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NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max., use the appropriate values specified under DC Electrical Characteristics. 2. Per TTL-driven input (VIN = 3.4V, control inputs only). A, B, and AB pins do not contribute to ∆Icc. 3. This current applies to the control inputs only and represents the current required to switch internal capacitance at the specified frequency. The A, B, and AB inputs generate   no significant AC or DC currents as they transition. This parameter is guaranteed but not production tested.
 Delay time, power up after PWD/RST is hightd1325ms11 (1) All input signals are specified with tr = tf = 5 ns (10% to 90% of +VBD) and timed from a voltage level of (VIL + VIH)/2. (2) See timing diagram. (3) Quiet period before conversion start, no data bus activity including data bus 3-state is allowed in this period. (4) All timings are measured with 20 pF equivalent loads with 5 V +VBD and 10-pF equivalent loads with 3 V +VBD on all data bits and BUSY pin.
LED Driver With Integrated Overvoltage and Short-Circuit Protection 2.7-V to 6.0-V Input Voltage Range 500-mV/250-mV Feedback Voltage 4046 Powers Up to 3 LEDs 4046 Powers Up to 4 LEDs 4046 Powers Up to 5 LEDs PWM Brightness Control on Enable Digital Brightness Control on ILED 1.0-MHz Fixed Switching Frequency 400-mA Internal Power MOSFET Switch LEDs Disconnected During Shutdown Operates With Small-Output Capacitors Down to 220 nF
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
4040   4040 4040 PDF Download B&K Precision 集成电路 ATMEGA8515-16PU The four Ports (IR, COM, AUX, and General Purpos
4040184-901   4040184-901 4040184-901 PDF Download SPERRY PDIP The ACT16470 are 16-bit registered transceivers
4040-25G-SB2   4040-25G-SB2 4040-25G-SB2 PDF Download Power Tech. 02+ Vcc = 2.3V~2.7V, TA= 0C to 70C/ -40C to 85C, unle
404026   404026 404026 PDF Download Note: 1. Enhancement mode technology employs a
4040471   4040471 4040471 PDF Download Interior and exterior lighting Outdoor LED pan
404-0683-10REV.2.01   404-0683-10REV.2.01 404-0683-10REV.2.01 PDF Download  FEATURES High performance and low-cost sol
40407   40407 40407 PDF Download rca n/a The attached data sheets are provided by SAMSUNG
40408   40408 40408 PDF Download DSI n/a Segment resistors are desirable to minimize powe
40409   40409 40409 PDF Download HAR N/A ¡The circuit application examples in this
4040A   4040A 4040A PDF Download B&K Precision SOP8 N/A NOTE: EP circuits are designed to meet the DC sp
4040AIM   4040AIM 4040AIM PDF Download NSC SOP- 8   Please be aware that an important notice
4040AIM2.5   4040AIM2.5 4040AIM2.5 PDF Download  The Hynix HYM71V8M655B(L)T6 Series are Dua
4040B   4040B 4040B PDF Download TOS SOP16S 2007+ 4. VBR measured at pulse test current IT at an a
4040B5K   4040B5K 4040B5K PDF Download Software Architecture Overview: I Embedded Secur
4040BCM   4040BCM 4040BCM PDF Download The MAX6950 and MAX6951 were intended to drive si
4040BCP   4040BCP 4040BCP PDF Download SRAM-Based In-System Configuration - Fast Selec
4040BD   4040BD 4040BD PDF Download 36 macrocells with 800 usable gates Available in
4040BDC   4040BDC 4040BDC PDF Download FC CDIP16 This series of optically coupled isolators consi
4040BDCQR   4040BDCQR 4040BDCQR PDF Download N/A N/A N/A DESCRIPTION Using the latest high voltage techn
4040BDM   4040BDM 4040BDM PDF Download FC CDIP16 The 4040BDM/4040BDM step-down DC-DC converters d
4040BDQR   4040BDQR 4040BDQR PDF Download DESCRIPTION The STV5346 decoder is a computer-c
