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The POR remains active until the bandgap reference voltage (Vbandgap) stabilizes and the comparators in the power manager block have all settled into stable states. The POR signal is then released and, once the supply voltage, VDD reaches 10 V, the controller section is enabled and the device starts to produce output pulses.
• Ultra-miniature size with universal terminal footprint • High contact capacity: 10 A • Class B coil insulation type available • TV-5 type available   1 Form A type TV-5   1 Form C type TV-5 (N.O. side only) • VDE, TÜV also approved • Sealed construction for automatic cleaning
EPROM power switching characteristics require careful device decoupling. System designers are concerned with three supply current issues: standby current levels (Isb), active current levels (Icc), and transient current peaks produced by the falling and rising edges of CE . Transient current magnitudes depend on the device output's capacitive and inductive loading. Two-line control and proper decoupling capacitor selection will suppress transient voltage peaks. Each device should have a 0.1 µF ceramic capacitor connected between its Vcc and GND. This high frequency, low inherent- inductance capacitor should be placed as close as possible to the device. Additionally, for every eight devices, a 4.7 µF electrolytic capacitor should be placed at the array's power supply connection between Vcc and GND. The bulk capacitor will overcome voltage slumps caused by PC board trace inductances.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
C000   C000 C000 PDF Download 06+ SOP-5 Ruotare il selettore su FO . Quando lalimentazi
C0003   C0003 C0003 PDF Download SMD-20 05+ Note: 1. Commercial Product : TA=0 to 70C, unles
C001   C001 C001 PDF Download As is the case with the A-Series DC tachometer
C00108   C00108 C00108 PDF Download MAX DIP The C00108 is a fast 8051 compatible microcontrol
C00134   C00134 C00134 PDF Download MAX SOP-8 02+ Sck C The standard product is delivered with an i
C001R32.7680KHZ   C001R32.7680KHZ C001R32.7680KHZ PDF Download XTAL1 and XTAL2 are input and output, respective
C002166671   C002166671 C002166671 PDF Download Resale of TIs products or services with statemen
C002628OR5183-4855   C002628OR5183-4855 C002628OR5183-4855 PDF Download Most high-speed ADCs that sample more than sever
C002DA-G   C002DA-G C002DA-G PDF Download QFN 06+ This is an 8-bit bi-directional data bus that con
C003J   C003J C003J PDF Download The devices also have 64 I/O cells, each of whic
C004   C004 C004 PDF Download NSC PLCC28 03/+04+ The input/output pins (I/O 1 through I/O16) are
C004049   C004049 C004049 PDF Download Analog Ground. All input signals and the VDD sup
C0046979   C0046979 C0046979 PDF Download rejection, when an erroneous result occurs, the s
C006   C006 C006 PDF Download NSC PLCC44 03/+04+ The SN74CB3T16211 is a high-speed TTL-compatible
C0067002103   C0067002103 C0067002103 PDF Download qOne-side printed circuit board is recommended.
C0067003004   C0067003004 C0067003004 PDF Download
C0067084204   C0067084204 C0067084204 PDF Download
C0067114401   C0067114401 C0067114401 PDF Download The XC6203E series are highly precise, low power
C008   C008 C008 PDF Download 2008 Dimension are in inches. Metric equivalents ar
C009   C009 C009 PDF Download 2008 The attached datasheets are provided by ICSI. Int
C00A   C00A C00A PDF Download TSSOP 05+ Two order forms are included at the back of this
C00B   C00B C00B PDF Download LMC7211BIM5X National MF05A † Stresses beyond those listed under absol
C00R   C00R C00R PDF Download TSSOP 05+ One benefit of high-frequency switching is the fa
C00T-3B   C00T-3B C00T-3B PDF Download NEC BGA 04+
C.PI1050-1R0   C.PI1050-1R0 C.PI1050-1R0 PDF Download NEC/TOKIN 1) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs intern
C.T.100SEC   C.T.100SEC C.T.100SEC PDF Download After application of the VCC supply, an initial
C.T.120SEC   C.T.120SEC C.T.120SEC PDF Download All registered macrocells share common clock and
C/2/153.6KHZ   C/2/153.6KHZ C/2/153.6KHZ PDF Download   C/2/153.6KHZ1/031/041s are high-speed, lo
C/4/CP300H   C/4/CP300H C/4/CP300H PDF Download True Dual-Port memory cells which allow simultan
C/C/C1.6K   C/C/C1.6K C/C/C1.6K PDF Download The SCE100-ES Evaluation System provides demons
C/C/C101/4KV   C/C/C101/4KV C/C/C101/4KV PDF Download PROCESSOR MODE   In Processor Mode the CPU
C/C/C102   C/C/C102 C/C/C102 PDF Download   The integrated circuit incorporates a dua
C/C/C103Z   C/C/C103Z C/C/C103Z PDF Download
C/C/C10P3KV   C/C/C10P3KV C/C/C10P3KV PDF Download The HSMF-C15x series of bicolor chip-type LEDs
C/C/C10UF10V   C/C/C10UF10V C/C/C10UF10V PDF Download   When handling individual devices (which a
C/C/C12NF   C/C/C12NF C/C/C12NF PDF Download The MAX1533/MAX1537 include on-board power-up se
C/C/C12NF(CH12)   C/C/C12NF(CH12) C/C/C12NF(CH12) PDF Download When the output load exceeds the current-limit t
C/C/C152AC400V   C/C/C152AC400V C/C/C152AC400V PDF Download   The TC58512 is a single 3.3 V 512-Mbit (5
C/C/C15NF   C/C/C15NF C/C/C15NF PDF Download The bq2083−V1P2 supports the Smart Battery
C/C/C180J   C/C/C180J C/C/C180J PDF Download 2.5V Power Supply. LVCMOS compatible with multip
C/C/C272/2KV   C/C/C272/2KV C/C/C272/2KV PDF Download Supports up to 400 MBps sustained Fibre Channel
C/C/C333   C/C/C333 C/C/C333 PDF Download This will result in an input to the crystal of 5
C/C/C472   C/C/C472 C/C/C472 PDF Download an Mode where in Linear Addressing mode true 32
C/C/C473   C/C/C473 C/C/C473 PDF Download Consult factory for available frequencies and sp
C/C/C47PF(CH47)   C/C/C47PF(CH47) C/C/C47PF(CH47) PDF Download Theory of Operation The HEDS-974x is a C-shaped
C/C/C56NF   C/C/C56NF C/C/C56NF PDF Download Hynix HYMD216726A(L)6J-J series is designed for h
C/C/C62P   C/C/C62P C/C/C62P PDF Download The phase detector and the M divider force the V
C/C/C680PF(68PF)   C/C/C680PF(68PF) C/C/C680PF(68PF) PDF Download   By providing external feedback, the C/C/C
C/C/C681PF(681PF)   C/C/C681PF(681PF) C/C/C681PF(681PF) PDF Download   These phase detector outputs can be combin
C/C/C68P   C/C/C68P C/C/C68P PDF Download The information provided herein is believed to b
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