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Notes:  2. TA is the instant on case temperature.  3. See the last page of this specification for Group A subgroup testing information.  4. If VCCIO is not specified, the device can be operating in either 3.3V or 5V I/O mode; VCC=VCCINT.  5. IOH = C2 mA, I OL = 2 mA for SDO.  6. When the I/O is three-stated, the bus-hold circuit can weakly pull the I/O to a maximum of 4.0V if no leakage current is allowed. This voltage is lowered significantly   by a small leakage current. Note that all I/Os are three-stated during ISR programming. Refer to the application note Understanding Bus Hold for additional   information.  7. These are absolute values with respect to device ground. All overshoots due to system or tester noise are included.  8. Not more than one output should be tested at a time. Duration of the short circuit should not exceed 1 second. VOUT = 0.5V has been chosen to avoid test   problems caused by tester ground degradation.  9. Tested initially and after any design or process changes that may affect these parameters. 10. Measured with 16-bit counter programmed into each logic block.
It contains 6 bidirectional and digitally controlled analog switches. A built-in level shifting is included to allow an input range up to 6V (peak) for an analog signal with digital control signal of 0 to 6V. VEE supply pin is provided for analog input signals. It has an inhibit (INH) input terminal to disable all the switches when high. For operation as a digital multiplexer/demultiplexer, VEE is connected to GND. A, B and C control inputs select one of a pair of channels. All inputs are equipped with protection circuits against static discharge and transient excess voltage.
The C052K101K2X5CA7301 architecture consists of two main buses, the Advanced System Bus (ASB) and the Advanced Peripheral Bus (APB). The ASB is designed for maximum performance. It interfaces the processor with the on-chip 32-bit memories and the external memories and devices by means of the External Bus Interface (EBI). The APB is designed for accesses to on-chip peripherals and is opti- mized for low power consumption. The AMBA Bridge pro- vides an interface between the ASB and the APB. An on-chip Peripheral Data Controller (PDC) transfers data between the on-chip USARTs/SPI and the on- and off-chip memories without processor intervention. Most importantly, the PDC removes the processor interrupt handling over- head and significantly reduces the number of clock cycles required for a data transfer. It can transfer up to 64K contig- uous bytes without reprogramming the starting address. As a result, the performance of the microcontroller is increased and the power consumption reduced. The C052K101K2X5CA7301 peripherals are designed to be easily programmable with a minimum number of instructions. Each peripheral has a 16K-byte address space allocated in the upper 3M bytes of the 4G byte address space. Except for the interrupt controller, the peripheral base address is the lowest address of its memory space. The peripheral register set is composed of control, mode, data, status and interrupt registers. To maximize the efficiency of bit manipulation, frequently- written registers are mapped into three memory locations. The first address is used to set the individual register bits, the second resets the bits and the third address reads the value stored in the register. A bit can be set or reset by writ- ing a one to the corresponding position at the appropriate address. Writing a zero has no effect. Individual bits can thus be modified without having to use costly read-modify- write and complex bit manipulation instructions. All of the external signals of the on-chip peripherals are under the control of the Parallel I/O controller. The PIO controller can be programmed to insert an input filter on each pin or generate an interrupt on a signal change. After reset, the user must carefully program the PIO Controller in order to define which peripheral signals are connected with off-chip logic.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
