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The VCXO may be coarse tuned by a programmable ad- justment of the crystal load capacitance via D[12:9]. The actual amount of frequency warping caused by the tuning capacitance will depend on the crystal used. The VCXO tuning capacitance includes an external 6pF load ca- pacitance (12pF from the XIN pin to ground and 12pF from the XOUT pin to ground). The fine tuning capability of the VCXO can be enabled by setting D[13] to a logic-one or disabled by clearing the bit to a logic-zero.
To have a good approximation of the remaining voltages at both Vin and Vout stages, we give the typical dynamic resistance value Rd. By taking into account these following hypothesis : R>>Rd, Rg>>Rd and Rload>>Rd, it gives these formulas:
The HR120 Series™ of DC/DC converters offers up to 12 watts of power from single or dual outputs in a single package over a C40C to +85C temperature range. Thick film hybrid manufacturing tech- nology produces high levels of miniaturization, giving the HR120 Series converters a low profile (0.330 inch), small board area (1.65 square inches), and high power density (22 watt/in3).
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
P0900BA   P0900BA P0900BA PDF Download   Parameter Operating Input Voltage Maxi
P0900EA   P0900EA P0900EA PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product TO-92 06+ Hynix HYMP112S64MP8 series is unbuffered 200-pin
P0900EAL   P0900EAL P0900EAL PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product T0-92 07+ The advantage of the parallel configuration is t
P0900EB   P0900EB P0900EB PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product T0-92 07+ The XP161A11A1PR is an N-Channel Power MOS FET w
P0900EBL   P0900EBL P0900EBL PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product T0-92 07+ Note 1:   For Shut Down (SD) current to fal
P0900EC   P0900EC P0900EC PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product T0-92 07+ Channel monitor Simultaneous output update via
P0900ECL   P0900ECL P0900ECL PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product T0-92 07+ MAX 7000A devices contain from 32 to 512 macroce
P0900ECMCL   P0900ECMCL P0900ECMCL PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product 07+ T0-92 2. The ADS-930 achieves its specified accuracies
P0900SA   P0900SA P0900SA PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product DO-214 06+ A range of silicon varactor diodes for use in fr
P0900SAL   P0900SAL P0900SAL PDF Download Littelfuse DO-214AA 07+ Collector-to-Emitter Breakdown Voltage Continuo
P0900SALRP   P0900SALRP P0900SALRP PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product (VA) DO-214 06+ The LM78LXX is available in the plastic TO-92 (Z
P0900SAMC   P0900SAMC P0900SAMC PDF Download TECCOR DO-214AA 07+   The P0900SAMC is a 14 pin integrated circ
P0900SAMCL   P0900SAMCL P0900SAMCL PDF Download Littelfu.. DO214AA 06 Notes a. Room = 25_C, Full = −40 to 85_C.
P0900SARP   P0900SARP P0900SARP PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product DO-214AA 07+ The P0900SARP/P0900SARP is a standalone digital
P0900SB   P0900SB P0900SB PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product DO-214 06+ The C62x devices have a complete set of developm
P0900SBL   P0900SBL P0900SBL PDF Download Littelfuse DO-214AA 07+ The PSD3XX I/O ports can be used for:   &#
P0900SBLRP   P0900SBLRP P0900SBLRP PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product DO-214 06+ dsPIC, ECONOMONITOR, FanSense, FlexROM, fuzzyLAB
P0900SBMC   P0900SBMC P0900SBMC PDF Download TECCOR DO-214AA 07+ The HDSP-253x is ideal for applications where
P0900SBMCL   P0900SBMCL P0900SBMCL PDF Download Littelfu.. DO214AA 06   . . . using the Schottky Barrier principl
P0900SBRP   P0900SBRP P0900SBRP PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product DO-214AA 07+ (1) Package drawings, standard packing quantitie
P0900SC   P0900SC P0900SC PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product DO-214 06+ The fixed 2.5-V output controller uses an intern
P0900SCL   P0900SCL P0900SCL PDF Download Littelfuse DO-214AA 07+ • 16-bit I/O timer   16-bit free-run
P0900SCLRP   P0900SCLRP P0900SCLRP PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product (VA) 2008+ Operating Range In the operating range the func
P0900SCMC   P0900SCMC P0900SCMC PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product DO-214 06+ A. These materials are intended as a reference t
