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TMS320C62x, VelociTI, and C62x are trademarks of Texas Instruments. Motorola is a trademark of Motorola, Inc. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. † For more details, see the GLS BGA package bottom view. ‡ IEEE Standard 1149.1-1990 Standard-Test-Access Port and Boundary Scan Architecture.
PROPAGATION DELAY Propagation delay for all 54C/74C devices is guaranteed with a load of 50 pF and input rise and fall times of 20 ns. A 50 pF load was chosen, instead of 15 pF as in the 4000 se- ries, because it is representative of loads commonly seen in CMOS systems. A good rule of thumb, in designing with CMOS, is to assume 10 pF of interwiring capacitance. Oper- ating at the specified propagation delay would allow 5 pF
3.3/5 Volt Operation Intelligent Auto Power Management 2.88MB S02AL Floppy Disk Controller  -Licensed CMOS 765B Floppy Disk   Controller  -Software and Register Compatible with   SMSC's Proprietary 82077AA   Compatible Core  -Supports Two Floppy Drives Directly  -Supports Vertical Recording Format  -16 Byte Data FIFO  -100% IBM Compatibility  -DMA Enable Logic  -Data Rate and Drive Control Registers
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
S020   S020 S020 PDF Download ALCATEL SOP The layout of Figure 6 shows two 0.1µF dec
S020/26JT-7.6MM   S020/26JT-7.6MM S020/26JT-7.6MM PDF Download 00+ SEN enables serial loading of programmable flag o
S020/26JTR-7.6MM   S020/26JTR-7.6MM S020/26JTR-7.6MM PDF Download 0 SOJ Absolute maximum ratings indicate sustained limi
S020126JT-7.6MM   S020126JT-7.6MM S020126JT-7.6MM PDF Download NO SS/TRACK (Pin 9) - Soft-start and tracking pin. T
S0203R   S0203R S0203R PDF Download Notes: 1. Load and Line Regulation are specifie
S02054A   S02054A S02054A PDF Download The BTA41 A/B / BTB41 B triac family are high p
S02083A   S02083A S02083A PDF Download 08+ VH.A (Pin 4): Hysteresis Adjust. Hysteresis thres
S02090A   S02090A S02090A PDF Download SMK SOP-5.2-20P 6+ On the next clock rise the data presented to DQs
S02091A   S02091A S02091A PDF Download 00+ XC3100 Family The XC3100 is a performance-optim
S020C453-A   S020C453-A S020C453-A PDF Download 7 00+ electrical stability and low thermal resistance.
S020FAAOOOORXXXX   S020FAAOOOORXXXX S020FAAOOOORXXXX PDF Download Six 24-bit D/A, two 24-bit A/D converters 110 dB
S0211-1794   S0211-1794 S0211-1794 PDF Download Two power saving modes: HALT and IDLE Low curre
S02115A   S02115A S02115A PDF Download HIT O7+ PCM INTERFACE The FSX and FSR frame sync inputs
S02123A   S02123A S02123A PDF Download SMK SOP-5.2-20P 6+ SECTOR LOCKOUT DETECTION: A software method is a
S02133A   S02133A S02133A PDF Download SMK 00+ SOP-5.2-20P Port 1, Pins 6,7 Crystal Oscillator Crystal Os
S02134A   S02134A S02134A PDF Download SMK SOP-5.2-20P 6+ The Fairchild Switch FST16212 provides 24-bits o
S02143A   S02143A S02143A PDF Download N/A SOP 06+ Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage  Gate Th
S02144A   S02144A S02144A PDF Download SMK 95+ SOP CASE: DO-13 (DO-202AA), welded, hermetically sea
S02147A   S02147A S02147A PDF Download SMK SOIC-16 07+/08+ Control DC input for removing the DC offset gener
S02159B   S02159B S02159B PDF Download SMK SOP-5.2-16P 6+ The Fairchild Switch FST3125 provides four high-
S02175A   S02175A S02175A PDF Download SMK SOP-5.2-20P 6+ Notes: 1. See thermal regulation specifications
S022-006-0002   S022-006-0002 S022-006-0002 PDF Download The higher V DD voltage range brings flexibility
S0220F1   S0220F1 S0220F1 PDF Download LG ENOTECH Note 1) The specified condition Tj = 25C means t
S0223SMDA   S0223SMDA S0223SMDA PDF Download N/A 05+ Wait or Transfer Acknowledge. When configured a
S0223SMDA24C-4   S0223SMDA24C-4 S0223SMDA24C-4 PDF Download N/A SOP-8 2004 • Guaranteed temperature   performanc
S022438   S022438 S022438 PDF Download • Two isolated elements are contained in one
S022638   S022638 S022638 PDF Download The Spartan-IIE family of FPGAs have a regular,
S02303   S02303 S02303 PDF Download SMK SOP N/A Remote Thermal Diode cathode (THERM_DC) - Diod
S02303A   S02303A S02303A PDF Download
S0231   S0231 S0231 PDF Download   In order to maintain the lowest output re
S023-1012FB   S023-1012FB S023-1012FB PDF Download † All typical values are at VCC = 3.3 V, T
S02318   S02318 S02318 PDF Download SMK 00+ Since the device switches continuously, the outp
S02330D   S02330D S02330D PDF Download SMK 01+ SOP-5.2-20P Layout 300 ps Maximum Differential Skew Propaga
