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These pins form a 5´8 keyboard matrix which can perform keyboard input detection and dialing specification setting functions. When on-hook (HKS=high) all the pins are set high. While off-hook the column group (C1~C8) remains low and the row group (R1~R5) is set high for key input detection. An inexpensive single contact 5´8 keyboard can be used as an input device. Pressing a key connects a single column to a sin- gle row, and actuates the system oscillator that results in a di- aling signal output. If more than two keys are pressed at the same time, no response occurs. The key-in debounce time is 20ms. Refer to the keyboard information for keyboard ar- rangement and to the functional description for dialing speci- fication selection.
The CAT7.90E62 is manufactured using Catalysts ad- vanced CMOS floating gate technology. It is designed to endure 100,000 program/erase cycles (E2PROM) and has a data retention of 10 years. The device is available in JEDEC approved 8-pin plastic DIP and SOIC pack- ages.
write, the device has on-chip hardware and software data protection schemes. The device offers typical 100,000 cycles endurance and a greater than 10 years data retention. The 7.90E62 conforms with the JEDEC standard pin outs for x16 memories. The 7.90E62 is offered in package types of 48-ball FBGA, 48-pin TSOP, and known good dice (KGD). For KGD, please contact ELAN Microelectronics or its representatives for detailed
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
7.90E13   7.90E13 7.90E13 PDF Download Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values
7.90E62   7.90E62 7.90E62 PDF Download MOT 99 The HYM72V64656T8 H-series are gold plated socket
7.90E64   7.90E64 7.90E64 PDF Download
7.90E96   7.90E96 7.90E96 PDF Download MOTOROLA 2003 The ICS601-01 is a low cost, low phase noise, hi
7.9872MHZ   7.9872MHZ 7.9872MHZ PDF Download
7.00602E11   7.00602E11 7.00602E11 PDF Download The 74HC/HCT377 have eight edge-triggered, D-typ
7.01E12   7.01E12 7.01E12 PDF Download The Hyundai HYM71V75S1601 H-Series are 16Mx72bits
7.020MHZ   7.020MHZ 7.020MHZ PDF Download Notes: † Stresses beyond those listed unde
7.02E12   7.02E12 7.02E12 PDF Download An internal 6.0 mA current source charges the e
7.03E12   7.03E12 7.03E12 PDF Download Chip Select Input. CS HIGH, deselects the device
7.15909MHZ   7.15909MHZ 7.15909MHZ PDF Download crystal 晶振 晶振 Antenna Driver Stage with Adjustable Antenna Peak
7.15E12   7.15E12 7.15E12 PDF Download The 'LVTH162374 devices are 16-bit edge-triggere
7.15E15   7.15E15 7.15E15 PDF Download Pb−Free Packages are Available AC Line Bro
7.1641125MHZ   7.1641125MHZ 7.1641125MHZ PDF Download Notes: 1. The luminous intensity lV, is measured
7.164112MHZ   7.164112MHZ 7.164112MHZ PDF Download • Integrated Gate Drivers and Bootstrap Dio
7.19E11   7.19E11 7.19E11 PDF Download   CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to e
7.200MHZ   7.200MHZ 7.200MHZ PDF Download Power Management and Signal Level Translators fo
7.200MHZ30PF   7.200MHZ30PF 7.200MHZ30PF PDF Download For suspension cells: Add PMA and/or PHA (if desi
7.21E11   7.21E11 7.21E11 PDF Download The Fairchild Switch FSTU32160A is a 16-bit to 3
7.2MHZHC-49/U   7.2MHZHC-49/U 7.2MHZHC-49/U PDF Download Under and over temperature alert thresholds can PDF Download CPN: Customers Production Number P/N : Product
7.31E11   7.31E11 7.31E11 PDF Download WORLD HEADQUARTERS: 233 Kansas St., El Segundo, C
7.3278MHZ   7.3278MHZ 7.3278MHZ PDF Download • ID Tagging Insertion/Extraction Supports
7.328   7.328 7.328 PDF Download Driving EN low disables the converter. This disa
7.35E11   7.35E11 7.35E11 PDF Download The following specifications apply for V+ = +5V,
7.36E11   7.36E11 7.36E11 PDF Download Operation at 500kHz allows the use of small magne
7.3728   7.3728 7.3728 PDF Download Table 2 shows the maximum number of user I/Os av
7.372800MHZ   7.372800MHZ 7.372800MHZ PDF Download A medium area high sensitivity NPN silicon photo
7.3728M-2050PM12   7.3728M-2050PM12 7.3728M-2050PM12 PDF Download Control signals for the I/O cell registers are g
7.3728MHZ   7.3728MHZ 7.3728MHZ PDF Download COMCLOK 晶振 96+ Hynix HYMD132G725A(L)8-K/H/L series is designed f
7.3728MHZATS   7.3728MHZATS 7.3728MHZATS PDF Download The architecture of the Direct RDRAMs allows the
7.372MHZ   7.372MHZ 7.372MHZ PDF Download The FSK_ADJ and ASK_ADJ resistors can be adjuste
7.403E14   7.403E14 7.403E14 PDF Download Hynix HYMD132645A(L)8-K/H/L series incorporates S
7.41E12   7.41E12 7.41E12 PDF Download • Learn C Learning involves the receiver ca
7.42E11   7.42E11 7.42E11 PDF Download The IR2520D(S) is a complete adaptive ballast co
7.46E11   7.46E11 7.46E11 PDF Download NOTES: 1. All VCC pins must be connected to the
7.57E11   7.57E11 7.57E11 PDF Download
7.57E14   7.57E14 7.57E14 PDF Download Hynix HYMD512G726(L)8M-K/H/L series is Low Profil
7.5H   7.5H 7.5H PDF Download NATIONAL 2008   The marketing status values are defined a
7.5M   7.5M 7.5M PDF Download NATIONAL 2008 As a member of the 51LPC microcontroller family,
7.5V   7.5V 7.5V PDF Download Panasonic 2008 • Linear Charge Management Controllers 
7.5V06   7.5V06 7.5V06 PDF Download ROHM SOD523
7.5V23   7.5V23 7.5V23 PDF Download FAIRCHILD SOT23   The SMB series is designed to protect volt
7.5V89   7.5V89 7.5V89 PDF Download NEC SOT89 Flammability Classification 94V-0 Dual rectifie
7.5X-DZD7.5X-TA   7.5X-DZD7.5X-TA 7.5X-DZD7.5X-TA PDF Download TOSHIBA 23-7.5V The ispGDXVA I/Os are designed to withstand live
7.5Y-DZD7.5Y-TB   7.5Y-DZD7.5Y-TB 7.5Y-DZD7.5Y-TB PDF Download TOSHIBA 03+ The 7.5Y-DZD7.5Y-TB/7.5Y-DZD7.5Y-TB charge a sing
7.68   7.68 7.68 PDF Download KDS The information herein is given to describe certa
7.680000MHZ   7.680000MHZ 7.680000MHZ PDF Download General purpose pin 4 General purpose pin 3 R
7.680MHZ   7.680MHZ 7.680MHZ PDF Download Microchip Technology Incorporated, has been gran
7.680MHZLN-G8-70   7.680MHZLN-G8-70 7.680MHZLN-G8-70 PDF Download Specifically designed for Automotive application
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