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For more information refer to Xilinx XC4000E and XC4000X series Field Programmable Gate Arrays product specifica- tion. This data sheet contains pinout tables for XQ4010E only. Refer to Xilinx web site for pinout tables for other devices. (Pinouts for XQ4000E/EX are identical to XC4000E/EX.) (http://www.xilinx.com/partinfo/databook.htm)
*6 Half-wave pulse of sine wave: 11ms; detection time: 10µs *7 Half-wave pulse of sine wave: 6ms *8 Detection time: 10µs *9 Refer to 5. Conditions for operation, transport and storage mentioned in   AMBIENT ENVIRONMENT (Page 61)
The TOSHIBA P0F0014 consists of a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode optically coupled to a photo−MOS FET in a six lead plastic DIP package (DIP6). The P0F0014 is a bi-directional switch which can replace mechanical relays in many applications.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
P0F0014   P0F0014 P0F0014 PDF Download Four dedicated test terminals control the operat
P.77513   P.77513 P.77513 PDF Download DIALOG SMD 05+ To integrate so many transistors on a piece of s
P.A.C.-6221   P.A.C.-6221 P.A.C.-6221 PDF Download The modulation and bias currents are programmabl
P0084UCL   P0084UCL P0084UCL PDF Download Littelfuse MS-013 07+ EN (enable) is a CMOS input. A logic low turns t
P0084UCLRP   P0084UCLRP P0084UCLRP PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product MS-013 06+ Various performance features exist between the t
P0084UCRP   P0084UCRP P0084UCRP PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product MS-013 05+
P00867518   P00867518 P00867518 PDF Download Note 2: LEP00867518 is on when input signal is hi
P009   P009 P009 PDF Download 04+ SOP8 Internal PWM current control. Each pair of output
P0090SCMC   P0090SCMC P0090SCMC PDF Download Littelfuse DO-214AA 07+ N dividers by simply modifying the count length
P0093   P0093 P0093 PDF Download Ruotare il selettore su FO . Quando lalimentazi
P010   P010 P010 PDF Download COSMO Relay(new original)   The IDT octal buffer/line drivers are bui
P0102   P0102 P0102 PDF Download ST TO-92 04+ Memories C 1K, 2K or 4K bytes Program memory (O
P0102A   P0102A P0102A PDF Download The ADP3041 is a fixed frequency, PWM step-up dc
P0102AA   P0102AA P0102AA PDF Download tag n/a Notes: 1. All inputs except OE must meet setup
P0102AA1AA3   P0102AA1AA3 P0102AA1AA3 PDF Download
P0102AA-1AA3   P0102AA-1AA3 P0102AA-1AA3 PDF Download ST TO-92 Data flow from A to Y is controlled by Output En
P0102AA-SAL3   P0102AA-SAL3 P0102AA-SAL3 PDF Download   The HF80 die type has been found to have
P0102AB   P0102AB P0102AB PDF Download tag n/a • Burst Mode Operation to Reduce the Power
P0102AL   P0102AL P0102AL PDF Download The DAC101S101 is a full-featured, general purpo
P0102AL5AA4   P0102AL5AA4 P0102AL5AA4 PDF Download ST The above calculation is conservative: with VCC =
P0102BA   P0102BA P0102BA PDF Download ST 1AA3 A current sense methodology is implemented to di
P0102BA1AA3   P0102BA1AA3 P0102BA1AA3 PDF Download To provide an added measure of accuracy, the off
P0102BA-1AA3   P0102BA-1AA3 P0102BA-1AA3 PDF Download ST TO-92 Switching Performance   Encode Pulsewidth H
P0102BL   P0102BL P0102BL PDF Download 06+ • Wide frequency rangeC80.0MHz to 180.0MHz
P0102BL5AA4   P0102BL5AA4 P0102BL5AA4 PDF Download ST Absolute maximum ratings are those values beyond
P0102BLL   P0102BLL P0102BLL PDF Download ON SOT-89 SRAM Compliant with PCI Specification, Revision
P0102BLLT1   P0102BLLT1 P0102BLLT1 PDF Download SOT-89 The ADuC842 is a complete smart transducer front
P0102BN   P0102BN P0102BN PDF Download sgs sgs dc98   The IDT72T4088/72T4098/72T40108/72T40118
P0102BN5AA4   P0102BN5AA4 P0102BN5AA4 PDF Download   The QS3VH126 is a high bandwidth bus swit
P0102BN5AA4/A   P0102BN5AA4/A P0102BN5AA4/A PDF Download ST SOT-223 05+   Energy Loss (EOFF) is defined as the inte
P0102DA   P0102DA P0102DA PDF Download ST . N/A Peripheral Features D 34 I/O Pins D Additional
P0102DA1AA3   P0102DA1AA3 P0102DA1AA3 PDF Download ST 9918 MAX 7000A devices use CMOS EEPROM cells to imple
P0102DA-1AA3   P0102DA-1AA3 P0102DA-1AA3 PDF Download ST N/A 07/08+
P0102DA1AA3(E)   P0102DA1AA3(E) P0102DA1AA3(E) PDF Download • ARM (32-bit) and Thumb (16-bit compresse
P0102DA5AL3   P0102DA5AL3 P0102DA5AL3 PDF Download
P0102DL   P0102DL P0102DL PDF Download  CioA or B portVCC = 5 V,16 † All typ
P0102DN   P0102DN P0102DN PDF Download ST SOT-223 05+ The next four bytes of the EPROM STATUS memory c
P0102DN/5AA4   P0102DN/5AA4 P0102DN/5AA4 PDF Download Electrical characteristics are guaranteed over f
P0102DN/5AA4A   P0102DN/5AA4A P0102DN/5AA4A PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits
P0102DN5AA4   P0102DN5AA4 P0102DN5AA4 PDF Download ST 06+PB Information at input D is transferred to the Q o
P0102MA   P0102MA P0102MA PDF Download Virtex-II devices have 16 global clock MUX buffe
P0102MA1AA3   P0102MA1AA3 P0102MA1AA3 PDF Download STMicroelectronics convection cooling and have an operational ambien
P0102MN   P0102MN P0102MN PDF Download ST SOT-223 04+ TOSHIBA is continually working to improve the qu
P0102MN5AA4   P0102MN5AA4 P0102MN5AA4 PDF Download ST SOT223 +5V Analog Supply Voltage Left Voltage Common
P0103DA   P0103DA P0103DA PDF Download ST . N/A The P0103DA surface mount, center tap, Schottky r
P010538   P010538 P010538 PDF Download plex Instruction Set Computer (CISC): compact cod
P0105DA   P0105DA P0105DA PDF Download The I/O port of this device has a pullup current
P0107800345   P0107800345 P0107800345 PDF Download s ESD protection of one automotive LIN bus line
P0109AA   P0109AA P0109AA PDF Download DSI n/a   The MPX5050 series piezoresistive transdu
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