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Dual Regulated Outputs: One Switching Regulator and One Linear Regulator Excellent DC Accuracy: 1.5% for Switcher and 2% for Linear Regulator External N-Channel MOSFET Architecture No External Current Sense Resistor Required Burst Mode® Operation at Light Load (A01B) Continuous Switching at Light Load (A01BB) Linear Regulator with Programmable Current Limit Linear Regulator with Programmable Start-Up Delay Low Shutdown Current: <150µA High Efficiency Over Wide Load Current Range PGOOD Flag Monitors Both Outputs Small 16-Pin Narrow SSOP Package
The A01B is a quad-channel, voltage-output A01BAC with exceptional linearity and monotonicity. Its pro- prietary architecture minimizes undesired transients such as code to code glitch and channel to channel crosstalk. The low-power A01B operates from a single 2.7-V to 5.5-V supply. The A01B output amplifiers can drive a 2-kΩ, 200-pF load rail-to-rail with 5-µs settling time; the output range is set using an external voltage reference.
The A01B from STMicroelectronics is a Blue- tooth® baseband controller with integrated 4 Mbit flash memory. Together with a Bluetooth® Radio this product offers a compact and complete solu- tion for short-range wireless connectivity. It incor- porates all the lower layer functions of the Bluetooth® protocol.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
A010   A010 A010 PDF Download Functional Description of the MAS 3587F Overview
A010.020.YB.001   A010.020.YB.001 A010.020.YB.001 PDF Download † Notice: Stresses above those listed under
A010008YB001   A010008YB001 A010008YB001 PDF Download NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max.,
A010055   A010055 A010055 PDF Download • NPT IGBT technology   - high switc
A0101-DL   A0101-DL A0101-DL PDF Download COILCRAFT Notes: 1. For Max. or Min. conditions, use appr
A0103408   A0103408 A0103408 PDF Download The wiper settings are controllable through a pi
A0104202   A0104202 A0104202 PDF Download OSC1, OSC2 are connected to an RC network or Crys
A0105323   A0105323 A0105323 PDF Download W - Wiper of the Potentiometer. This pin is the w
A0105X   A0105X A0105X PDF Download APEM Components 32 macrocells in two logic blocks 32 I/O pins F
A010642   A010642 A010642 PDF Download ST 06+ 280 Interrupt controller   • External in
A010F   A010F A010F PDF Download A010FG is 63 seconds single chip high quality voi
A010LB02   A010LB02 A010LB02 PDF Download A burst write access to an active row is initiat
A011025YB501   A011025YB501 A011025YB501 PDF Download inverting amplifier  1.When the closed gain
A011636-B2   A011636-B2 A011636-B2 PDF Download ST SSOP The host system can detect whether a program or
A011636-B5   A011636-B5 A011636-B5 PDF Download ST SSOP28 07+ † Unless otherwise noted, Vstrobe = 2.4 V.
A0119109   A0119109 A0119109 PDF Download The a8237 MegaCore function implements a program
A011D   A011D A011D PDF Download Low power dissipation (960mW max.) TTL compatibl
A012   A012 A012 PDF Download SOT-23 Drain-Source Voltage Gate-to-Source Voltage C
A01216P200   A01216P200 A01216P200 PDF Download ML SMD QF15AA is six pack Darlington power transistor m
A012-P94-06   A012-P94-06 A012-P94-06 PDF Download The modulation format is chosen by the state of t
A013   A013 A013 PDF Download 2008 The SDA 9254-2 is a combination of the TV-SAM SD
A01305   A01305 A01305 PDF Download   Near-Zero propagation delay   5-ohm
A0141A   A0141A A0141A PDF Download APEM Components Forward Voltage Reverse Current Junction Capaci
A0141C(28V40MA)   A0141C(28V40MA) A0141C(28V40MA) PDF Download The Connect Memory data is received via the Micro
A0146A   A0146A A0146A PDF Download The DS1804 NV trimmer potentiometer is a nonvolat
A015016YC001   A015016YC001 A015016YC001 PDF Download This tables show the pin assignments of the RDRA
A015020YC001   A015020YC001 A015020YC001 PDF Download Gnd (Pin 1) (ground): All voltages are measured w
A015026YC001   A015026YC001 A015026YC001 PDF Download Low Quiescent Current 5.6µA (typical) Wide
A015040YC001   A015040YC001 A015040YC001 PDF Download   There are two limitations on the power ha
A015050YC001   A015050YC001 A015050YC001 PDF Download SECTOR LOCKDOWN: Each sector has a programming lo
A01514R2   A01514R2 A01514R2 PDF Download ML SOP16 03+ Crystal Oscillator Pins. XTAL1 and XTAL2 provide
A0151B   A0151B A0151B PDF Download APEM Components n Clock recovery from PLL lock to random data pa
A016   A016 A016 PDF Download SOT-23 edges of the laminated structure. The entire stru
A01606729   A01606729 A01606729 PDF Download Half-duplex, isolated RS-485 transceiver PROFIB
A0160CJPB01   A0160CJPB01 A0160CJPB01 PDF Download This will result in an input to the crystal of 5
A016100YC511   A016100YC511 A016100YC511 PDF Download   Please note : The devices listed in this
A0162B   A0162B A0162B PDF Download APEM Components The CAT1021, CAT1022 and CAT1023 are complete m
A0162E   A0162E A0162E PDF Download APEM Components The contents of this specification are subject t
A016-5   A016-5 A016-5 PDF Download  − Single Ended  − Differe
A01651315   A01651315 A01651315 PDF Download ROHM SOP-5.2-20P 6+ Reader Response: Conexant strives to produce qual
A0165CGA   A0165CGA A0165CGA PDF Download TSSOP16 0116+ Note: Stresses greater than those listed under
A017050YB501   A017050YB501 A017050YB501 PDF Download SG1 applied to V22, V27 and V31, SG10 applied to
A0174   A0174 A0174 PDF Download 03+ 54 SSOP-28 where ITH is the value of current set by the exte
A018   A018 A018 PDF Download Operating Temperature: - 55C to + 85C. (To + 125C
A018301   A018301 A018301 PDF Download APEM Components Note 3: The maximum power dissipation must be der
A01A   A01A A01A PDF Download MSOP 02+ COL[2]; Disables Management Interface and select
A01B   A01B A01B PDF Download National 2008 2.5% output accuracy (25˚C) Low dropout v
A01H   A01H A01H PDF Download R JRJU MSOP-8  The HYM72V16M636T6 Series are Dual In-line
A01T   A01T A01T PDF Download An exact frequency multiplying ratio ensures bet
A01TK   A01TK A01TK PDF Download COILCRAFT Command Prefix - Each command, except the A/ com
A01V01-A   A01V01-A A01V01-A PDF Download Notes: 1. Stress greater than those listed unde
A01V01-A-5Y47   A01V01-A-5Y47 A01V01-A-5Y47 PDF Download TCL (8051-compatible) with up to 24 MHz (min. 250
A01V01-A-SY47   A01V01-A-SY47 A01V01-A-SY47 PDF Download SANYO 02+ The TS5A23159 is a dual single-pole double-throw
A01V01-SY(TCL)   A01V01-SY(TCL) A01V01-SY(TCL) PDF Download These high intensity blue and green LEDs are b
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