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Perpendicular Recording Drive R W Head and Pre-Erase Head PC87334 Composite Serial Data Reciever FIFO Trigger Level EPP 1 7 Address Write EPP 1 7 Address Read EPP Write with ZWS EPP 1 9 Address Write EPP 1 9 Address Read ECP (Forward) Write Cycle ECP (Backward) Read Cycle IDE Interface Signal Equations (Non-DMA) Clock Timing Microprocessor Read Timing Microprocessor Write Timing Baud Out Timing Transmitter Timing Receiver Timing Mode Receiver Timing Timeout Receiver Timing MODEM Control Timing DMA Timing Reset Timing Write Data Timing Drive Control Timing Read Data Timing IDE Timing Compatible Mode Parallel Port Interrupt Timing Extended Mode Parallel Port Interrupt Timing Typical Parallel Port Data Exchange Enhanced Parallel Port Timing ECP Parallel Port Forward Timing Diagram ECP Parallel Port Backward Timing Diagram 3F3 Read Timing
  The E0396 power module, shown in figure 1, is a chip and wire epoxy encapsulated module. It houses input rectifiers, brake IGBT and freewheeling diode, output inverter, current sense shunts and NTC thermistor. The single-phase input bridge rectifiers are rated at 800V. The inverter section uses 600V, short circuit rated, ultrafast IGBTs and ultrafast freewheeling diodes. Current sensing is achieved through 45 mΩ low inductance shunts provided in the positive and negative DC bus rail. The NTC thermistor provides temperature sensing capability. The lead spacing on the power module meets UL840 pollution level 3 requirements.
When the output load exceeds the current-limit threshold or a short is present, the E0396 and E0396 limit the output current to a safe level by switching into a constant-current mode, pulling the overcurrent (OCx) logic output low. When continuous heavy overloads and short circuits increase the power dissipation in the switch causing the junction temperature to rise, a thermal protection circuit shuts off the switch to prevent damage. Recovery from a thermal shutdown is automatic once the device has cooled sufficiently. Internal circuitry ensures the switch remains off until valid input voltage is present.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
E030   E030 E030 PDF Download Compatible with Microsoft WinXP, WinME, Win2K SP
E03003-2   E03003-2 E03003-2 PDF Download HARADA The XB1117 series is a 1A low dropout positive vo
E03004-1   E03004-1 E03004-1 PDF Download HARADA 250 ps propagation delay input to output 50 ps
E03010A   E03010A E03010A PDF Download Ripple and noise are defined as periodic o
E03020A   E03020A E03020A PDF Download An embedded MIPS processor (PR3940) running at 1
E0303   E0303 E0303 PDF Download NEC SOP-20 08+ The E0303 is a Texas Instruments PanelBus flat-p
E03111B/X004010/2G372503   E03111B/X004010/2G372503 E03111B/X004010/2G372503 PDF Download Restart Interrupts: These three inputs have the
E0312751   E0312751 E0312751 PDF Download N/A PLCC-32 1.2 ARCHITECTURE The COP8SAx family is based on
E032   E032 E032 PDF Download 4 The UVS-312A/313A/315A is 0.3 inch (7.62mm) heig
E033535   E033535 E033535 PDF Download This familiy is a 64Mbit dynamic RAM organized 4,
E033743/E-BIBLE/2426610UB2   E033743/E-BIBLE/2426610UB2 E033743/E-BIBLE/2426610UB2 PDF Download The 60EPF.. & 60CPF.. fast soft recovery QUIE
E033743/J-BIBLE/2426610UB2   E033743/J-BIBLE/2426610UB2 E033743/J-BIBLE/2426610UB2 PDF Download Notes: 1. DQ-to-I/O wiring may be changed within
E0396   E0396 E0396 PDF Download CRY SOP- 8 Programmable options include the length of pipeli
E03SL   E03SL E03SL PDF Download 98 The LTC®4210 is a 6-pin SOT-23 Hot SwapTM con