C05009AN13S20F6   C05009AN13S20F6 C05009AN13S20F6 PDF Download NPC N/A 2007 The high-bandwidth digital content protection sy
C050-2   C050-2 C050-2 PDF Download Notes: (i) For operation below 0 C the external
C05023   C05023 C05023 PDF Download AMI 04+ Compatible with Microsoft WinXP, WinME, Win2K SP
C0508JKNP09BN820   C0508JKNP09BN820 C0508JKNP09BN820 PDF Download   The Driver-Plus Board, shown in figure 3,
C0508KRNPO9BN330   C0508KRNPO9BN330 C0508KRNPO9BN330 PDF Download N/A 0402x4 The SR (refer to Figure 4) contains the interrup
C0508MRX7R7BB104   C0508MRX7R7BB104 C0508MRX7R7BB104 PDF Download The memory portion of the device is a CMOS Seria
C050A   C050A C050A PDF Download The HT812L0 is a single chip PCM voice and sound
C050D   C050D C050D PDF Download LUCENT SOP-8 N/A * All specs and applications shown above subject
C051   C051 C051 PDF Download . DIP 1987 Description This new device employs advanced HE
C052102K2X7R5CA   C052102K2X7R5CA C052102K2X7R5CA PDF Download The Customer Demonstration Board provides the ROC
C05233   C05233 C05233 PDF Download AMI Offerings include ball grid array (BGA) packages
C052-4002   C052-4002 C052-4002 PDF Download LSI PLCC-68
C052B104K5X5CA   C052B104K5X5CA C052B104K5X5CA PDF Download kemet kemet dc86+
C052C100K2X5CA   C052C100K2X5CA C052C100K2X5CA PDF Download LDQM and UDQM control the lower and upper bytes
C052C100K2X5CA7301   C052C100K2X5CA7301 C052C100K2X5CA7301 PDF Download Members of the Texas Instruments Widebus™
C052C102K1G5CA7301   C052C102K1G5CA7301 C052C102K1G5CA7301 PDF Download kemet kemet dc01 The HT82V16 is a complete analog signal pro- ce
C052C104J5R5CA   C052C104J5R5CA C052C104J5R5CA PDF Download Unique 1-Wire interface requires only one port p
C052C122J1G5CA   C052C122J1G5CA C052C122J1G5CA PDF Download • Fully Compliant to IrDA   Data 1.2
C052C470F2G5CA   C052C470F2G5CA C052C470F2G5CA PDF Download Step up converter (Boost Voltage) Boost Over-
C052C471K2X5CA   C052C471K2X5CA C052C471K2X5CA PDF Download • Wide operating voltage range : 7.5 to 35
C052C560F2G5CA   C052C560F2G5CA C052C560F2G5CA PDF Download Fast synchronization. When asserted high, the tr
C052C683K5R   C052C683K5R C052C683K5R PDF Download Four 8-bit registers are provided for control, op
C052G122G1G5CR   C052G122G1G5CR C052G122G1G5CR PDF Download Built-in input signal filter, with fi
C052G159C2G5CA7301   C052G159C2G5CA7301 C052G159C2G5CA7301 PDF Download Configurations or a Single Bidirectional Configu
C052G511J1G5CP   C052G511J1G5CP C052G511J1G5CP PDF Download   C High-performance 32-bit RISC Architectu
C052G680J2G5CA7301   C052G680J2G5CA7301 C052G680J2G5CA7301 PDF Download † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
C052K100K2X5CA7301   C052K100K2X5CA7301 C052K100K2X5CA7301 PDF Download KEM n/a 99 This Hynix 512Mb DDR SDRAMs offer fully synchron
C052K101K2X5CA   C052K101K2X5CA C052K101K2X5CA PDF Download Note 1: Power dissipation is 500 mW when mounted
C052K101K2X5CA7301   C052K101K2X5CA7301 C052K101K2X5CA7301 PDF Download kemet kemet dc02 While the information on weight percent is belie
C052K102K2X5CA   C052K102K2X5CA C052K102K2X5CA PDF Download Kemet Controls Four Independent C 48V Powered Ethernet
C052K102K2X5CA7301   C052K102K2X5CA7301 C052K102K2X5CA7301 PDF Download Radiation Hardened up to 1 x 106 Rads (Si) Sing
C052K103K1X5CA   C052K103K1X5CA C052K103K1X5CA PDF Download Kemet • Speziell geeignet fr Anwendungen im Bere
C052K103K1X5CA7301   C052K103K1X5CA7301 C052K103K1X5CA7301 PDF Download kemet kemet dc06 3.3V core power supply 3.3V power supply for CK4
C052K104K5X5CA   C052K104K5X5CA C052K104K5X5CA PDF Download Four package terminals are used as inputs to set
C052K104K5X5CA7301   C052K104K5X5CA7301 C052K104K5X5CA7301 PDF Download kemet kemet dc06 BOOST (Pin 6): High Side Bootstrapped Supply. An
C052K104M5X5CA   C052K104M5X5CA C052K104M5X5CA PDF Download mum dc plus ac (tone) load current required, int
C052K104M5X5CA7303   C052K104M5X5CA7303 C052K104M5X5CA7303 PDF Download
C052K122K1X5CA7301   C052K122K1X5CA7301 C052K122K1X5CA7301 PDF Download kemet kemet dc06 To facilitate motherboard development, the ISP15
C052K153K5X5CA7301   C052K153K5X5CA7301 C052K153K5X5CA7301 PDF Download NOTES:  1. Dimensions are in inches.  