4040BE   4040BE 4040BE PDF Download TI 07+ DESCRIPTION The SMP80MC is a series of micro ca
4040BF   4040BF 4040BF PDF Download 98   The NCP1501 is a dual mode regulator that
4040BF3A   4040BF3A 4040BF3A PDF Download The disk drive adapter functions of W83877TF incl
4040BFRB   4040BFRB 4040BFRB PDF Download Upon receiving a READ command and an address (c
4040BFRBD   4040BFRBD 4040BFRBD PDF Download Each XC5200 CLB contains four independent 4-inpu
4040BK   4040BK 4040BK PDF Download The MAX5236/MAX5237 precision, dual, voltage-out-
4040BM   4040BM 4040BM PDF Download The collision detection threshold can be shifted
4040BPC   4040BPC 4040BPC PDF Download • Adjustable Output Down To 1.2V • Fi
4040BT   4040BT 4040BT PDF Download 06+ The HSDL-3600 comes in three package options;
4040C/IM2.5//IM5.0   4040C/IM2.5//IM5.0 4040C/IM2.5//IM5.0 PDF Download NS SOP8 07+ VCXOs are usually used as a narrowband local fr
4040CD4040BCM   4040CD4040BCM 4040CD4040BCM PDF Download FC01 07+ The ICSI IC61S6432 is a high-speed, low-power syn
4040CIM5.0   4040CIM5.0 4040CIM5.0 PDF Download LM 1250 In the design of such detector circuits, the sta
4040D   4040D 4040D PDF Download LM SOP-8   and Class C (Exceeding 400 V) per Machine
4040DIM-10   4040DIM-10 4040DIM-10 PDF Download
4040DIM2.5   4040DIM2.5 4040DIM2.5 PDF Download 92+ SOP VIN (Pin 4): Input Power Supply. This pin supplie
4040DIM-4   4040DIM-4 4040DIM-4 PDF Download  tsk(pp)Part-to-part skew3ns ‡ Output
4040DIM5.0   4040DIM5.0 4040DIM5.0 PDF Download 92+ SOP Output Driver A Connects to dedicated GND for Ao
4040DIM-8.2   4040DIM-8.2 4040DIM-8.2 PDF Download • Industry Standard Size • Industr
4040FP   4040FP 4040FP PDF Download HIT SOP5.2mm 2006 This family is a 2M bit dynamic RAM organized 131
4040LVY8Q0   4040LVY8Q0 4040LVY8Q0 PDF Download INTER BGA 03  Single 5 V 10% Power Supply   Fully
4040LVYB00   4040LVYB00 4040LVYB00 PDF Download INF BGA 03 The M54/74HCT245, HCT640 and HCT643 utilise sil
4040LVYBQO   4040LVYBQO 4040LVYBQO PDF Download This encapsulated power module can be used in a
4040S   4040S 4040S PDF Download SOT 03+ The RTC Registers are double-buffered into an in
4040S25   4040S25 4040S25 PDF Download DESCRIPTION The STV5346 decoder is a computer-c
4041   4041 4041 PDF Download IC 集成电路 ATMEGA8515-16PU The RF front end of the receiver is a heterodyne
40410   40410 40410 PDF Download rca n/a
40411   40411 40411 PDF Download DSI n/a   The 40411 is a single chip IC for PHS rec
404141   404141 404141 PDF Download • as a function of the output voltage. Ful
4041BD   4041BD 4041BD PDF Download
4041BE   4041BE 4041BE PDF Download VI qualification includes aging at various extrem
4041BT   4041BT 4041BT PDF Download   Proper operation requires the use of two
4041C   4041C 4041C PDF Download TI SMD 02+ The function of the Data Output register can be
4041DIP   4041DIP 4041DIP PDF Download The KS8721BL/SL automatically configures itself
4041I   4041I 4041I PDF Download TI The UCC3808 dual output drive stages are arrange
4041LA   4041LA 4041LA PDF Download SMD A/D Conversion Sequence If a Start command is wr
4041S12   4041S12 4041S12 PDF Download SIPEX SOP- 8 This is a dual function pin. In the IDT Standard
4041UBE   4041UBE 4041UBE PDF Download The HYB39S512400/800/160AT(L) are four bank Sync
4041UBF   4041UBF 4041UBF PDF Download EN (Pin 2): Enable. Connect this pin to ground to
4042   4042 4042 PDF Download IC 集成电路 ATMEGA8515-16PU The 4042 is a single-chip audio digital signal p
404222C57S   404222C57S 404222C57S PDF Download HIT DIP Lead Temperature (soldering, 10s)+260C (1) Stre
