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  Input reflected-ripple current is measured with a inductor Lin (4.7uH) and Cin (220uF, ESR < 1.0[ at 100 KHz) to simulate source impedance.   Capacitor Cin, offsets possible battery impedance.   Current ripple is measured at the input terminals of the module, measurement bandwidth is 0-500 KHz.
Programmable option for internal pull-up resistor on   each input pin Lock option for the configuration and data of each   output pin 12 GPIO ports generate IRQ/SIOPME for wake-up   events; each GPIO has separate:   ❏ Enable control of event status routing to IRQ
The A0901070 is a 2-input CMOS exclusive-OR gate, manufactured using silicon gate CMOS fabrication. CMOS low power circuit operation makes high speed LS-TTL operations achievable. With a wave forming buffer connected internally, stabilized output can be achieved as the circuit offers high noise immunity. As the A0901070 is integrated into mini molded, SSOT-25 and SOT- 25 packages, high density mounting is possible.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
A0901070   A0901070 A0901070 PDF Download NSC O7+   C Stand-alone MP3 decoder   C 48, 44
A090J   A090J A090J PDF Download AGILENT SOP-16 6+ 4 channel CODEC with on-chip digital filters So
A091J   A091J A091J PDF Download AGILENT SOP16 04+ Gate driver output. The totem pole output stage
A092J   A092J A092J PDF Download AGILENT SOP16 03+/04+ The AT17A Series Configurator enters a low-power
A0931-000E   A0931-000E A0931-000E PDF Download AVAGO 07无铅 The HSDL-3002 can be shutdown completely to ac
A0931-300E   A0931-300E A0931-300E PDF Download AVAGO 07无铅 This signal is used internally as part of the I
A0931-500E   A0931-500E A0931-500E PDF Download AVAGO 07无铅 The A0931-500E executes a read cycle whenever WE
A093XC40-3   A093XC40-3 A093XC40-3 PDF Download AOPEN PLCC44 04+   64-position linear taper   Two nonvo
A0950AMT3B   A0950AMT3B A0950AMT3B PDF Download AMD PGA 00+ Note 2: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits
A0950MMR24B   A0950MMR24B A0950MMR24B PDF Download All outputs skew <100 ps typical (250 max.) 1
A0971469   A0971469 A0971469 PDF Download 2. Tlow to Thigh = 0 to +125C for LM317MTlow to
A0982610   A0982610 A0982610 PDF Download A thermal warning indicator is activated by the
A098-J3   A098-J3 A098-J3 PDF Download ST 06+ 960 Temperature Sensor diode can be connected, on th
A0991059   A0991059 A0991059 PDF Download All channels are clamped during sync to establis
A0992154   A0992154 A0992154 PDF Download International Rectifiers RAD HARD technology HE
A0993758   A0993758 A0993758 PDF Download For applications requiring On/Off control of the
A0994413   A0994413 A0994413 PDF Download Note 2: The Absolute Maximum Ratings are those va
A0994414   A0994414 A0994414 PDF Download 10-bit ADC -1LSB INL; No Missing Codes -Progra
A0994823   A0994823 A0994823 PDF Download   Please be aware that an important notice
A0996714   A0996714 A0996714 PDF Download NORTEL O7+ Tables 2 and 3 summarize the different behaviou
A0996842   A0996842 A0996842 PDF Download   The Samsung M464S1724CT1 is a 16M bit x 6
A0997040   A0997040 A0997040 PDF Download Description The HYS 64V128220GU and HYS 7212822
A099-J3   A099-J3 A099-J3 PDF Download ST QFP 04+ To enhance the flexibility and function of the cl
A09A   A09A A09A PDF Download NS SOT-23 03+ Note: Some revisions of this device may incorpo
A09-HASM-675   A09-HASM-675 A09-HASM-675 PDF Download Digi International/Maxstream (1) 300-hour life test at 150C demonstrated rand
A09-HBMM-P5I   A09-HBMM-P5I A09-HBMM-P5I PDF Download • Performance Guaranteed   over Full
A.1UF/16V   A.1UF/16V A.1UF/16V PDF Download T 03+   The sensor provides a self-test feature t
A/1011   A/1011 A/1011 PDF Download Pressing the push-button switch (pin 3-ON) leads
A/400ML   A/400ML A/400ML PDF Download The Stop Condition initiates an internally timed
A/G/A-0001-01   A/G/A-0001-01 A/G/A-0001-01 PDF Download The MC68HC001 provides a functional extension to
A/M/A-COM   A/M/A-COM A/M/A-COM PDF Download n Deserializes one to six Bus LVDS input serial
A/N/A5010-507   A/N/A5010-507 A/N/A5010-507 PDF Download  The Samsung M390S6450CT1 is a 64M bit x 72
A/Q/A17709DC   A/Q/A17709DC A/Q/A17709DC PDF Download   The first example (Figure 1) is designed
A/S/AT4805-18-8   A/S/AT4805-18-8 A/S/AT4805-18-8 PDF Download operation instruction. To utilize this function,
A/V/AC3TM-733AMHZ   A/V/AC3TM-733AMHZ A/V/AC3TM-733AMHZ PDF Download CAO/ENBL (Current Amplifier Output/Chip Enable):
A-0.1UF/35V   A-0.1UF/35V A-0.1UF/35V PDF Download The ADF7012 is a low power FSK/GFSK/OOK/GOOK/ASK
A-0.47UF/25V   A-0.47UF/25V A-0.47UF/25V PDF Download Application note briefly describing important fea
A0001   A0001 A0001 PDF Download 96 PRECAUTIONS FOR TESTING 1. Before appling any c
A0001T   A0001T A0001T PDF Download N/A SOP 07+
A0009X3013   A0009X3013 A0009X3013 PDF Download Motorola reserves the right to make changes with
A0009X36934MHZ   A0009X36934MHZ A0009X36934MHZ PDF Download The AD5429/AD5439/AD54491 are CMOS 8-, 10-, and 1
A0009X881324MHZ   A0009X881324MHZ A0009X881324MHZ PDF Download
A000S000   A000S000 A000S000 PDF Download CMD SSOP 07+   When setting BC1 and BC2 at a high level
A001   A001 A001 PDF Download 97 This access is initiated when both of the followi
A001330   A001330 A001330 PDF Download   The Micron® Imaging A001330 VGA-based
A001400023   A001400023 A001400023 PDF Download The KESRX05 is a single chip ASK (Amplitude Shif
A001400025   A001400025 A001400025 PDF Download The XTO is a one-pin oscillator that operates at
A001400026   A001400026 A001400026 PDF Download APPLICATIONS Central Office Switching C48 V Dis
A001400119   A001400119 A001400119 PDF Download NOTES: 1. Inputs are capable of translating the
A001400162   A001400162 A001400162 PDF Download The A001400162/A001400162 can charge from either
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