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SO-8 package with over 1A continuous output current Capable of 2A pulse charging for GSM applications All surface mount solution Only 4 external components required Fixed 200kHz operation Output adjustable down to 1.25V Internally compensated with fast transient response Wide 4V to 30V operating input voltage range Less than 6µA typical shutdown-mode current Up to 90% efficiency Thermal shutdown Overcurrent protection
  A Preferred type is a device which is recommended as a first choice for future use. These devices are preferred by virtue of their performance, price, functionality, or combination of attributes which offer the overall best value to the customer. This category contains both advanced and mature devices which will remain available for the fore- seeable future.
NOTE: *Maximum IF(ON) is the maximum current required to trigger the output. For example, a 1.6mA maximum trigger current would require the LED to be driven at a current greater than 1.6mA to guarantee the device will turn on. A 10% guard band is recom- mended to account for degradation of the LED over its lifetime. The maximum allowable LED drive current is 60mA.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
8.3000MHZ   8.3000MHZ 8.3000MHZ PDF Download KDS SOT 05+ The Am29SL800D is an 8 Mbit, 1.8 V volt-only Fla
8.30E11   8.30E11 8.30E11 PDF Download Maxwell Technologies 54LVTH162245 devices are 16-
8.31E11   8.31E11 8.31E11 PDF Download Basic Measurement Conditions (1) LCD driving vo
8.31E12   8.31E12 8.31E12 PDF Download 2) Digitize the modulated signal at a 1MHz rate,
8.33188E11   8.33188E11 8.33188E11 PDF Download The input signal is measured against a voltage r
8.36E11   8.36E11 8.36E11 PDF Download The XC7300 architecture consists of multiple pro
8.37E12   8.37E12 8.37E12 PDF Download plex and has many nodes charging and discharging
8.38001E12   8.38001E12 8.38001E12 PDF Download This document is a general product description an
8.38002E12   8.38002E12 8.38002E12 PDF Download ³7KLV GRFXPHQW VWDWHV WKH FXUUHQW WHFKQLFDO
8.38003E12   8.38003E12 8.38003E12 PDF Download Notes: a. Room = 25C, Full = as determined by t
8.38004E12   8.38004E12 8.38004E12 PDF Download Maximale Streuung des Widerstandswertes bei der
8.3886MHZ   8.3886MHZ 8.3886MHZ PDF Download Due to technical requirements components may con
8.38E11   8.38E11 8.38E11 PDF Download Single Read Accesses A read access is initiated
8.38E12   8.38E12 8.38E12 PDF Download The references for the four DACs are derived fro
8.000000MHZ   8.000000MHZ 8.000000MHZ PDF Download   In the EDO page mode, read (data out) and
8.00000MHZ   8.00000MHZ 8.00000MHZ PDF Download This specification is intended to guarantee inter
8.0000M   8.0000M 8.0000M PDF Download NO 8. A/D sampling rate and any external power suppl
8.0000MHZ   8.0000MHZ 8.0000MHZ PDF Download Carrier Detect/Mute Indicator/Control. When the
8.000AT49   8.000AT49 8.000AT49 PDF Download 1.1 Greece has waited for long for character 10/
8.000M   8.000M 8.000M PDF Download ensure that modifications, if any, have been corr
8.000MHZ   8.000MHZ 8.000MHZ PDF Download The modem can connect to a host system serially
8.000MHZ(EX026B1C)   8.000MHZ(EX026B1C) 8.000MHZ(EX026B1C) PDF Download INVALID OP-CODE: If an invalid op-code is receive
8.000MHZ(EX029L)   8.000MHZ(EX029L) 8.000MHZ(EX029L) PDF Download drive. The test circuit is illustrated in figure
8.000MHZ-SCO57-503   8.000MHZ-SCO57-503 8.000MHZ-SCO57-503 PDF Download The SDA 9251 is a triple port 868 352 bit dynami
8.00E20   8.00E20 8.00E20 PDF Download   Integral Nonlinearity (INL)2   Offse
8.00E21   8.00E21 8.00E21 PDF Download   4.5.3 Coil selection for safe operating a
8.00MHZ   8.00MHZ 8.00MHZ PDF Download Hynix HYMD264M726A(L)8-J/M/K/H/L series incorpora
8.010116   8.010116 8.010116 PDF Download The 24XX32A supports a bidirectional, 2-wire bus
8.01609E12   8.01609E12 8.01609E12 PDF Download Digital-to-Analog Propagation Delay   to 9
8.02E12   8.02E12 8.02E12 PDF Download No warranty is made with respect to uses, operati
8.02E15   8.02E15 8.02E15 PDF Download Portable and Battery-Powered Equipment PDAs Cel
8.04E12   8.04E12 8.04E12 PDF Download   The K6T1008C2C families are fabricated by
8.04E15   8.04E15 8.04E15 PDF Download Synchronous Rectification for Higher Efficiency
8.064MHZ(SX-7)   8.064MHZ(SX-7) 8.064MHZ(SX-7) PDF Download
8.09E12   8.09E12 8.09E12 PDF Download The AHC126 devices are quadruple bus buffer gat
8.0MHZ   8.0MHZ 8.0MHZ PDF Download The HAL 5xx sensors are monolithic integrated ci
8.0NHA03T   8.0NHA03T 8.0NHA03T PDF Download The ACT16241 are 16-bit buffers or line drivers
8.18E14   8.18E14 8.18E14 PDF Download Collector-Base VoltageVCBO Collector-Emitter Vol
8.192   8.192 8.192 PDF Download AC bandwidth is independent of voltage gain Inh
8.192000MHZ   8.192000MHZ 8.192000MHZ PDF Download Low-power CMOS technology ORG pin to select wo
8.192000MHZATS-49/U   8.192000MHZATS-49/U 8.192000MHZATS-49/U PDF Download The APX9142 is an integrated Hall Effect Sensor I
8.19200MHZ   8.19200MHZ 8.19200MHZ PDF Download Responsible electronic component and equipment
8.1920M   8.1920M 8.1920M PDF Download The 8.1920M microcontroller embeds 136K bytes of
8.1920MHZ   8.1920MHZ 8.1920MHZ PDF Download SGUGCA SOP-6 01+ Family features include an 8-bit memory mapped a
8.19218KH   8.19218KH 8.19218KH PDF Download The FAN1951 offers a logic level enable pin and
8.19220CYH   8.19220CYH 8.19220CYH PDF Download Parameter Bias Offset Voltage(MODP) Bias offset
8.192M   8.192M 8.192M PDF Download EXO DIP 00+ The Current Limit Sense Voltage is measured by c
8.192M2   8.192M2 8.192M2 PDF Download N/A DIP 03+   The PT5810 Excalibur™ series of int
8.192MHZ   8.192MHZ 8.192MHZ PDF Download 晶振 The 8.192MHZ is a precision, continuously self-c
8.192MHZIQVCX0161ABU   8.192MHZIQVCX0161ABU 8.192MHZIQVCX0161ABU PDF Download The Terminal Count (TC) output is HIGH when CET
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