P0900SCMCLRP   P0900SCMCLRP P0900SCMCLRP PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product DO-214 06+ 5V Trip Point 5V Trip Point 3.3V Trip Point
P0900SCRP   P0900SCRP P0900SCRP PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product DO-214 06+ CAUTION: Stress above those listed in Absolute M
P0900SD   P0900SD P0900SD PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product DO214A 05+ The analog front end features four single-ended
P0900SDL   P0900SDL P0900SDL PDF Download Littelfuse DO-214AA 07+ The analogue section consists of a comparator wi
P0900SDMC   P0900SDMC P0900SDMC PDF Download TECCOR DO-214AA 07+ VCC - VEE = 2.375V to 5.5V, outputs loaded with 5
P0900SDMCL   P0900SDMCL P0900SDMCL PDF Download Littelfu.. DO214AA 06   The 33996 directly interfaces with microc
P0900SDRP   P0900SDRP P0900SDRP PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product DO-214 06+ Note 6: Dropout voltage is the differential volta
P0901AA2   P0901AA2 P0901AA2 PDF Download Littelfuse TO-220 07+ • Single power supply : 5 V 10% • 51
P0901AA2L   P0901AA2L P0901AA2L PDF Download Littelfuse TO-220 07+ During normal operation, some circuit components
P0901AC2   P0901AC2 P0901AC2 PDF Download Littelfuse 06/07+ VIN and IIN refer to control inputs. VI, VO, II,
P0901AC2L   P0901AC2L P0901AC2L PDF Download Littelfuse 06/07+ The periphery consists of five 8-bit wide genera
P0901CA2   P0901CA2 P0901CA2 PDF Download littelfuse DO-214 "True" clocks of differential pair CPU
P0901CA2L   P0901CA2L P0901CA2L PDF Download Littelfuse 2008+ PROTECTION SECTION Peak Current Limit Current L
P0901CA2RP   P0901CA2RP P0901CA2RP PDF Download The DSP56800 core is based on a Harvard-style ar
P0901SA   P0901SA P0901SA PDF Download LF(TEC) DO-214 06+ Data is first written to the scratchpad from wher
P0901SAL   P0901SAL P0901SAL PDF Download Littelfuse 06/07+  VCCH = 12V, Measure 2V to 9V transition ti
P0901SAMC   P0901SAMC P0901SAMC PDF Download TECCOR DO214AA 05 - All different functions bit-wise selectable -
P0901SAMCL   P0901SAMCL P0901SAMCL PDF Download Littelfu.. DO214AA 06 The P0901SAMCLSXL processor core is an implement
P0901SB   P0901SB P0901SB PDF Download Note 1: VOUT+1V< VIN & 2.5V< VIN <
P0901SC   P0901SC P0901SC PDF Download LF(TEC) DO-214 06+ mode 6: slow mode, CS active (low) continuously,
P0901SCL   P0901SCL P0901SCL PDF Download Littelfuse 06/07+ The P0901SCL and P0901SCL are single-channel, ne
P0901SCMC   P0901SCMC P0901SCMC PDF Download TECCOR DO214AA 05 RST Reset I O A high on this pin for two machine
P0901SCMCL   P0901SCMCL P0901SCMCL PDF Download Littelfu.. DO214AA 06 The Bay Linear LM2941 incorporates protection ag
P0901UA   P0901UA P0901UA PDF Download • 1024 Resistor Taps C 10-Bit Resolution &
P0901UAL   P0901UAL P0901UAL PDF Download Littelfuse MS-013 07+ DESCRIPTION The HOA0901 sensor consists of a du
P0901UC   P0901UC P0901UC PDF Download   The floating-point control register space
P0901UCL   P0901UCL P0901UCL PDF Download Littelfuse MS-013 07+ 3. The window may also be managed by not allowin
P0902247   P0902247 P0902247 PDF Download Pb−Free Package is Available Small Compact
P0902546   P0902546 P0902546 PDF Download The on-chip status register allows the progress
P0902602   P0902602 P0902602 PDF Download 8. The minimum Full Scale Calibration Range (FSC
P0902604   P0902604 P0902604 PDF Download Packaged in the new innovative 3mm x 2mm MLP thi
P0902785   P0902785 P0902785 PDF Download Electrical characteristics are guaranteed over f
P0902798   P0902798 P0902798 PDF Download Note n: HSB STORE operation occurs only if an SR
P0902872   P0902872 P0902872 PDF Download  − Dynamic Range:   − 132
P0902873   P0902873 P0902873 PDF Download 135-mΩ -Maximum (5-V Input) High-Side MOSF
P0902SA   P0902SA P0902SA PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product 06/07+ Base Address (BADDR) strap to determine the base
P0902SAL   P0902SAL P0902SAL PDF Download Littelfuse 06/07+ Building on experiences gained with three previo
P0902SB   P0902SB P0902SB PDF Download Littelfuse 06/07+ The ready/busy status can be determined after th
P0903   P0903 P0903 PDF Download Note: Permanent device damage may occur if Abso
P0903082   P0903082 P0903082 PDF Download As seen in the block diagram, these modules co
P090308200   P090308200 P090308200 PDF Download NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.  