C052K220K2X5CA   C052K220K2X5CA C052K220K2X5CA PDF Download The CPUCLK output is programmable to one of thre
C052K221K2X5CA   C052K221K2X5CA C052K221K2X5CA PDF Download † Design targets only. Not tested in produ
C052K221K2X5CA7301   C052K221K2X5CA7301 C052K221K2X5CA7301 PDF Download kemet kemet dc02 The amplifiers can operate on any supply voltage
C052K221K2X5CA73017618   C052K221K2X5CA73017618 C052K221K2X5CA73017618 PDF Download The device powers on in the read mode. Command s
C052K222K1X5CA   C052K222K1X5CA C052K222K1X5CA PDF Download • Microchips Worldwide Web site; http://ww
C052K222K1X5CA7301   C052K222K1X5CA7301 C052K222K1X5CA7301 PDF Download kemet kemet dc02  UL Recognized File # E-96005  Glass p
C052K223K5X5CA   C052K223K5X5CA C052K223K5X5CA PDF Download the inputs a set-up time preceding the HIGH-to-L
C052K223K5X5CA7301   C052K223K5X5CA7301 C052K223K5X5CA7301 PDF Download kemet kemet dc02 (Unless otherwise specified, all typical values
C052K271K2X5CA   C052K271K2X5CA C052K271K2X5CA PDF Download Data on M inputs passed directly to the M divide
C052K271K2X5CA7301   C052K271K2X5CA7301 C052K271K2X5CA7301 PDF Download kemet kemet dc06 2.4V to 5.5V Single-Supply Operation Adjustable
C052K272K1X5CA   C052K272K1X5CA C052K272K1X5CA PDF Download 1. Permanent device damage may occur if absolute
C052K330K2X5C   C052K330K2X5C C052K330K2X5C PDF Download The ICS9248-131 generates all clocks required for
C052K330K2X5CA   C052K330K2X5CA C052K330K2X5CA PDF Download The dropout voltage is defined as the input to o
C052K330K2X5CA7618   C052K330K2X5CA7618 C052K330K2X5CA7618 PDF Download Dimensions are in inches. Dimensions in parenthes
C052K332K1X5CA   C052K332K1X5CA C052K332K1X5CA PDF Download This pin is the RF ground (return) to be used in
C052K470K2X5CA   C052K470K2X5CA C052K470K2X5CA PDF Download • Dual Logic On/Off Control • Over-T
C052K470K2X5CA36947   C052K470K2X5CA36947 C052K470K2X5CA36947 PDF Download The TO-220 package is universally preferred for
C052K470K2X5CA7618   C052K470K2X5CA7618 C052K470K2X5CA7618 PDF Download Specifically designed for Automotive application
C052K471K2X5CA   C052K471K2X5CA C052K471K2X5CA PDF Download Glass passivated triacs in a plastic envelope,
C052K471K2X5CA7301   C052K471K2X5CA7301 C052K471K2X5CA7301 PDF Download Power ground. High current return for the low-si
C052K472K1X5CA   C052K472K1X5CA C052K472K1X5CA PDF Download ✔ Molded JEDEC SO-16 (Wide Body) Package
C052K472K1X5CA7301   C052K472K1X5CA7301 C052K472K1X5CA7301 PDF Download Output channel data strobe input terminal: in th
C052K473K5X5CA   C052K473K5X5CA C052K473K5X5CA PDF Download SUMMARY DESCRIPTION The M41ST85Y/W Serial TIMEK
C052K473K5X5CA7301   C052K473K5X5CA7301 C052K473K5X5CA7301 PDF Download • Antiparallel diode for high frequency &
C052K473M5X5CA7301   C052K473M5X5CA7301 C052K473M5X5CA7301 PDF Download LSI Logic Corporation is not responsible for any
C052K560K2X5CA7303   C052K560K2X5CA7303 C052K560K2X5CA7303 PDF Download kemet kemet dc99 The four documents listed in Table 1 are required
C052K680K2X5CA   C052K680K2X5CA C052K680K2X5CA PDF Download Device erasure occurs by executing the erase com
C052K820K2X5CA   C052K820K2X5CA C052K820K2X5CA PDF Download Information furnished is believed to be accurate
C052K820K2X5CA7301   C052K820K2X5CA7301 C052K820K2X5CA7301 PDF Download By combining a conventional thin-film R-2R ladde
