ Fully Differential Architecture Centered Input C
S0510FS31   S0510FS31 S0510FS31 PDF Download TECCOR 05+ DESCRIPTION The M74HC166 is an high speed CMOS
S0510L   S0510L S0510L PDF Download TECCOR 05+ Supply Current at No-Load is 55µA Minimum
S0510LS2   S0510LS2 S0510LS2 PDF Download TECCOR 05+ Device internal reset In order to prevent inadv
S0510LS3   S0510LS3 S0510LS3 PDF Download TECCOR 05+ Optical receivers Optical receivers detect optic
S0510R   S0510R S0510R PDF Download TECCOR 05+ Timer Clearing A negative edge or pulse at the T
S0512R   S0512R S0512R PDF Download TECCOR 05+ The processor features a full set of program cont
S0515   S0515 S0515 PDF Download Capacitor #2 - An external capacitor to be conne
S0515L   S0515L S0515L PDF Download TECCOR 05+
S0516R   S0516R S0516R PDF Download TECCOR 05+ The IR2130/IR2132(J)(S) is a high voltage, high
S05-1A02-01L   S05-1A02-01L S05-1A02-01L PDF Download The KA278RXXC is a low-dropout voltage regulator
S051E   S051E S051E PDF Download Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
S0520L   S0520L S0520L PDF Download TECCOR 05+ Unless otherwise noted, VCHG-IN = 5V, VBATT = 4V
S0525L   S0525L S0525L PDF Download TECCOR 05+
S0525R   S0525R S0525R PDF Download TECCOR TO220 06+ The LT®1976 is a 200kHz monolithic buck switc
S05304F   S05304F S05304F PDF Download Case: Molded Plastic Terminals: Plated Leads S
S05305   S05305 S05305 PDF Download (*1) Il campo di rilevamento del sensore a catar
S0535J   S0535J S0535J PDF Download TECCOR 05+ ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
S0535K   S0535K S0535K PDF Download TECCOR 05+ 3.0 to 6.0V Supply Operating Range 8 MHz Maximu
S0540R   S0540R S0540R PDF Download TECCOR 05+ Three data memory address locations are allocate
S054T   S054T S054T PDF Download The ADS5221 is a pipeline, CMOS Analog-to-Digita
S0555M   S0555M S0555M PDF Download TECCOR 05+ The chip supports an optional start and stop bit
S0555R   S0555R S0555R PDF Download TECCOR 05+ Each FIFO configuration is capable of writing, r
S0555W   S0555W S0555W PDF Download TECCOR 05+ There are six basic serial interface timing mode
S0565J   S0565J S0565J PDF Download TECCOR TO-218X 3H   The zener is tested using a pulse method
S0565K   S0565K S0565K PDF Download TECCOR 05+ Amplifier dissipation reaches a maximum when the
S056H   S056H S056H PDF Download This N-Channel MOSFET has been designed specific
S056K   S056K S056K PDF Download DIGITAL OUTPUTS Logic Family Logic Coding Low
S0570W   S0570W S0570W PDF Download TECCOR 05+ According to Q1A/Q1B, a crystal is connected bet
S05A   S05A S05A PDF Download SSOP PACMAN™ POP™ Power247™ Power
S05-BCA0R   S05-BCA0R S05-BCA0R PDF Download MARVEL 05+ removal of EEPROM devices. DMS will also allow t
S05C08   S05C08 S05C08 PDF Download INFINEON 2008 Ideal for space critical applications, the LM404
S05C08BB   S05C08BB S05C08BB PDF Download To avoid excessive phase shifts and consequent in
S05K11   S05K11 S05K11 PDF Download EPCOS Inc s+m dc94 The INT5130 IC is an integrated powerline MAC/PHY
S05K130   S05K130 S05K130 PDF Download EPCOS Inc This device requires the 3-STATE control input G
S05K130GS2   S05K130GS2 S05K130GS2 PDF Download EPCOS Inc An active high input from an external circuit wh
S05K150   S05K150 S05K150 PDF Download EPCOS Inc If the attached printer is powered off, both SEL
S05K17   S05K17 S05K17 PDF Download EPCOS Inc s+m dc98 Hynix HYMD232646(L)8-K/H/L series is unbuffered 1
S05K17G   S05K17G S05K17G PDF Download EPCOS Inc CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
S05K20   S05K20 S05K20 PDF Download EPCOS Inc epcos dc00 NOTES 1Measured at IOUTA, driving a virtual grou
S05K20GS2   S05K20GS2 S05K20GS2 PDF Download EPCOS Inc The device will ignore all SDP commands and toggl
S05K250   S05K250 S05K250 PDF Download EPCOS Inc   The MC10EPT20 is a 3.3 V TTL/CMOS to diff
S05K275GS3   S05K275GS3 S05K275GS3 PDF Download EPCOS Inc The information provided herein is believed to b
S05K30   S05K30 S05K30 PDF Download EPCOS Inc   With the VBOOST feature the small signal s
S05K300G   S05K300G S05K300G PDF Download EPCOS Inc 05+ In AC coupling the circuit can be oper- ated at
S05K35   S05K35 S05K35 PDF Download EPCOS Inc 6. As it might be a cause of degradation of destr
S05K35GS2   S05K35GS2 S05K35GS2 PDF Download EPCOS Inc 1. Specifications typical at Ta=+25],resistive l
S05K60   S05K60 S05K60 PDF Download EPCOS Inc Over Vin range Measured at center of case, auto
S05K60GS2   S05K60GS2 S05K60GS2 PDF Download EPCOS Inc Non-repetitive current pulse per Figure 5 and de
S05X   S05X S05X PDF Download OSOP Series resistor networks feature a space sa
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