P0903111   P0903111 P0903111 PDF Download Samsung products are not designed, intended, or
P0903112CM0150   P0903112CM0150 P0903112CM0150 PDF Download Serial Clock (SCK) The Serial Clock controls th
P0903155   P0903155 P0903155 PDF Download To enhance device driver efficiency and reduce i
P0903291   P0903291 P0903291 PDF Download The CIC is composed of four identical blocks eac
P0903292   P0903292 P0903292 PDF Download Hardware data protection measures include a low
P0903294   P0903294 P0903294 PDF Download 4096 bits of EEPROM Memory Partitioned into 16 P
P0903295   P0903295 P0903295 PDF Download The MCP1726 is a 1A Low Dropout (LDO) linear re
P0903510   P0903510 P0903510 PDF Download The MAX9315 low-skew, 1-to-5 differential driver
P0903512   P0903512 P0903512 PDF Download To allow for dc coupling to ADCs, its unique out
P0903513   P0903513 P0903513 PDF Download The MAX9315 features low output-to-output skew (
P0903552   P0903552 P0903552 PDF Download The CD74HC390 and HCT390 dual 4-bit decade rippl
P0903555   P0903555 P0903555 PDF Download Note 2: LED is on when input signal is high, and
P0903847WSW617   P0903847WSW617 P0903847WSW617 PDF Download Stability The AP1187 requires the use of an outp
P0903953   P0903953 P0903953 PDF Download
P0903BD   P0903BD P0903BD PDF Download NIKOS 00+ The 420LE/B series is a two stage transient volt
P0903BDG   P0903BDG P0903BDG PDF Download NIKOS SOT-25 06+ The optimal design of Current Source Inverters r
P0904612   P0904612 P0904612 PDF Download   , LTC and LT are registered trademarks of
P0904614   P0904614 P0904614 PDF Download The ERASE instruction erases data at the specifi
P0904615   P0904615 P0904615 PDF Download Figure 5 shows the effects of a fast transient on
P0904640   P0904640 P0904640 PDF Download The standard supply voltage for notebook compute
P090473   P090473 P090473 PDF Download The TMS41x809 series is a set of high-speed, 16
P0904942   P0904942 P0904942 PDF Download Notes: 1. Functional operation above the absolut
P0904943   P0904943 P0904943 PDF Download A variety of frequency ranges and packaging opti
P0904967   P0904967 P0904967 PDF Download   The MPX5050 pressure sensor is available
P0904UA   P0904UA P0904UA PDF Download LF(TEC) MS-013 06+ At the moment the supply voltage on pin VDD or H
P0904UAL   P0904UAL P0904UAL PDF Download Littelfuse MS-013 07+ The P0904UAL is a high-bandwidth FET bus switch
P0904UALRP   P0904UALRP P0904UALRP PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product MS-013 06+   This 20 VGS gate drive vertical Power MOSF
P0904UARP   P0904UARP P0904UARP PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product MS-013 05+ 222 ns for all instructions except multiply and
P0904UB   P0904UB P0904UB PDF Download LF(TEC) MS-013 06+ The ADS1610 ∆Ó topology provides ke
P0904UBL   P0904UBL P0904UBL PDF Download Littelfuse MS-013 07+ Clock 155.52MHz (LVDS output). Differential outpu
P0904UBRP   P0904UBRP P0904UBRP PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product MS-013 06+ Hynix P0904UBRP-K/H/L series is designed for high
P0904UC   P0904UC P0904UC PDF Download LF(TEC) MS-013 06+ The SCAN926260 integrates six 10-bit deserialize
P0904UCL   P0904UCL P0904UCL PDF Download Littelfuse MS-013 07+ This MOSFET is an enhancement-mode silicon-gate
P0904UCRP   P0904UCRP P0904UCRP PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Sidactor(R) Product MS-013 06+ Digital VGA I & Q Demodulators Active Low P
P0905362   P0905362 P0905362 PDF Download * Video leakage or break through is defined as l
