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The UCSP is a unique package that greatly reduces board space compared to other packages. UCSP relia- bility is integrally linked to the users assembly methods, circuit board material, and usage environment. The user should closely review these areas when considering using a UCSP. This form factor might not perform equally to a packaged product through traditional mechanical reliability tests. Performance through operating life test and moisture resistance remains uncompromised, as it is determined primarily by the wafer-fabrication process.
• Advanced Low Power CMOS Operation • Compatible with LVC class of products • Compatible with industry standard   octal pinouts • Excellent output drive capability:   Balanced Drives (24 mA sink and source) • Can serve as a 5V to 3V translator • Inputs can be driven by 3.3V or 5V devices • Low ground bounce outputs • Hysteresis on all inputs • Industrial operating temperature range:   -40 C to +85 C • Packages available:   -20-pin 173 mil wide plastic TSSOP(L)   -20-pin 150 mil wide plastic QSOP(Q)   -20-pin 150 mil wide plastic TQSOP(R)   -20-pin 300 mil wide plastic SOIC(S)
The J110M instruction set provides flexible data moves and multifunction (one or two data moves with a computation) instructions. Every single-word instruction can be executed in a single processor cycle. The J110M assembly language
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
J11.3300.01   J11.3300.01 J11.3300.01 PDF Download STAUBLI The two PWM controllers that regulate the system
J11.3300.010401AC   J11.3300.010401AC J11.3300.010401AC PDF Download STAUBLI O4+ SOP and PCN system , receive path Usable passband:
J11.3300.010415   J11.3300.010415 J11.3300.010415 PDF Download   The VP5313/VP5513 converts digital Y Cr C
J11.3300.010416   J11.3300.010416 J11.3300.010416 PDF Download   The MSK 4351 is a 50 Amp, 3 Phase Isolate
J11.3300.010418TJL   J11.3300.010418TJL J11.3300.010418TJL PDF Download The SY89113U is a 2.5V low jitter, low skew, 1:12
J11.3300.0104195LP   J11.3300.0104195LP J11.3300.0104195LP PDF Download LMD is the last measured discharge capacity of th
J11.3300.0104195LR   J11.3300.0104195LR J11.3300.0104195LR PDF Download The Line Build-Out function controls the amplitud
J11.3300.0104195LS   J11.3300.0104195LS J11.3300.0104195LS PDF Download STAUBLI O4+ SOP Figure 5 shows the power curves for a power ampl
J11.3300.0104205MK   J11.3300.0104205MK J11.3300.0104205MK PDF Download STAUBLI O4+ SOP This device is capable of detecting and decoding
J11.3300.0104235OO   J11.3300.0104235OO J11.3300.0104235OO PDF Download Selectable error correction coding allows storag
J11.3300.010425OP   J11.3300.010425OP J11.3300.010425OP PDF Download  tpLZ8nsDisable time, low-level-to-high-impe
J11.3300.010425TAP   J11.3300.010425TAP J11.3300.010425TAP PDF Download Quiescent Voltage Output: With no magnetic field
J11.3300.010425TAQ   J11.3300.010425TAQ J11.3300.010425TAQ PDF Download STAUBLI O4+ SOP In such cases a mechanical shutter is needed to
J11.3300.0104265OT   J11.3300.0104265OT J11.3300.0104265OT PDF Download STAUBLI O4+ SOP Tantalum Molded Axial/Radial Capacitors  T3
J11.3300.0104275PD   J11.3300.0104275PD J11.3300.0104275PD PDF Download STAUBLI O4+ SOP Fast Megablock I/O cells with optional I/O regis
J11.3300.0104275PE   J11.3300.0104275PE J11.3300.0104275PE PDF Download Mono 1.5W BTL or stereo 300mW output Logic cont
