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register, the IDT70V7519 has been optimized for applications having unidirectional or bidirectional data flow in bursts. An automatic power down feature, controlled by CE0 and CE1, permits the on-chip circuitry of each port to enter a very low standby power mode. The dual chip enables also facilitate depth expansion.   The 70V7519 can support an operating voltage of either 3.3V or 2.5V on one or both ports, controllable by the OPT pins. The power supply for the core of the device(VDD) remains at 3.3V. Please refer also to the functional description on page 19.
ADPCM bit rate select inputs. The QSEL0 and QSE1 signals are strobed in with the falling edge of CE. The QSEL0 and QSEL1 select the conversion bit rate of the PCM data just clocked in at the TSI input or the bit rate of the ADPCM data just clocked in at the RSI input. See Table 1.
The N01-024-8BT can be configured for different operation conditions. It can be set in normal mode to periodically monitor the ambient temperature, or in shutdown mode to minimize power consumption. The OS output operates in either of two selectable modes: OS comparator mode and OS interrupt mode. Its active state can be selected as either HIGH or LOW. The fault queue that defines the number of consecutive faults in order to activate the OS output is programmable as well as the set-point limits.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
N010-0514-T003   N010-0514-T003 N010-0514-T003 PDF Download between X2 and ground. Stuffing of these capacit
N010-0554-T009   N010-0554-T009 N010-0554-T009 PDF Download Anode of the Biasing Diode that matches the therm
N010-0554-T043   N010-0554-T043 N010-0554-T043 PDF Download Notes: 1. Specifications subject to change with
N010-0554-T347   N010-0554-T347 N010-0554-T347 PDF Download NC +VCC Power Supply NC VOUT Integrator Amp O
N010-0554-T504   N010-0554-T504 N010-0554-T504 PDF Download *1. Overcharge release voltage = Overcharge dete
N010-0554-T805   N010-0554-T805 N010-0554-T805 PDF Download This document is a general product description an
N01-024-8BT   N01-024-8BT N01-024-8BT PDF Download SAMSUNG QFP OO 1. Laser trimming of both initial accuracy and t
N0106167   N0106167 N0106167 PDF Download The UCC3813-0/-1/-2/-3/-4/-5 family offers a var
N0106168   N0106168 N0106168 PDF Download The N0106168 microcontroller features an Externa
N0112928   N0112928 N0112928 PDF Download Users expect several obvious system benefits fro
N01147   N01147 N01147 PDF Download   The K4S640432H / K4S640832H / K4S641632H
N0119844   N0119844 N0119844 PDF Download VERY LOW DROPOUT VOLTAGE (0.45V) VERY LOW QUIE
N0119847   N0119847 N0119847 PDF Download The N0119847/934/935/936 is a single-chip microc
N012   N012 N012 PDF Download The MIC5031 is powered by the +4.5V to +30V load
N012163WN1AB55ITR/1042AD   N012163WN1AB55ITR/1042AD N012163WN1AB55ITR/1042AD PDF Download The N012163WN1AB55ITR/1042AD complete single-chip
N0137C   N0137C N0137C PDF Download 2. Short-circuits from the output to VCC can cau
N018K1202   N018K1202 N018K1202 PDF Download
N018RH04   N018RH04 N018RH04 PDF Download The attached spice model describes the typical el
N018RH06   N018RH06 N018RH06 PDF Download • FullCduplex capability • External lo
N018RH08   N018RH08 N018RH08 PDF Download DSI n/a The device operates on demand via a sync input p
N018RH10   N018RH10 N018RH10 PDF Download 1. Typical sensitivity data is based on a 10-3 b
N018RH12   N018RH12 N018RH12 PDF Download The device is designed to comply with all JEDEC
N018RH14   N018RH14 N018RH14 PDF Download Bit 6 of the day byte is the frequency test bit.
N018RH15   N018RH15 N018RH15 PDF Download 2.4V to 5.5V Single-Supply Operation Adjustable
N01A   N01A N01A PDF Download N SOT-223 02+ Current generation handheld computers and instrum
N01L083WC2AN2-55I   N01L083WC2AN2-55I N01L083WC2AN2-55I PDF Download SOLUTIONS . 2006 Analog Ground. Receive Input. Analog receive inp
N01L083WC2AN-55I   N01L083WC2AN-55I N01L083WC2AN-55I PDF Download NanoAmp 04+ Furthermore, the enhanced configuration device f
N01L083WC2AT-55I   N01L083WC2AT-55I N01L083WC2AT-55I PDF Download   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
N01L083WC2CN1-55IL   N01L083WC2CN1-55IL N01L083WC2CN1-55IL PDF Download In case the HT9142 is battery powered, when the p
N01L083WC2CT1-55IL   N01L083WC2CT1-55IL N01L083WC2CT1-55IL PDF Download The output stage of the MD1810 has separate power
N01L163WC2AT2-55I   N01L163WC2AT2-55I N01L163WC2AT2-55I PDF Download SOLUTIONS TSOP 3 Communications Interfaces C SPI synchronous s
N01L163WN1AB55I   N01L163WN1AB55I N01L163WN1AB55I PDF Download nanoampsol nanoampsol dc0418 CML outputs have a common-mode voltage near VCC.
N01L163WN1AB-55I   N01L163WN1AB-55I N01L163WN1AB-55I PDF Download The KBE00S003M is a Multi Chip Package Memory whi
N/E/NS35N   N/E/NS35N N/E/NS35N PDF Download * Part Numbers listed are for units with outer p
N/N/NE/A/5534A   N/N/NE/A/5534A N/N/NE/A/5534A PDF Download 1. Corrected the errata 2. Added DFS restriction
N/P/N/520453445   N/P/N/520453445 N/P/N/520453445 PDF Download To activate this mode, the programming equipment
N/P/N0104815C01   N/P/N0104815C01 N/P/N0104815C01 PDF Download The output and reset of the integrators is contr
N/P/N0104818C01   N/P/N0104818C01 N/P/N0104818C01 PDF Download The input terminal is used to directly control an
N/P/N011201020013   N/P/N011201020013 N/P/N011201020013 PDF Download The KS8842M offers an extensive feature set that
N/P/N01428   N/P/N01428 N/P/N01428 PDF Download   Low duty cycle pulse testing with Kelvin
N/P/N03787-01   N/P/N03787-01 N/P/N03787-01 PDF Download   The VRE114 series voltage references have
N/P/N09F1671   N/P/N09F1671 N/P/N09F1671 PDF Download CHIP ERASE: If the boot block lockout has been en
N/P/N10163DSP   N/P/N10163DSP N/P/N10163DSP PDF Download The MSM66587 Family consists of high-performance
N/P/N104A0013-01   N/P/N104A0013-01 N/P/N104A0013-01 PDF Download Should the Buyer purchase or use a Samsung produ
N/P/N1225   N/P/N1225 N/P/N1225 PDF Download D Operating Power Supply Range 6 V v VBAT v 36 V
N/P/N181025183760   N/P/N181025183760 N/P/N181025183760 PDF Download Reader Response: Conexant strives to produce qual
N/P/N19F2993   N/P/N19F2993 N/P/N19F2993 PDF Download
N/P/N2137582-2   N/P/N2137582-2 N/P/N2137582-2 PDF Download Thermal Design The AP1187 incorporates an intern
N/P/N-273830   N/P/N-273830 N/P/N-273830 PDF Download • Two potentiometers in one package •
N/P/N2743019447   N/P/N2743019447 N/P/N2743019447 PDF Download In addition a 6 channel digital output programma
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