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COMPRESSED GCI MODE   In GCI compressed mode, one GCI frame consists of 8 GCI time slots, the Data Upstream Interface transmits four 8-bit bytes per GCI time slot. They are:   - Two voice data bytes from the A-law or µ-law compressor for two different channel, for easy description, we name the two channels as channel A and channel B. The compressed voice data bytes for channel A and B are 8-bit wide;   - One Monitor channel byte, which is used for reading control data from the device for Channel A and B;   - One C/I channel byte, which contains a 6 bit width C/I channel sub- byte together with an MX bit and an MR bit. All real time signaling infor- mation is carried on the C/I channel sub-byte. The MX (Monitor Trans- mit) bit and MR (Monitor Receive) bit are used for handshaking func- tions for Channel A and B. Both MX and MR are active low.   Transmit logic controls the transmission of data onto the GCI bus.   The data structure of the Data Downstream is as same as that of Upstream. The Data Downstream Interface logic controls the reception of data bytes from the GCI bus. The two compressed voice channel data bytes of the GCI time slot are transferred to the A-law or µ-law ex- pansion logic circuit. The expanded data is passed to the receive path of the signal processor. The Monitor Channel and C/I Channel bytes are trans- ferred to the GCI control logic for processing.   Figure 1 shows the overall compressed GCI frame structure.
The QPro™ series XQ1701L are Xilinx 3.3V high-density configuration PROMs. The XQR1701L are radiation hard- ened. These devices are manufactured on Xilinx QML certi- fied manufacturing lines utilizing epitaxial substrates and TID lot qualification (per method 1019).
The MC68EC000 brings the performance level of the M68000 Family to cost levels previously associated with 8-bit microprocessors. The MC68EC000 benefits from the rich M68000 instruction set and its related high code density with low memory bandwidth requirements.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
M0C205R2   M0C205R2 M0C205R2 PDF Download The 48 dB gain range of the VGA makes these devi
M0C206A   M0C206A M0C206A PDF Download manage the transfer of data between the DQA/DQB
M0C216R1   M0C216R1 M0C216R1 PDF Download The SLIC employs a feedback circuit to supply a
M0C223M   M0C223M M0C223M PDF Download In conjunction with monitoring VSR for charge/dis
M0C248B   M0C248B M0C248B PDF Download The embedded, optimizing C compiler provides all
M0C3010   M0C3010 M0C3010 PDF Download Dimensions are in inches. Metric equivalents are
M0C3020   M0C3020 M0C3020 PDF Download Wrap Enable. This pin is active HIGH. When assert
M0C3020FM   M0C3020FM M0C3020FM PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those value
M0C3021   M0C3021 M0C3021 PDF Download In Power-Save mode, HCLK Clock is driven by Slow
M0C3022M   M0C3022M M0C3022M PDF Download † All typical values are at VCC = 2.5 V, T
M0C3023   M0C3023 M0C3023 PDF Download High frame rate Superior low-light performance
M0C3023M   M0C3023M M0C3023M PDF Download The ADSP-21062 offers powerful features tailored
M0C3040   M0C3040 M0C3040 PDF Download Connect this pin to the 3V3DUAL output. In sleep
M0C3041   M0C3041 M0C3041 PDF Download The on-chip status register allows the progress
M0C3061M   M0C3061M M0C3061M PDF Download ESD damage can range from subtle performance deg
M0C3063   M0C3063 M0C3063 PDF Download BGA Note 5: Dynamic supply current is higher due to t
M0C3063M   M0C3063M M0C3063M PDF Download The design is based on an ARM® microprocesso
M0C3081M   M0C3081M M0C3081M PDF Download The DG2714 is a single-pole/double-throw monolit
M0C8030   M0C8030 M0C8030 PDF Download FAI DIP 0315+ When a logic high signal is applied to the TPOS
M0C8100C610   M0C8100C610 M0C8100C610 PDF Download The LM2471 is a high voltage monolithic three ch
M0C8101   M0C8101 M0C8101 PDF Download   NOTE: The die and wire bonds are exposed o
M0C8102   M0C8102 M0C8102 PDF Download CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
M0C8105TVZ   M0C8105TVZ M0C8105TVZ PDF Download The KBE00S009M is a Multi Chip Package Memory whi
M0C8106   M0C8106 M0C8106 PDF Download MOTOROLA DIP-6 07+/08+ at 9-A Continuous Output Source or Sink Current
M0C8107300W   M0C8107300W M0C8107300W PDF Download   C Serial Interface for Program Downloadin
M0C8113   M0C8113 M0C8113 PDF Download
M0C8113N   M0C8113N M0C8113N PDF Download NOTES 1Guaranteed by characterization. 2Output
M0CB100   M0CB100 M0CB100 PDF Download The chopper stabilized amplifier uses switched c
M0CC3083M   M0CC3083M M0CC3083M PDF Download Device internal reset In order to prevent inadv
M0CZ500   M0CZ500 M0CZ500 PDF Download QTC DIP K740 The M0CZ500 and M0CZ500A have separate +AVs and
M.S.8   M.S.8 M.S.8 PDF Download 08+ PGA 478 for Intel Pentium 4 CPU with Hyper-Thread
M/200ML   M/200ML M/200ML PDF Download   Mark/space ratio for the SCLK input is 40
M/I/MLFP/DMY4/N104   M/I/MLFP/DMY4/N104 M/I/MLFP/DMY4/N104 PDF Download The MAX211E/MAX213E/MAX241E are available in 28-
M/L/M2P70PNE124GF   M/L/M2P70PNE124GF M/L/M2P70PNE124GF PDF Download The USB downstream ports can be used to connect
M/VISS10N1938PC   M/VISS10N1938PC M/VISS10N1938PC PDF Download   A code bit is the basic component of the
M/VISSION1911PC   M/VISSION1911PC M/VISSION1911PC PDF Download Current-controlled Output Current Source with 4 I
M0001   M0001 M0001 PDF Download MOT TSSOP20 00+ Information at the data (D) inputs meeting the s
M001-0   M001-0 M001-0 PDF Download
M001191   M001191 M001191 PDF Download MOT DESCRIPTION The CLP30-200B1 is designed to prot
M002   M002 M002 PDF Download FDS SMD-8 04+ The SC-1420 Series of quartz crystal oscillators
M002-1000   M002-1000 M002-1000 PDF Download SATCOM 9740 Due to an integrated 3rd order sigma delta conve
M002H   M002H M002H PDF Download  The Hynix HYM71V16M655B(L)T8 Series are Du
M002M   M002M M002M PDF Download The RC5033 is a synchronous mode DC-DC controlle
M003   M003 M003 PDF Download IC ON QFN-20
M003401NH   M003401NH M003401NH PDF Download ELMOS The CS4398 is a complete stereo 24 bit/192 kHz di
M0038   M0038 M0038 PDF Download Measurement place A place that is nothing of ext
M0046252   M0046252 M0046252 PDF Download RKC 00+ DIP-40 The TX-02-4400PI/JI is a dual winding interface t
M0047011   M0047011 M0047011 PDF Download • Low-power, high-speed CMOS EPROM technol
M0048042   M0048042 M0048042 PDF Download RKMS 00+ DIP-40 When this input pin transitions from LOW to HIGH,
M005   M005 M005 PDF Download QFN Notes: 1. Some failed sectors may exist in the d
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