404222D04SI   404222D04SI 404222D04SI PDF Download HITACHI 04+   The PT3660 Excalibur™ Series is a 3
404222D99SI   404222D99SI 404222D99SI PDF Download • Silicon epitaxial planar capacitance dio
40429   40429 40429 PDF Download The 128-bit instruction line, which can contain
4042-APDV   4042-APDV 4042-APDV PDF Download External Capacitors: The PT7615 require a minimum
4042B   4042B 4042B PDF Download Line preamplifier input Line receiver signals ar
4042BCP   4042BCP 4042BCP PDF Download  The Hyundai HYM72V32656T8 Series are Dual
4042BD   4042BD 4042BD PDF Download
4042BDB   4042BDB 4042BDB PDF Download Low-Power Dissipation Increases ADSL Line Card D
4042BDC   4042BDC 4042BDC PDF Download F 81+ DIP16陶瓷  Received Data Output, push-pull CMOS driver
4042BDM   4042BDM 4042BDM PDF Download EXAR 军品DIP This access is initiated when both of the followi
4042BE   4042BE 4042BE PDF Download HAR O7+ 7.4.4 NAT: RFC1631, 2663 The Network Address Tr
4042BF   4042BF 4042BF PDF Download TOSHIBA SOP16 The device adds new features to the industry sta
4042BG   4042BG 4042BG PDF Download The ADCMP565 is an ultrafast voltage comparator
4042BK   4042BK 4042BK PDF Download • Pin- and function-compatible with CY7C102
4042BT   4042BT 4042BT PDF Download True Dual-Ported memory cells which allow simult
4042D   4042D 4042D PDF Download MOT 93+ SMD  TAOperating free-air temperatureC55125C4085
4042SRGINS/S1   4042SRGINS/S1 4042SRGINS/S1 PDF Download The WCFS0808V1E is a high-performance 3.3V CMOS S
4042SRGISS/S1   4042SRGISS/S1 4042SRGISS/S1 PDF Download The SN74CB3T3245 is a high-speed TTL-compatible
4043   4043 4043 PDF Download Pomona Electronics 集成电路 ATMEGA8515L-8AI 1 A critical component is a component used in a l
404342FT   404342FT 404342FT PDF Download HITACHI SOP30 Addresses are generated for the burst access as s
404344FT   404344FT 404344FT PDF Download HIT SOP30W 2007+ Input for Primary Voltage Monitoring. In the norm
4043BCMX   4043BCMX 4043BCMX PDF Download • Up to 6-A Output Current • 5-V Inp
4043BCN   4043BCN 4043BCN PDF Download Short Ferrite Bead Long Ferrite Bead 47 pF Ch
4043BD   4043BD 4043BD PDF Download Programmable options include the length of pipeli
4043BE   4043BE 4043BE PDF Download • IF system switch   38.9 MHz is sele
4043BF3A   4043BF3A 4043BF3A PDF Download The operation mode of the M5M51008C series are d
4043BP   4043BP 4043BP PDF Download The CM3002 family of regulators is fully protect
4043BT   4043BT 4043BT PDF Download SOP16S 2007+ The modulation format is chosen by the state of t
4044   4044 4044 PDF Download Pomona Electronics 集成电路 ATMEGA8515L-8AU Each of these Schottky-clamped data selectors mu
4044/BCAJC   4044/BCAJC 4044/BCAJC PDF Download MOT DIP 00+ Timekeeping supply voltage ranging from 1.45 to 5
4044/BQAJC   4044/BQAJC 4044/BQAJC PDF Download MOT DIP For example, to reset bit 3 of port C, bit 7 is
4044-002   4044-002 4044-002 PDF Download RESET A logic input used to enable the device,
40440R   40440R 40440R PDF Download IC ground Enable/disable Control input (duty cy
40443   40443 40443 PDF Download PC133 / PC100 support 1.125 (28.56mm) PCB Height
404477   404477 404477 PDF Download Magnetic offset caused by mechanical stress is c
404487   404487 404487 PDF Download Selectable error correction coding allows storag
404490-001   404490-001 404490-001 PDF Download SIS PLCC 03+/04+
404490-002   404490-002 404490-002 PDF Download 96 Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25C, Vss = 0V) &#
404495-001   404495-001 404495-001 PDF Download 00+ First-In/First-Out dual-port memory 256 x 9 org
4044B   4044B 4044B PDF Download 98 Features • High sensitivity and low dark c