P0905677   P0905677 P0905677 PDF Download The EM78M612 is implemented on a RISC architectur
P0905708   P0905708 P0905708 PDF Download a) Adopting new 4th generation planar IGBT chip,
P0905712   P0905712 P0905712 PDF Download Parameter DIFFERENTIAL INPUT PERFORMANCE DYNAMI
P0905713   P0905713 P0905713 PDF Download Escape Characters - An escape sequence may be e
P0905751   P0905751 P0905751 PDF Download   The MC74VHC1G04 input structure provides
P0905752   P0905752 P0905752 PDF Download Supply Voltage Hall Input Voltage Range Output
P0905754   P0905754 P0905754 PDF Download Theory of Operation The ADNS-2001 is based on
P0905755   P0905755 P0905755 PDF Download
P0905824   P0905824 P0905824 PDF Download The device can be used as a three-terminal poten
P0905829   P0905829 P0905829 PDF Download
P0905830   P0905830 P0905830 PDF Download OPERATION In order to prevent data corruption a
P0905916   P0905916 P0905916 PDF Download - On-chip Hall sensor with two different sensitiv
P0906236   P0906236 P0906236 PDF Download Supported by FPGA Foundation™ and Alliance
P0906237   P0906237 P0906237 PDF Download The IRU1050-33 is a low dropout three-terminal fi
P0906238   P0906238 P0906238 PDF Download On-chip control functions make the ISD1000A Seri
P0906239   P0906239 P0906239 PDF Download In addition to parallel termination, SSTL-3 and
P0906240   P0906240 P0906240 PDF Download AV-,BV-,CV- - are pins for connecting the bottoms
P0906241   P0906241 P0906241 PDF Download DESCRIPTION The 74LVX3245 is a dual supply low
P0906262   P0906262 P0906262 PDF Download The Am186ED/EDLV microcontrollers have been des
P0906263   P0906263 P0906263 PDF Download Layout Consideration The output capacitors must
P0906265   P0906265 P0906265 PDF Download   Current sensing is done in this case by a
P0906266   P0906266 P0906266 PDF Download The command sequences are written by applying a
P0906279   P0906279 P0906279 PDF Download VSW = 18.0V(Max.), IOUT = 60mA Built-in PWM Di
P0906295   P0906295 P0906295 PDF Download er clock, the master must have an open drain out
P0906296   P0906296 P0906296 PDF Download Threshold Current (BOL) Wavelength Wavelength
P0906325   P0906325 P0906325 PDF Download The sensor has two readout registers located at
P0906469   P0906469 P0906469 PDF Download a watchdog timer (except for STM704/795/806) as
P0906496   P0906496 P0906496 PDF Download The ADM2486 driver has an active-high enable fea
P090649601   P090649601 P090649601 PDF Download The RESET/OE input of all PROMs is best driven b
P0906497   P0906497 P0906497 PDF Download NEC's UPA801T is two NPN high frequency silicon
P0906545   P0906545 P0906545 PDF Download NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed und
P0906769   P0906769 P0906769 PDF Download Note 1: Parameters are 100% production tested at
P0906904   P0906904 P0906904 PDF Download The MAX3781 EV kit has 100Ω differential re
P0906906   P0906906 P0906906 PDF Download The TLC372 has internal electrostatic discharge
P0906907   P0906907 P0906907 PDF Download Toggle Bit (DQ6) During the internal Program or
P0906908   P0906908 P0906908 PDF Download DESCRIPTION These I 2C-compatible electrically
P0907021   P0907021 P0907021 PDF Download DATA AND CONNECTION MEMORY   All data that
P0907087   P0907087 P0907087 PDF Download The AD5399 is the industry-first dual 12-bit dig
P0907187   P0907187 P0907187 PDF Download Computer-Operating Properly (COP) watchdog timer
P0907213   P0907213 P0907213 PDF Download The A-to-B enable (CEAB) input must be low to e
P090721300   P090721300 P090721300 PDF Download Display RAM, Character Generator, OLED Driver as
