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SDRAM read and write accesses are burst oriented starting at a selected location and continuing for a programmed number of locations in a programmed sequence. The registration of an ACTIVE command begins accesses, followed by a READ or WRITE command. The ACTIVE command in conjunction with address bits registered are used to select the bank and row to be accessed (BA0, BA1 select the bank; A0-A11 select the row). The READ or WRITE commands in conjunction with address bits reg- istered are used to select the starting column location for the burst access.
Port 1 C I/O. Port 1 functions as both an 8Cbit biCdirectional I/O port and an alternate functional interface for Timer 2 I/O, new External Interrupts, and new Serial Port 1. The reset condition of Port 1 is with all bits at a logic 1. In this state, a weak pullCup holds the port high. This condition also serves as an input mode, since any external circuit that writes to the port will overcome the weak pullCup. When software writes a 0 to any port pin, the Q10RTS8 will activate a strong pullCdown that remains on until either a 1 is written or a reset occurs. Writing a 1 after the port has been at 0 will cause a strong transition driver to turn on, followed by a weaker sustaining pullCup. Once the momentary strong driver turns off, the port again becomes the output high (and input) state. The alternate modes of Port 1 are outlined as follows.
Array Description The Q10RTS8 is comprised of a resistor array (see Figure 1). Each array contains 255 discrete resistive segments that are connected in series. The physical ends of each array are equivalent to the fixed terminals of a mechanical potentiometer (RH and RL inputs).
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
Q100   Q100 Q100 PDF Download PRX 2008+ output) BRemote signal input port BRemote sig
Q1000BS5   Q1000BS5 Q1000BS5 PDF Download NORTEL BGA —— Isolation in Powered-Off Mode, V+ = 0 Low ON-Sta
Q1002   Q1002 Q1002 PDF Download high di/dts. The diodes negative di/dt during ta
Q100-226006   Q100-226006 Q100-226006 PDF Download The SONET/SDH transmit and receive blocks are u
Q1006   Q1006 Q1006 PDF Download STM 1465 The following Functional Description describes t
Q100BS5   Q100BS5 Q100BS5 PDF Download NORTEL BGA0808 00+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
Q100X   Q100X Q100X PDF Download PRX 2004+ address, and I/O pins that permit independent, a
Q100Z   Q100Z Q100Z PDF Download PRX 2008+ PT 2380 is a pre-set equalizer IC utilizing CMOS
Q1017A   Q1017A Q1017A PDF Download NORTEL QFP 03/+04+ ! GENERAL DESCRIPTION  The NJM2388 is low
Q102   Q102 Q102 PDF Download N/A 5/SOT23 05&06 Stresses above those listed under absolute maxim
Q1024   Q1024 Q1024 PDF Download The Mini-ACE contains internal address latches a
Q1029A   Q1029A Q1029A PDF Download QFP48 08+ are fully compatible with PECL 10 K and 10 KH lo
Q10350-S-20-50/50   Q10350-S-20-50/50 Q10350-S-20-50/50 PDF Download RST/VPP: Reset/Programming Supply Voltage: A low
Q105   Q105 Q105 PDF Download MOTOROLA DIP-6 07+/08+   The PT6725 series of power modules are in
Q10561-1   Q10561-1 Q10561-1 PDF Download a8255 MegaCore function implementing a programma
Q10581BF5   Q10581BF5 Q10581BF5 PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ TOSHIBA is continually working to improve the qu
Q1058-1BF5   Q1058-1BF5 Q1058-1BF5 PDF Download NORTEL TQFP1414-100 99+ Provides RF Uart Functions, 12 Bit Symbols to Se
Q10584-01   Q10584-01 Q10584-01 PDF Download 0729+;07+/08+ board, minimum creepage and clearance requiremen
Q1059C   Q1059C Q1059C PDF Download NULL 07+ Amplifier dissipation reaches a maximum when the
Q1061   Q1061 Q1061 PDF Download 05+ BGA POWER SUPPLY Power Up. The Flash memory Command
Q1077A   Q1077A Q1077A PDF Download The 24XX32A supports a bidirectional, 2-wire bus
Q1083A   Q1083A Q1083A PDF Download QFP48 08+ On page 3-31, the last paragraph implies that ei
Q1084A   Q1084A Q1084A PDF Download NORTEL QFP0707-48 02+ NOTES:  1. Dimension are in inches.  