4044BAL   4044BAL 4044BAL PDF Download Buffer addressing is referenced in the datasheet
4044BCN   4044BCN 4044BCN PDF Download First stage output bias. This pin is sensitive t
4044BCP   4044BCP 4044BCP PDF Download The ARM7TDMI core supports two alternative instr
4044BD   4044BD 4044BD PDF Download The 4044BD continuously monitors the host suppli
4044BDC   4044BDC 4044BDC PDF Download F * Antiparallel diode for high frequency   s
4044BDR2   4044BDR2 4044BDR2 PDF Download DESCRIPTION The SuperMESH™ series is obta
4044BDW   4044BDW 4044BDW PDF Download The AT8xC5112 has 3 software-selectable modes of
4044BE   4044BE 4044BE PDF Download *Very low external component required. *High cu
4044BF   4044BF 4044BF PDF Download TOS SOP16M 2007+ Downstream from these two AND gates are an Exclu
4044BM   4044BM 4044BM PDF Download • CATV Systems Operating in the 40 to 870 M
4044BP   4044BP 4044BP PDF Download Power Thyristor Module AK25GB series are designe
4044BPC   4044BPC 4044BPC PDF Download F  Home Appliances : Washing Machines, Vacuum
4044CD4044BCN   4044CD4044BCN 4044CD4044BCN PDF Download FC0024 07+ This line of Schottky diodes is optimized for us
4044D   4044D 4044D PDF Download SMD-14 04 05 2. Canales codificados (es necesario el uso del
4044L   4044L 4044L PDF Download
4044LPULLS   4044LPULLS 4044LPULLS PDF Download mot mot dc85+ LOOPBACK Mode Control. TTL/CMOS control input. LO
4045   4045 4045 PDF Download B&K Precision 集成电路 ATMEGA8515L-8AU This document is a general product description an
404512   404512 404512 PDF Download   functional operation of the device at the
40455   40455 40455 PDF Download Capacitor Table Table 2-1 identifies the charac
404555   404555 404555 PDF Download TI 06+ 500 The ISO120 and ISO121 are precision isolation am
404555.   404555. 404555. PDF Download The HY51V(S)16160HG/HGL is the new generation dyn
4045BE   4045BE 4045BE PDF Download • Operating and Storage temperature: -65&o
4046   4046 4046 PDF Download IC 集成电路 ATMEGA8515L-8JI The output voltage of an adjustable voltage refer
40467A   40467A 40467A PDF Download HAR / RCA CAN3 01+ For best results, the PA circuit layout from the
404688   404688 404688 PDF Download   Enhanced Mode   Standard Mode: &nbs
404688A19FA   404688A19FA 404688A19FA PDF Download HITACHI QFP 1996 Recommended operating conditions unless otherwise
40468A   40468A 40468A PDF Download When LE is LOW the latches store the information
4046A   4046A 4046A PDF Download HARess SOP16S 2007+ to minimize the number of control pins, 3-level
4046B   4046B 4046B PDF Download I²C uses a two-wire serial interface, compr
4046BCM   4046BCM 4046BCM PDF Download Samsung Electronics' microcontroller business ha
4046BCMX   4046BCMX 4046BCMX PDF Download The 4046BCMX is a multi-chip PLL receiver device
4046BCN   4046BCN 4046BCN PDF Download The ADV7314 has separate 8-/10-/16-/20-bit input
4046BCP   4046BCP 4046BCP PDF Download The Spartan™ and the Spartan-XL families a
4046BDR-LF   4046BDR-LF 4046BDR-LF PDF Download The voltage regulator uses a p-channel MOS trans
4046BDWR2   4046BDWR2 4046BDWR2 PDF Download These enhancement-mode (normally-off) transistor
4046BE   4046BE 4046BE PDF Download † Notice: Stresses above those listed under
4046BF   4046BF 4046BF PDF Download sFEATURES  qOperating Voltage4.7 to 13V &
4046BF3A   4046BF3A 4046BF3A PDF Download I Figure 1 shows a typical battery pack application
4046BFX   4046BFX 4046BFX PDF Download Note 6: All limits are guaranteed. All electrical
4046BP   4046BP 4046BP PDF Download Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maxim
