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• Hole-less clip/pressure mount package compatible   with TO-247 and TO-264, with reinforced pins • High short circuit rating IGBTs, optimized for   motorcontrol • Minimum switching losses combined with low   conduction losses • Tightest parameter distribution • Creepage distance increased to 5.35mm
FEATURES Allows Safe Board Insertion and Removal from a Live   C48 V Backplane Typically Operates from C36 V to C80 V Tolerates Transients up to C200 V (Limited by External   Components) Accurate Programmable Linear Current Limit for   In-Rush Control and Short Circuit Protection Programmable Timeout in Current Limit Limited Consecutive Retry:   Auto-Restart after Current Limit Timeout   Shutdown after Seven Consecutive Auto Restarts   Provides Immunity from Step Induced Current Spikes Default Timing Provided with no TIMER Capacitor Single Pin Undervoltage/Overvoltage Detection Programmable Operating Voltage Window Programmable Undervoltage/Overvoltage Time Filter Small 6-Lead SOT-23 Package
SOFTWARE DATA PROTECTION: A software controlled data protection feature is available on the ATN0004B. Once the software protection is enabled a software algo- rithm must be issued to the device before a program may be performed. The software protection feature may be enabled or disabled by the user; when shipped from Atmel, the software data protection feature is disabled. To enable the software data protection, a series of three program commands to specific addresses with specific data must be performed. After the software data protection is enabled the same three program com- mands must begin each program cycle in order for the programs to occur. All software program commands must obey the page program timing specifications. Once set, the software data protection feature remains active unless its disable command is issued. Power transitions will not reset the software data protection feature, however the soft- ware feature will guard against inadvertent program cycles during power transitions.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
N0003T   N0003T N0003T PDF Download The DPL 4519G processor is designed as part of t
N0004B   N0004B N0004B PDF Download NEC 94 This device requires the 3-STATE control input G
N0004TCPD   N0004TCPD N0004TCPD PDF Download Fast throughput rate: 100 kSPS Specified for VDD
N001   N001 N001 PDF Download TSSOP alpha/skyworks 00+ Synchronization with the parent channel is perfo
N002   N002 N002 PDF Download Transmission Convergence Sublayer Functions &nb
N00248.00   N00248.00 N00248.00 PDF Download Ground Rail. +3.3 Volt Power Supply. This activ
N0028ISSUE3   N0028ISSUE3 N0028ISSUE3 PDF Download The bq3285E/L bus cycle consists of two phases:
N003   N003 N003 PDF Download 08+ The input/output pins (I/O0 through I/O31) are p
N0032D2   N0032D2 N0032D2 PDF Download The AUP family is TIs premier solution to the in
N0038769   N0038769 N0038769 PDF Download   To achieve the specified performance, pay
N003997904858   N003997904858 N003997904858 PDF Download The BA178!!T and BA178!!FP series are 3pin fixed
N004   N004 N004 PDF Download 07+   This command is used to set all of the op
N0041256   N0041256 N0041256 PDF Download
N0041258   N0041258 N0041258 PDF Download Notes: 1. For max. or min. conditions, use appr
N0043467   N0043467 N0043467 PDF Download Serial Data Output. This allows a number of part
N0043474   N0043474 N0043474 PDF Download Note: 1. Enhancement mode technology employs a
N0044538   N0044538 N0044538 PDF Download The CCFL regulator drives an inductor that acts a
N004463   N004463 N004463 PDF Download Hynix HYMD264G726(L)4-K/H/L series is registered
N0045868PE   N0045868PE N0045868PE PDF Download REGULATOR BASICS This regulator is suitable for
N0045900   N0045900 N0045900 PDF Download The ZL5011x is capable of assembling user-defined
N0046885   N0046885 N0046885 PDF Download A six-byte command (Enter Single Pulse Program M
N0047071   N0047071 N0047071 PDF Download Der dargestellte Berechnungsmodus stellt eine N&
N0047469   N0047469 N0047469 PDF Download
N0047854   N0047854 N0047854 PDF Download Chip Center: X=0µm, Y=0µm Chip Size:
N0047942   N0047942 N0047942 PDF Download The MARC4 microcontroller consists of an advance
N0048439   N0048439 N0048439 PDF Download NOTES: JA is specified for worst case mounting c
N0048596   N0048596 N0048596 PDF Download Permanent device damage may occur if Absolute Max
N0049962   N0049962 N0049962 PDF Download • Excellent Appearance • Slim Font
N004L   N004L N004L PDF Download stock 75 Volt Motor Supply Voltage 30 Amp Output Switc
N0050099   N0050099 N0050099 PDF Download For BCP converters configured with the nega
N0050174   N0050174 N0050174 PDF Download Precision fixed operating frequency (100 / 67 /
N0050318   N0050318 N0050318 PDF Download There are a total of 18 architecture bits in the
N0050731   N0050731 N0050731 PDF Download Note 1: Guaranteed by design. Derived from the IS
N0051441   N0051441 N0051441 PDF Download The transmit/receive (T/R) input determines the
N0051496   N0051496 N0051496 PDF Download The Am29LV033C is a 32 Mbit, 3.0 Volt-only Flash
N0051554   N0051554 N0051554 PDF Download Notes:  1 Monitoring time is the time from
N0052018   N0052018 N0052018 PDF Download Xilinx in-system programmable products provide a
N0052434   N0052434 N0052434 PDF Download Figure 1 illustrates the ISL6118 operational wave
N0052698   N0052698 N0052698 PDF Download Vishay Dale Models CCF55 and CCF60 are available
N005-30   N005-30 N005-30 PDF Download PHILIPS 0128+ SOP8 Note 8: Skew is defined as the absolute value of
N0053782   N0053782 N0053782 PDF Download WE is used for data write enable/disable control.
