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Upon power up, the chipset link can be initialized via a synchronization mode with internally generated SYNC patterns, or the deserializer can be allowed to synchronize to random data. By using the synchronization mode, the deserializer establishes lock within specified, shorter time parameters.
The ISL424XE are 3 driver, 5 receiver devices that, coupled with the 5x5 QFN package, provide the industrys smallest, lowest power complete serial port suitable for PDAs, and laptop or notebook computers. The 5x5 QFN requires 60% less board area than a 28 lead TSSOP, and is nearly 20% thinner. The devices also include a noninverting always- active receiver for wake-up capability.
Note 4: The absolute maximum junction temperature (TJmax) for this device is 150˚C. The maximum allowable power dissipation is dictated by TJmax, the junction-to-ambient thermal resistance (JA), and the ambient temperature (TA), and can be calculated using the formula PDMAX = (TJmax − TA)/JA. In the 16-pin TSSOP, JA is 96˚C/W, so PDMAX = 1,200 mW at 25˚C and 625 mW at the maximum operating ambient temperature of 105˚C. Note that the power consumption of this device under normal operation is a maximum of 12 mW. The values for maximum power dissipation listed above will be reached only when the ADC108S102 is operated in a severe fault condition (e.g. when input or output pins are driven beyond the power supply voltages, or the power supply polarity is reversed). Obviously, such conditions should always be avoided.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
5.101E11   5.101E11 5.101E11 PDF Download The LTC2439-1 accepts any external differential r
5.1024E12   5.1024E12 5.1024E12 PDF Download VID0-4 are the input pins to the 5-bit DAC. The s
5.10283E11   5.10283E11 5.10283E11 PDF Download Analog signals at the input (Vx) are firstly band
5.10E04   5.10E04 5.10E04 PDF Download Infineon TSSOP16 The IS41C4405x and IS41LV4405x are CMOS DRAMs o
5.10E11   5.10E11 5.10E11 PDF Download This product is intended for clock generation. I
5.10E12   5.10E12 5.10E12 PDF Download Lead Temperature (soldering, 10s)+300C (1) Stre
5.1125E11   5.1125E11 5.1125E11 PDF Download • Ultra Low On-Resistance   - rDS(ON
5.11E11   5.11E11 5.11E11 PDF Download *Notice: Stresses above those listed under Maximu
5.11E14   5.11E14 5.11E14 PDF Download The Standard Space Vector Modulation C 3 outputs
5.11E15   5.11E15 5.11E15 PDF Download The write disable (WDS) instruction disables all
5.11E31   5.11E31 5.11E31 PDF Download   The RC4700 incorporates all system contro
5.11E89   5.11E89 5.11E89 PDF Download TI BGA1212 99+ DESCRIPTION The M48Z35/Y ZEROPOWER® RAM is
5.11E99   5.11E99 5.11E99 PDF Download Enable pin for the Boot ROM or an external regist
5.120000MHZ   5.120000MHZ 5.120000MHZ PDF Download ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Operating conditions
5.1200MHZ   5.1200MHZ 5.1200MHZ PDF Download ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive device.
5.120AL8J   5.120AL8J 5.120AL8J PDF Download Short Circuit Applied to Output When a heavy loa
5.120AL9J   5.120AL9J 5.120AL9J PDF Download VIN and IIN refer to control inputs. VI, VO, II,
5.120MHZ   5.120MHZ 5.120MHZ PDF Download Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Small SOT-23 Packa
5.12E15   5.12E15 5.12E15 PDF Download In 1969, the first triple operational tran
5.14243E11   5.14243E11 5.14243E11 PDF Download The MAX2601/MAX2602 are high-performance silicon
5.14439E11   5.14439E11 5.14439E11 PDF Download (*) CPD is defined as the value of the ICs inter
5.16E14   5.16E14 5.16E14 PDF Download The select-control (SAB and SBA) inputs can mult
5.17E11   5.17E11 5.17E11 PDF Download The CDS mode of operation supports both line and
5.17E14   5.17E14 5.17E14 PDF Download The KBE00F005A is a Multi Chip Package Memory whi
5.18072E12   5.18072E12 5.18072E12 PDF Download In the radio section of the handset, the TD-SCDMA
5.18E15   5.18E15 5.18E15 PDF Download If the BYTE pin is set at logic 0, the device is
5.1H   5.1H 5.1H PDF Download NATIONAL 2008 Circuit Description This integrated circuit per
5.1L   5.1L 5.1L PDF Download NATIONAL 2008 As a member of the SWIF5.1L™ family of dc/
5.1M   5.1M 5.1M PDF Download Panasonic 2008 The ISP1521 has seven downstream facing ports. I
5.1OHM5WATTS   5.1OHM5WATTS 5.1OHM5WATTS PDF Download Sampling of the analog input starts on the falli
5.1V   5.1V 5.1V PDF Download Panasonic 2008 Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage Breakdown Voltage
5.1V08   5.1V08 5.1V08 PDF Download PANASONIC SOD323   The QS532805 clock buffer/driver circuits
5.1V143   5.1V143 5.1V143 PDF Download PANASONIC SOT143 the oscillator circuit. The actual amount that c
5.1V23   5.1V23 5.1V23 PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT23 In the SVHS mode, Pin 15 on the auxiliary SCART
5.1V34   5.1V34 5.1V34 PDF Download HITACHI This information is believed to be accurate and
5.1V89   5.1V89 5.1V89 PDF Download PHILIPS SOT89 These lamps are made with an advanced optical gr
5.1X-DZD5.1X-TA   5.1X-DZD5.1X-TA 5.1X-DZD5.1X-TA PDF Download TOSHIBA SOT23-3 VOUT (Pin 6): 5.1X-DZD5.1X-TA Output. Bypass this
5.1Y-DZD5.1Y-TA   5.1Y-DZD5.1Y-TA 5.1Y-DZD5.1Y-TA PDF Download TOSHIBA 23-5.1V 05+ Right to make changes  Philips Semiconduc
5.000000MHZIQXO350CF   5.000000MHZIQXO350CF 5.000000MHZIQXO350CF PDF Download The HS-800/810 Series of quartz crystal oscillat
5.00000MHZ   5.00000MHZ 5.00000MHZ PDF Download Asynchronous active low input pin used to power
5.000M   5.000M 5.000M PDF Download • High speed   tAA = 10ns • L
5.000MHZ   5.000MHZ 5.000MHZ PDF Download 晶振 The LMV321/358/324 are the most cost effective s
5.000MHZ5V   5.000MHZ5V 5.000MHZ5V PDF Download The HYM75V32M636(L)T6 Series are 32Mx64bits Synch
5.00E100   5.00E100 5.00E100 PDF Download Once the limiting parameters in these two relati
5.00E12   5.00E12 5.00E12 PDF Download FSC TSSOP8 02+ The HT6116-70 is a 16384-bit static random acces
5.00E19   5.00E19 5.00E19 PDF Download A LOW signal on the asynchronous master reset in
5.00MHZ   5.00MHZ 5.00MHZ PDF Download Address Inputs Byte Enable Data In / Out Dat
5.01184E12   5.01184E12 5.01184E12 PDF Download RS is the parasitic series resis- tance of the d
5.01225E12   5.01225E12 5.01225E12 PDF Download The VIN to VOUT start-up time is the interval bet
5.01233E12   5.01233E12 5.01233E12 PDF Download The SY58620L is a low jitter, high-speed transcei
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