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The device has low power dissipation with a 40-mA active read for the byte mode, 50-mA active read for the word mode, 60-mA typical program/erase current mode, and less than 100-mA standby current with a 5-mA deep-power-down mode. These devices are offered with 80-, 90-, 100-, and 120-ns access times. Table 1 and Table 2 show the sector-address ranges. The TMS29F800T/B is offered in a 44-pin plastic small-outline package (PSOP) (DBJ suffix) and a 48-pin thin small-outline package (TSOP) (DCD suffix).
Double Baud rate bit. When set to a 1, the baud rate is doubled when the serial port is being used in either modes 1, 2 or 3. (Reserved) (Reserved) (Reserved) General-purpose flag bit. General-purpose flag bit. Power Down bit. Setting this bit activates power down operation. Idle mode bit. Setting this bit activates idle mode operation.
TheR0K572115S001BEisdesignedfor asynchronous communication between data buses. The device transmits data from the A bus to the B bus or from the B bus to the A bus, depending on the logic level at the direction-control (DIR) input. The output-enable (OE) input can be used to disable the outputs so the buses are effectively isolated.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
R0K0APPBDB010BE   R0K0APPBDB010BE R0K0APPBDB010BE PDF Download Renesas Technology America The line on the graph shows the actual temperatu
R0K0APPBDB020BE   R0K0APPBDB020BE R0K0APPBDB020BE PDF Download Hynix HYMD116M645A(L)8-K/H/L series is designed f
R0K33026AS000BE   R0K33026AS000BE R0K33026AS000BE PDF Download We can also rearrange Equation 2 to define the p
R0K33026AS001BE   R0K33026AS001BE R0K33026AS001BE PDF Download The crystal must be mounted as close to the devi
R0K330290S000BE   R0K330290S000BE R0K330290S000BE PDF Download (d) For a dual device surface mounted on 10 sq c
R0K33062PS000BE   R0K33062PS000BE R0K33062PS000BE PDF Download In voltage regulator applications where very lar
R0K3306NKS000BE   R0K3306NKS000BE R0K3306NKS000BE PDF Download General Description MC68000/MC68008 Core System
R0K3306NKS001BE   R0K3306NKS001BE R0K3306NKS001BE PDF Download Renesas Technology America The device may be erased using the Automatic Era
R0K330879S000BE   R0K330879S000BE R0K330879S000BE PDF Download system under rapidly changing current load condi
R0K42215RS000BE   R0K42215RS000BE R0K42215RS000BE PDF Download The R0K42215RS000BE is an IC which consists of 9
R0K438347S000BE   R0K438347S000BE R0K438347S000BE PDF Download Each channel of the XRD9814/9816 includes a Corr
R0K438347S001BE   R0K438347S001BE R0K438347S001BE PDF Download • Rated isolation voltage (RMS includes DC
R0K521134S000BE   R0K521134S000BE R0K521134S000BE PDF Download • Dual voltage monitoring   V2Mon ope
R0K5211B4S000BE   R0K5211B4S000BE R0K5211B4S000BE PDF Download The MAX3901/MAX3902 are optimized for low-cost p
R0K521237S000BE   R0K521237S000BE R0K521237S000BE PDF Download KS1454 is a DVDP (Digital Video Disc Player) 1-ch
R0K521237S001BE   R0K521237S001BE R0K521237S001BE PDF Download User SFRs Interface C Special Function Reg- iste
R0K521256S000BE   R0K521256S000BE R0K521256S000BE PDF Download   P2ROM stands for Production Programmed RO
R0K521256S001BE   R0K521256S001BE R0K521256S001BE PDF Download Acknowledge Polling Since the device will not ac
R0K521276S000BE   R0K521276S000BE R0K521276S000BE PDF Download control which of the power switch pairs are turne
R0K521276S001BE   R0K521276S001BE R0K521276S001BE PDF Download The A29DL16x family consists of 16 megabit, 3.0 v
R0K5212D8S000BE   R0K5212D8S000BE R0K5212D8S000BE PDF Download A number of considerations must go into any desig
R0K5212D8S001BE   R0K5212D8S001BE R0K5212D8S001BE PDF Download Renesas Technology America address spaces, and I/O control registers, occup
R0K561582S000BE   R0K561582S000BE R0K561582S000BE PDF Download The SST89E5xxRD2 and SST89V5xxRD2 are members o
R0K561622S000BE   R0K561622S000BE R0K561622S000BE PDF Download Renesas Technology America The CD54/74AC540, -541, and CD54/74ACT540, -541
R0K561664S000BE   R0K561664S000BE R0K561664S000BE PDF Download Figure 1 shows the CY7B951 in an ATM system that
R0K570865S000BE   R0K570865S000BE R0K570865S000BE PDF Download Note 7: CPD is defined as the value of the inter
R0K571242S000BE   R0K571242S000BE R0K571242S000BE PDF Download Triple Voltage Regulator Output Voltage 5 V wi
R0K572011S000BE   R0K572011S000BE R0K572011S000BE PDF Download • 1500 Watts for 10/1000 µs with rep
R0K572030S000BE   R0K572030S000BE R0K572030S000BE PDF Download Renesas Technology America 5. Applies to each output; each output has indep
R0K572030S010BE   R0K572030S010BE R0K572030S010BE PDF Download -Complex functions (up to 16 inputs) in a single
R0K572115S000BE   R0K572115S000BE R0K572115S000BE PDF Download Renesas Technology America The IL400 is an optically coupled SCR with a gal
R0K572115S001BE   R0K572115S001BE R0K572115S001BE PDF Download Renesas Technology America The interrupt request output is an open drain, a
R.PI-1055-0R5   R.PI-1055-0R5 R.PI-1055-0R5 PDF Download N/A NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
R/1/REZ51204   R/1/REZ51204 R/1/REZ51204 PDF Download The ground return for the digital supply for the
R/H/R2854   R/H/R2854 R/H/R2854 PDF Download • Three differential CPU clock pairs R
R/S/R-044   R/S/R-044 R/S/R-044 PDF Download NOTES: 1. The device may be operated outside rec
R/W/RED-5   R/W/RED-5 R/W/RED-5 PDF Download To achieve proper device operation, an initial p
R0003   R0003 R0003 PDF Download Pulse A A where frequency is in hertz, resistance in ohms,
R0003T   R0003T R0003T PDF Download Pulse A A • Geschwindigkeitsberwachung • Motor
R0010-ER   R0010-ER R0010-ER PDF Download The MAX4530/MAX4531/MAX4532 are low-voltage, CMO
R001778BH   R001778BH R001778BH PDF Download NS 9211   With the VBOOST feature the small signal s
R003E   R003E R003E PDF Download The standard R003E offers access times as fast
R004   R004 R004 PDF Download Specifically designed for Automotive application
R00510M26D   R00510M26D R00510M26D PDF Download Responsible electronic component and equipment
R010   R010 R010 PDF Download N/M MSOP-8 05+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
R01010100PPM   R01010100PPM R01010100PPM PDF Download sfernice sfernice dc78+ Addresses and data needed for the programming a
R0105   R0105 R0105 PDF Download dale dale dc89+ Widebus  Family State-of-the-Art Advance
R0105RH5   R0105RH5 R0105RH5 PDF Download dale dale dc87+ IDENTIFICATION INPUTS: These four pins are part o
R010BMN   R010BMN R010BMN PDF Download Unless otherwise stated, VDD = 3.3V 10%, no load
R0110DA   R0110DA R0110DA PDF Download ST 98   The two resistors shown with asterisks (*
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