C052K822K1X5CA   C052K822K1X5CA C052K822K1X5CA PDF Download The VTV 075 is a COMMON EMITTER transistor capab
C052T101K2X5CR7618   C052T101K2X5CR7618 C052T101K2X5CR7618 PDF Download dualoct received from the DQA/DQB data pins of t
C052T102K2X5CR7618   C052T102K2X5CR7618 C052T102K2X5CR7618 PDF Download Of interest in the design of the video portion
C052T103K1X5CM   C052T103K1X5CM C052T103K1X5CM PDF Download Kemet • Power supply monitoring function   W
C052T103K1X5CR   C052T103K1X5CR C052T103K1X5CR PDF Download Kemet The timing diagrams in Figure 1 illustrate XDR D
C052T104K5X5CR   C052T104K5X5CR C052T104K5X5CR PDF Download Kemet 7332 Control Signal Input. Used to enable or disable
C052T152K1X5CR7618   C052T152K1X5CR7618 C052T152K1X5CR7618 PDF Download Room = 25C, Full = as determined by the operatin
C052T273K5X5CR7618   C052T273K5X5CR7618 C052T273K5X5CR7618 PDF Download * System Board: Industrial ATX motherboard * CPU
C052T330K2X5CM   C052T330K2X5CM C052T330K2X5CM PDF Download SNR = 90 dB in 150 kHz bandwidth (to Nyquist &n
C052T332K1X5CM   C052T332K1X5CM C052T332K1X5CM PDF Download In on-hook Caller ID, such as CND, CNAM and CLIP,
C052T471K2X5CR   C052T471K2X5CR C052T471K2X5CR PDF Download The HT86XXX series are 8-bit high performance mi
C052W101J5G5CA7308   C052W101J5G5CA7308 C052W101J5G5CA7308 PDF Download A 1% resistor must be connected between this pin
C052W101M1X5CA   C052W101M1X5CA C052W101M1X5CA PDF Download   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
C052W102J5G5CA   C052W102J5G5CA C052W102J5G5CA PDF Download
C052W102M1X5CA   C052W102M1X5CA C052W102M1X5CA PDF Download All 6B Series input/output modules are fully enc
C052W151K1X5CA   C052W151K1X5CA C052W151K1X5CA PDF Download   Supports both shared VLAN learning (SVL)
C052W222K1X5CA90387319   C052W222K1X5CA90387319 C052W222K1X5CA90387319 PDF Download (1) Package drawings, standard packing quantitie
C052W471M1X5CA   C052W471M1X5CA C052W471M1X5CA PDF Download
C05372   C05372 C05372 PDF Download AMI . 100mV/A 10% max. DC offset 200mV active high, 1
C05377   C05377 C05377 PDF Download The three manuals listed in Table 1 are require
C05377/507381-002   C05377/507381-002 C05377/507381-002 PDF Download • Ultra Small Surface Mount   Package
C0549BD   C0549BD C0549BD PDF Download XP SOP-16 98+ Package Description 100-Lead LQFP 100-Lead LQFP
C054AK02   C054AK02 C054AK02 PDF Download NOTES: 1. Stresses beyond those listed under ab
C05670   C05670 C05670 PDF Download AMI 06+   Burst mode operation   Auto & se
C05670/03066-62501   C05670/03066-62501 C05670/03066-62501 PDF Download AMI 01+ PLCC-68 EN - Is the enabling input for the bridge. This
C056G102J1G5CR   C056G102J1G5CR C056G102J1G5CR PDF Download KEM SOP The HOST output current is a mirrored and scaled
C056T102K2X5CR   C056T102K2X5CR C056T102K2X5CR PDF Download Kemet SOP 9127 suspend feature while erasing a sector when you
C056T104K5X5CR/M39014/01-1553V   C056T104K5X5CR/M39014/01-1553V C056T104K5X5CR/M39014/01-1553V PDF Download Note : Permanent device damage may occur if "
C056T473M5X5CP7301   C056T473M5X5CP7301 C056T473M5X5CP7301 PDF Download The Bay Linear n-channel power field effect tran
C05748   C05748 C05748 PDF Download The clock frequency determines all time periods
C05A   C05A C05A PDF Download TI SSOP-14 asynchronous communications. The 73K322L is desi
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