P0907284   P0907284 P0907284 PDF Download 2. Data labelled Typ is not to be used for desig
P0907291   P0907291 P0907291 PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under Absolu
P0907762   P0907762 P0907762 PDF Download Hynix HYMD264G726(L)4-K/H/L series is registered
P0907824   P0907824 P0907824 PDF Download 1. Solder the copper pad on the backside of the
P0907877   P0907877 P0907877 PDF Download
P0907878   P0907878 P0907878 PDF Download For the CY7C53120L8, the user application program
P0908859   P0908859 P0908859 PDF Download Note k: The six consecutive addresses must be in
P0909580   P0909580 P0909580 PDF Download 2.7 to 6.0 V Input Voltage Range Output Voltage
P0909581   P0909581 P0909581 PDF Download   Controller (host) sends a start bit. &nbs
P0909582   P0909582 P0909582 PDF Download   Eco Plan - The planned eco-friendly class
P0910161   P0910161 P0910161 PDF Download The CD4014B and CD4021b series types are supplie
P0910166   P0910166 P0910166 PDF Download A refresh counter is on-chip and is multiplexed
P0910327   P0910327 P0910327 PDF Download Notes: 1. See thermal regulation specifications
P0910746   P0910746 P0910746 PDF Download In addition, the L1 instruction memory and L1 da
P0911405   P0911405 P0911405 PDF Download The A8430 is a noninverting boost converter that
P0912424   P0912424 P0912424 PDF Download Microstrip Shunt Connections for HSMP-482x Serie
P0912876   P0912876 P0912876 PDF Download Latch Enable (Pin 1)   Latch Enable Input.
P0913543   P0913543 P0913543 PDF Download
P0913613   P0913613 P0913613 PDF Download 4. Adjustments to the output voltage may place a
P091361300   P091361300 P091361300 PDF Download After the erase instruction is entered, CS must
P0913613CIL02   P0913613CIL02 P0913613CIL02 PDF Download Reading from the devices is accomplished by taki
P0913614   P0913614 P0913614 PDF Download Fb (Bump B1): Output voltage feedback connection.
P0913615   P0913615 P0913615 PDF Download 3. AGC (AGC, pixel mixing, mirror reversal, and
P0913724ISS2   P0913724ISS2 P0913724ISS2 PDF Download The P0913724ISS2 contains five 10BASE-T/100BASE-T
P0914032   P0914032 P0914032 PDF Download The HSMP-386x series of general purpose PIN diod
P091403200   P091403200 P091403200 PDF Download A read cycle is initiated by the falling edge of
P09140329908B   P09140329908B P09140329908B PDF Download These Schottky chips are de- signed for hybrid a
P0914033   P0914033 P0914033 PDF Download The LT1013 devices can be operated from a singl
P0914035   P0914035 P0914035 PDF Download GROUND - Is the return for the VBIAS supply. This
P0914036   P0914036 P0914036 PDF Download These devices contain two independent positive-
P0914395   P0914395 P0914395 PDF Download The CD4085B types are supplied in 14-lead hermet
P0914552   P0914552 P0914552 PDF Download   FULL LINE REPRESENTATIVES COLORADO, Gran
P0914697   P0914697 P0914697 PDF Download Key: AI = Analog Input; AO = Analog Output; DI =
P0914813   P0914813 P0914813 PDF Download BOOST (Pin 6): High Side Bootstrapped Supply. An
P09156-038   P09156-038 P09156-038 PDF Download LCD voltage calibration Manufacturer identity
P0916T   P0916T P0916T PDF Download 01 Maxim/Dallas Semiconductor cannot assume respons
P0917549   P0917549 P0917549 PDF Download Information in this document is provided in conn
P091872700   P091872700 P091872700 PDF Download This IC was developed for use in cordless telepho
P0918728   P0918728 P0918728 PDF Download Receiver Enable, Active Low Shutdown Control,
