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Circuit Board Material: .014 Getek, 4 - layer, 1 oz copper, Microstrip line details: width = .026, spacing = .026 The silk screen markers A, B, C, etc. and 1, 2, 3, etc. are used as placemarkers for the input and output tuning Shunt capacitors C C8 and C9. The markers and vias are spaced in .050 increments.
The high-performance, 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) has a minimum conversion time of 375 ns and offers up to 16 channels of analog input. The autosequencing capability of the ADC allows a maximum of 16 conversions to take place in a single conversion session without any CPU overhead.
The D0806AF also has an output voltage clamp feature. This clamp is a fast recovery (<7ns) output clamp that prevents the output voltage from going above the preset clamp voltage. This feature is desirable for A/D applications, as A/D converters can require long times to recover if overdriven.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
D080   D080 D080 PDF Download The Spartan series uses a standard FPGA structur
D08003   D08003 D08003 PDF Download
D08006   D08006 D08006 PDF Download (4.7uH) Reading lights (car, bus, aircraft) Portable (fl
D0800BC   D0800BC D0800BC PDF Download DIALOG VCC - VEE = 2.375V to 5.5V, outputs loaded with 5
D0800BE   D0800BE D0800BE PDF Download 04+ † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
D08018   D08018 D08018 PDF Download If you are at all familiar with RF devices you m
D08037(5260005700)   D08037(5260005700) D08037(5260005700) PDF Download Data Bus Enable: After A2CA0, CE, BYTE and R/W ar
D0805C103K1RAC9756   D0805C103K1RAC9756 D0805C103K1RAC9756 PDF Download The HYM75V32M636(L)T6 Series are 32Mx64bits Synch
D0806   D0806 D0806 PDF Download N/A SSOP Compatible with IEEE 802.3 standards. Built-in U
D0806AC   D0806AC D0806AC PDF Download The built-in 4-quadrant resistors facilitate res
D0806AF   D0806AF D0806AF PDF Download 99 BENEFITS High efficiency EMI filtering (-40db
D0806AG   D0806AG D0806AG PDF Download DIALOG SSOP28L 2000+
D0806AG(P18678435-5)   D0806AG(P18678435-5) D0806AG(P18678435-5) PDF Download The amplifier input is optimally matched to 50 oh
D0806AG-5   D0806AG-5 D0806AG-5 PDF Download SAGEM SSOP 2000+ 5V operation 2xQ output, Q/2 output, Q output O
D0806AG-S   D0806AG-S D0806AG-S PDF Download DIALOG 2008 a) Adopting new 4th generation planar IGBT chip,
D0807BA   D0807BA D0807BA PDF Download DIALOG 2008   The Samsung M464S1724CT1 is a 16M bit x 6
D0808   D0808 D0808 PDF Download DIALOG SSOP 0011+ V.253 commands V.80 (H.324 software-stack -compa
D0808(51R09923D47)   D0808(51R09923D47) D0808(51R09923D47) PDF Download Lialog Power247™ PowerEdge™ PowerSaverT
D0808(51R09923D47)(DLV838   D0808(51R09923D47)(DLV838 D0808(51R09923D47)(DLV838 PDF Download Number of channels: 2 Conforms to CAN Specific
D0808(51R09923D47)(DLV8385   D0808(51R09923D47)(DLV8385 D0808(51R09923D47)(DLV8385 PDF Download
D0808(51R09923D47)(DLV83854.1.01H)   D0808(51R09923D47)(DLV83854.1.01H) D0808(51R09923D47)(DLV83854.1.01H) PDF Download Dialog 00+ Bidirectional 8-bit input/output port. Each bit c
D0808-01   D0808-01 D0808-01 PDF Download System Considerations The power switching chara
D0808B   D0808B D0808B PDF Download TSSOP20 The SOA curve should be interpreted as an absolu
D0808BA   D0808BA D0808BA PDF Download DIALOG TSSOP-20 99+ The device is available with access times as fas
D0808EA   D0808EA D0808EA PDF Download The PWM waveform generated by the IXDP610 result
D0809AG   D0809AG D0809AG PDF Download Bild / Fig. 5 B2 - Zweiplus-Brckenschaltung / Tw
D0810BB   D0810BB D0810BB PDF Download SOP-24 6+ When the asynchronous-Preset product term is as-
D0812AB   D0812AB D0812AB PDF Download DIAOG PLCC All communications must be terminated by a stop
D0812BA   D0812BA D0812BA PDF Download 03 may be accessed by hardware or software operatio
D08145   D08145 D08145 PDF Download qOne-side printed circuit board is recommended.
D0819BC   D0819BC D0819BC PDF Download DiaIog O7+ Information furnished by MEMSIC is believed to be
D0829CC   D0829CC D0829CC PDF Download DIALOG BGA 2001 FEATURES High Performance Member of Pin-Compatib
D0829EC   D0829EC D0829EC PDF Download HIGH SPEED : fMAX = 70 MHz (TYP.) at VCC = 6V
D0829ED   D0829ED D0829ED PDF Download DIALOG BGA0808 03+ FEATURES High-Performance Member of Pin-Compatib
D0839BB   D0839BB D0839BB PDF Download DIALOG TSOP 237 Power up time The time from power is switched on
D0863   D0863 D0863 PDF Download The MAX8550/MAX8551 integrate a synchronous-buck
D0865AD   D0865AD D0865AD PDF Download BOSCH During the Program operation, the only valid read
D08C2A32789   D08C2A32789 D08C2A32789 PDF Download Introduction The CLC425 is a very wide gain-ban
D08M-15   D08M-15 D08M-15 PDF Download FUJI TO-3P
D08M-15A   D08M-15A D08M-15A PDF Download 06+ TO-3P两脚 Operating the four memory banks in an interleave
D/200ML   D/200ML D/200ML PDF Download eight CAT34AC02 may be individually addressed by
D/400ML   D/400ML D/400ML PDF Download Liefermöglichkeiten und technische Änd
D/A/D/A/M-825   D/A/D/A/M-825 D/A/D/A/M-825 PDF Download Fabricated in a high speed, low power, CMOS proc
D/A/D/A/M-825A   D/A/D/A/M-825A D/A/D/A/M-825A PDF Download A multiplier block is associated with each Selec
D/A/D/A/M-834B   D/A/D/A/M-834B D/A/D/A/M-834B PDF Download Note 2: LED is on when input signal is high, and
D/F/DGX05P   D/F/DGX05P D/F/DGX05P PDF Download • Ultra Low On-Resistance   - rDS(ON
D/Q/DKBAT.308.0062   D/Q/DKBAT.308.0062 D/Q/DKBAT.308.0062 PDF Download Note) 1. Measuring methods are based on JAPANESE
D/Z/D1N4731A   D/Z/D1N4731A D/Z/D1N4731A PDF Download Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
D/Z/D1N4738A   D/Z/D1N4738A D/Z/D1N4738A PDF Download Freescales semiconductor products are classified
D/Z/D1N4754   D/Z/D1N4754 D/Z/D1N4754 PDF Download Synchronization (EXSYN) Blanking (BLK) Contro
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