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An electrical circuit model is shown in Figure 1-4. The coupling capacitance between X and Y electrodes is represented by Cx. While the reset switch is open, a sampling switch is gated so that it transfers charge flows only from the rising edge of X into the sample capacitor Cs. Cs is a large value capacitor, typically in the range of 1 - 50nF. The voltage rise captured on Cs after each X edge is quite small, on the order of a millivolt, while changes due to touch are on typically the order of 10's of microvolts. The X pulse can be repeated in a burst consisting of up to several hundred pulses to build up the voltage (and the change in voltage due to touch) to a larger value. Longer bursts increase system gain by collecting more charge; gain can thus be digitally manipulated to achieve the required sensitivity on a key-by-key basis during scanning.
Active low input to stop diff outputs. 3.3V input for selecting PLL Band Width 0 = High, 1= Low Power supply, nominal 3.3V 0.7V differential complement clock outputs 0.7V differential true clock outputs Active high input for enabling outputs. 0 = tri-state outputs, 1= enable outputs 0.7V differential complement clock outputs 0.7V differential true clock outputs Power supply, nominal 3.3V Ground pin. This pin establishes the reference current for the differential current- mode output pairs. This pin requires a fixed precision resistor tied to ground in order to establish the appropriate current. 475 ohms is the standard value. Ground pin for the PLL core. 3.3V power for the PLL core.
The VTV 075 is a COMMON EMITTER transistor capable of providing 7.5 Watts Peak Sync, Class A, RF Output Power over the band 175 - 225 MHz. It is designed for high efficiency, high linereity, Class A operation. Gold Metalization and Diffused Ballasting are used to provide high reliability and supreme ruggedness.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
6.CV1000AX   6.CV1000AX 6.CV1000AX PDF Download But, 5 V VCC provides the highest read performa
6.000000MHZ   6.000000MHZ 6.000000MHZ PDF Download   There are two limitations on the power ha
6.00000MHZ   6.00000MHZ 6.00000MHZ PDF Download ADV/LD is a synchronous input that is used to loa
6.0000MHZ   6.0000MHZ 6.0000MHZ PDF Download Unless noted otherwise, all parameters use a GRP
6.000AVN   6.000AVN 6.000AVN PDF Download Ioff Supports Partial-Power-Down Mode Operation
6.000M   6.000M 6.000M PDF Download Notes: 1. Stresses above those listed under Abs
6.000MHZ   6.000MHZ 6.000MHZ PDF Download KDS QFN 2004 These Hitachi MultiMediaCards support a second i
6.000MHZATS-49/U   6.000MHZATS-49/U 6.000MHZATS-49/U PDF Download ‡ This is the inverse of the junction-to-a
6.00E12   6.00E12 6.00E12 PDF Download The leadless chip carrier (LCC) package represen
6.00MHZ   6.00MHZ 6.00MHZ PDF Download This family is a 16M bit dynamic RAM organized 2,
6.01E11   6.01E11 6.01E11 PDF Download These DACs utilize a double-buffered, 3-wire ser
6.01E12   6.01E12 6.01E12 PDF Download
6.02427E14   6.02427E14 6.02427E14 PDF Download ADS: Adaptive Delay Set. This function sets the r
6.02E11   6.02E11 6.02E11 PDF Download The ATA controller inside ADM uses DMA allowing
6.02E15   6.02E15 6.02E15 PDF Download   Additional tests under harsh chemical cond
6.07E12   6.07E12 6.07E12 PDF Download Atmels Configurator Programming Software (CPS),
6.08017E14   6.08017E14 6.08017E14 PDF Download Internal signal monitor terminal Power supply te
6.08E12   6.08E12 6.08E12 PDF Download Leakage Current: Capacitors shall be stabilized a
6.08E14   6.08E14 6.08E14 PDF Download The 56F802 is a member of the 56800 core-based f
6.08E161   6.08E161 6.08E161 PDF Download Manage IT Suite Migration   Increase effic
6.09641E15   6.09641E15 6.09641E15 PDF Download In case the HT9142 is battery powered, when the p
6.09E07   6.09E07 6.09E07 PDF Download These devices operate from a single supply of +2V
6.0MHZ   6.0MHZ 6.0MHZ PDF Download muRata 07+ This family of four-, eight-, or sixteen-, diffe
6.10E11   6.10E11 6.10E11 PDF Download All 5 V tolerant with high sink current Hardware
6.10E12   6.10E12 6.10E12 PDF Download
6.11E06   6.11E06 6.11E06 PDF Download The Preliminary designation indicates that the p
6.11E11   6.11E11 6.11E11 PDF Download samples the FS_A, FS_B and FS_C input values. For
6.13E12   6.13E12 6.13E12 PDF Download The MAX5878 is an advanced 16-bit, 250Msps, dual
6.1440B2PH   6.1440B2PH 6.1440B2PH PDF Download Up to this point the discussion of power consump
6.1440C   6.1440C 6.1440C PDF Download EPSON N/A 08+ *1 Recommendable value : 1.3 to 1.7 Nm (M4) *2 A
6.1440MHZOSC   6.1440MHZOSC 6.1440MHZOSC PDF Download A High on either enable input forces the output
6.144MHZ   6.144MHZ 6.144MHZ PDF Download During sleep mode the device is still supplied f
6.144MHZZ55-A61   6.144MHZZ55-A61 6.144MHZZ55-A61 PDF Download • Input voltage range: 2.5V to 16V •
6.14E12   6.14E12 6.14E12 PDF Download NOTES: (1) All devices receive a 1s test. Failur
6.15E12   6.15E12 6.15E12 PDF Download Filtering   Motorola accelerometers contain
6.160449.1   6.160449.1 6.160449.1 PDF Download FEATURES Wideband Switch: C3 dB @ 4.5 GHz Abso
6.16E11   6.16E11 6.16E11 PDF Download This device consists of two independent, high-ga
6.176000MHZ   6.176000MHZ 6.176000MHZ PDF Download Fibre Channel protocol modules (FPMs); integrate
6.176MHZ   6.176MHZ 6.176MHZ PDF Download Description The 18:88 and 88:88 0.56" Four
6.1BD/28LD   6.1BD/28LD 6.1BD/28LD PDF Download AMKOR TSSOP 07+ Notes:  1. VIL (min.) = C2.0V for pulse du
6.20023E12   6.20023E12 6.20023E12 PDF Download DESCRIPTION The M74HC166 is an high speed CMOS
6.20027E12   6.20027E12 6.20027E12 PDF Download
6.20051E12   6.20051E12 6.20051E12 PDF Download KYOCERA ELCO APPLICATIONS Central Office Switching C48 V Dis
6.20852E12   6.20852E12 6.20852E12 PDF Download The Hynix 256Mb DDR SDRAMs offer fully synchronou
6.20E11   6.20E11 6.20E11 PDF Download Clamp Voltage C The voltage at which the 6.20E11
6.20E12   6.20E12 6.20E12 PDF Download   Test Condition Vss < VIN < Vcc Vs
6.21E12   6.21E12 6.21E12 PDF Download    The RC4700 processor family brings a
6.22E06   6.22E06 6.22E06 PDF Download The HD75173 is a quadruple differential line rec
6.22E11   6.22E11 6.22E11 PDF Download The recommended input capacitance is determined
6.23E11   6.23E11 6.23E11 PDF Download Falling or rising edge as determined by the cont
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