4046BS   4046BS 4046BS PDF Download MITSUBIS A sophisticated interrupt structure recognizes up
4046BT   4046BT 4046BT PDF Download PH 2008+ Note 2: For TJ 100˚C, the Emitter pin volta
4046HCF4046   4046HCF4046 4046HCF4046 PDF Download In encoding mode, audio data is input via the in
4047   4047 4047 PDF Download FSC 0218+ The PPG312F relies on a stable power supply to p
404719A   404719A 404719A PDF Download QFP80 2007+ ments are used to graphically indi- c a te av a
404728A19(25995W01)   404728A19(25995W01) 404728A19(25995W01) PDF Download Applications • Data communication  
4047AF   4047AF 4047AF PDF Download • Applies corrections and additional infor
4047BCN   4047BCN 4047BCN PDF Download NOTES:1. Complete part number includes a suffix
4047BD   4047BD 4047BD PDF Download philips philips dc95 •Built-in digital delay , mixing amplifier
4047BDC   4047BDC 4047BDC PDF Download FSC CDIP14 Loop compensation pin. The VC pin is the output
4047BDM   4047BDM 4047BDM PDF Download F 83+ DIP14陶瓷 The main screen for the NIST TCP Time Client is s
4047BDR-LF   4047BDR-LF 4047BDR-LF PDF Download This device provides the necessary clocks for a
4047BE   4047BE 4047BE PDF Download TI 07+ Although not required for standard floppy operati
4047BF3A   4047BF3A 4047BF3A PDF Download HAR when the CLOCK INHIBIT signal is high. A high R
4047BK   4047BK 4047BK PDF Download C1=12pf, ATC "B" (100MIL) C2=6.2pf, AT
4048   4048 4048 PDF Download IC 集成电路 ATMEGA8515L-8PI Note 4: The maximum power dissipation must be der
404805-002-99   404805-002-99 404805-002-99 PDF Download Syncmos PLCC44 03/+04+ PGND - This pin provides a dedicated ground for t
404805-002-99(NP0111)   404805-002-99(NP0111) 404805-002-99(NP0111) PDF Download Referenced to VCCA Voltage VCC Isolation Feature
404829RF89TF8E4   404829RF89TF8E4 404829RF89TF8E4 PDF Download The 74HC/HCT03 have open-drain N-transistor outp
40485569   40485569 40485569 PDF Download Notes: 1. Measured by the voltage drop between
404884   404884 404884 PDF Download The SSM2120 is a monolithic integrated circuit d
404-899   404-899 404-899 PDF Download Output voltage set internally to 1.5% on SG7800A
4048BE   4048BE 4048BE PDF Download   The RC32355 incorporates a flexible memor
4049   4049 4049 PDF Download IC 集成电路 ATMEGA8515L-8PU Designed for overvoltage protection in crowbar c
404935FT   404935FT 404935FT PDF Download HIT For optimum thermal performance in a natural conv
404-979   404-979 404-979 PDF Download 3.0 Device Specifications 3.1 DC Electrical Sp
4049AK3   4049AK3 4049AK3 PDF Download   Matched rise and fall times   Fully
4049B   4049B 4049B PDF Download 06+ ADSC write accesses are initiated when the follow
4049BDC   4049BDC 4049BDC PDF Download The differential reference input features No-Ref
4049BD-LF   4049BD-LF 4049BD-LF PDF Download PH3 07+ WRITE PROTECT: The 25F4096 has a write lockout fe
4049BDM   4049BDM 4049BDM PDF Download Applications • Audio, Video Switching and
4049BDR-LF   4049BDR-LF 4049BDR-LF PDF Download A resistor divider from this pin to the VOUT pin
4049BE   4049BE 4049BE PDF Download   This heading on a data sheet indicates th
4049BF   4049BF 4049BF PDF Download PHILIPS SMD 94+ Certain hardware scanning patterns for the A/D Co
4049BP   4049BP 4049BP PDF Download With CS Low - Figure 3.   After initial po
4049BPC   4049BPC 4049BPC PDF Download choice for applications, where a reference poin
4049BS   4049BS 4049BS PDF Download Panasonic SOP16S 2007+ NOTES: 1. "H" = VIH, "L" =
4049BT   4049BT 4049BT PDF Download PHILIPS 06+ clock stream is corrupted during a transmission.