S023538HDX-1   S023538HDX-1 S023538HDX-1 PDF Download MX SOIC32 This family is a 16M bit dynamic RAM organized 2,
S02369A   S02369A S02369A PDF Download Notes: 2. VDD = 7.0V, TC = 25C. Part mounted on
S02391   S02391 S02391 PDF Download SMK SMD-36 96 FEATURES High-Performance Member of Pin-Compatib
S024   S024 S024 PDF Download Inhibit*: This is an open-collector (open-drain)
S02405D   S02405D S02405D PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm 1996 Supports automatic programming, Embeded Algorith
S02424C   S02424C S02424C PDF Download SMD 20 • Dual voltage monitoring   V2Mon ope
S02424D   S02424D S02424D PDF Download SMK SOP20 N/A and D. MONO IN is the timing input for the on-ch
S02448D   S02448D S02448D PDF Download 07+ ringing that accompanies fast current transients
S02458D   S02458D S02458D PDF Download SMK SOP-5.2-20P 6+ Thermistor : Temperature dependant resistor. Bas
S0245HC49U   S0245HC49U S0245HC49U PDF Download Transil diode arrays provide high overvoltage p
S0253B   S0253B S0253B PDF Download SIEMENS DIP • Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmit
S02570D   S02570D S02570D PDF Download SMK 99+ SOP-5.2-20P   Low-latency option Skew alignment support
S025B192100   S025B192100 S025B192100 PDF Download Ideal for Coil−on−Plug and DriverW
S026   S026 S026 PDF Download (1) Stresses beyond those listed under absolute
S02617D   S02617D S02617D PDF Download SMK 02+ SOP-5.2-20P Dual outputs, each with independent over-current
S02645D   S02645D S02645D PDF Download 470 HIT 97+ /RCS0 -->/CS0 : SDRAMs D0-D17 RBA0-RBA1-->
S02716F   S02716F S02716F PDF Download Fujitsu resonators (C1, C3, C4 series) feature o
S0273BC   S0273BC S0273BC PDF Download SIEMENS DIP S/PDIF Compatible Digital Audio receiver/transmi
S02770T   S02770T S02770T PDF Download SMK SOP-16 The S02770T contains an internal PLL that locks
S02770T-EL   S02770T-EL S02770T-EL PDF Download SMK SOP 03+ Any offset and/or gain calibration procedures sh
S028   S028 S028 PDF Download N/A SOP28W 06+ Glueless Interface Between the Peripheral Compon
S0280   S0280 S0280 PDF Download /EOP /End of Process (Input, active Low). To term
S0281   S0281 S0281 PDF Download The TLE 4471 is a monolithic integrated very low
S028GT-7.6MM   S028GT-7.6MM S028GT-7.6MM PDF Download PRAOTICAL SOP They provide transparent enhancements to Intels
S028GT-8.4MM   S028GT-8.4MM S028GT-8.4MM PDF Download PRACTICAL SMD • Gain calibration, to compensate for gain
S028GTR-7.6MM   S028GTR-7.6MM S028GTR-7.6MM PDF Download 92 Reset Command Reset Command is the command to s
S028JT-7.6MM   S028JT-7.6MM S028JT-7.6MM PDF Download 03 The 4-bit analog channel-select address for the
S028XL   S028XL S028XL PDF Download Input voltage range: 2.7V to 6.0V Dual, indepen
S029013S1   S029013S1 S029013S1 PDF Download Following a START condition the bus master must
S02908S1   S02908S1 S02908S1 PDF Download The MAC unit comprises the main arithmetic proce
S0290B1   S0290B1 S0290B1 PDF Download SIEMENS .
S0290BI   S0290BI S0290BI PDF Download SIEMENS . The ispLSI 8000V Family of Register-Intensive, 3
S0290BS1   S0290BS1 S0290BS1 PDF Download SIEMENS DIP ICC reduced to 40 0 mA Ideal buffer for MOS micr
S02914D   S02914D S02914D PDF Download HIT O7+
S02916F   S02916F S02916F PDF Download SMK SOP-5.2-20P 6+   During the Acknowledge clock pulse, the m
S02935F   S02935F S02935F PDF Download SMK • Untinted non diffused lens • Util
S02937F   S02937F S02937F PDF Download HIT O7+ A high level on this for two machine cycles whil
S02943F   S02943F S02943F PDF Download SMK Parameter Supply Voltage (VCC to GND) Internal
S02944F   S02944F S02944F PDF Download SMK SUPPLY VOLTAGE C VDD = 1.65V to 2.2V Core Power
S02970F   S02970F S02970F PDF Download SMK SOP-5.2-20P 6+ Device erasure occurs by executing the erase com
S02A   S02A S02A PDF Download TSSOP8 2007+ Each XC5200 CLB contains four independent 4-inpu
S02AL   S02AL S02AL PDF Download NSC 07+   The SY88713V operates from a single +3.3V
S02AL17600   S02AL17600 S02AL17600 PDF Download XILINX 08+ All Write operations are initiated by first issui
S02B   S02B S02B PDF Download NS SOT23-5 06+ International Rectifier's MUR.. series are the st
S02B-VT   S02B-VT S02B-VT PDF Download A HIGH on CE0 or LOW on CE1 for one clock cycle
S02B-VT-5   S02B-VT-5 S02B-VT-5 PDF Download SECTOR ERASE: As an alternative to a full chip er
S02E   S02E S02E PDF Download This device has been designed to meet the increa
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