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Stapleford™ is a highly integrated, single- chip Ethernet switch with 24 non-blocking ports. High performance with easy migration paths and comprehensive System Solutions enableing ultra-short time-to-market and market leading system cost.
n Targeted at WXGA (1280x768) and HDTV (1366x768)   applications for LCD TV n Differential point-to-point interface to column drivers n 10-bit resolution LUT for digital independent gamma   support n Response time compensation support (8-8-8) includes   external DDR memory interface n Single FPD-Link™ input bus for high speed, low EMI n 90 MHz input clock rate n Operating Supply Range: Vcc = 2.25 to 2.75V n Optional 3.3V Outputs to support Row Driver   compatibility n Optional EEPROM programming allows finetuning in   development and production environments. (24LC64 or   equivalent) n EDID version 1.3 and 2.0 supported with the optional   EEPROM. n Internal pattern generation for panel self-test n Supports data configuration for 384 or 414 output   column drivers n 144-pin LQFP package
The J01073A0010 is specifically designed to operate four-digit alphanumeric displays with minimal interface with the dis- play and the data source Serial data transfer from the data source to the display driver is accomplished with 3 signals serial data clock and load The data bits are latched by a positive-level load signal thus providing non-multiplexed di- rect drive to the display When load is high the data in the shift registers is displayed on the output drivers Outputs change only if the serial data bits differ from the previous time Display brightness is determined by control of the out- put current for LED displays A 0 001 mF capacitor should be connected to brightness control pin 19 to prevent possi- ble oscillations The output current is typically 20 times greater than the current into pin 19 which is set by an exter- nal variable resistor There is an internal limiting resistor of 400X nominal value A block diagram is shown in Figure 1
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
J01006A0003   J01006A0003 J01006A0003 PDF Download Flexible Logic Resources - Up to 93,184 intern
J01020B0037   J01020B0037 J01020B0037 PDF Download The step-down controllers minimize power loss and
J010245   J010245 J010245 PDF Download Single 5-V Power Supply Sample Rates (Fs) up to
J01073A0010   J01073A0010 J01073A0010 PDF Download TELEGARTNER na This is a dual function pin. In the IDT Standard
J01150A0041   J01150A0041 J01150A0041 PDF Download A buffered output-enable (OE) input places the
J0120054   J0120054 J0120054 PDF Download N/A
J01270A0161   J01270A0161 J01270A0161 PDF Download All limits at temperature extremes are guarantee
J013133622   J013133622 J013133622 PDF Download H 01+ PLCC-28 The Direct Rambus RIMM module consists of 144 Mb
J01341C0081   J01341C0081 J01341C0081 PDF Download teleg teleg dc00 Phase compensation is used to ensure stable oper
J014129441   J014129441 J014129441 PDF Download H PLCC-28 Potentiometer R5 applies a stable, positive dc-of
J018991564311   J018991564311 J018991564311 PDF Download   Housed in SOIC−8 or PDIP−8 pac
J018995476977   J018995476977 J018995476977 PDF Download which includes the control and status registers
J01X   J01X J01X PDF Download The outputs of the ADC consist of PNP-NPN push-p
J.SH-2   J.SH-2 J.SH-2 PDF Download MOT 02+ PLCC44 Supply Voltage Hall Input Voltage Range Output
J00000A0066   J00000A0066 J00000A0066 PDF Download teleg鮮tner teleg鮮tner dc01 When transmitting (T/R high), the parity select
