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  C Thirty-one 32K Word (64K Byte) Sectors with Individual Write Lockout   C Eight 4K Word (8K Byte) Sectors with Individual Write Lockout Fast Word Program Time C 12 µs Suspend/Resume Feature for Erase and Program   C Supports Reading and Programming from Any Sector by Suspending Erase of a   Different Sector   C Supports Reading Any Word by Suspending Programming of Any Other Word Low-power Operation   C 12 mA Active   C 13 µA Standby Data Polling, Toggle Bit, Ready/Busy for End of Program Detection VPP Pin for Write Protection and Accelerated Program/Erase Operations RESET Input for Device Initialization Sector Lockdown Support Top/Bottom Boot Block Configuration 128-bit Protection Register Minimum 100,000 Erase Cycles
x Lower power, pin-compatible replacements for   the Dallas DS1834   40% lower maximum supply current:   30µA vs 50µA x Monitor 5V and 3.3V supplies simultaneously x 5V and 3.3V power-on reset x 350ms reset time x Debounced pushbutton reset input x Push-Pull CMOS output   A02B-OCW43, A02B-OCW43D   Eliminates external pull-up resistors   Active LOW (A02B-OCW43), HIGH (A02B-OCW43D) x Open drain output   A02B-OCW43A   Active LOW x Selectable 5V and 3.3V trip point tolerance x Internal power drawn from highest input   voltage, 5V or 3.3V x Precision temperature-compensated voltage   reference and comparator x Low-cost surface mount SO, compact   MicroSO and DIP packages x Wide operating temperature, C 40C to +85C
Fully Integrated VCC and Vpp Switching for 3.3 V, 5 V, and 12 V (no 12 V on A02B-OCW43) Meets Current PC Cardt Standards Vpp Output Selection Independent of VCC 12-V and 5-V Supplies Can Be Disabled TTL-Logic Compatible Inputs Short-Circuit and Thermal Protection 24-Pin HTSSOP, 24- or 30-Pin SSOP 140-µA (Typical) Quiescent Current from 3.3-V Input Break-Before-Make Switching Power-On Reset C 40C to 85C Operating Ambient Temperature Range
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
A020   A020 A020 PDF Download ST 06+ The TLV320AIC32 is a low-power stereo-audio code
A020045960-01   A020045960-01 A020045960-01 PDF Download The BS616LV1013 is a high performance, very low p
A020045960-02   A020045960-02 A020045960-02 PDF Download The 10ETF..S fast soft recovery QUIETIR rectifie
A0201D   A0201D A0201D PDF Download DIP8 07+ 6. Automatic insertion To maintain the internal
A02043   A02043 A02043 PDF Download The DEU is used for bulk data encryption. It can
A0204C13K20B1A   A0204C13K20B1A A0204C13K20B1A PDF Download   VIN shunt voltageIVIN = 10 mA15.0 Line r
A0204C200K0B1A   A0204C200K0B1A A0204C200K0B1A PDF Download If you have any marketing or sales questions, ple
A0205709   A0205709 A0205709 PDF Download Many of the applications described below apply to
A0207411   A0207411 A0207411 PDF Download High Power Switching Regulator Controller for DD
A021   A021 A021 PDF Download The CPU provides fast instruction (up to 10 MHz
A0211   A0211 A0211 PDF Download The Fault output is latched high when a short-ci
A02358MYM   A02358MYM A02358MYM PDF Download The A02358MYM VGA image sensor produces raw VGA
A0243251P   A0243251P A0243251P PDF Download Notes: 1: VC1,VC2, VM12 = 3.3V, TC = 25C, PA is
A0243582   A0243582 A0243582 PDF Download Todo el material que no es necesario fu retirado
A0244565   A0244565 A0244565 PDF Download Absolute Maximum ratings are those values beyond
A0244608   A0244608 A0244608 PDF Download This document is a general product description an
A0245923   A0245923 A0245923 PDF Download The specifications on this data book are only gi
A0246593   A0246593 A0246593 PDF Download When SEL is a logic low, the device is in the re
A0247662   A0247662 A0247662 PDF Download Capacitor connection for short-circuit protectio
A0249524G08   A0249524G08 A0249524G08 PDF Download
A024HA0.2A-E   A024HA0.2A-E A024HA0.2A-E PDF Download Hynix HYMD232726B(L)8-M/K/H/L series is unbuffere
A024HA0.2A-E-W   A024HA0.2A-E-W A024HA0.2A-E-W PDF Download Memories C 16K to 60K bytes Program memory &nb
A024HA0.2B-W   A024HA0.2B-W A024HA0.2B-W PDF Download NOTE: 1. Permanent device damage may occur if A
A024HA0.4A-C-W   A024HA0.4A-C-W A024HA0.4A-C-W PDF Download N/A Multi-channel selector Lch input Input selector
A024HA0.4A-E   A024HA0.4A-E A024HA0.4A-E PDF Download N/A N/A N/A The IGBT technology is the key to International
