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† Full range (MIN or MAX) for LM193 is −55C to 125C, for LM293 is 25C to 85C, and for LM393 is 0C to 70C. All characteristics are measured  with zero common-mode input voltage, unless otherwise specified. ‡ The voltage at either input or common-mode should not be allowed to go negative by more than 0.3 V. The upper end of the common-mode voltage  range is VCC+ − 1.5 V, but either or both inputs can go to 30 V without damage.
The R0605250L has two modes of operation. When the SET pin is connected to ground, its output is a pre-set value: 2.84V for R0605250LA, 3.15V for R0605250LB, and 3.30V for R0605250LC, and 3.00V for R0605250LD. There is no external components needed to decide the output voltage. When an output other than the preset value is needed, two external resistors should be used as a voltage divider. The output voltage is then decided by the re- sistor ratio. The R0605250L comes in a space saving SOT23-5 package.
There is a 2-pin header for the MUTE (J16) control of the TC2000. With the jumper in place the part is un- muted. When the jumper is removed the mute pin is pulled high (5V) and the amplifier is muted. Please refer to the Board Connection Diagram for the connector locations on the R0605250L Parallel Reference Board.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
R060047800000000   R060047800000000 R060047800000000 PDF Download   PCI hot-plug and CompactPCI™ hot-swa
R0604GHN   R0604GHN R0604GHN PDF Download • Learn C Learning involves the receiver ca
R0605250L   R0605250L R0605250L PDF Download ALCATEL 9945 The UCC3808 family offers a variety of package t
R06P   R06P R06P PDF Download Panasonic 06+ ICS has been shipping motherboard frequency gener
R.PI-1055-0R5   R.PI-1055-0R5 R.PI-1055-0R5 PDF Download N/A NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
R/1/REZ51204   R/1/REZ51204 R/1/REZ51204 PDF Download The ground return for the digital supply for the
R/H/R2854   R/H/R2854 R/H/R2854 PDF Download • Three differential CPU clock pairs R
R/S/R-044   R/S/R-044 R/S/R-044 PDF Download NOTES: 1. The device may be operated outside rec
R/W/RED-5   R/W/RED-5 R/W/RED-5 PDF Download To achieve proper device operation, an initial p
R0003   R0003 R0003 PDF Download Pulse A A where frequency is in hertz, resistance in ohms,
R0003T   R0003T R0003T PDF Download Pulse A A • Geschwindigkeitsberwachung • Motor
R0010-ER   R0010-ER R0010-ER PDF Download The MAX4530/MAX4531/MAX4532 are low-voltage, CMO
R001778BH   R001778BH R001778BH PDF Download NS 9211   With the VBOOST feature the small signal s
R003E   R003E R003E PDF Download The standard R003E offers access times as fast
R004   R004 R004 PDF Download Specifically designed for Automotive application
R00510M26D   R00510M26D R00510M26D PDF Download Responsible electronic component and equipment
R010   R010 R010 PDF Download N/M MSOP-8 05+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
R01010100PPM   R01010100PPM R01010100PPM PDF Download sfernice sfernice dc78+ Addresses and data needed for the programming a
R0105   R0105 R0105 PDF Download dale dale dc89+ Widebus  Family State-of-the-Art Advance
R0105RH5   R0105RH5 R0105RH5 PDF Download dale dale dc87+ IDENTIFICATION INPUTS: These four pins are part o
R010BMN   R010BMN R010BMN PDF Download Unless otherwise stated, VDD = 3.3V 10%, no load
R0110DA   R0110DA R0110DA PDF Download ST 98   The two resistors shown with asterisks (*
R0111580   R0111580 R0111580 PDF Download Parameter Positive Supply Voltage (VCC to GND)
R0113718   R0113718 R0113718 PDF Download The ADC122S101 operates with a single supply tha
R0114029   R0114029 R0114029 PDF Download See Power Dissipation in the Applications section
R0114955   R0114955 R0114955 PDF Download Software features   Program Suspend &
R0115391   R0115391 R0115391 PDF Download * Wide operating voltage range(VDD=2.2V ~ 5.0V)
R0115731   R0115731 R0115731 PDF Download While inheriting the AT architecture of the F2MC
R0119259   R0119259 R0119259 PDF Download test for dry air, and other media, are available
R012F   R012F R012F PDF Download The power up bi-directional pins have a large va
R016   R016 R016 PDF Download Sipex SOT-23-3 05+ The HT6026 is a CMOS LSI encoder designed for r
R016001QS   R016001QS R016001QS PDF Download 97 SSOP Drain- Source Voltage Continuous Drain Current
R017   R017 R017 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A   The M12S16161A is 16,777,216 bits synchro
R01780034   R01780034 R01780034 PDF Download The TSH300 is a voltage feedback amplifier feat
R01891667   R01891667 R01891667 PDF Download 99 A general-purpose data register file is containe
R01908412   R01908412 R01908412 PDF Download Figure 9(a) presents the 3-wire serial port proto
R01A   R01A R01A PDF Download AD SOT25 6+ The periphery consists of five 8-bit wide genera
R01B   R01B R01B PDF Download AD SOT25 06+ Linear program memory addressing to 64 Kbytes L
R01D   R01D R01D PDF Download AD SOT25 6+ Specifications in standard type face are for TJ
R01E   R01E R01E PDF Download AD SOT25 6+ 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
R01G   R01G R01G PDF Download AD SOT25 6+ Any switching configuration that provides three o
R020   R020 R020 PDF Download CMD 00+ USOP-8P The LM4040 utilizes fuse and zener-zap reverse b
R02002   R02002 R02002 PDF Download Feedback also can be taken from the register, reg
R02003A   R02003A R02003A PDF Download N/A 1812 This document contains device-specific informati
R02010   R02010 R02010 PDF Download RFM CAN3 00+   The TC58FVM7T2A/B2A is a 134217728-bit, 3
R02018-1   R02018-1 R02018-1 PDF Download N/A TO-5 06+   MPX53 series pressure sensors are availabl
R0201AE2   R0201AE2 R0201AE2 PDF Download Please be aware that an important notice concerni
R02021   R02021 R02021 PDF Download RFM The WM8802 is a digital audio interface transceiv
R02023   R02023 R02023 PDF Download RFM 98+ Any existing analog speaker set can easily be u
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