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Uses inexpensive 4 MHz reference crystal FIN capability greater than 120 MHz allows direct syn- thesis at FM frequencies FM resolution of 12 5 kHz allows usage of 10 7 MHz ceramic filter distribution Serial data entry for simplified control 50 Hz output for time-of-day reference with separate low power supply (VCCM) 6-open collector buffered outputs for band switching and other radio functions Separate AM and FM inputs AM input has 15 mV (typi- cal) hysteresis
The KA431/KA431A/KA431L are three-terminal adjustable regulator series with a guaranteed thermal stability over applicable temperature ranges. The output voltage may be set to any value between VREF (approximately 2.5 volts) and 36 volts with two external resistors These devices have a typical dynamic output impedance of 0.2W Active output circuitry provides a very sharp turn on characteristic, making these devices excellent replacement for zener diodes in many applications.
CURRENT LIMIT COMPARATOR  ILIMIT Output Voltage   Normal Mode   In Shutdown  Output Current, Normal Mode  Maximum Output Current  Current Limit Threshold Voltage  Current Limit Setting Ratio  DELAY Normal Mode Voltage  DELAY Overcurrent Threshold  Latch-Off Delay Time
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
B030   B030 B030 PDF Download 95 Eight GLBs, 32 I/O cells, two dedicated inputs a
B03-000020X-A13   B03-000020X-A13 B03-000020X-A13 PDF Download The clock input is fully differential to be comp
B0310-B847   B0310-B847 B0310-B847 PDF Download SMsC SSI Enable Strobe/ST-BUS & GCI Mode for Rin/
B0329   B0329 B0329 PDF Download   3.5 Marking. The part shall be marked wit
B0337   B0337 B0337 PDF Download Life Support Applications These NEC products a
B033D   B033D B033D PDF Download BAY TO252 03+ Notes  11. Output Fault Detect Thresholds
B0395501   B0395501 B0395501 PDF Download KT-ONE QFP 119   Vth can be expressed as voltage between ga
B0395502A   B0395502A B0395502A PDF Download ROHM TQFP-80 Output Swing Includes Both Supply Rails Low Nois
B0395503   B0395503 B0395503 PDF Download KT-ONE QFP 2002 The A128 devices also have an external clock pre
B03BXASS1T   B03BXASS1T B03BXASS1T PDF Download   This device contains circuitry to protect
B03B-XAYK-1(LF)(SN)   B03B-XAYK-1(LF)(SN) B03B-XAYK-1(LF)(SN) PDF Download The three-terminal port of the DS1804 provides an
B03MR330033   B03MR330033 B03MR330033 PDF Download frb frb dc89+ Good PC board layout is an essential part of an R
B.H.S-26(2.54MM)   B.H.S-26(2.54MM) B.H.S-26(2.54MM) PDF Download Program Verify Command Following byte program,
B/S/B8348   B/S/B8348 B/S/B8348 PDF Download   The ST-BUS architecture can be used both
B/T/BM6485.1   B/T/BM6485.1 B/T/BM6485.1 PDF Download 300mV max Priority management system prevents p
B000102   B000102 B000102 PDF Download The device is compatible with the JEDEC single-
B00017   B00017 B00017 PDF Download infineon QFP 03+/04+   These N-Channel power MOSFETs   ar
B00017HA   B00017HA B00017HA PDF Download Infineon MQFP144 03+ The MAX2205 has high-input impedance for use with
B00018   B00018 B00018 PDF Download INFINEON 04+ TQFP2020-144 cycle signals between 3MHz and 15 MHz as well as
B00018HA   B00018HA B00018HA PDF Download Infineon MQFP144 99+ Three status indicators on the keyboard-Num Lock,
B00019   B00019 B00019 PDF Download INFINEON 01+ QFP144 B ild / Fig. 7 W1C - E inpha sen -We ch selweg s
B00019HA   B00019HA B00019HA PDF Download Infineon MQFP144 99+ current is out of regulation, the LED_rtn voltag
B0006A201   B0006A201 B0006A201 PDF Download sie sie dc94 Product term sharing is the process of using the
B001   B001 B001 PDF Download 16-bit multi-function timer supporting   PW
B00117CA   B00117CA B00117CA PDF Download Stresses above those listed as absolute maximum
B00119   B00119 B00119 PDF Download infineon QFP 03+/04+ † Measured on typical two-sided PWB with p
B00119CA   B00119CA B00119CA PDF Download Infineon MQFP144 03+ In addition to the programmable 1024-bits of mem
B0019   B0019 B0019 PDF Download INFINEON 2008 Notes: 1. Caution: The SYSCLK frequency, PLL_CFG
B002   B002 B002 PDF Download SOT-89 02+ o Integrated 16-Bit DAC and 32-Channel SHA with
B002/75C   B002/75C B002/75C PDF Download ST TSSOP14 03+ Current sense pin of the LDO. Overcurrent protect
B0026M1   B0026M1 B0026M1 PDF Download SONY O7+ Hynix HYMD232G726B(L)8-M/K/H/L series incorporate
B0031338   B0031338 B0031338 PDF Download Infineon 2003 TQFP Input Voltage Noise Non-Inverting Input Curren
B003138   B003138 B003138 PDF Download  Beneficial comments (recommendations, addit
B003838   B003838 B003838 PDF Download The following circuit shows a charged monitor for
B00489   B00489 B00489 PDF Download   The SY88713V generates a PECL SD output.
B005   B005 B005 PDF Download ST TSSOP Note 6: In the application the HS node is clamped
B0057100   B0057100 B0057100 PDF Download The Am79C987 Hardware Implemented Management In
B006/9341   B006/9341 B006/9341 PDF Download ST TSSOP14 03+   The SY88713V generates a PECL SD output.
B008   B008 B008 PDF Download ST TSOP
B00909   B00909 B00909 PDF Download ¥ PC/104 standard expansion module ¥ Co
B01043   B01043 B01043 PDF Download AT49BV/LV001NT pin 1 for the DIP and PLCC packag
B010550   B010550 B010550 PDF Download BOSCH 模块 模块 The DS1481 also supports overdrive communication
B01056   B01056 B01056 PDF Download The UCC381 family of low dropout linear (LDO) re
B01-05CP(A)   B01-05CP(A) B01-05CP(A) PDF Download teristics and internal reliability and qualifica
B01065   B01065 B01065 PDF Download PARAMETER Collector-emitter voltage peak value
B01066   B01066 B01066 PDF Download Model WS81. The WS81 donut shaped 100 ohm RTD e
B01069   B01069 B01069 PDF Download
B01075   B01075 B01075 PDF Download A computers RS232 transmit signal can be directl
B010767   B010767 B010767 PDF Download BOSCH 模块 模块 • 0.23 µm Process Technology •
B010L8302   B010L8302 B010L8302 PDF Download This N-Channel MOSFET has been designed specific
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