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Low power RS-485 systems Network hubs, bridges, and routers Point of sales equipment (ATM, barcode scanners,) Local area networks (LAN) Integrated service digital network (ISDN) Industrial programmable logic controllers High speed parallel and serial applications Multipoint applications with noisy environment
Supports Interrupt on change, eliminates management polling Flexible built-in LED support for TX Activity, RX Activity and Collision Indication or Activity, Link state and Collision Digital PLL circuit using advanced digital algorithm to reduce jitter Low-power, high-performance CMOS process Available in a small outline 100-pin LQFP 3.3V DC power with 5V DC tolerant I/O
  The 370C/W assumes the use of the recommended foot- print on a glass epoxy printed circuit board to achieve a power dissipation of 338 milliwatts. Another alternative would be to use a ceramic substrate or an aluminum core board such as Thermal Clad™. Using a board material such as Thermal Clad, the power dissipation can be doubled us- ing the same footprint.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
K120   K120 K120 PDF Download K CAN The Start Circuitry generates the output signal
K1200   K1200 K1200 PDF Download HIT TO-3P 05+ An address access read is initiated by a change
K1200E   K1200E K1200E PDF Download LF(TEC) TO-92 06+ VDDQ - I/O Power Supply This feature is availab
K1200E70   K1200E70 K1200E70 PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors 2000 TO92 Unless otherwise specified the absolute maximum
K1200G   K1200G K1200G PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors DO-15 05+ The MCT was designed for high di/dt applications.
K1200S   K1200S K1200S PDF Download Littelfuse / Teccor Brand Thyristors DO-214 06+ • RAM expandable externally to 64 kbytes &
K1201   K1201 K1201 PDF Download TOS/FSC/HIT TO-3P 04+ When removing flux with chemicals after solderin
K1201CIN/CSM1201CY/5229547   K1201CIN/CSM1201CY/5229547 K1201CIN/CSM1201CY/5229547 PDF Download TI N/A 98+   The circuit is centered around the IR51H4
K1202   K1202 K1202 PDF Download HIT TO-3P 05+ Many of the problems of excessive wiring within
K12-02(M)   K12-02(M) K12-02(M) PDF Download When an EOP pulse occurs, whether internally or
K1202Q   K1202Q K1202Q PDF Download Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature
K1203   K1203 K1203 PDF Download HIT TO-3P 05+ Notes: a. Room = 25_C, Full = as determined by
K1203AR   K1203AR K1203AR PDF Download SONY SQFP48 2007+ Internally current controlled to cover extend
K1204   K1204 K1204 PDF Download HIT TO-3P 05+ RTCF: Real Time Clock Fail BitVolatile This bit
K1205   K1205 K1205 PDF Download HIT TO-3P 05+ Protocol Tester
K1208AR   K1208AR K1208AR PDF Download output, which provide high noise immunity and s
K1213   K1213 K1213 PDF Download NEC/TOS/HIT TO-3P 04+ The pre-bias current is controlled by the pin VP
K1217   K1217 K1217 PDF Download FUJI TO-3P 05+ © Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, 2003.
K1221   K1221 K1221 PDF Download TOS/NEC TO-220 04+ Hynix HYMD116645B(L)8-M/K/H/L series incorporates
K122J20C0GF53H5   K122J20C0GF53H5 K122J20C0GF53H5 PDF Download   An analog to digital (A/D) conversion can
K123   K123 K123 PDF Download TECCOR TO-220 04 A built-in over-voltage protection (OVP) forces
K1230   K1230 K1230 PDF Download HIT TO-220 05+ *All outputs loaded; thresholds on input associa
K1231   K1231 K1231 PDF Download HIT TO-220 05+   We reserve the right to make changes to i
K123331A   K123331A K123331A PDF Download B ild / Fig. 7 W1C - E inpha sen -We ch selweg s
K12395   K12395 K12395 PDF Download NEC RSDS INTERFACE WITH SKEW CONTROL This functional
K124   K124 K124 PDF Download SMD-8 04+ Multiscan 1H, 2H, HDTV and SVGA applications 6
K1244   K1244 K1244 PDF Download (and other parameters) will be met at the specif
K1246   K1246 K1246 PDF Download TOS/NEC/FUJI TO-220 04+ mode 5: slow mode, CS inactive (high) between con
K1247   K1247 K1247 PDF Download • 1.25(31.75mm) PCB Height • 168-Pin
K1248   K1248 K1248 PDF Download Function Port 2, Bit 1-7 Analog In 1-7 Reset
K1249   K1249 K1249 PDF Download 06+ TO-3P Up to 10MHz Center Frequency on a Single 3V Supp
K125   K125 K125 PDF Download TECCOR TO-220 05 Considerable effort was expended to make the ent
K1250   K1250 K1250 PDF Download NEC/TOS/HIT TO-3P 04+
K1254   K1254 K1254 PDF Download 160 TO251 04+ An on-chip 500MHz oscillator is provided to allo