A024HA0.4B-W   A024HA0.4B-W A024HA0.4B-W PDF Download Burst Write Accesses The CY7C1350G has an on-chi
A024HA0.75A-5-W   A024HA0.75A-5-W A024HA0.75A-5-W PDF Download N/A Ear Audio Out: An audio output of the Rx path (o
A024HA0.75A-B-W   A024HA0.75A-B-W A024HA0.75A-B-W PDF Download N/A ESD damage can range from subtle performance deg
A024HA0.75A-E   A024HA0.75A-E A024HA0.75A-E PDF Download Synchronization with the parent channel is perfo
A024HA0.75A-E-W   A024HA0.75A-E-W A024HA0.75A-E-W PDF Download
A024HA0.75B-W   A024HA0.75B-W A024HA0.75B-W PDF Download   This new series of digital transistors is
A024HA01.5A-C-W   A024HA01.5A-C-W A024HA01.5A-C-W PDF Download N/A In order for Xinger surface mount components to w
A024HA04A-E   A024HA04A-E A024HA04A-E PDF Download N/A The input pin of the regulator. Typically a large
A024HA1.5A-C-W   A024HA1.5A-C-W A024HA1.5A-C-W PDF Download N/A N/A N/A Thermal Design The IRU1010 incorporates an inter
A024HA1.5A-E   A024HA1.5A-E A024HA1.5A-E PDF Download The ATF1502ASV macrocell, shown in Figure 1, is
A024HA1.5A-E-W   A024HA1.5A-E-W A024HA1.5A-E-W PDF Download The clock signal connected to this pin is used t
A024HA1.5B-W   A024HA1.5B-W A024HA1.5B-W PDF Download PCI Compliance The FLASH370i family of CMOS CPLD
A025   A025 A025 PDF Download 2008 Configurations or a Single Bidirectional Configu
A0252936   A0252936 A0252936 PDF Download 3. This input current only exists when the volta
A0253314P   A0253314P A0253314P PDF Download Note 3: The maximum power dissipation must be der
A0253336   A0253336 A0253336 PDF Download TEST CONDITIONMINTYP Io=10mA, Tj=25!C, (Vin-Vo)=
A0253377P   A0253377P A0253377P PDF Download Reduced Threshold Voltages for LVTTL on Control
A0253430   A0253430 A0253430 PDF Download VCU1 3.80 to 4.40 Adjustment VCD1 3.45 to 4.40
A0253432   A0253432 A0253432 PDF Download
A0253484   A0253484 A0253484 PDF Download
A0254040T08   A0254040T08 A0254040T08 PDF Download The 74LVC(H)16244A is a 16-bit non-inverting buf
A0254545P   A0254545P A0254545P PDF Download DISP high disables the LED display. DISP tied to
A0254714   A0254714 A0254714 PDF Download Turn-On Time: In the circuit of Figure 1, turning
A0254838   A0254838 A0254838 PDF Download Hynix HYMD264646B(L)8-M/K/H/L series incorporates
A0255618P   A0255618P A0255618P PDF Download   The QS3VH126 is a high bandwidth bus swit
A0256939   A0256939 A0256939 PDF Download The XC4000E family provides a regular, flexible,
A0256939G05   A0256939G05 A0256939G05 PDF Download • Ballast control and half-bridge driver in
A0257662   A0257662 A0257662 PDF Download NOTES 1Sample tested. 2Input bias current is sp
A0259305   A0259305 A0259305 PDF Download 1. ICC is dependent on output loading when the d
A0259321   A0259321 A0259321 PDF Download After an erase operation, all of the bytes in the
A0259337T   A0259337T A0259337T PDF Download Note 1: A remote diode is any diode-connected tra
A0259341S03   A0259341S03 A0259341S03 PDF Download Each transmit and receive channel contains an ind
A0259400   A0259400 A0259400 PDF Download The device can be used as a 22-bit switch, with
A0259441   A0259441 A0259441 PDF Download   The IDTQS74FCT2244T is an 8-bit buffer/li
A0259502   A0259502 A0259502 PDF Download Electrical characteristics apply over the full o
A0259504G05   A0259504G05 A0259504G05 PDF Download   DESCRIPTION   These diode-transistor
A0259504G06   A0259504G06 A0259504G06 PDF Download The MSM514252A is an 1-Mbit CMOS multiport DRAM c
A0259505P   A0259505P A0259505P PDF Download The ADF7012 is a low power FSK/GFSK/OOK/GOOK/ASK
A0259506G05   A0259506G05 A0259506G05 PDF Download The Simultaneous Read/Write architecture provides
A0259508   A0259508 A0259508 PDF Download Operating voltage: 2.4V~5.0V Directly drives an
A0261396G05   A0261396G05 A0261396G05 PDF Download Advanced circuit design achieves 85 ns settling
A0262481   A0262481 A0262481 PDF Download Figure 1 shows a Block Diagram of the P8xC591. T
A0262959   A0262959 A0262959 PDF Download No matter how complicated the signals youre deal
A0262959G05   A0262959G05 A0262959G05 PDF Download Hardware Reset. Self-asserted by internal pull-u
A0264252   A0264252 A0264252 PDF Download • Synchronous Operation. • 2 Stage P
A0264285   A0264285 A0264285 PDF Download 3.3/5.0 VOLT SELECT: 3/5 » high configures
