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Precision, pulse by pulse phase current match- ing Active drooping allows for best transient response Input Sensing Current mode control Programmable DAC step size/offset allows Compliance with VRM9.0, VRM8.3 or VRM8.4 Externally programmable soft-start 5V or 12V input for next generation processors 0% minimum duty cycle improves transient re- sponse Externally Programmable UVLO with hysteresis Cycle by cycle current limiting Programmable Internal Oscillator to 1 MHz VID IIIII Inhibit (No CPU)
Q1300-0013 is a new International Rectifier integrated circuit device designed for one-chip solution for complete closed loop current and velocity control of a high performance Sensorless drive for PM motors. Unlike a traditional microcontroller or DSP, Q1300-0013 does not require any programming to complete complex Sensorless algorithm development. Combined with International Rectifier's high voltage gate drive and current sensing IC, the user can implement complete speed control of PM motors with minimum component count and virtually no design effort. In addition to Sensorless closed loop speed control operation, features such as Start-up retry, Phase Loss detection, Low Loss PWM, Regeneration Braking control and various drive protections are all implemented inside Q1300-0013. Analog and digital I/Os can also be configured. Host communication logic contains Asynchronous Communication Interface for RS232C or RS422 communication interface, a fast slave SPI interface and an 8 bit wide Host Parallel Interface. All communication ports have the same access capability to the host register set. The users can write to, and read from the predefined registers to configure and monitor the drive through these communication ports.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
Q1300-0013   Q1300-0013 Q1300-0013 PDF Download AMCC PGA LATCHED ADDRESS BUS: Low-order bits of the syste
Q1300-0029B   Q1300-0029B Q1300-0029B PDF Download AMCC PGA SYSTEM INTERFACE FEATURES Host Port with DMA Cap
Q1300-0030B   Q1300-0030B Q1300-0030B PDF Download AMCC PGA   TOSHIBA continually is working to improve
Q1300T   Q1300T Q1300T PDF Download GND (Pin 5): Ground. A0 (Pin 6): Auxiliary Gain
Q1300T-0306B   Q1300T-0306B Q1300T-0306B PDF Download AMCC PGA The analog input is sampled and tracked on the f
Q1300T-0311B   Q1300T-0311B Q1300T-0311B PDF Download These parts are designed on an enhanced process
Q1300T-0311D   Q1300T-0311D Q1300T-0311D PDF Download   This 18-bit universal bus transceiver is
Q1300T-0317B   Q1300T-0317B Q1300T-0317B PDF Download AMCC PGA * TOSHIBA is continually working to improve the q
Q1300T-0325B   Q1300T-0325B Q1300T-0325B PDF Download AMCC PGA Features include one high-performance 2.88MB flop
Q1300T-0326C   Q1300T-0326C Q1300T-0326C PDF Download AMCC 00+ On page 3-9, last paragraph, change the first tw
Q1300T-0345B   Q1300T-0345B Q1300T-0345B PDF Download AMCC PGA   The values for the equation are found in
Q1300T0346B   Q1300T0346B Q1300T0346B PDF Download AMCC CLCC68 Active low reset output. When the sense threshol
Q1300T-0346B   Q1300T-0346B Q1300T-0346B PDF Download AMCC PLCC The Preliminary Information presented herein rep
Q1300T-0348B   Q1300T-0348B Q1300T-0348B PDF Download AMCC QFP96金脚
Q1300T-03538   Q1300T-03538 Q1300T-03538 PDF Download AMCC 铁面PLCC 2 channel UART 5 V, 3.3 V and 2.5 V operation
Q1300T0353B   Q1300T0353B Q1300T0353B PDF Download AMCC PLCC68   Mark/space ratio for the SCLK input is 40
Q1300T-0353B   Q1300T-0353B Q1300T-0353B PDF Download AMCC PLCC68 The LTC®3803 is a constant frequency current
