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Note 3: The Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which the safety of the device cannot be guaranteed. The device should not be operated at these limits. The parametric values defined in the Electrical Characteristics tables are not guaranteed at the Absolute Maximum Ratings. The Recom- mended Operating Conditions table will define the conditions for actual device operation.
* Specifications will vary with foreign standards certification ratings. *1 Detection current: 10mA *2 Excluding contact bounce time *3 Half-wave pulse of sine wave: 11ms; detection time: 10µs *4 Half-wave pulse of sine wave: 6ms *5 Detection time: 10µs *6 Refer to 5. Conditions for operation, transport and storage mentioned in   AMBIENT ENVIRONMENT (Page 24). *7 When using relays in a high ambient temperature, consider the pick-up voltage   rise due to the high temperature (a rise of approx. 0.4% V for each 1C 33.8F   with 20C 68F as a reference) and use a coil impressed voltage that is within the   maximum allowable voltage range.
CAUTION: THIS IS AN ESD SENSITIVE DEVICE. The following describes a procedure for evaluating the G084SN05V3aytheon G084SN05V3, a monolithic high efficiency power amplifier, in a surface mount package, designed for use in the AMPS/CDMA dual mode portable phones. Figure 1 shows the package outline and pin designations. Figure 2 shows the functional block diagram of the packaged product. It should be noted that the amplifier requires external passive components for DC bias and G084SN05V3F input and output matching circuits. A recommended schematic is shown in figure 3. The gate biases for the two stages of the amplifier are set by simple on-chip circuits. Figure 4 shows a typical layout of an evaluation board (G084SN05V3-TB), corresponding to the schematic circuit of figure 3. The following should be noted:
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
G081   G081 G081 PDF Download The XC9301/02 series are step-up/down DC/DC conv
G081-G768D   G081-G768D G081-G768D PDF Download Above +125C case temperature, derate output powe
G084SN03   G084SN03 G084SN03 PDF Download AUO TTL/CMOS input select control signal for the LVDS
G084SN032   G084SN032 G084SN032 PDF Download All values listed below are tested directly, and
G084SN05   G084SN05 G084SN05 PDF Download AUO VSS Circuit ground Port 0 Port 0 is an 8-bit ope
G084SN05V3   G084SN05V3 G084SN05V3 PDF Download 06/07+ The Discharge Count Register is used to update th
G084SN05V4   G084SN05V4 G084SN05V4 PDF Download Note 10: VIN is compared to the programmed outpu
G0882824   G0882824 G0882824 PDF Download B QFP 99/00 † Not more than one output should be teste
G08A02A4BBAA0587   G08A02A4BBAA0587 G08A02A4BBAA0587 PDF Download Programming features contain 208 bits of read/wr
G.S.I.   G.S.I. G.S.I. PDF Download Notes: 1. This parameter is characterized initi
G/S/GCMF   G/S/GCMF G/S/GCMF PDF Download Requiring 15V, +5V and C5.2V supplies, the ADS-9
G001195   G001195 G001195 PDF Download _________________________________________________
G001232   G001232 G001232 PDF Download Notes:  1 Monitoring time is the time from
G00184I0EY0FL   G00184I0EY0FL G00184I0EY0FL PDF Download These devices consist of two independent voltage
G003036   G003036 G003036 PDF Download Of the 87 product terms, 80 are for general-purpo
G003076   G003076 G003076 PDF Download The G003076 and G003076 are designed to limit at
G003251   G003251 G003251 PDF Download They provide transparent enhancements to Intels
G003351   G003351 G003351 PDF Download If the duty cycle is to be varied over a small r
G0033600   G0033600 G0033600 PDF Download Both devices operate from a single +3.0V to +5.5V
G003630   G003630 G003630 PDF Download G003630R is completely pin compatible with the G
G003838F05   G003838F05 G003838F05 PDF Download • High-speed access time: 10, 12, 15, and
G003A   G003A G003A PDF Download C&K Components Command Structure There are six commands called
G003R2000FE1280   G003R2000FE1280 G003R2000FE1280 PDF Download DLE   Designed for WLL/MMDS/BWA or UMTS driver
G004238   G004238 G004238 PDF Download DESCRIPTION The Device is a monolithic integrat
G004A   G004A G004A PDF Download C&K Components NOTES: (1) For detailed drawing and dimension ta
G005907   G005907 G005907 PDF Download The HT9142 local oscillator circuit is of Colpitt
G006-8510   G006-8510 G006-8510 PDF Download © 2001 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved. Al
G00A   G00A G00A PDF Download TI SSOP14 06+ • 5-volt tolerant inputs/outputs, for inter
G00ADBR   G00ADBR G00ADBR PDF Download TI SSOP-14 02+ In shutdown mode, due to the nature of the boost
G00D   G00D G00D PDF Download DIP B1, B2=Balun 50W semi-rigid coax 5.1" long
G010   G010 G010 PDF Download Digital signal processing with the 16-bit RISC p
G0107832   G0107832 G0107832 PDF Download Bidirectional 8-bit input/output port. Software i
G0111AAC/DCPWRSUPPLY   G0111AAC/DCPWRSUPPLY G0111AAC/DCPWRSUPPLY PDF Download The PHY uses the S5_LKON terminal to notify the
G013059   G013059 G013059 PDF Download The 82C37A is designed to be used with an extern
G013231   G013231 G013231 PDF Download Flexible 3-Wire Serial Digital Audio Input and &
G01515-CTAE3   G01515-CTAE3 G01515-CTAE3 PDF Download n Ultra-Fast transient response n Operating fr
G01A   G01A G01A PDF Download ROHM SOP8 The L5970AD is a step down monolithic power swi
G-01VY   G-01VY G-01VY PDF Download This series of silicon tuning varactors have an
G02-1   G02-1 G02-1 PDF Download 05+ Short circuit current is internally limited. The
G0213   G0213 G0213 PDF Download • 40 A rating at 85C 185F • ISO type
G021AVB920-5Z62   G021AVB920-5Z62 G021AVB920-5Z62 PDF Download SANYO SOP-36 03+ The G021AVB920-5Z62/MAX6626 feature a shutdown mo
G021-G768D   G021-G768D G021-G768D PDF Download † All typical values are at VCC = 5 V, TA
G023082(TSTDTS)   G023082(TSTDTS) G023082(TSTDTS) PDF Download   The G023082(TSTDTS) is fully 3.3 V compati
G031   G031 G031 PDF Download The HSMx-C150 has the industry standard 3.2 x
G0368AE/TR3.6864MHZ   G0368AE/TR3.6864MHZ G0368AE/TR3.6864MHZ PDF Download Members of the Texas Instruments Widebus™
G03A1D   G03A1D G03A1D PDF Download G DIP4 0510+
G03D3C   G03D3C G03D3C PDF Download Edition 07.99 Published by Siemens AG, Bereich
G03H1202   G03H1202 G03H1202 PDF Download Infineon 06+ TO-3P Chrontels CH7004 digital PC to TV encoder is a s
G04011B   G04011B G04011B PDF Download N/A DIP 07+ Description rectifier capacitor Q-channel outpu
G041-G767   G041-G767 G041-G767 PDF Download Bond padCenter Coordinates (mm)  1EX= 0.00
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