Q10KS15-1EQ   Q10KS15-1EQ Q10KS15-1EQ PDF Download The MT8985 device provides both functions and all
Q10RCS6-2EQ   Q10RCS6-2EQ Q10RCS6-2EQ PDF Download N/A 06+ 500
Q10RTS15   Q10RTS15 Q10RTS15 PDF Download The ISD5116 ChipCorder Product provides h
Q10RTS15-2EQ   Q10RTS15-2EQ Q10RTS15-2EQ PDF Download N/A 06+ 500 The MSM518221 is similar in operation and functio
Q10RTS8   Q10RTS8 Q10RTS8 PDF Download   Device types identified as current may no
Q10RTS8-1GQ   Q10RTS8-1GQ Q10RTS8-1GQ PDF Download Figure 33 provides the Motorola part numbering n
Q.O447   Q.O447 Q.O447 PDF Download Game boxes are using more powerful processors to
Q0007PE3   Q0007PE3 Q0007PE3 PDF Download PHI DIP The SN74ALVCF162835 has series damping resistor
Q0014JQ5   Q0014JQ5 Q0014JQ5 PDF Download The Am29LV642D offers access times of 90 and 120
Q0014JQ5/0Q1512WP   Q0014JQ5/0Q1512WP Q0014JQ5/0Q1512WP PDF Download N/A N/A 04+ The R-C values are selected by matching the time
Q0019JA1   Q0019JA1 Q0019JA1 PDF Download AMI 01+ PLCC-68 Once in synchronization, the falling edge of the
Q0019JA1-OBC   Q0019JA1-OBC Q0019JA1-OBC PDF Download Internal tone modulation. The ENT (tone enable)
Q0022JA1   Q0022JA1 Q0022JA1 PDF Download AMIS 05+ PLCC84 C40 Tcase +100C, Io =0 Over Vin range Over Io
Q0022JA1(PIB)   Q0022JA1(PIB) Q0022JA1(PIB) PDF Download AMIS PLCC-84P 05+ Delivers up to 5 A continuous 6 A peak current
Q0023QA1   Q0023QA1 Q0023QA1 PDF Download Normally the PWM comparator will sense a ramp c
Q0024JA1   Q0024JA1 Q0024JA1 PDF Download AMIS 05+ PLCC84 DESCRIPTION The LD1117A is a LOW DROP Voltage R
Q0024JA1VC   Q0024JA1VC Q0024JA1VC PDF Download AMI 01+ PLCC84 Description: The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CMPTA13,
Q0024JA1-VC   Q0024JA1-VC Q0024JA1-VC PDF Download AMI PLCC84 00+ Notes: 1. For codes not listed in the figure ab
Q0032768-SMQ32SL-12520T1   Q0032768-SMQ32SL-12520T1 Q0032768-SMQ32SL-12520T1 PDF Download - Suspends erase operations to allow programming
Q00462.3AS17   Q00462.3AS17 Q00462.3AS17 PDF Download These N-Channel enhancement mode power field effe
Q01213   Q01213 Q01213 PDF Download The 212 encoders are a series of CMOS LSIs for r
Q01327   Q01327 Q01327 PDF Download (Segment mode) ! Shift Clock frequency:  
Q01328   Q01328 Q01328 PDF Download   The MPX10 series device is a silicon piezo
Q0165R   Q0165R Q0165R PDF Download FAI DIP8 08+   Vth can be expressed as voltage between ga
Q0170   Q0170 Q0170 PDF Download   The MC74HC04A is identical in pinout to t
Q02439OPT1C-M   Q02439OPT1C-M Q02439OPT1C-M PDF Download This output presents the output of the demodulato
Q025   Q025 Q025 PDF Download MIC © 1998 Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. The
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