J00-0014   J00-0014 J00-0014 PDF Download Pulse A A Room = 25C, Full = as determined by the operatin
J000025   J000025 J000025 PDF Download • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
J00005-1189   J00005-1189 J00005-1189 PDF Download The PI90LVB047A doubles the output drive current
J00005-1389   J00005-1389 J00005-1389 PDF Download Optional statistical cell counters per PHY UTO
J00005-2089   J00005-2089 J00005-2089 PDF Download   Please be aware that an important notice
J00005-2289   J00005-2289 J00005-2289 PDF Download The set-point voltage tolerance is affected by t
J00005-3590   J00005-3590 J00005-3590 PDF Download 1. Product of input modulation f1 at 4.43MHz p-p
J00005-3690   J00005-3690 J00005-3690 PDF Download An internal OP-Amp controls the Drain-Source-Volt
J00005-3789   J00005-3789 J00005-3789 PDF Download Number of channels : 6 (8/16-bit 6 channels) P
J00005-3889   J00005-3889 J00005-3889 PDF Download When reading the RTC data, it is recommended to
J00005-3989   J00005-3989 J00005-3989 PDF Download  READ CYCLE TRCRead Cycle Time TAAAddress
J000061   J000061 J000061 PDF Download PFM: This is the programming pin for the PFM (pul
J00-0061   J00-0061 J00-0061 PDF Download Pulse A A   The ILED is the constant current programm
J00-0061NL   J00-0061NL J00-0061NL PDF Download Pulse Thermal impedance (ZJX measurement
J00-0065NL   J00-0065NL J00-0065NL PDF Download Pulse Description: Mitsubishi Three-Phase Diode Brid
J0006D01B   J0006D01B J0006D01B PDF Download Pulse A A WRITE ENABLE ( W )   A write cycle is initi
J0006D21   J0006D21 J0006D21 PDF Download Pulse A A Unlike serial EEPROMs, the J0006D21 performs wr
J0006D21B   J0006D21B J0006D21B PDF Download Pulse A A NOTES: (1) For detailed drawing and dimension ta
J0006D21BNL   J0006D21BNL J0006D21BNL PDF Download Pulse 07+ DC Supply voltage pin 2 1) Output current Powe
J001   J001 J001 PDF Download * CPU: VIA EDEN 400/667MHz low power embedded CPU
J0010D11   J0010D11 J0010D11 PDF Download Pulse A A   When the amplifier is current limiting, t
J0011D01   J0011D01 J0011D01 PDF Download Pulse A A The HYM72V64756B(L)T8 H-series are high speed 3.3
J0011D01B   J0011D01B J0011D01B PDF Download Pulse A A This is an advance information data sheet The A
J0011D01NL   J0011D01NL J0011D01NL PDF Download Pulse Features • Ultra small surface mount &nbs
J0011D11   J0011D11 J0011D11 PDF Download Pulse A A This IC is a voltage regulator IC developed using
J0011D21   J0011D21 J0011D21 PDF Download Pulse A A Frame Pulse ST-BUS/GCI 8.192 Mb/s (CMOS tristate
J0011D21/XFATM2R-COMBO1-4MS   J0011D21/XFATM2R-COMBO1-4MS J0011D21/XFATM2R-COMBO1-4MS PDF Download Edition 10.97 Published by Siemens AG, Bereich
J0011D21B   J0011D21B J0011D21B PDF Download Pulse A A The J0011D21B is fabricated on the 26 V, fast bi
J0011D21BNL   J0011D21BNL J0011D21BNL PDF Download Pulse 07+ The Fairchild Power Switch(FPS) product family i
J0011D21E   J0011D21E J0011D21E PDF Download Pulse A A The UCC3808A is a family of BiCMOS push-pull, hi
J0011D21NL   J0011D21NL J0011D21NL PDF Download Pulse The instruction set by F2MC-16LX CPU core inheri
J0012D21   J0012D21 J0012D21 PDF Download Pulse A A State-of-the-Art Advanced BiCMOS Technology (ABT
J0018D21ENL   J0018D21ENL J0018D21ENL PDF Download Pulse Replace any reference to Flash Interface Unit wit
J0024D21   J0024D21 J0024D21 PDF Download Pulse A A The on-chip PLLs are a standard frequency- and p
J0024D21B   J0024D21B J0024D21B PDF Download Pulse A A As long as the differential input signal to the
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