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Single supply: 1.8 V to 5.5 V Two-wire serial interface (I2CTM serial bus* 1) Clock frequency: 400 kHz Power dissipation:  Standby: 3 µA (max)  Active (Read): 1 mA (max)  Active (Write): 3 mA (max) Automatic page write: 8-byte/page Write cycle time: 10 ms (2.7 V to 5.5 V)/15ms (1.8 V to 2.7 V) Endurance: 10 5 Cycles (Page write mode) Data retention: 10 Years
Compatible with Microsoft WinXP, WinME, Win2K SP3, Apple OS10, Softconnex, and Linux Multi-LUN Mass Storage Class Drivers Win2K, Win98/98SE and Apple OS8.6 and OS9 Multi-LUN Mass Storage Class Drivers available from SMSC 128 Pin TQFP Package (1.0mm height, 14mmx14mm footprint); green, lead-free package also available.
Phase compensation is used to ensure stable operation even if load current varies. For this reason, an output capacitor with good frequency characteristics is needed. Set it as close to the circuit as possible, with wires as short as possible. A 1.0 µF capacitor from VOUT to ground is recommended. The output capacitor should have an ESR (effective series resistance) of 5.0 Ω or less, and a resonant frequency above 1.0 MHz.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
M01-03   M01-03 M01-03 PDF Download MIT QFP 0145+ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
M010A   M010A M010A PDF Download AD 07+ The external resistors allow the user to accurat
M0116A00021   M0116A00021 M0116A00021 PDF Download SIEMENS 1. Renesas Technology Corp. puts the maximum eff
M0116A00021/AIT   M0116A00021/AIT M0116A00021/AIT PDF Download 10 INFINEON 04+ * Stresses above those listed under "Absolu
M0118B11   M0118B11 M0118B11 PDF Download Infineon MQFP80 99+ Die TUHI Serie ist eine Familie von 1.5 W DC/DC
M0120   M0120 M0120 PDF Download MOT SOP-8 DC Characteristics for FCT Family Devices (Conti
M01203   M01203 M01203 PDF Download   Device is continuously selected. OE, CE1
M0122A   M0122A M0122A PDF Download This pin is used to connect the base of an extern
M0130H   M0130H M0130H PDF Download INFINEO DIP16 The bq2050H measures the voltage differential bet
M0131H   M0131H M0131H PDF Download INFINEON PLCC68 External Access enable: EA must be externally he
M0140Y   M0140Y M0140Y PDF Download loop timing applications to assure PLL tracking,
M0140Y2   M0140Y2 M0140Y2 PDF Download Programmable options include the length of pipeli
M0141A   M0141A M0141A PDF Download • Static EC000 Core ProcessorIdentical to
M0144I   M0144I M0144I PDF Download 2. Using a CAS-before-RAS refresh cycle. CAS-befo
M015   M015 M015 PDF Download Figure 2 shows a Bergerton diagram for switching
M0157ML-D   M0157ML-D M0157ML-D PDF Download TEMIC 01+ PLCC44   The ISTS200_ series of transmissive photo
M016   M016 M016 PDF Download 98+ Z/r/P1 The Hyundai HYM72V32656T8 Series are 32Mx64bits S
M0168A   M0168A M0168A PDF Download TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION   Figure 2 shows
M017   M017 M017 PDF Download MOT 04+ SOP-8 The ADG3232 is a level translator 2-1 mux design
M0177A   M0177A M0177A PDF Download Stresses above the ratings listed below can caus
M018   M018 M018 PDF Download N/A QFN 04+ Max. Instantaneous Forward Voltage*** @ IF = 0.1
M0184A   M0184A M0184A PDF Download Software features   Program Suspend &
M019E1   M019E1 M019E1 PDF Download 94 The RI output of the CH1817 is diode protected.
M01AD   M01AD M01AD PDF Download The ISSI IS62LV5128LL is a low voltage, 524,288 w
M01LT52R202J   M01LT52R202J M01LT52R202J PDF Download In 2-channel mode, Transistors A1, B2, C1, and D
M01N60   M01N60 M01N60 PDF Download STANSON 252 07+ Core C ARM7TDMI 32-bit RISC CPU C 32 MIPS @ 3
M01R51JT52   M01R51JT52 M01R51JT52 PDF Download The 10ETF..S fast soft recovery QUIETIR rectifie
M01R56JI   M01R56JI M01R56JI PDF Download At the end of the rows containing the sysMEM Blo
M01SL02220RJI   M01SL02220RJI M01SL02220RJI PDF Download Removed preliminary. Removed old CP44 pin names
M01SL33KJI   M01SL33KJI M01SL33KJI PDF Download Device is in shutdown due to fault condition, no
M.S.8   M.S.8 M.S.8 PDF Download 08+ PGA 478 for Intel Pentium 4 CPU with Hyper-Thread
M/200ML   M/200ML M/200ML PDF Download   Mark/space ratio for the SCLK input is 40
M/I/MLFP/DMY4/N104   M/I/MLFP/DMY4/N104 M/I/MLFP/DMY4/N104 PDF Download The MAX211E/MAX213E/MAX241E are available in 28-
M/L/M2P70PNE124GF   M/L/M2P70PNE124GF M/L/M2P70PNE124GF PDF Download The USB downstream ports can be used to connect
M/VISS10N1938PC   M/VISS10N1938PC M/VISS10N1938PC PDF Download   A code bit is the basic component of the
M/VISSION1911PC   M/VISSION1911PC M/VISSION1911PC PDF Download Current-controlled Output Current Source with 4 I
M0001   M0001 M0001 PDF Download MOT TSSOP20 00+ Information at the data (D) inputs meeting the s
M001-0   M001-0 M001-0 PDF Download
M001191   M001191 M001191 PDF Download MOT DESCRIPTION The CLP30-200B1 is designed to prot
M002   M002 M002 PDF Download FDS SMD-8 04+ The SC-1420 Series of quartz crystal oscillators
M002-1000   M002-1000 M002-1000 PDF Download SATCOM 9740 Due to an integrated 3rd order sigma delta conve
M002H   M002H M002H PDF Download  The Hynix HYM71V16M655B(L)T8 Series are Du
M002M   M002M M002M PDF Download The RC5033 is a synchronous mode DC-DC controlle
M003   M003 M003 PDF Download IC ON QFN-20
M003401NH   M003401NH M003401NH PDF Download ELMOS The CS4398 is a complete stereo 24 bit/192 kHz di
M0038   M0038 M0038 PDF Download Measurement place A place that is nothing of ext
M0046252   M0046252 M0046252 PDF Download RKC 00+ DIP-40 The TX-02-4400PI/JI is a dual winding interface t
M0047011   M0047011 M0047011 PDF Download • Low-power, high-speed CMOS EPROM technol
M0048042   M0048042 M0048042 PDF Download RKMS 00+ DIP-40 When this input pin transitions from LOW to HIGH,
M005   M005 M005 PDF Download QFN Notes: 1. Some failed sectors may exist in the d
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