E.B-VERS1.0   E.B-VERS1.0 E.B-VERS1.0 PDF Download 79 99+   1.1 Scope. This specification covers the
E.FL-R-SMT10   E.FL-R-SMT10 E.FL-R-SMT10 PDF Download N/A The VHC164 is an advanced high-speed CMOS device
E/1845   E/1845 E/1845 PDF Download Adjustage of stand-by SW (1) Since VCC can direc
E/P87   E/P87 E/P87 PDF Download * 1.1 Scope. This specification covers the perfo
E/P94   E/P94 E/P94 PDF Download Single-phase rectifier bridge 3-phase short ci
E00061L03F1043   E00061L03F1043 E00061L03F1043 PDF Download TOS SOP 08+ Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
E001   E001 E001 PDF Download NS The M48T128Y/V TIMEKEEPER® RAM is a 128Kb x
E001418140   E001418140 E001418140 PDF Download Sangshin 01+ NOTE: 1. Stresses greater than those listed und
E0021553101   E0021553101 E0021553101 PDF Download NULL 08+ Timer counter 0 : 8-bit 1  (square-wave/8-
E002P010SC   E002P010SC E002P010SC PDF Download ZILOG DIP 03+ Low-power dissipation Operating: 10.8 mW/MHz (ty
E002PZ0101SC   E002PZ0101SC E002PZ0101SC PDF Download ZILOG 00+ DIP-18 Bursts can be initiated with either ADSP (Addres
E002PZ010SC   E002PZ010SC E002PZ010SC PDF Download Zilog DIP 05+ The ispLEVER® design tool from Lattice allow
E002SZ010SC   E002SZ010SC E002SZ010SC PDF Download ZILOG SOP 03+ 1. This device series contains ESD protection an
E003   E003 E003 PDF Download SOT-89 3. The SI-8300L series may not start up if the i
E003P8010SC   E003P8010SC E003P8010SC PDF Download • 3.3V LOW VOLTAGE, ZERO POWER OPERATION &
E003PE010SC   E003PE010SC E003PE010SC PDF Download ZiLOG O7+ NOTES: 1. Stresses above the absolute maximum ra
E003PZ010SC   E003PZ010SC E003PZ010SC PDF Download ZiLOG O7+   This is a complete series of 5 Watt Zener
E003PZ020SC   E003PZ020SC E003PZ020SC PDF Download ZILOG DIP-18 02+ We constantly strive to improve the quality of a
E003S010SC   E003S010SC E003S010SC PDF Download ZIOLG 01+ SOP18 Before the A/D digitizing the voice-band analog
E003S2010SC   E003S2010SC E003S2010SC PDF Download 00   MPX2050 series pressure sensors are availa
E003SZ010SC   E003SZ010SC E003SZ010SC PDF Download ZIOLG SMD The SRAM will meet all stated functional and ele
E003SZ010SC-Z8P   E003SZ010SC-Z8P E003SZ010SC-Z8P PDF Download Shunt protection devices clamp voltage peaks at
E004   E004 E004 PDF Download   As the beams attached to the central mass
E0041AR64A1C   E0041AR64A1C E0041AR64A1C PDF Download ActiveThe device operates at full speed using the
E005421M   E005421M E005421M PDF Download ARCHITECTURAL ADVANTAGES   Simultaneous Re
E006047S   E006047S E006047S PDF Download Protection from switching transients and induced
E007   E007 E007 PDF Download Figure 1-2 shows how the key values in EEPROM ar
E008   E008 E008 PDF Download 7500 06+ 5.2.1 Discrete Multi Tone (DMT) Modulation and De
E009   E009 E009 PDF Download 7500 06+ Permanent device damage may occur if ABSOLUTE MA
E009UN   E009UN E009UN PDF Download FAIRCHIL QFP 07+ Memories C 8K dual voltage High Density Flash (
E00X   E00X E00X PDF Download NOTES: 1. Stresses beyond those listed may caus
E010   E010 E010 PDF Download FAIRCHILD QFN 05+ When the host detects that one or both of the bu
E01011BA   E01011BA E01011BA PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The CY7C53150L incorporates an external memory in
E0102AA2   E0102AA2 E0102AA2 PDF Download sgs sgs dc94 Although the discrete ORing diode solution has b
E0102AA2AL2   E0102AA2AL2 E0102AA2AL2 PDF Download Third Order Intermodulation Distortion   (
E0102FB   E0102FB E0102FB PDF Download tag n/a 1. Corrected the errata 2. Updated DC parameters
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