4049D   4049D 4049D PDF Download High data rate, 5 MHz typical (NRZ) Free from
4049E   4049E 4049E PDF Download OUTPUT IMPEDANCE CONTROL   In order to put
4049MC14049U   4049MC14049U 4049MC14049U PDF Download MOT328 07+ 2not subject to production test, specified by des
4049S   4049S 4049S PDF Download The IR 3310(S) is a Fully Protected 4 terminal hi
4049U   4049U 4049U PDF Download
4049UB   4049UB 4049UB PDF Download HIT SOP Collector-Base VoltageVCBO Collector-Emitter Vol
4049UBC/883   4049UBC/883 4049UBC/883 PDF Download   One or more of the following United State
4049UBCN   4049UBCN 4049UBCN PDF Download Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V Continuous
4049UBCP   4049UBCP 4049UBCP PDF Download   The Celeritek 4049UBCP is a premium perfo
4049UBD   4049UBD 4049UBD PDF Download STM 07+ These capabilities make the 4049UBD ideal for n
4049UBD-LF   4049UBD-LF 4049UBD-LF PDF Download Case: JEDEC DO-204AL, molded plastic over glass
4049UBDR-LF   4049UBDR-LF 4049UBDR-LF PDF Download Zero input - output delay Frequency range 10 -
4049UBE   4049UBE 4049UBE PDF Download The device is organized as a 16-bit switch. Ther
4049UBF   4049UBF 4049UBF PDF Download HAR • Floating Channel Designed For Bootstrapp
4049UBF3   4049UBF3 4049UBF3 PDF Download  fOSC(tc)Oscillator frequency over line and
4049UBF3A   4049UBF3A 4049UBF3A PDF Download Manchester encoding and decoding is made possibl
4049UBFP   4049UBFP 4049UBFP PDF Download 93 Power ThyristorModule AK90GB series are designed
4049UBK   4049UBK 4049UBK PDF Download Teccor Electronics is the proprietor of the SIDAC
4049UBM   4049UBM 4049UBM PDF Download Note 1: The MAX5075 is 100% tested at TA = TJ = +
4049UBM1   4049UBM1 4049UBM1 PDF Download The output current limit threshold of the regula
4049UBPC-LF   4049UBPC-LF 4049UBPC-LF PDF Download Zener Voltage (VZ) is measured with junction in
404A-3G   404A-3G 404A-3G PDF Download The KBE00S009M is a Multi Chip Package Memory whi
404C   404C 404C PDF Download ST 07+;01+ Vdd=2.7V~3.3V, TA = -25C to 85C(E) / -40C to 85C(
404C2809   404C2809 404C2809 PDF Download The analogue section consists of a comparator wi
404C5004K30JADC   404C5004K30JADC 404C5004K30JADC PDF Download To validate the data transmitted from the bq2022
404CS001M20JADC   404CS001M20JADC 404CS001M20JADC PDF Download   The FPM includes an 8B/10B encoder and de
404CS002E20JADC   404CS002E20JADC 404CS002E20JADC PDF Download NOTES: 1. Input voltages may exceed the supply v
404CS003E90JADC   404CS003E90JADC 404CS003E90JADC PDF Download Embedded single-issue, 32-bit MPC8xx core (imple
404CS003K60JADC   404CS003K60JADC 404CS003K60JADC PDF Download 1. Permanent device damage may occur if absolute
404CS010E00JADC   404CS010E00JADC 404CS010E00JADC PDF Download E3DS3 or OC3 Selection (Input). In Hardware Contr
404CS012K00JADC   404CS012K00JADC 404CS012K00JADC PDF Download If the open-load detection bit (OLD) is set to l
404CS018K00JADC   404CS018K00JADC 404CS018K00JADC PDF Download Note: These are stress ratings only. Stresses exc
404CS043E00JADC   404CS043E00JADC 404CS043E00JADC PDF Download Cirrus Logic, Inc. and its subsidiaries (Cirrus)
404CS180E00JADC   404CS180E00JADC 404CS180E00JADC PDF Download 1. 60 second maximum above 183C. 2. −5C/+
404I   404I 404I PDF Download ST 07+ G5131-25T11U G5131-26T11U G5131-27T11U G5131-2
404WH   404WH 404WH PDF Download The HC164 and HCT164 are 8-bit serial-in paralle
404WP   404WP 404WP PDF Download ST N/A The HSMP-386x series of general purpose PIN diod
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