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The DC/DC power module shall be installed in an end-use equipment and considerations should be given to measuring the case tem- perature to comply with TC max when in operation. They are intended to be supplied by isolated secondary circuitry and shall be installed in compliance with the require- ments of the ultimate application. If connect- ed to a 24 V DC power system reinforced insulation must be provided in the power supply that isolates the input from the ac mains. The isolation in the DC/DC power module is an operational insulation in accord- ance with EN 60 950. One pole of the input and one pole of the output is to be grounded or both are to be kept floating.
This Schmitt-Trigger input is used to transmit serial data when SD  is low. An on-chip protection circuit disables the LED driver if the   Txd pin is asserted for longer than 300 µs. The input threshold voltage adapts to and follows the logic voltage swing defined by the   applied Vlogic voltage.
  I0X022C50.000MHZ is high performance 256K bit static random access memory organized as 32K by 8 bits and operate at a single 5 volt supply. Fabricated with G-Link Technology's very advanced CMOS sub- micron technology, I0X022C50.000MHZ offer a combination of features: very high speed and very low stand-by current. In addition, this device also supports easy memory expansion with an active LOW chip enable
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
I0X022C50.000MHZ   I0X022C50.000MHZ I0X022C50.000MHZ PDF Download Resolution Integral Nonlinearity (fin = 10kHz)
I.BERMAN   I.BERMAN I.BERMAN PDF Download NOTE: ESD data available upon request. 1. 10H c
I.C-FA13842N   I.C-FA13842N I.C-FA13842N PDF Download Notes:  1. NC pins are not connected to th
I.R4296   I.R4296 I.R4296 PDF Download HARRIS SOP-8 99+ 15 hp (11 kW) power output 380 - 480V AC; 50/60H
I.T.I15-165   I.T.I15-165 I.T.I15-165 PDF Download Detailed Description Digitally Controlled Imped
I.T-1208   I.T-1208 I.T-1208 PDF Download • UltraFast Non Punch Through (NPT)  
I/3925A   I/3925A I/3925A PDF Download Low-power consumption modes (standby modes) Stop
I00-4637-01   I00-4637-01 I00-4637-01 PDF Download The TS7221 is amicropower comparator featuring
I00504   I00504 I00504 PDF Download ADJ: In the adjustable version, the user programs
I011   I011 I011 PDF Download The CY7C09159A and CY7C09169A are high-speed syn
I014723-876   I014723-876 I014723-876 PDF Download TEMIC This document contains proprietary information o
I014942PC84C   I014942PC84C I014942PC84C PDF Download NOTE: 1.Stresses greater than those listed unde
I0211A   I0211A I0211A PDF Download The q denotes the specifications which apply over
I024   I024 I024 PDF Download The bar antenna is the most critical device of t
I02J910930   I02J910930 I02J910930 PDF Download This family of four-, eight-, or sixteen-, diffe
I031538BLAM   I031538BLAM I031538BLAM PDF Download ALCATEL Receive Output. These ECL 100K outputs (+5V refe
I03602S04   I03602S04 I03602S04 PDF Download PHILIPS • Undervoltage Lockout • Low Profile
I044   I044 I044 PDF Download PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publ
I045007AM   I045007AM I045007AM PDF Download ALCATEL/SMS PLCC-28P 00+ Ring Command - A low active TTL - Compatible log
I0458609AA   I0458609AA I0458609AA PDF Download CAUTION ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive
I0489C   I0489C I0489C PDF Download Notes: 1. All limits at operating temperature e
I04X125DC005   I04X125DC005 I04X125DC005 PDF Download N/A The 70C version utilizes an industry standard li
I07CZ.HZ   I07CZ.HZ I07CZ.HZ PDF Download 706 04+ INTERSIL
I0853008VSC   I0853008VSC I0853008VSC PDF Download ‡ Stresses beyond those listed under absol
I0858106CSA   I0858106CSA I0858106CSA PDF Download 1066 ZILOG 9900 Standard '245-Type Pinout Output Voltage Transla
I0861505PSC   I0861505PSC I0861505PSC PDF Download N/A DIP 07+   The term IAdj R2 represents the error add
I08689D   I08689D I08689D PDF Download The operating system can theoretically shut down
I087   I087 I087 PDF Download HEXFRED diodes are optimized to reduce losses an
I09296LFBZ   I09296LFBZ I09296LFBZ PDF Download TTL/CMOS Input Select Control. Selects either int
I096047   I096047 I096047 PDF Download Tiny SOT−353 and SOT−553 Packages Ex
I0I1/471-1   I0I1/471-1 I0I1/471-1 PDF Download AMIS TQFP-64P 04+ The FIFO has a combined Empty/Output Ready flag
I0I1471-1   I0I1471-1 I0I1471-1 PDF Download AMI DNL = 0.25 LSB INL = 0.5 LSB Single 3.3 V sup
I0MQ040TR   I0MQ040TR I0MQ040TR PDF Download   The deflection amplifier circuit of Figur
I0X022C50.000MHZ   I0X022C50.000MHZ I0X022C50.000MHZ PDF Download Resolution Integral Nonlinearity (fin = 10kHz)
I10003BI-J7   I10003BI-J7 I10003BI-J7 PDF Download   2.1.1 Specifications, standards, and hand
I1003AI-J7   I1003AI-J7 I1003AI-J7 PDF Download Notes:  1. Stresses greater than those lis
I102   I102 I102 PDF Download SOP 05+ The ispGDXVA can implement MUXes up to 16 bits w
I1020375NCED   I1020375NCED I1020375NCED PDF Download These parameters, although guaranteed over the r
I10387-02   I10387-02 I10387-02 PDF Download IMP The ADPCM serial input register is a 5-bit shift
I10387C   I10387C I10387C PDF Download AMI 97+ DIP-24P Write protection in a user defined section of me
I10388-04REVE   I10388-04REVE I10388-04REVE PDF Download PLCC IMP 03+ essors, but also eliminates bus contention in mu
I10398-04   I10398-04 I10398-04 PDF Download IMP STR73xF family combines the high performance ARM
I103A   I103A I103A PDF Download HYNIX SOP-3.9-8P 6+ • Double-data-rate architecture; two data t
I103H   I103H I103H PDF Download HYNIX SOP-3.9-8P 6+
I104024G128MFD   I104024G128MFD I104024G128MFD PDF Download intersil intersil dc85+ design. Field-proven, industry-standard 10BASE-T
I10412-01   I10412-01 I10412-01 PDF Download IMP SOP-28 98+ Hynix HYMD132725B(L)8-M/K/H/L series is unbuffere
I10412-02   I10412-02 I10412-02 PDF Download Dimensions - 2N6786       &nb
I1-0507A-5   I1-0507A-5 I1-0507A-5 PDF Download HAR 2007 In addition to a high-speed A /D converter and
I1-0508-5   I1-0508-5 I1-0508-5 PDF Download HARRIS DIP Low 1.62V Minimum Input Voltage Guaranteed 500mA
I1-0508A-5   I1-0508A-5 I1-0508A-5 PDF Download HAR DIP DIP Notes: 1: VC1,VC2, VM12 = 3.3V, TC = 25C, PA is
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