P0918729   P0918729 P0918729 PDF Download f=1KHz,THD=1% Volume=0dB VIN=1Vrms, f=1kHz Vol
P0918730   P0918730 P0918730 PDF Download The UCC28510 family also features leading-edge m
P0918732   P0918732 P0918732 PDF Download They provide transparent enhancements to Intels
P0918733   P0918733 P0918733 PDF Download The number formed by the full offset least signi
P091873310134   P091873310134 P091873310134 PDF Download The read operation of the W29EE512 is controlled
P0918961   P0918961 P0918961 PDF Download The Am79C987 Hardware Implemented Management In
P0919   P0919 P0919 PDF Download N/A SSOP Button shape is self-aligning with cup- shaped p
P092040068   P092040068 P092040068 PDF Download C&D Technologies (NCL) Limited reserve the r
P0926   P0926 P0926 PDF Download Pulse A A Cellular - CDMA/FM/JCDMA Output Power-11-8dBm O
P0926T   P0926T P0926T PDF Download The AD5381 is a complete, single-supply, 40-chan
P0934523   P0934523 P0934523 PDF Download The FAN7382 is a monolithic half-bridge gate dri
P0935453   P0935453 P0935453 PDF Download CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
P0935453REV01   P0935453REV01 P0935453REV01 PDF Download VCCI is the VCC associated with the input port.
P0935777   P0935777 P0935777 PDF Download The PWP and RGE packages are available taped and
P0936660   P0936660 P0936660 PDF Download The minimum bending radius is 45 mm. The mounting
P0937212   P0937212 P0937212 PDF Download Programmable) versions are available (COP8SGx7 F
P0937213   P0937213 P0937213 PDF Download Teccor Electronics is the proprietor of the QUAD
P0937296   P0937296 P0937296 PDF Download Notes: 1. Unused inputs must be held high or lo
P0937984   P0937984 P0937984 PDF Download Ultrasmall package facilitates miniaturization i
P0938277   P0938277 P0938277 PDF Download Specifications are production tested at TA = +25C
P0938991   P0938991 P0938991 PDF Download If your computer is not connected to the Internet
P0938T   P0938T P0938T PDF Download Data flow in each direction is controlled by out
P0939376   P0939376 P0939376 PDF Download The ADV7183A implements a patented adaptive digi
P0941641   P0941641 P0941641 PDF Download An obvious approach is to include a timer that s
P0942441   P0942441 P0942441 PDF Download CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in Absolute
P0942557   P0942557 P0942557 PDF Download Timer T2 may be reset by a rising edge on RT2 (P
P0942591   P0942591 P0942591 PDF Download The 64Mb SDRAM has the ability to synchronously
P0943036   P0943036 P0943036 PDF Download Case: JEDEC ITO-220AB molded plastic body Termin
P0943191   P0943191 P0943191 PDF Download Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond
P0944694   P0944694 P0944694 PDF Download
P0945253   P0945253 P0945253 PDF Download The HIDRV driver has a power supply, VCCQP, supp
P0945838   P0945838 P0945838 PDF Download CAUTIONS: The BiCMOS inherent to the design of th
P0949887   P0949887 P0949887 PDF Download Serial Clock Input. By default, data is clocked
P0949891   P0949891 P0949891 PDF Download A falling edge at pin LIN, followed by a dominan
P0964   P0964 P0964 PDF Download (6) When designing your equipment, comply with t
P097R189   P097R189 P097R189 PDF Download Note: A shoot-through prevention logic prevents L
P0986238   P0986238 P0986238 PDF Download SAMPLE CLOCKS   DATACLK, SHP, SHD Clock Per
P0986571   P0986571 P0986571 PDF Download Notes: 1. Unused inputs must be held high or lo
P0986613   P0986613 P0986613 PDF Download   An Adaptive Differential PCM (ADPCM) tran
P0986616   P0986616 P0986616 PDF Download The K3P7V(U)1000B-YC is a fully static mask progr
