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The D0E01 is a fully integrated transceiver for dual band IS136/AMPS handsets. The IF input to the receive path is amplified and down-converted to baseband I and Q signals. Gain control is provided. Baseband filtering is also included. A FM demodulator is also provided to support AMPS operation.
These drivers achieve a total harmonic distortion (THD) measurement of typically -64dB @ 2.2MHz, while consuming typically 5mA per DSL channel of total supply current. This supply current can be set using a resistor on the IADJ pin. Two other pins (C0 & C1) can also be used to adjust supply current to one of four pre-set modes (full-IS, 3/4-IS, 1/2-IS, and full power-down). The D0E01 operates on 5V to 12V supplies and retains its bandwidth and linearity over the complete supply range.
  The MCD0E01 quad line receiver is used primarily to receive data from balanced twisted pair lines, as indicated in Figure 1. The line is driven with a MC1660 OR/NOR gate. The MC1660 is terminated with 50 ohm resistors to C2.0 volts. At the end of the twisted pair a 100 ohm termination resistor is placed across the differential line receiver inputs of the MCD0E01. Illustrated in Figure 2 is the sending and receiving waveforms at a data rate of 400 megabits per second over an 18 foot twisted pair cable.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
D0E01   D0E01 D0E01 PDF Download QFN 06+ All signals are TTL levels, including programmin
D/200ML   D/200ML D/200ML PDF Download eight CAT34AC02 may be individually addressed by
D/400ML   D/400ML D/400ML PDF Download Liefermöglichkeiten und technische Änd
D/A/D/A/M-825   D/A/D/A/M-825 D/A/D/A/M-825 PDF Download Fabricated in a high speed, low power, CMOS proc
D/A/D/A/M-825A   D/A/D/A/M-825A D/A/D/A/M-825A PDF Download A multiplier block is associated with each Selec
D/A/D/A/M-834B   D/A/D/A/M-834B D/A/D/A/M-834B PDF Download Note 2: LED is on when input signal is high, and
D/F/DGX05P   D/F/DGX05P D/F/DGX05P PDF Download • Ultra Low On-Resistance   - rDS(ON
D/Q/DKBAT.308.0062   D/Q/DKBAT.308.0062 D/Q/DKBAT.308.0062 PDF Download Note) 1. Measuring methods are based on JAPANESE
D/Z/D1N4731A   D/Z/D1N4731A D/Z/D1N4731A PDF Download Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
D/Z/D1N4738A   D/Z/D1N4738A D/Z/D1N4738A PDF Download Freescales semiconductor products are classified
D/Z/D1N4754   D/Z/D1N4754 D/Z/D1N4754 PDF Download Synchronization (EXSYN) Blanking (BLK) Contro
D/Z/DBZV90C18(1K/RL)D/C01   D/Z/DBZV90C18(1K/RL)D/C01 D/Z/DBZV90C18(1K/RL)D/C01 PDF Download Less expensive than many mechanical switches Pr
D/Z/DBZX84C13   D/Z/DBZX84C13 D/Z/DBZX84C13 PDF Download For fundamental considerations on capacitors, re
D/Z/DMMBZ5248BLT1   D/Z/DMMBZ5248BLT1 D/Z/DMMBZ5248BLT1 PDF Download The ICS91309 is a high performance, low skew, low
D/Z/DMMSZ5233B   D/Z/DMMSZ5233B D/Z/DMMSZ5233B PDF Download State-of-the-Art Advanced BiCMOS Technology (ABT
D000034ASC   D000034ASC D000034ASC PDF Download SMD 05+ Provides up to 8K-Address Matching System Provi
D0001Q5000CILXG   D0001Q5000CILXG D0001Q5000CILXG PDF Download
D0002410   D0002410 D0002410 PDF Download The output capacitors must be located as close to
D0003Q5000CILXG   D0003Q5000CILXG D0003Q5000CILXG PDF Download The receive section of the CYP15G0401DXA Quad HO
D0006   D0006 D0006 PDF Download The CD4555B and CD4556B types are supplied in 16
D0007Q5000CILXG   D0007Q5000CILXG D0007Q5000CILXG PDF Download Thus, the first step in designing the antenna ci
D00090PGE   D00090PGE D00090PGE PDF Download TI QFP144 Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
D00092PGE   D00092PGE D00092PGE PDF Download N/A QFP 1995 The integrated circuit U6803B requires a stabili
D001   D001 D001 PDF Download SOT-89 Note 2: Typical values are given for VCC = 3.3V a
D00101PGE   D00101PGE D00101PGE PDF Download 2007  Integrated protection functions are design
D00116GFN   D00116GFN D00116GFN PDF Download 160 TI 99+   The MWS W-CDMA is a high- efficiency line
D0013Q5000CILXG   D0013Q5000CILXG D0013Q5000CILXG PDF Download • 256 Resistor Taps • 2-Wire Serial
D0015Q5000CILXGCRCW06039530FRT1   D0015Q5000CILXGCRCW06039530FRT1 D0015Q5000CILXGCRCW06039530FRT1 PDF Download The CATD0015Q5000CILXGCRCW06039530FRT1 is a low
D0017238   D0017238 D0017238 PDF Download This datasheet contains new product information.
D002   D002 D002 PDF Download   This is the inverting input to the POC am
D0028Q5000CILXG   D0028Q5000CILXG D0028Q5000CILXG PDF Download The devices feature VDRV to PGND shoot- through
D003   D003 D003 PDF Download 06+ SOP-4 • 1.8V+0.1V/-0.1V Power Supply. • DL
D00312-6   D00312-6 D00312-6 PDF Download hi DIP 02+ or bidirectional data flow in bursts. An automat
D0033Q5000CILXG   D0033Q5000CILXG D0033Q5000CILXG PDF Download Embedded single-issue, 32-bit MPC8xx core (imple
D0038Q2000   D0038Q2000 D0038Q2000 PDF Download • Two Channel Quadrature   Output wi
D0039Q2000CILXG   D0039Q2000CILXG D0039Q2000CILXG PDF Download The voltage drop (VSR) across the sense re- sis
D004   D004 D004 PDF Download MIC Low Voltage Operation (+2.7 to +5 V) Low On-Res
D0045422   D0045422 D0045422 PDF Download The LC/LV/LD549 is an 8 pin, low voltage, push-pu
D0049Q5000CILXG   D0049Q5000CILXG D0049Q5000CILXG PDF Download The Fairchild portfolio of Star*Power FETs inclu
D005   D005 D005 PDF Download ALPHA 03+ The S1117 series of positive adjustable and fixe
D006   D006 D006 PDF Download CMD SSOP-8 6+ 45V zener diode between VBAT and ground with a 50
D006102CE   D006102CE D006102CE PDF Download The D006102CE, D006102CE, and D006102CE are low p
D006CMD   D006CMD D006CMD PDF Download N/A SSOP 07+ The D006CMD is an stereo audio power amplifier c
D00767CB   D00767CB D00767CB PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under "absolut
D008   D008 D008 PDF Download CMD 00+ USOP-8P READ: The AT49BV/LV001(N)(T) is accessed like an
D00819   D00819 D00819 PDF Download CY 04+ Note *)NC pin number : No. 33, 34, 47, 48, 49,
D009   D009 D009 PDF Download CMD SSOP-8 6+ Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshol
D009D   D009D D009D PDF Download CMD USOP-8P 6+ The DS1554 has a lithium power source that is de
D010   D010 D010 PDF Download FAIRCHILD QFN 05+
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