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The Bt856/7 is designed specifically for video systems requiring the generation of 525-line (NTSC/PALCM) or 625-line (PALCB, D, G, H, I, N, N-Argentina) compos- ite or Y/C (S-video) signals.   The Bt856 and Bt857 are functionally identical, with the exception that Bt857 can output the Macrovision anticopy algorithm.   Horizontal sync (HSYNC*) and vertical sync (VSYNC*) may be configured as inputs (slave mode) or outputs (master mode). BLANK* is an input and may be externally controlled.   24-bit linear or gamma-corrected RGB data or 4:2:2 YCrCb data may be input. The rise and fall times of sync, the burst envelope, and closed caption data are inter- nally controlled.   Analog luminance (Y) and chrominance (C) information is available on the Y and C outputs for interfacing to S-video equipment. The composite analog video signal is output simultaneously onto two analog outputs. This allows one output to provide baseband composite video and another output to drive an RF modulator. Analog RGB is available to support the European SCART/PeriTV interface.
The K0301 will respond with an acknowledge after recognition of a start condition and its slave address. If both the device and a write condition have been selected, the K0301 will respond with an acknowl- edge after the receipt of each subsequent eight-bit word.
Note 1: Production testing done at TA = +25C; limits over temperature guaranteed by design. Note 2: RESET output is for K0301L/K0301L; While RESET output is for K0301H. Note 3: Glitches of 100ns or less typically will not generate a reset pulse.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
K0301   K0301 K0301 PDF Download SOT5   Dimensions   InchesMillimeters &nb
K0302003B(82601-1)   K0302003B(82601-1) K0302003B(82601-1) PDF Download KIA 7.2mm 5V Reference Generation 5V Standby Reference Gen
K0303028   K0303028 K0303028 PDF Download CS falling edge to first SCLK falling edge SCLK
K0304016   K0304016 K0304016 PDF Download The HC164 and HCT164 are 8-bit serial-in paralle
K0305   K0305 K0305 PDF Download SOT5 Voltage-feed-forward ramp modulation, current mod
K0305002   K0305002 K0305002 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The FIFO contains overflow circuitry to disallow
K0305011   K0305011 K0305011 PDF Download 97   Parameter Carrier Frequency Operating V
K0305014   K0305014 K0305014 PDF Download 80C51 based architecture 4K x 8 ROM (IS80C51 o
K0305020   K0305020 K0305020 PDF Download Note 2: The maximum power dissipation is dictated
K0305024   K0305024 K0305024 PDF Download GENIUS To drive the device from an external clock sourc
K0305025   K0305025 K0305025 PDF Download QENIUS DIP 96+ The instruction and data caches operate independ
K0305028   K0305028 K0305028 PDF Download KYE . OUTPUT VOLTAGE LIMITERS Default Limiter Voltage
K030524   K030524 K030524 PDF Download The AM93LC86 is the 16384-bit non-volatile serial
K0306005   K0306005 K0306005 PDF Download ZILOG DIP 00+ A new generation of programmable routing resourc
K0306036   K0306036 K0306036 PDF Download DIP The signal input can be directly coupled to larg
K0307001   K0307001 K0307001 PDF Download KYE SWITCHING PARAMETERS QgTotal Gate Charge QgsGat
K0307001A   K0307001A K0307001A PDF Download KYE . The Auxiliary Input is multiplexed through to the
K0307001B   K0307001B K0307001B PDF Download .
K0307002   K0307002 K0307002 PDF Download 5-mm-SMR®-Gehäuse (T1 ¾), schwar
K0307010   K0307010 K0307010 PDF Download GENIUS As seen in the block diagram, these modules co
K0307017   K0307017 K0307017 PDF Download 2. Latching relay In order to assure proper ope
K0307022   K0307022 K0307022 PDF Download  Parameter TOTAL DEVICE  Storage Temp
K0307057   K0307057 K0307057 PDF Download KYE Specified for 79C and 112CChannel Loading Excel
K0307058   K0307058 K0307058 PDF Download QENIUS 00+ The ISD4004 ChipCorder series includes devices
K0308018   K0308018 K0308018 PDF Download GENIUS DIP16 (Unless otherwise specified, these specification
K0308055   K0308055 K0308055 PDF Download Normally, the B port operates at GTLP signal lev
K0308056-101   K0308056-101 K0308056-101 PDF Download Hynix HYMP512S64MP8 series is designed for high s
K0309014   K0309014 K0309014 PDF Download GENIUS DIP20 99+ • 200 W peak pulse power capability with a
K030A008   K030A008 K030A008 PDF Download • Auto precharge/precharge all banks by A10
K030B002   K030B002 K030B002 PDF Download The MPC862/857T/857DSL is a derivative of Motoro
K030C011   K030C011 K030C011 PDF Download The AUP family is TI's premier solution to the i
K03-2513   K03-2513 K03-2513 PDF Download GI   The TMP86FM29 is the high-speed, high-perf
K0339005   K0339005 K0339005 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A • TM 4.0 Service Classes   C CBR &nb
K0339013   K0339013 K0339013 PDF Download GENIUS DIP18 99+ Output enable. When logic HIGH, the outputs are
K0339014   K0339014 K0339014 PDF Download N/A DIP 0 A programmable security bit in the DSM protects
K033B003   K033B003 K033B003 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A 5. The ALD1704 operational amplifier has been de
K033B006   K033B006 K033B006 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Standard Microsystems is a registered trademark o
K033B033   K033B033 K033B033 PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage-200 Gate Thre
K033B035   K033B035 K033B035 PDF Download Overcharge detection output pin NPN transistor o
K033B035VC   K033B035VC K033B035VC PDF Download Fairchild's RUF series of Insulated Gate Bipolar
K033B061   K033B061 K033B061 PDF Download GENIUS DIP - Supports Vertical Recording Format and High &
K033C029   K033C029 K033C029 PDF Download N/A SOP-32 N/A The MODE pin allows to define whether to issue d
K033C041   K033C041 K033C041 PDF Download SMD-24 05+ CL includes probe and jig capacitance. In the e
K033C064   K033C064 K033C064 PDF Download The stress on Q1 under load is related to the out
K035019   K035019 K035019 PDF Download The standard device offers access times of 70, 9
K037   K037 K037 PDF Download 2008 The 'LS502 is an 8-bit register with the interch
K039   K039 K039 PDF Download Storage Temperature Junction Temperature Collec
K03T   K03T K03T PDF Download MIC Hynix HYMD212G726(L)S4-K/H/L series is designed f
K03X   K03X K03X PDF Download H = High Voltage Level h = High Voltage Level
K.328-EYW   K.328-EYW K.328-EYW PDF Download Capacitor Table Table 1 identifies the character
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