P0987016   P0987016 P0987016 PDF Download When designing with FRAM for the first time, use
P0987262   P0987262 P0987262 PDF Download The device has a high-performance image scaler t
P0987263   P0987263 P0987263 PDF Download N-CHANNEL (Q2, Q3)   Total Gate Charge1 &n
P0987280   P0987280 P0987280 PDF Download   Adjustable flashing speed   Adjustab
P0987380MB64905F   P0987380MB64905F P0987380MB64905F PDF Download The first positive transition of SWCK after RSTW
P0987540   P0987540 P0987540 PDF Download PGND (Bump D3): Power ground pin. Connect directl
P0987545   P0987545 P0987545 PDF Download The ISL424XE are 3 driver, 5 receiver devices th
P0987653   P0987653 P0987653 PDF Download Capacitance : 100µF~470µF Rated volt
P0987654   P0987654 P0987654 PDF Download SERIAL DATA (SDA) SDA is a bidirection pin used
P0988146   P0988146 P0988146 PDF Download
P0988301   P0988301 P0988301 PDF Download The DS3150 performs all the functions necessary
P0988312   P0988312 P0988312 PDF Download Reader Response: To improve the quality of our pu
P0988346   P0988346 P0988346 PDF Download The input clock frequency, Fin, and the internal
P0988583   P0988583 P0988583 PDF Download   The device is a miniature type infrared r
P0988960   P0988960 P0988960 PDF Download The input/output pins (I/O1 through I/O16) are p
P0989775   P0989775 P0989775 PDF Download The FSK comparator is used to determine if the V
P098X700   P098X700 P098X700 PDF Download Drain-Source Voltage  Gate-to-Source Volta
P0990340   P0990340 P0990340 PDF Download The ML6428 is a dual monolithic continuous time
P0991T   P0991T P0991T PDF Download CUSTOMER 2005 10 Sec. Pulsed Drain Current, V GS @ -4.5V Cont
P0992021   P0992021 P0992021 PDF Download Timer • Timer 0 : 16-bit timer/counter &nb
P0992355   P0992355 P0992355 PDF Download   The absolute maximum ratings are limiting
P0992356   P0992356 P0992356 PDF Download The memory has a capacity of 2605056 bit. It is
P099282800   P099282800 P099282800 PDF Download  SRAM • Power dissipation  
P0992829   P0992829 P0992829 PDF Download NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed un
P0993273   P0993273 P0993273 PDF Download Chopper Stabilization is a unique approach used t
P0993274   P0993274 P0993274 PDF Download • Input Voltage Range:   36 V to 75 V
P0994569   P0994569 P0994569 PDF Download   Pin 8 is the drive control input. This pi
P0995127   P0995127 P0995127 PDF Download The SPT1175 operates from a single +5.0 V power
P0995147   P0995147 P0995147 PDF Download   4.0 amp Input Current - max.   40 dB
P0995261   P0995261 P0995261 PDF Download • Five protective functions (over-current, o
P0995714   P0995714 P0995714 PDF Download The XC5200 Field-Programmable Gate Array Family
P09957146681   P09957146681 P09957146681 PDF Download NOTES: (1) For detailed drawing and dimension ta
P0995768238558M3X24MM   P0995768238558M3X24MM P0995768238558M3X24MM PDF Download   The SOA curves combine the effect of thes
P0996-4-583   P0996-4-583 P0996-4-583 PDF Download Koyo 01+;00+ Crossover Lockout The charge pump contains two
P0997   P0997 P0997 PDF Download CLKAs output originates from the cross point swit
P099E759   P099E759 P099E759 PDF Download Space saving POWR-T™ fuses are the most co
P099E813   P099E813 P099E813 PDF Download   The DMA controller off-loads the CPU core
P099J259   P099J259 P099J259 PDF Download †Notice: Stresses above those listed under
P09AB   P09AB P09AB PDF Download These circuits consist of two independent, high-
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