K1257   K1257 K1257 PDF Download Furthermore, the MAX104 provides latched, differ
K1262PT484KMT0212   K1262PT484KMT0212 K1262PT484KMT0212 PDF Download fenwal fenwal dc80+ Note 1: Input offset voltage is defined as the av
K1263   K1263 K1263 PDF Download The attached spice model describes the typical el
K1266   K1266 K1266 PDF Download • 100,000 erase/write cycle enhanced Flash
K1267   K1267 K1267 PDF Download n Available in space-saving packages: micro SMD,
K1268   K1268 K1268 PDF Download The oscillator frequency is inversely proportion
K127   K127 K127 PDF Download TECCOR How to Read: • Controller (host) will sen
K1271   K1271 K1271 PDF Download NEC TO-3P 02+ 800 mA Continuous Output Current Rating 30 V Ou
K1276   K1276 K1276 PDF Download FUJI TO-3P 05+   In an effort to provide up-to-date informa
K1277   K1277 K1277 PDF Download FUJI TO-3P 05+ The Simultaneous Read/Write architecture provide
K1278   K1278 K1278 PDF Download FUJI TO-3P 05+   Using charts above to adjust A/D conversi
K1279   K1279 K1279 PDF Download FUJI TO-3P 05+ The transmitter is an inverting level translator
K1280   K1280 K1280 PDF Download FUJI TO-3P 05+ Power Dissipation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
K12809.10   K12809.10 K12809.10 PDF Download BGA N/A Note 2: Absolute maximum ratings are those values
K1282   K1282 K1282 PDF Download 10 TO251 04+
K1284   K1284 K1284 PDF Download Edition 10.97 Published by Siemens AG, Bereich
K1286   K1286 K1286 PDF Download TOS/NEC/FUJI TO-220 04+ Drain- Source Voltage Continuous Drain Current
K1288   K1288 K1288 PDF Download
K1289   K1289 K1289 PDF Download
K1290   K1290 K1290 PDF Download The RESET/OE and CE pins control the tri-state b
K1292   K1292 K1292 PDF Download NEC TO-220 06+ This datasheet contains new product information.
K1293   K1293 K1293 PDF Download 8-bit A/D Converter (ADC) with 8 channels Fully
K1294   K1294 K1294 PDF Download NEC TO-220 07+ An output capacitor is also required to filter th
K1295   K1295 K1295 PDF Download These full reels are individually labeled and pl
K1296   K1296 K1296 PDF Download HIT TO-220 05+ Single 2.5V - 3.6V or 2.7V - 3.6V Supply Serial
K1297   K1297 K1297 PDF Download HIT TO-3P 05+ Protocol Tester
K1298   K1298 K1298 PDF Download Unless otherwise noted, a positive logic (active
K1299   K1299 K1299 PDF Download 178 TO252 04+ CASE: Double slug type, hermetically sealed glass
K12A   K12A K12A PDF Download The Micro6 package with its customized leadframe
K12ABK12.5N   K12ABK12.5N K12ABK12.5N PDF Download Enhanced N channel FET with no inherent diode to
K12A-BK-1-2.5N   K12A-BK-1-2.5N K12A-BK-1-2.5N PDF Download outdoor displays optical indicators signal and
K12ALBU15NL328   K12ALBU15NL328 K12ALBU15NL328 PDF Download  The HYM72V64636B(L)T8 Series are Dual In-l
K12ALGN15NL306   K12ALGN15NL306 K12ALGN15NL306 PDF Download   The MAX1921 sucessfully meets the quality
K12ALGN15NL306-134   K12ALGN15NL306-134 K12ALGN15NL306-134 PDF Download   When handling individual devices (which a
K12ALRD15NL352   K12ALRD15NL352 K12ALRD15NL352 PDF Download Segment resistors are desirable to minimize powe
K12C15N   K12C15N K12C15N PDF Download Note 5: Except pin G7: +100 mA, −25 mA (COP
K12C-1-5N   K12C-1-5N K12C-1-5N PDF Download This 8-bit 68HC908JB8 is an upwardly compatible,
K12CBK12.5N   K12CBK12.5N K12CBK12.5N PDF Download These Intersil RS-485/RS-422 devices are BiCMOS
K12G-BK-1.5-3.5/7N   K12G-BK-1.5-3.5/7N K12G-BK-1.5-3.5/7N PDF Download The software clock is a poor timekeeper. Any chan
K12GOBK15357N   K12GOBK15357N K12GOBK15357N PDF Download   Designed for class AB PCN and PCS base st
K12GONT1.53.5-7N   K12GONT1.53.5-7N K12GONT1.53.5-7N PDF Download These octal buffers and line drivers are designe
K12PBK1.55N   K12PBK1.55N K12PBK1.55N PDF Download n User selectable clock options   Crystal
K12PBK15N   K12PBK15N K12PBK15N PDF Download ITT SOP 04+ trigger/retrigger input (nA1) , an overriding ac
K12P-BK-1-5N   K12P-BK-1-5N K12P-BK-1-5N PDF Download   When setting S1 at a high level or S2 at
K12PBK22.5N   K12PBK22.5N K12PBK22.5N PDF Download  Active: 10 mW/MHz, (typ)  Stand
K12P-BK-2-3.5N   K12P-BK-2-3.5N K12P-BK-2-3.5N PDF Download Minimum quiet time required between bus relinqui
K12PLOG1135N   K12PLOG1135N K12PLOG1135N PDF Download itt itt dc95 This device contains circuits to protect its inp
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