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The MT8931C Subscriber Network Interface Circuit (SNIC) is a multifunction transceiver providing a complete interface to the S/T Reference Point as specified in ETS 300-012, CCITT Recommendation I.430 and ANSI T1.605.Implementing both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint voice/data transmission, the SNIC may be used at either end of the digital subscriber loop. A programmable digital interface allows the MT8931C to be configured as a Network Termination (NT) or as a Terminal Equipment (TE) device.
The dc levels of the differential outputs can be adjusted relative to each other for optimum sensitivity in noisy, amplified systems. These outputs are centered around a dc level of typically C0.45 V. The TIA requires only a C5 V power supply for operation. The PIN photodiode requires a nominal bias voltage of 5 V to 10 V at less than 1 mA.
The L010 is a high-bandwidth FET bus switch utilizing a charge pump to elevate the gate voltage of the pass transistor, providing a low and flat ON-state resistance (ron). The low and flat ON-state resistance allows for minimal propagation delay and supports rail-to-rail switching on the data input/output (I/O) ports. The device also features low data I/O capacitance to minimize capacitive loading and signal distortion on the data bus. L010pecifically designed to support high-bandwidth applications, the L010 provides an optimized interface solution ideally suited for broadband communications, networking, and data-intensive computing systems.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
L010   L010 L010 PDF Download NATIONAL 2008 The filter is followed by a base-band amplifier w
L01-095-180   L01-095-180 L01-095-180 PDF Download The ABT8245 scan test devices with octal bus tr
L010A016SL3AG   L010A016SL3AG L010A016SL3AG PDF Download The RST control signal is used to enable the 3-w
L010A030SL3AG   L010A030SL3AG L010A030SL3AG PDF Download
L010A23L   L010A23L L010A23L PDF Download Average Rectified Current   .375 " l
L01120003   L01120003 L01120003 PDF Download • Low power, high speed FLASH/EEPROM &nbs
L011B   L011B L011B PDF Download NSC The same summed values are also compared for di
L0120453   L0120453 L0120453 PDF Download   The 10-bit ROW_ADDR (row address) input b
L012A311SL3KA   L012A311SL3KA L012A311SL3KA PDF Download RF Output. AC coupled output stage internally mat
L012B   L012B L012B PDF Download NS LLP 02+   Description  Reference Voltage 1 Vo
L013B   L013B L013B PDF Download NSC • JEDEC registered 1N5985 to 1N6031 ̶
L014B   L014B L014B PDF Download NSC VTEMP LOADING The VTEMP output has very weak dr
L015   L015 L015 PDF Download MIC errors. Recovered decoded characters are then wri
L015A   L015A L015A PDF Download NSC This procedure is used to set the VTRIP to a nat
L015A084   L015A084 L015A084 PDF Download Capacitor #2 - An external capacitor to be conne
L017B   L017B L017B PDF Download NS LLP 02+ 4.5VC5.5V operation CMOS SRAM for optimum speed
L017D90VC   L017D90VC L017D90VC PDF Download AMD QFP 00+ A number of considerations must go into any desig
L0193   L0193 L0193 PDF Download If the CPE is a telephone, one way to achieve goo
L019A   L019A L019A PDF Download NSC Measurement place A place that is nothing of ext
L019A680   L019A680 L019A680 PDF Download BOOT (Pin 1) - Bootstrap pin. This is the supply
L01A   L01A L01A PDF Download ROHM SOP-8 04+ Luma Contrast Adjustment Black-Level Expander
L01AA   L01AA L01AA PDF Download NSC CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
L01B   L01B L01B PDF Download BENEFITS  4 lines low-pass-filter  Hi
L01CA   L01CA L01CA PDF Download NSC This is the high impedance output of the quadrat
L01CB   L01CB L01CB PDF Download NATIONAL BGA 03+ RESET (RS)   Reset is accomplished whenever
L01D   L01D L01D PDF Download 04+ NSC 1735 The user should note there is a significan
L01DA   L01DA L01DA PDF Download NSC NOTES  1Operating temperature range is as f
L01DB   L01DB L01DB PDF Download NS LLP 00+
L01EA   L01EA L01EA PDF Download NS QFN-8 04+ The ADSP-2181 instruction set provides flexible
L01EB   L01EB L01EB PDF Download NS LLP 02+ Ground pin. Complimentary clock of differential
L01EB/JA/CA   L01EB/JA/CA L01EB/JA/CA PDF Download NSC WSON 06+ The TPS793xx family of low-dropout (LDO) low-po
L01ES   L01ES L01ES PDF Download NSC Although designed as fixed-voltage regulators, t
L01FA   L01FA L01FA PDF Download NSC Vishay Siliconix maintains worldwide manufacturin
L01FB   L01FB L01FB PDF Download NSC Schmitt-trigger buffered inputs at the enable/cl
L01HA   L01HA L01HA PDF Download NSC The TC57 series of precision low dropout regulat
L01JA   L01JA L01JA PDF Download NSC As shown in the Block Diagram, the circuit is co
L01KA   L01KA L01KA PDF Download NSC   Please be aware that an important notice
L01KB   L01KB L01KB PDF Download NATIONAL BGA 03+ 1) Worst case package. 2) Max number of output
L01MB   L01MB L01MB PDF Download NS B. Failure Rate Prediction The failure rate will
L01SB   L01SB L01SB PDF Download NSC
L01TA   L01TA L01TA PDF Download NS In Power-Save mode, HCLK Clock is driven by Slow
L01UB   L01UB L01UB PDF Download NSC BLC210/210HP type are a CCFL driving surface moun
L01VB   L01VB L01VB PDF Download NS LLP 02+ • Small S-mini type 6-pin package • No
L01X   L01X L01X PDF Download Precision Fixed Operating Frequency (100/67/50kH
L01XB   L01XB L01XB PDF Download NS LLP 02+ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
L01YB   L01YB L01YB PDF Download NS LLP 03+ Ultra Low Dropout300 mV at 300-mA Load Ultra Lo
L01Z050S05   L01Z050S05 L01Z050S05 PDF Download The ISL6614A integrates two ISL6613A MOSFET drive
L01Z100S05   L01Z100S05 L01Z100S05 PDF Download PWM Capability up to 60 kHz with Duty Cycle from
L01Z150S05   L01Z150S05 L01Z150S05 PDF Download The power input pin of the regulator. Typically a
L01Z200S05   L01Z200S05 L01Z200S05 PDF Download regulator and not to the load. In fact, if R1 is
L01Z300S05   L01Z300S05 L01Z300S05 PDF Download Unlike masked or programmable gate arrays, which
L01Z400S05   L01Z400S05 L01Z400S05 PDF Download line is at logic low and the data is latched w
L01Z500S05   L01Z500S05 L01Z500S05 PDF Download The 25-40 watts PKA 2000 series hybrid DC/DC pow
L01Z600S05   L01Z600S05 L01Z600S05 PDF Download Output current rating may be restricted to a val
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