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3 channels:   Dual 512-position   Single 128-position 25 kΩ or 250 kΩ full-scale resistance Low temperature coefficient:   Potentiometer divider 15 ppm/C   Rheostat mode 35 ppm/C Nonvolatile memory retains wiper settings Permanent memory write protection Linear increment/decrement 6 dB increment/decrement I2C-compatible serial interface 2.7 V to 5.5 V single-supply operation 2.25 V to 2.75 V dual-supply operation Power-on reset time 256 bytes general-purpose user EEPROM 11 bytes RDAC user EEPROM GBIC and SFP compliant EEPROM 100-year typical data retention at TA = 55C
Description   The P050068AKE is an interline CCD solid-state image sensor suitable for PAL small color cameras. High resolution is achieved through the use of Ye, Cy, Mg, and G complementary color mosaic filters.   This chip features a field period readout system and an electronic shutter with variable charge-storage time.   The package is a small 12-pin SON(LCC).
The P050068/MAX6626 combine a temperature sensor, a programmable overtemperature alarm, and an I2C™- compatible serial interface into single compact packages. They convert their die temperatures into digital values using internal analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). The result of the conversion is held in a temperature register, readable at any time through the serial interface. A dedi- cated alarm output, OT, activates if the conversion result exceeds the value programmed in the high-temperature register. A programmable fault queue sets the number of faults that must occur before the alarm activates, prevent- ing spurious alarms in noisy environments. OT has pro- grammable output polarity and operating modes.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
P050068   P050068 P050068 PDF Download ST PQFP-128 02+ The THS1009 is a CMOS, low-power, 10-bit, 8 MSPS
P0501T   P0501T P0501T PDF Download Soft−Start Timing control pin. An external
P0502   P0502 P0502 PDF Download PULSE SOP 37 Siemens SSRs are available in a 6- or 8-pin throu
P05022P-501HC   P05022P-501HC P05022P-501HC PDF Download • Applies corrections and additional infor
P0502T   P0502T P0502T PDF Download Pulse A A Transmit Clock. These ECL 100K outputs (+5V refe
P0509   P0509 P0509 PDF Download Package drawings, standard packing quantities, t
P050L020SBTG   P050L020SBTG P050L020SBTG PDF Download All units in these Renesas MultiMediaCards are c
P0510   P0510 P0510 PDF Download CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electros
P0510BBDC   P0510BBDC P0510BBDC PDF Download • Image reject upconverter saves two &nbs
P05251FA   P05251FA P05251FA PDF Download SEC SOP 99 Dual pins: OUTPUTA, OUTPUTB, PVDDA1 and PVDDB1 m
P0527   P0527 P0527 PDF Download PULSE SOP 25 (MAX2700/MAX2701 EV kit (Figure 3), VCC = +2.7V t
P0527T   P0527T P0527T PDF Download PULSE 02+ Data output to Serial port Data Terminal Ready,
P0531960H   P0531960H P0531960H PDF Download GaAs 06+ 1128   Motorolas MPXAZ4115A series sensor integr
P0531961H   P0531961H P0531961H PDF Download Low power, high speed CMOS FLASH technology Ful
P0531980H   P0531980H P0531980H PDF Download eudyna (LX)high-frequency The MPC862/857T/857DSL is comprised of three mod
P0544   P0544 P0544 PDF Download Pulse A A Important Information and Disclaimer: Informatio
P0544NL   P0544NL P0544NL PDF Download PLUSE XFMRS, SM GATE DRIVE 0526 I/O port with Schmitt trigger input (P2.0C P2.3
P0545087   P0545087 P0545087 PDF Download - Supports Vertical Recording Format and High &
P0548837   P0548837 P0548837 PDF Download Note: 1. These modes limit to 15 bits (SO14-0)
P0548845   P0548845 P0548845 PDF Download Resolution: The accelerometer resolution is limit
P0552373   P0552373 P0552373 PDF Download   Switching behavior is most easily modeled
P0568   P0568 P0568 PDF Download BLOCK WRITE protection for top 1/8, top 1/4, top
P056F0A   P056F0A P056F0A PDF Download MITSUBISHI QFP 02+ The ICs remote on/off function can turn off the
P0575598   P0575598 P0575598 PDF Download 3V to 3.6V operating voltage 48MHz to 160MHz out
P0578123   P0578123 P0578123 PDF Download   The 50C/W for the D2PAK package assumes th
P0582522   P0582522 P0582522 PDF Download Two communication ports are provided, a 1-Wire an
P0584   P0584 P0584 PDF Download Pulse A A • PI74FCT138/238T is pin compatible with b
P0584NL   P0584NL P0584NL PDF Download   Two products are offered in the series w
P059005T150K   P059005T150K P059005T150K PDF Download Chip Select : Enables or disables all inputs exce
P059005T1K   P059005T1K P059005T1K PDF Download 2kV using HBM method. The ST3237C is a transcei
P0592343   P0592343 P0592343 PDF Download • Clock   • Built-in PLL clock
P0594   P0594 P0594 PDF Download The interfaces of this device are designed to wo
P0594316   P0594316 P0594316 PDF Download Notes: 1. The dominant wavelength, ëD , is
P0594321   P0594321 P0594321 PDF Download Program memory : 1,024 bytes Data memory : 32
P0594323   P0594323 P0594323 PDF Download In an M68300 family component, the major functio
P0594NL   P0594NL P0594NL PDF Download The transmission cycle begins when the chip is s
P0594NLT   P0594NLT P0594NLT PDF Download Permanent device damage may occur if ABSOLUTE MAX
P0595NL   P0595NL P0595NL PDF Download Description The HCPL-90xx and HCPL-09xx CMOS di
P0595NLT   P0595NLT P0595NLT PDF Download The ISP1109 is a Universal Serial Bus (USB) tran
P0595T   P0595T P0595T PDF Download Pulse A A There are two types of flash EEPROM data memory s
P0596   P0596 P0596 PDF Download Pulse A A The output voltage of an adjustable voltage refer
P0597   P0597 P0597 PDF Download Pulse A A The PWM section features peak current mode contr
P0598   P0598 P0598 PDF Download Pulse A A to that code position, and there is no need to r
P0599   P0599 P0599 PDF Download Pulse A A   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
P0599076   P0599076 P0599076 PDF Download The Altima P0599076 is a highly integrated 0.25u
P0599090   P0599090 P0599090 PDF Download • HIGH PERFORMANCE E2CMOS® TECHNOLOGY
P0599091   P0599091 P0599091 PDF Download BOOT is the floating bootstrap supply pin for the
P0599885   P0599885 P0599885 PDF Download Serial Data/Call Progress Output. This pin serve
P05A2001   P05A2001 P05A2001 PDF Download The 20µA current source starts to charge up
P05SDMM74HC   P05SDMM74HC P05SDMM74HC PDF Download The amplifier family has an output that swings wi
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