Q1300T-0353R   Q1300T-0353R Q1300T-0353R PDF Download AMCC PLCC The CY7C9689 HOTLink Transceiver is a point-to-p
Q1300T-1325B   Q1300T-1325B Q1300T-1325B PDF Download For Schottky barrier diodes thermal run-away has
Q1300T-C345B   Q1300T-C345B Q1300T-C345B PDF Download Note 9: If the product is in shutdown mode and VD
Q13608.11   Q13608.11 Q13608.11 PDF Download Fujitsu recommends the following conditions for
Q13FC1350000200   Q13FC1350000200 Q13FC1350000200 PDF Download EPSON 07+ (1) Package drawings, standard packing quantitie
Q13MC1461000100   Q13MC1461000100 Q13MC1461000100 PDF Download EPSON 07+ TI does not warrant or represent that any licens
Q13MC1461000200   Q13MC1461000200 Q13MC1461000200 PDF Download EPSON 07+ 1. H = HIGH voltage level   L = LOW voltag
Q13MC1461000400   Q13MC1461000400 Q13MC1461000400 PDF Download EPSON 07+ The Hynix HY5DU28422D(L)T, HY5DU28822D(L)T and HY
Q13MC3060000914   Q13MC3060000914 Q13MC3060000914 PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ JITO®-2 is Foxs answer to the phenomenal res
Q.O447   Q.O447 Q.O447 PDF Download Game boxes are using more powerful processors to
Q0007PE3   Q0007PE3 Q0007PE3 PDF Download PHI DIP The SN74ALVCF162835 has series damping resistor
Q0014JQ5   Q0014JQ5 Q0014JQ5 PDF Download The Am29LV642D offers access times of 90 and 120
Q0014JQ5/0Q1512WP   Q0014JQ5/0Q1512WP Q0014JQ5/0Q1512WP PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ The R-C values are selected by matching the time
Q0019JA1   Q0019JA1 Q0019JA1 PDF Download AMI 01+ PLCC-68 Once in synchronization, the falling edge of the
Q0019JA1-OBC   Q0019JA1-OBC Q0019JA1-OBC PDF Download Internal tone modulation. The ENT (tone enable)
Q0022JA1   Q0022JA1 Q0022JA1 PDF Download AMIS 05+ PLCC84 C40 Tcase +100C, Io =0 Over Vin range Over Io
Q0022JA1(PIB)   Q0022JA1(PIB) Q0022JA1(PIB) PDF Download AMIS PLCC-84P 05+ Delivers up to 5 A continuous 6 A peak current
Q0023QA1   Q0023QA1 Q0023QA1 PDF Download Normally the PWM comparator will sense a ramp c
Q0024JA1   Q0024JA1 Q0024JA1 PDF Download AMIS 05+ PLCC84 DESCRIPTION The LD1117A is a LOW DROP Voltage R
Q0024JA1VC   Q0024JA1VC Q0024JA1VC PDF Download AMI 01+ PLCC84 Description: The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CMPTA13,
Q0024JA1-VC   Q0024JA1-VC Q0024JA1-VC PDF Download AMI PLCC84 00+ Notes: 1. For codes not listed in the figure ab
Q0032768-SMQ32SL-12520T1   Q0032768-SMQ32SL-12520T1 Q0032768-SMQ32SL-12520T1 PDF Download - Suspends erase operations to allow programming
Q00462.3AS17   Q00462.3AS17 Q00462.3AS17 PDF Download These N-Channel enhancement mode power field effe
Q01213   Q01213 Q01213 PDF Download The 212 encoders are a series of CMOS LSIs for r
Q01327   Q01327 Q01327 PDF Download (Segment mode) ! Shift Clock frequency:  
Q01328   Q01328 Q01328 PDF Download   The MPX10 series device is a silicon piezo
Q0165R   Q0165R Q0165R PDF Download FAI DIP8 08+   Vth can be expressed as voltage between ga
Q0170   Q0170 Q0170 PDF Download   The MC74HC04A is identical in pinout to t
Q02439OPT1C-M   Q02439OPT1C-M Q02439OPT1C-M PDF Download This output presents the output of the demodulato
Q025   Q025 Q025 PDF Download MIC © 1998 Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. The
Q02561-1N   Q02561-1N Q02561-1N PDF Download AMCC PLCC84 n Fully integrated 10 Mbps Ethernet transceiver
Q0256I   Q0256I Q0256I PDF Download QUALCOMM PLCC Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
Q0256I1N   Q0256I1N Q0256I1N PDF Download N/A N/A 04+   C Stand-alone MP3 decoder   C 48, 44
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