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A read cycle is initiated by the falling edge of CAS or OE, whichever occurs last, while holding WE HIGH. The column address must be held for a minimum time specified by tAR. Data Out becomes valid only when tRAC, tAA, tCAC and tOE are all satisfied. As a result, the access time is dependent on the timing relationships between these parameters.
Note 2. Regulation is measured at constant junction temperature, using pulse testing with a low duty cycle. Changes in output voltage due to   heating effects are covered under the specification for thermal regulation. Note 3. These parameters, although guaranteed, are not tested in production. Note 4. See Maximum Output Current Section above.
P0LW2-010 is a automatic gain control system that is used for dynamic range compression and expansion. According to the companding the signal, this can reduce the noise components. P0LW2-010 includes compressor, expander, pre-amp, filter amp, limiter and mute/bypath logic.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
P0LW2-010   P0LW2-010 P0LW2-010 PDF Download These benchmarks provide single-channel extrapol
P.77513   P.77513 P.77513 PDF Download DIALOG SMD 05+ To integrate so many transistors on a piece of s
P.A.C.-6221   P.A.C.-6221 P.A.C.-6221 PDF Download The modulation and bias currents are programmabl
P0084UCL   P0084UCL P0084UCL PDF Download Littelfuse MS-013 07+ EN (enable) is a CMOS input. A logic low turns t
P0084UCLRP   P0084UCLRP P0084UCLRP PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product MS-013 06+ Various performance features exist between the t
P0084UCRP   P0084UCRP P0084UCRP PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product MS-013 05+
P00867518   P00867518 P00867518 PDF Download Note 2: LEP00867518 is on when input signal is hi
P009   P009 P009 PDF Download 04+ SOP8 Internal PWM current control. Each pair of output
P0090SCMC   P0090SCMC P0090SCMC PDF Download Littelfuse DO-214AA 07+ N dividers by simply modifying the count length
P0093   P0093 P0093 PDF Download Ruotare il selettore su FO . Quando lalimentazi
P010   P010 P010 PDF Download COSMO Relay(new original)   The IDT octal buffer/line drivers are bui
P0102   P0102 P0102 PDF Download ST TO-92 04+ Memories C 1K, 2K or 4K bytes Program memory (O
P0102A   P0102A P0102A PDF Download The ADP3041 is a fixed frequency, PWM step-up dc
P0102AA   P0102AA P0102AA PDF Download tag n/a Notes: 1. All inputs except OE must meet setup
P0102AA1AA3   P0102AA1AA3 P0102AA1AA3 PDF Download
P0102AA-1AA3   P0102AA-1AA3 P0102AA-1AA3 PDF Download ST TO-92 Data flow from A to Y is controlled by Output En
P0102AA-SAL3   P0102AA-SAL3 P0102AA-SAL3 PDF Download   The HF80 die type has been found to have
P0102AB   P0102AB P0102AB PDF Download tag n/a • Burst Mode Operation to Reduce the Power
P0102AL   P0102AL P0102AL PDF Download The DAC101S101 is a full-featured, general purpo
P0102AL5AA4   P0102AL5AA4 P0102AL5AA4 PDF Download ST The above calculation is conservative: with VCC =
P0102BA   P0102BA P0102BA PDF Download ST 1AA3 A current sense methodology is implemented to di
P0102BA1AA3   P0102BA1AA3 P0102BA1AA3 PDF Download To provide an added measure of accuracy, the off
P0102BA-1AA3   P0102BA-1AA3 P0102BA-1AA3 PDF Download ST TO-92 Switching Performance   Encode Pulsewidth H
P0102BL   P0102BL P0102BL PDF Download 06+ • Wide frequency rangeC80.0MHz to 180.0MHz
P0102BL5AA4   P0102BL5AA4 P0102BL5AA4 PDF Download ST Absolute maximum ratings are those values beyond
P0102BLL   P0102BLL P0102BLL PDF Download ON SOT-89 SRAM Compliant with PCI Specification, Revision
P0102BLLT1   P0102BLLT1 P0102BLLT1 PDF Download SOT-89 The ADuC842 is a complete smart transducer front
P0102BN   P0102BN P0102BN PDF Download sgs sgs dc98   The IDT72T4088/72T4098/72T40108/72T40118
P0102BN5AA4   P0102BN5AA4 P0102BN5AA4 PDF Download   The QS3VH126 is a high bandwidth bus swit
P0102BN5AA4/A   P0102BN5AA4/A P0102BN5AA4/A PDF Download ST SOT-223 05+   Energy Loss (EOFF) is defined as the inte
P0102DA   P0102DA P0102DA PDF Download ST . N/A Peripheral Features D 34 I/O Pins D Additional
P0102DA1AA3   P0102DA1AA3 P0102DA1AA3 PDF Download ST 9918 MAX 7000A devices use CMOS EEPROM cells to imple
P0102DA-1AA3   P0102DA-1AA3 P0102DA-1AA3 PDF Download ST N/A 07/08+
P0102DA1AA3(E)   P0102DA1AA3(E) P0102DA1AA3(E) PDF Download • ARM (32-bit) and Thumb (16-bit compresse
P0102DA5AL3   P0102DA5AL3 P0102DA5AL3 PDF Download
P0102DL   P0102DL P0102DL PDF Download  CioA or B portVCC = 5 V,16 † All typ
P0102DN   P0102DN P0102DN PDF Download ST SOT-223 05+ The next four bytes of the EPROM STATUS memory c
P0102DN/5AA4   P0102DN/5AA4 P0102DN/5AA4 PDF Download Electrical characteristics are guaranteed over f
P0102DN/5AA4A   P0102DN/5AA4A P0102DN/5AA4A PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits
P0102DN5AA4   P0102DN5AA4 P0102DN5AA4 PDF Download ST 06+PB Information at input D is transferred to the Q o
P0102MA   P0102MA P0102MA PDF Download Virtex-II devices have 16 global clock MUX buffe
P0102MA1AA3   P0102MA1AA3 P0102MA1AA3 PDF Download STMicroelectronics convection cooling and have an operational ambien
P0102MN   P0102MN P0102MN PDF Download ST SOT-223 04+ TOSHIBA is continually working to improve the qu
P0102MN5AA4   P0102MN5AA4 P0102MN5AA4 PDF Download ST SOT223 +5V Analog Supply Voltage Left Voltage Common
P0103DA   P0103DA P0103DA PDF Download ST . N/A The P0103DA surface mount, center tap, Schottky r
P010538   P010538 P010538 PDF Download plex Instruction Set Computer (CISC): compact cod
P0105DA   P0105DA P0105DA PDF Download The I/O port of this device has a pullup current
P0107800345   P0107800345 P0107800345 PDF Download s ESD protection of one automotive LIN bus line
P0109AA   P0109AA P0109AA PDF Download DSI n/a   The MPX5050 series piezoresistive transdu
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