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AEC-Q100† Qualified for Automotive Applications Customer-Specific Configuration Control Can Be Supported Along With Major-Change Approval ESD Protection Exceeds 2000 V Per MIL-STD-883, Method 3015; Exceeds 50 V Using Machine Model (C = 200 pF, R = 0) Push-Pull CMOS Output Drives Capacitive Loads Without Pullup Resistor, IO = 8 mA Very Low Power . . . 200 µW Typ at 5 V Fast Response Time . . . tPLH = 2.7 µs Typ With 5-mV Overdrive Single Supply Operation . . . 3 V to 16 V On-Chip ESD Protection
Description The 9.30E11 tricolor chip-type LED is designed in an ultra small package for miniaturization. It is the first of its kind to achieve such small packaging for 3 dies. With the freedom to have any combination of colors from mixing of the 3 primary colors, this will yield a wide variety of colors to suit every application and product theme.
The 9.30E11 is Analog Devices latest 64-step up/down control digital potentiometer1. This device performs the same electronic adjustment function as a 5 V potentiometer or variable resistor. Its simple 3-wire up/down interface allows manual switching or high speed digital control. The 9.30E11 presets to midscale at power-up. When CS is enabled, the devices changes step at every clock pulse. The direction is determined by the state of the U/D pin (see Table 1). The interface is simple to activate by any host controller, discrete logic, or manually with a rotary encoder or pushbuttons. The 9.30E11s 64-step resolution, small footprint, and simple interface enable it to replace mechanical potentiometers and trimmers with typically 6 improved resolution, solid-state reliability, and design layout flexibility, resulting in a considerable cost savings in end users systems.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
9.30E11   9.30E11 9.30E11 PDF Download 16-Bit Monotonic 5-V Rail-to-Rail Output Fast S
9.31E13   9.31E13 9.31E13 PDF Download • Plastic package has Underwriters Laborat
9.33099E11   9.33099E11 9.33099E11 PDF Download TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National
9.33185E11   9.33185E11 9.33185E11 PDF Download The ISL6614A drives both the upper and lower gate
9.33198E11   9.33198E11 9.33198E11 PDF Download   These N-Channel power MOSFETs   ar
9.33508E11   9.33508E11 9.33508E11 PDF Download Note 1: Operating the device beyond parameters wi
9.33552E11   9.33552E11 9.33552E11 PDF Download The following are trademarks of Conexant Systems
9.33656E11   9.33656E11 9.33656E11 PDF Download UL Recognized File # E-96005 Plastic package h
9.33699E11   9.33699E11 9.33699E11 PDF Download FS8S0965RCB is a Fairchild Power Switch (FPS) th
9.33715E11   9.33715E11 9.33715E11 PDF Download Auto Memory Store Function This function automat
9.33737E11   9.33737E11 9.33737E11 PDF Download are fully compatible with PECL 10 K and 10 KH lo
9.33742E11   9.33742E11 9.33742E11 PDF Download The HD404318 Series is 4-bit HMCS400-series micr
9.337E11   9.337E11 9.337E11 PDF Download   4.3 Screening (JANS, JANTX, and JANTXV le
9.33834E11   9.33834E11 9.33834E11 PDF Download The 4K EEPROM devices require an 8-bit de- vice
9.33922E11   9.33922E11 9.33922E11 PDF Download Ruotare il selettore su FO . Quando lalimentazi
9.33976E11   9.33976E11 9.33976E11 PDF Download The LM124 consists of four independent, high gai
9.33E11   9.33E11 9.33E11 PDF Download Case: Molded Epoxy Epoxy Meets UL 94 V−0 @
9.34001E11   9.34001E11 9.34001E11 PDF Download Drain-to-Source Breakdown Voltage-200 Gate Thre
9.34022E11   9.34022E11 9.34022E11 PDF Download The PWR_DWN# signal is an asynchronous, active-lo
9.34028E11   9.34028E11 9.34028E11 PDF Download FIRST LOAD/RETRANSMIT (FL/RT)   This is a d
9.34029E11   9.34029E11 9.34029E11 PDF Download CASE: DO-13 (DO-202AA), welded, hermetically sea
9.34031E11   9.34031E11 9.34031E11 PDF Download Holtek reserves the right to re-introduce at any
9.34037E11   9.34037E11 9.34037E11 PDF Download Designed for use in battery-powered applications
9.34043E11   9.34043E11 9.34043E11 PDF Download q ACTIVE 18-Line TERMINATOR q 2pF CAPACITANCE PE
9.34051E11   9.34051E11 9.34051E11 PDF Download   Integral Nonlinearity (INL)2   Offse
9.34143E11   9.34143E11 9.34143E11 PDF Download Maximum ratings are those values beyond which de
9.34243E11   9.34243E11 9.34243E11 PDF Download After application of the VCC supply, an initial
9.34E11   9.34E11 9.34E11 PDF Download
9.35027E11   9.35027E11 9.35027E11 PDF Download between X2 and ground. Stuffing of these capacit
9.35E11   9.35E11 9.35E11 PDF Download Speaker output signal can be attenuated either b
9.01E11   9.01E11 9.01E11 PDF Download The UPC2721 and UPC2722 are L-Band frequency con
9.02E11   9.02E11 9.02E11 PDF Download Stresses in excess of the absolute maximum ratin
9.03197E11   9.03197E11 9.03197E11 PDF Download   11CPDPower Dissipation Capacitance (Note
9.03E11   9.03E11 9.03E11 PDF Download Stresses beyond those listed under "absolut
9.04E11   9.04E11 9.04E11 PDF Download
9.06E11   9.06E11 9.06E11 PDF Download The 64Mb SDRAM has the ability to synchronously
9.07E12   9.07E12 9.07E12 PDF Download Stresses listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings m
9.09E12   9.09E12 9.09E12 PDF Download All parameters having min/max specifications are
9.12E11   9.12E11 9.12E11 PDF Download The 9.12E11 has two separate modes of operatio
9.14E11   9.14E11 9.14E11 PDF Download The impedance of the output driver is matched wi
9.16E12   9.16E12 9.16E12 PDF Download Global Infrared mode enable (active high). Durin
9.18511E11   9.18511E11 9.18511E11 PDF Download (3) The products described in this material are
9.18515E11   9.18515E11 9.18515E11 PDF Download Single chip transmit and receive interface for
9.18517E11   9.18517E11 9.18517E11 PDF Download The HIP6601B, HIP6603B and HIP6604B are high- f
9.18521E11   9.18521E11 9.18521E11 PDF Download The 1 Mbyte Flash memory array is organized into
9.18E11   9.18E11 9.18E11 PDF Download • True Dual-Ported memory cells which allow
9.19565E11   9.19565E11 9.19565E11 PDF Download Cellular Base Transceiver Station Transmit Chann
9.19E11   9.19E11 9.19E11 PDF Download For the most current package and ordering inform
9.1V   9.1V 9.1V PDF Download WEJ LL34 05+ 750, method 3131. The chosen ∆VBE measureme
9.1V08   9.1V08 9.1V08 PDF Download TOSHIBA SOD323 The sensitivity of the chip is adjusted by changi
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