A0265068   A0265068 A0265068 PDF Download The situation is somewhat more complicated in th
A0265137   A0265137 A0265137 PDF Download CHANNEL SELECT (F/R) Highest Logic Low Level L
A0266127   A0266127 A0266127 PDF Download In AM mode the AM mixer, the AM RF-AGC and the 1
A0266523   A0266523 A0266523 PDF Download DM74184 BCD-TO-BINARY CONVERTERS The 6-bit BCD-t
A0267198P   A0267198P A0267198P PDF Download A user selectable mode input is provided to allow
A026A0013401   A026A0013401 A026A0013401 PDF Download NA 04+ The voltage drop (VSR) across the sense re- sis
A0271541   A0271541 A0271541 PDF Download • CMOS low power operation   400 mW
A0271780   A0271780 A0271780 PDF Download Voltage and current measurement are performed du
A0271822   A0271822 A0271822 PDF Download The BAfffLBSG (the fff indicates the output volt
A0271925   A0271925 A0271925 PDF Download The HYM72V64736(L)T8 Series are 64Mx72bits ECC Sy
A0271962   A0271962 A0271962 PDF Download FEATURES • Current Limit Protection ̶
A0273457   A0273457 A0273457 PDF Download • In-house programming of samples and prot
A0275133   A0275133 A0275133 PDF Download Master) generate TCLK (Transmit Clock), the inte
A0276017   A0276017 A0276017 PDF Download The A0276017 dual-band PA controller is designed
A0278036   A0278036 A0278036 PDF Download The MAX101 ECL-compatible, 500Msps, 8-bit analog-
A0278606P   A0278606P A0278606P PDF Download  TAOperating free-air temperatureC4085C NOT
A0279310   A0279310 A0279310 PDF Download The RST control signal is used to enable the 3-w
A0279485   A0279485 A0279485 PDF Download OPERATING SUPPLY VOLTAGE FROM 8 TO 52V 2.8A OU
A027K0381   A027K0381 A027K0381 PDF Download A fast, high precision differential input stage
A02802B2   A02802B2 A02802B2 PDF Download The 512Mb DDR2 SDRAM is organized as a 32Mbit x 4
A0285067   A0285067 A0285067 PDF Download •Input and output pins for the main clock
A0285636S02   A0285636S02 A0285636S02 PDF Download Hynix HYMD132G725A(L)4-K/H/L series is designed f
A0287226   A0287226 A0287226 PDF Download The CY29946 is capable of generating 1 and 1/2 si
A0288529   A0288529 A0288529 PDF Download International Rectifier's MUR.. series are the st
A0290164   A0290164 A0290164 PDF Download Serial Control Interface Clock (For MPI)/Timeslo
A0291380P   A0291380P A0291380P PDF Download Highly specialized electronic sensors have been d
A0291508   A0291508 A0291508 PDF Download In designing a crystal oscillator, the values of
A0291509   A0291509 A0291509 PDF Download
A0291510   A0291510 A0291510 PDF Download Housed in a small 24-pin DDIP or SMT (gull-wing)
A0291517   A0291517 A0291517 PDF Download In order to increase the adjustment range of VCO
A0291519   A0291519 A0291519 PDF Download Channel 0 Sync-On-Green-Input. A high impedance
A0291522   A0291522 A0291522 PDF Download (VDD = 5V 5%; VSS = 0V or -5V; fCLK = 2.0MHz, ext
A0291526   A0291526 A0291526 PDF Download Where frequency is in Hertz (Hz), RT resistance
A0291863   A0291863 A0291863 PDF Download As an alternative to a full chip erase or a plan
A0292116   A0292116 A0292116 PDF Download Assuming, the following conditions: VOUT =2.5V
A0292267   A0292267 A0292267 PDF Download Thermal Resistance (Typical, Note 5)JA (oC/W) &
A0292393   A0292393 A0292393 PDF Download HALF-FULL FLAG (HF)   After half of the mem
A0292420   A0292420 A0292420 PDF Download The HA-5020 is a wide bandwidth, high slew rate a
A0292425   A0292425 A0292425 PDF Download VCXOs are usually used as a narrowband local fr
A0292428   A0292428 A0292428 PDF Download Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
A0292429   A0292429 A0292429 PDF Download The TPS6202x is a high efficiency synchronous s
A0292430   A0292430 A0292430 PDF Download Note 4: C PD is defined as the value of the inte
A0292432   A0292432 A0292432 PDF Download Note 2: The algebraic convention is used in this
A0292434   A0292434 A0292434 PDF Download Filter Isolation: Rated voltage Resistance Ca
A0292817   A0292817 A0292817 PDF Download The ISD5008 device is designed for use in a micr
A0293047   A0293047 A0293047 PDF Download Parameter Forward Voltage Reverse Current Te
A0293585   A0293585 A0293585 PDF Download ♦ Direct IF Sampling Up to 400MHz ♦
A0293712   A0293712 A0293712 PDF Download NOTES: 1. tPLH and tPHL are production tested.