J11.3300.010427TDR   J11.3300.010427TDR J11.3300.010427TDR PDF Download * On products compliant to MIL-PRF-38535, this p
J11.3300.0104285PI   J11.3300.0104285PI J11.3300.0104285PI PDF Download The write enable (WEN) instruction must be execu
J11.3300.0104285PJ   J11.3300.0104285PJ J11.3300.0104285PJ PDF Download STAUBLI O4+ SOP 10 bits x (8 + 2) channels 8 bits x 2 2 channe
J11.3300.010428THH   J11.3300.010428THH J11.3300.010428THH PDF Download   Burst mode operation   Auto & se
J11.3300.0104295PN   J11.3300.0104295PN J11.3300.0104295PN PDF Download TOP BOOT SECTOR LOCK: When the TBL pin is held lo
J11.3300.0104325QH   J11.3300.0104325QH J11.3300.0104325QH PDF Download The switching frequency is internally set at 2.25
J11.3300.010433TQV   J11.3300.010433TQV J11.3300.010433TQV PDF Download STAUBLI O4+ SOP
J11.3300.01409121AB   J11.3300.01409121AB J11.3300.01409121AB PDF Download STAUBLI O4+ SOP Tangent of loss angle:   5000 pF < C 20
J11.3300.10   J11.3300.10 J11.3300.10 PDF Download STAUBLI 06+ 6500 Industry Standard MICROWIRE Bus Single Supply
J110   J110 J110 PDF Download ON Semiconductor N-Channel - Depletion
J110(D26Z)   J110(D26Z) J110(D26Z) PDF Download Note 2: The fOP frequency specification specifie
J1108M   J1108M J1108M PDF Download   The KM4132G271B is 8,388,608 bits synchro
J110D26Z   J110D26Z J110D26Z PDF Download Supports Image (Up to 16 Mpixels) and Video Playb
J110-D26Z   J110-D26Z J110-D26Z PDF Download The BH616UV8010 is a high performance, ultra low
J110G   J110G J110G PDF Download ON Semiconductor The TSH8x serie offers Single and Dual opera- t
J110RLRA   J110RLRA J110RLRA PDF Download Recirculate is used to maintain data in the shif
J110RLRAG   J110RLRAG J110RLRAG PDF Download ON Semiconductor ON 04+ The LM87 has an on-chip digital output temperatu
J111   J111 J111 PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor TO-92 04+ JFET Chopper Transistors
J111(D26Z)   J111(D26Z) J111(D26Z) PDF Download The electrical characteristic data has been deve
J111/D74Z   J111/D74Z J111/D74Z PDF Download In the normal mode, these devices are functional
J111126   J111126 J111126 PDF Download PHILIPS 07+ Mechanical Characteristics: • Case: Epoxy,
J1118248071   J1118248071 J1118248071 PDF Download The ISP1521 is a stand-alone Universal Serial Bu
J111B   J111B J111B PDF Download Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
J111D26Z   J111D26Z J111D26Z PDF Download When High, this input holds the address counter
J111-D26Z   J111-D26Z J111-D26Z PDF Download s Pin compatible with SC16C654IA68 and SC16C554I
J111D27Z   J111D27Z J111D27Z PDF Download FAIRCHILD 05/06+ (2) Storage   The LEDs should be stored at
J111JJP/06   J111JJP/06 J111JJP/06 PDF Download ST Digital VGA I & Q Demodulators Active Low P
J111RL1   J111RL1 J111RL1 PDF Download   The Forward Biased Safe Operating Area cu
J111RLRA   J111RLRA J111RLRA PDF Download The LH1556FP is robust, ideal for telecom and g
J111RLRP   J111RLRP J111RLRP PDF Download Texas Instruments LinCMOS process offers
J111RLRPG   J111RLRPG J111RLRPG PDF Download ON Semiconductor 07+ The Secured Sector is an extra 64 Kbyte sector
J111-TR1   J111-TR1 J111-TR1 PDF Download   USB  C Revision 1.1 compliant  
J112   J112 J112 PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor 97+ Small Signal JFET N-Channel
J112126   J112126 J112126 PDF Download PHILIPS/NXP The AT89S2051/S4051 is a low-voltage, high-perfo
J112-18   J112-18 J112-18 PDF Download Transmit PCM serial data input. TSI is an 8-bit
J112-8236-101   J112-8236-101 J112-8236-101 PDF Download Pb−Free Packages are Available Trimmed Osc
