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The 605089TWN offers comprehensive filtering for TV, set top box or DVD applications. This part consists of a triple 6th order filter with selectable 30MHz, 15MHz, or 8MHz cutoff frequencies. The filters may also be bypassed so that the bandwidth is limited only by the output amplifiers.
Third Generation HEXFETs from International Rectifier utilize advanced processing techniques to achieve extremely low on-resistance per silicon area. This benefit, combined with the fast switching speed and ruggedized device design that HEXFET Power MOSFETs are well known for, provides the designer with an extremely efficient and reliable device for use in a wide variety of applications. The D2Pak is a surface mount power package capable of accommodating die sizes up to HEX-4. It provides the highest power capability and the lowest possible on- resistance in any existing surface mount package. The D2Pak is suitable for high current applications because of its low internal connection resistance and can dissipate up to 2.0W in a typical surface mount application. The through-hole version (605089TWN) is available for low- profile applications.
The 605089TWN is a high performance, very low power CMO605089TWN 605089TWNtatic Random Access Memory organized as 524,288 words by 16 bits and operates from a range of 2.7V to 3.6V supply voltage. Advanced CMO605089TWN technology and circuit techniques provide both high speed and low power features with a typical CMO605089TWN standby current of 1.5uA at 3V/25oC and maximum access time of 55ns at 3V/85oC. Easy memory expansion is provided by an active LOW chip enable (CE) ,active LOW output enable(OE) and three-state output drivers. The 605089TWN has an automatic power down feature, reducing the power consumption significantly when chip is deselected. The 605089TWN is available in 48B BGA and 44L T605089TWNOP2 packages.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
605/156/10   605/156/10 605/156/10 PDF Download Built-in overvoltage protection prevents the outp
6050.551   6050.551 6050.551 PDF Download The device also includes an output pin ( ux_Cout)
605089TWN   605089TWN 605089TWN PDF Download BGA MILLER ENCODING: If the data state is a 1, there
6050TESTJACK   6050TESTJACK 6050TESTJACK PDF Download The LW025 Single-Output-Series Power Modules are
605102A   605102A 605102A PDF Download FUJI 03+ Power-Good Threshold (Input): Analog reference u
605-10D   605-10D 605-10D PDF Download 91 • Real Time Clock/Calendar   Tracks
60512045138   60512045138 60512045138 PDF Download The MAX3873A is a compact, low-power 2.488Gbps/ 2
605-15D   605-15D 605-15D PDF Download 91 The ADSP-21991 architecture is code compatible w
605162A   605162A 605162A PDF Download MITSUBISHI N/A Data written to the DS1267 over the 3-wire serial
605163A   605163A 605163A PDF Download MITSUBISHI N/A • Linear Regulator   − 3.3 V 2%
60517   60517 60517 PDF Download KURTA QFP-44 6. CPD is defined as the value of the internal e
60517-0386FPI   60517-0386FPI 60517-0386FPI PDF Download 01+ QFP/32 6ns rise and fall time 2 A peak output source/si
60517-1719Y   60517-1719Y 60517-1719Y PDF Download KURTA QFP 07+ * Stresses greater than those listed under "
6051BSM3   6051BSM3 6051BSM3 PDF Download   The 79L00A Series of three terminal negat
605-20W   605-20W 605-20W PDF Download 93 The EP7311 uses its powerful 32-bit RISC process
605-25D-1   605-25D-1 605-25D-1 PDF Download 95 Boundary scan instructions and associated data r
60529-1   60529-1 60529-1 PDF Download MaverickCrunch™ Math Engine • Floati
60529-2   60529-2 60529-2 PDF Download A rising edge on PWM initiates the turn-off of th
60529-51   60529-51 60529-51 PDF Download This information is believed to be accurate and
60529-51A   60529-51A 60529-51A PDF Download TDK PLCC28 03/+04+ The TMS320C62x DSP offers cost-effective
60529-51C   60529-51C 60529-51C PDF Download TDK PLCC28 03/+04+ The TSC80251G2D derivatives are pin and software
60529-51-C   60529-51-C 60529-51-C PDF Download 05+ PLCC The outputs ability to swing rail-to-rail and no
6052I   6052I 6052I PDF Download TI SMD-8 01+ NOTE 1: VI(AIN) is AIN+ − AIN− range
605302A   605302A 605302A PDF Download FUJI 03+ EBEN selects the functionality of Port 5 and Por
6054   6054 6054 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 CAT34WC02Y-1.8-404 • "Slim" and "Flat" typ
60547   60547 60547 PDF Download (2) Appropriate measures, such as fail-safe desig
60553-1   60553-1 60553-1 PDF Download • Four-element contained in one package, all
605565   605565 605565 PDF Download We recommend that the worst case voltage, includ
6055-SM-14FM   6055-SM-14FM 6055-SM-14FM PDF Download Ruotare il selettore su OC . Quando lalimentazi
6055-SM-16FM   6055-SM-16FM 6055-SM-16FM PDF Download The Virtex-E FPGA family delivers high-performan
6055-SM-FM10   6055-SM-FM10 6055-SM-FM10 PDF Download Atmel can accept Register Transfer level (RTL) d
6056-SM-2214(1.27MM   6056-SM-2214(1.27MM 6056-SM-2214(1.27MM PDF Download Bidirectional 8-bit input/output port. Software i
6056-SM-2216   6056-SM-2216 6056-SM-2216 PDF Download manage the transfer of data between the DQA/DQB
6056-SM-M2912   6056-SM-M2912 6056-SM-M2912 PDF Download   The system control co-processor in the MI
6056-SM-M3110   6056-SM-M3110 6056-SM-M3110 PDF Download After the Master sends a START condition and the
6057   6057 6057 PDF Download Keystone Electronics 集成电路 CAT34WC02Y-3A Conditions IO33 Pad Library Provides Interface t
60573-2   60573-2 60573-2 PDF Download The D 2Pak is a surface mount power package capa
60583   60583 60583 PDF Download Tracing the path from VH to Z illustrates the ef
60598-4   60598-4 60598-4 PDF Download The PI90LV047A/PI90LVB047A are quad flow-through
60599-1   60599-1 60599-1 PDF Download Tyco Electronics HY57V281620B(L)T is offering fully synchronous op
605-A   605-A 605-A PDF Download Quad automotive peripheral driver 600 mA output
605C   605C 605C PDF Download INTERSIL QFN8   The IDT70V3579 is a high-speed 32K x 36 b
605CMMCR   605CMMCR 605CMMCR PDF Download
605D5H   605D5H 605D5H PDF Download N/A The CD4009UB and CD4010B types are supplied in 1
605I   605I 605I PDF Download INTERSIL LCC超微 Maximum switching frequency for control input (V
605R   605R 605R PDF Download Due to the large number of high current drivers
605SD30-6M   605SD30-6M 605SD30-6M PDF Download • CATV Systems Operating in the 47 to 870 M
6.000000MHZ   6.000000MHZ 6.000000MHZ PDF Download   There are two limitations on the power ha
6.00000MHZ   6.00000MHZ 6.00000MHZ PDF Download ADV/LD is a synchronous input that is used to loa
6.0000MHZ   6.0000MHZ 6.0000MHZ PDF Download Unless noted otherwise, all parameters use a GRP
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