N0053859PE   N0053859PE N0053859PE PDF Download 2. Products and product specifications may be su
N0054185PE   N0054185PE N0054185PE PDF Download The Z86E30/E31/E40 8-Bit One-Time Programmable
N0055112   N0055112 N0055112 PDF Download Notes: 1 . Stresses outside the listed absolute
N0055234   N0055234 N0055234 PDF Download Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
N0056461   N0056461 N0056461 PDF Download Three Phase 16-Bit Center Based PWM Generation U
N0057724   N0057724 N0057724 PDF Download The XR16C854/854D1 (854) is an enhanced quad Un
N0057728   N0057728 N0057728 PDF Download Note: Agilent Technologies encoders are not r
N0058219   N0058219 N0058219 PDF Download The averaging ADC integrates over a 40ms period (
N0058237   N0058237 N0058237 PDF Download   The N0058237 FM demodulator has a simple
N0058273   N0058273 N0058273 PDF Download   Integral Nonlinearity (INL)2   Offse
N0058564   N0058564 N0058564 PDF Download A slight pull-in current is generated at the inp
N0059824   N0059824 N0059824 PDF Download
N006   N006 N006 PDF Download NOTES: 1. All typical values are at VCC = 5 V,
N0062900   N0062900 N0062900 PDF Download
N0063198   N0063198 N0063198 PDF Download RTN - is the power return connection from the mod
N0063439   N0063439 N0063439 PDF Download powered from the supply at IN. As the load curren
N0063456   N0063456 N0063456 PDF Download The L Family is a Low Power version of the CH1817
N0067799   N0067799 N0067799 PDF Download   DIR and PWM/ENABLE input pins are provide
N0067944   N0067944 N0067944 PDF Download SSCG uses a patented technology of modulating th
N007   N007 N007 PDF Download Note: _ _ represents the two number suffix needed
N0070YH   N0070YH N0070YH PDF Download The Texas Instruments HPC3130A is a peripheral c
N0072335   N0072335 N0072335 PDF Download Resolution: Accelerometers can be used in a wide
N0072841PE   N0072841PE N0072841PE PDF Download   DIMMING   Dimming can be accomplishe
N0072863   N0072863 N0072863 PDF Download This data sheet has been carefully CORPORATION
N0072865   N0072865 N0072865 PDF Download The XR16C854/854D1 (854) is an enhanced quad Un
N0072866   N0072866 N0072866 PDF Download The N0072866 has internal current limit and ther
N0074058   N0074058 N0074058 PDF Download The ADF4360-6 is a fully integrated integer-N sy
N007-73   N007-73 N007-73 PDF Download ALPHA 747 Synchronous Address Advance. ADV is an active LOW
N008   N008 N008 PDF Download ALPHA SOP-6 The internal data word address counter maintains
N0081328   N0081328 N0081328 PDF Download Note: 1. Stress greater than those listed under
N0083068   N0083068 N0083068 PDF Download ADVANCE INFORMATION documents contain information
N0085268   N0085268 N0085268 PDF Download The SM561 is a PLL-type clock generator using a
N0091867   N0091867 N0091867 PDF Download The XR-T5683A is a PCM line interface chip consi
N0093451   N0093451 N0093451 PDF Download Bottom of DAC reference ladder. Normally bypassed
N0093453   N0093453 N0093453 PDF Download   Features 1) Built-in bias resistors enabl
N0093455   N0093455 N0093455 PDF Download The ESR of the required 330µF output capac
N0093458   N0093458 N0093458 PDF Download DRQ DMA Request (Output, active High). This signa
N0095136   N0095136 N0095136 PDF Download Operating Voltage, VDD Input High Voltage, VIH
N0097088   N0097088 N0097088 PDF Download FEATURES PIN COMPATABLE   Upgrade to ADuC8
N0097509   N0097509 N0097509 PDF Download   Maxim evaluates pressure pot stress from
N0097766   N0097766 N0097766 PDF Download   The MAX4599 successfully meets the qualit
N0098031   N0098031 N0098031 PDF Download The chip requires a single, even-parity bit to b
N00A   N00A N00A PDF Download NS 04+ SOT223 Description The HCPL-181 contains a light emit
N00C   N00C N00C PDF Download Start-Up Sequence: Power-Up and I2C-Controlling
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