J112BSL   J112BSL J112BSL PDF Download DMS (Data Management Software) allows systems to
J112-E3   J112-E3 J112-E3 PDF Download Power Supply for the RF Section. Decoupling capa
J112G   J112G J112G PDF Download ON Semiconductor This advanced BiCMOS design features low operatin
J112GON   J112GON J112GON PDF Download Fig. 5A represents an additional pull down resis
J112LF   J112LF J112LF PDF Download These supplies are the analog voltage supplies f
J112RL1   J112RL1 J112RL1 PDF Download ON Semiconductor Unlike masked or programmable gate arrays, which
J112RLRA   J112RLRA J112RLRA PDF Download ON Semiconductor   The HDB3 Decoder is responsible for decod
J112RLRAG   J112RLRAG J112RLRAG PDF Download ON Semiconductor Description The 14.22 mm (0.56 inch) LED dual d
J112TEB   J112TEB J112TEB PDF Download product terms per output. Of the 16 outputs, 8 o
J112TR1   J112TR1 J112TR1 PDF Download sil sil dc95 Notes: 1. Repetitive Rating : Pulse width limite
J112-TR1-E3   J112-TR1-E3 J112-TR1-E3 PDF Download Connect to a low impedance negative voltage power
J113   J113 J113 PDF Download Fairchild Semiconductor TO-92 04+ eight-pin, hermetic, dual-in-line, ceramic pac
J113(D74Z)   J113(D74Z) J113(D74Z) PDF Download The FCT373T and FCT573T consist of eight latches
J113(D75Z)   J113(D75Z) J113(D75Z) PDF Download • 200 W peak pulse power capability with a
J113/D75Z   J113/D75Z J113/D75Z PDF Download FSC TO-92 3 tracking an input signal frequency within the pa
J11-3300.10   J11-3300.10 J11-3300.10 PDF Download Stresses above these ratings may cause permanent
J11330001   J11330001 J11330001 PDF Download SATUBLI SMD 07+/08+ Data flow from A to Y is controlled by the outp
J11-3300-110   J11-3300-110 J11-3300-110 PDF Download  Key parameters optimized for PDP sustain &
J113C   J113C J113C PDF Download TO-92 99+ † For execution of these commands, A0 C A1
J113D26Z   J113D26Z J113D26Z PDF Download ★Original and new, Special price! ★Original and new, Special price! 06+  The HY62SF16404C is a high speed, super lo
J113-D26Z   J113-D26Z J113-D26Z PDF Download For the clock signal, use the crystal connected
J113D74Z   J113D74Z J113D74Z PDF Download Each PC contains two clocks. Although they are kn
J113-E3   J113-E3 J113-E3 PDF Download VISHAY TO92,BAG 08+ Note 3 The SK frequency specification specifies a
J113RL1   J113RL1 J113RL1 PDF Download input to the slot identification and enables the
J113-TR1-E3   J113-TR1-E3 J113-TR1-E3 PDF Download 1. Stresses above those listed under Absolute Ma
J114   J114 J114 PDF Download HITACHI TO-3P 06+ The IC series are composed of circuits required
J114D-26M   J114D-26M J114D-26M PDF Download   The IDT72V2101/72V2111 are exceptionally
J115   J115 J115 PDF Download The three RGB channels are identical and their p
J116C-12M   J116C-12M J116C-12M PDF Download Collector-to-Emitter Voltage Continuous Collec
J116C-26M   J116C-26M J116C-26M PDF Download This Infineon module family are industry standar
J116C-5M   J116C-5M J116C-5M PDF Download BB Filter BW Control Dynamic Range Adjust Dyn
J117   J117 J117 PDF Download ON The default values of the programmable Received
J118   J118 J118 PDF Download n/a 04+ The output enable multiplexer (MOE) controls the
J119   J119 J119 PDF Download Specified for 79 - , 112 - and 132 - Channel Loa
J1195B   J1195B J1195B PDF Download NEC The upstream facing port can be connected to a H
J1195C   J1195C J1195C PDF Download NEC
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