A0293770   A0293770 A0293770 PDF Download DNL: 1 LSB Max SINAD = 81.5 dB, SFDR = 95 dB TH
A0293779   A0293779 A0293779 PDF Download When OE is set HIGH, the data flow through the th
A0293816   A0293816 A0293816 PDF Download   The VP5313/VP5513 converts digital Y Cr C
A0294418   A0294418 A0294418 PDF Download Notes: (i) Io 1(min) current of 0.1A can be div
A0295118   A0295118 A0295118 PDF Download SERIAL INTERFACE TIMING   The IDT72V8985 ma
A0295120   A0295120 A0295120 PDF Download - Output voltage: 3.3V, 5V, 12V and adjustable &
A0295122   A0295122 A0295122 PDF Download Vishay Siliconix maintains worldwide manufacturin
A0295124   A0295124 A0295124 PDF Download technology. It is ideal for low power and low no
A0295125   A0295125 A0295125 PDF Download SYNC (Pin 5): The SYNC pin can be used to synchro
A0296302   A0296302 A0296302 PDF Download DMA Controller supports: 25 DMA channels for tra
A0296363   A0296363 A0296363 PDF Download The MAX6501CMAX6504 fully integrated temperature
A0296364   A0296364 A0296364 PDF Download Read Cycle, Begin Burst Read Cycle, Begin Burs
A0296650   A0296650 A0296650 PDF Download Note 7: Pins G6 and RESET are designed with a hig
A0296785   A0296785 A0296785 PDF Download Use series termination when the PCB trace betwee
A0296797   A0296797 A0296797 PDF Download   The LH543601 has two 36-bit ports, Port A
A0296948P   A0296948P A0296948P PDF Download suitable for Low Noise, Low Power applications
A0297214   A0297214 A0297214 PDF Download Introduction The IRU1075 adjustable Low Dropout
A0297636   A0297636 A0297636 PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
A0297662   A0297662 A0297662 PDF Download (4) The products described in this book are inte
A0298034   A0298034 A0298034 PDF Download Synchronous active low chip enable. CE1 and CE2 a
A0298037   A0298037 A0298037 PDF Download Notice: Stresses greater than those listed unde
A0298506   A0298506 A0298506 PDF Download In the case where high load currents or a short
A0298562   A0298562 A0298562 PDF Download guarantees lower guaranteed maximum supply curre
A02A   A02A A02A PDF Download NATIONAL SOT23-5 03+ Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
A02B   A02B A02B PDF Download NATIONAL SOT23-5 03+ The input stage contains an Automatic Gain Contr
A02B-OCW43   A02B-OCW43 A02B-OCW43 PDF Download The ML9209-xx is an alphanumeric type vacuum flu
A02C12   A02C12 A02C12 PDF Download This serie of T-module uses fast recovery power
A02T   A02T A02T PDF Download Coilcraft 1210 High Efficiency: Up to 95% Very Low Quiescent Cu
A02TCOIL   A02TCOIL A02TCOIL PDF Download High current sink/source 25 mA/25 mA Four exter
A02TJ   A02TJ A02TJ PDF Download © Atmel Corporation 2001. Atmel Corporation
A02TK   A02TK A02TK PDF Download N/A An RC network may be connected to this pin in ord
A02V01-SY   A02V01-SY A02V01-SY PDF Download TCL DIP36 03+ The HIP6017 provides the power control and prote
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