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DC bus capacitor filter with NTC inrush   current limiter IR2132 monolithic 3-phase HVIC driver On-board +15V and +5V power supply MOV surge suppression at input DC bus voltage and current feedback Protection for short-circuit, earth/ground fault and   overtemperature Terminal blocks for 3-phase input and output   connections
NOTES: 1. WE is high in read Cycle. 2. Device is continuously selected when CE = VIL. 3. Address valid prior to or coincident with CE transition low. 4. OE = VIL . 5. Transition is measured 500mV from steady state with CL = 5pF as shown in Figure 1B.   The parameter is guaranteed but not 100% tested.
 2.70E32(2)TSSOP−20PWP0C to +85C2.70E32PWPRReels, 2000 (1) For the most current specification and package information, refer to the Package Option Addendum at the end of this data sheet. (2) The 2.70E32 is not recommended for new designs. For new designs, the pin-compatible 2.70E3207703 is recommended.
Parr number/PDF Mfg Pack D/C Descrpion
2.70E08   2.70E08 2.70E08 PDF Download The drain pins are designed to connect directly t
2.70E-118   2.70E-118 2.70E-118 PDF Download
2.70E122   2.70E122 2.70E122 PDF Download (2) The technical information described in this
2.70E123   2.70E123 2.70E123 PDF Download Up to 19 analog measurement channels (including
2.70E124   2.70E124 2.70E124 PDF Download The design discussed here uses the PIC16F873A an
2.70E129   2.70E129 2.70E129 PDF Download Zener Voltage Range: 6.8V to 200V Hermetically s
2.70E131   2.70E131 2.70E131 PDF Download Gate-to-Source Forward Leakage Gate-to-Source
2.70E153   2.70E153 2.70E153 PDF Download The SST49LF080A flash memory device is designed
2.70E163   2.70E163 2.70E163 PDF Download Internal Testing pin Buzzer Output Buzzer Outpu
2.70E164   2.70E164 2.70E164 PDF Download The AT91X40 Series Microcontrollers feature an E
2.70E167   2.70E167 2.70E167 PDF Download • 1500 Watts for 10/1000 µs with rep
2.70E194   2.70E194 2.70E194 PDF Download The receiver is designed for maxi- mum sensiti
2.70E195   2.70E195 2.70E195 PDF Download A read operation begins on the falling edge of /
2.70E213   2.70E213 2.70E213 PDF Download The TPS6210x family of low-power high-efficiency
2.70E214   2.70E214 2.70E214 PDF Download An on-chip state machine controls the program an
2.70E24   2.70E24 2.70E24 PDF Download Notes: 1. See test circuit and waveforms. 2. Th
2.70E32   2.70E32 2.70E32 PDF Download 99 SOP
2.70E33   2.70E33 2.70E33 PDF Download NOTES:    1. Dimension are in inches.
2.70E44   2.70E44 2.70E44 PDF Download If tantalum capacitors are located on the output
2.70E47   2.70E47 2.70E47 PDF Download The HYM72V32C736AT8 Series are 32Mx72bits ECC Syn
2.70E68   2.70E68 2.70E68 PDF Download NOTES: 1. Always design to the specified minimu
2.77E14   2.77E14 2.77E14 PDF Download The CY7C024V/025V/026V and CY7C0241V/0251V/036V
2.78E14   2.78E14 2.78E14 PDF Download All digital inputs are wide voltage comparator in
2.7PF100V   2.7PF100V 2.7PF100V PDF Download Signal integrity is crucial in high-speed digita
2.7UH   2.7UH 2.7UH PDF Download   DESCRIPTION   These dual channel dio
2.7V   2.7V 2.7V PDF Download 1206 Package drawings, standard packing quantities, t
2.7V06   2.7V06 2.7V06 PDF Download PANASONIC SOD523 ISO150 avoids the problems commonly associated
2.7V23   2.7V23 2.7V23 PDF Download ZETEX SOT23 To retain data, 1,024 refresh cycles are require
2.7V34   2.7V34 2.7V34 PDF Download HITACHI/RENESAS LL34 NOTES: 1. VDD, OPTX, and VDDQX must be set to a
2.000000MHZ   2.000000MHZ 2.000000MHZ PDF Download UTECH N/A 08+ Both circuits have three binary select inputs (A
2.000000MHZ-IQXO-350C   2.000000MHZ-IQXO-350C 2.000000MHZ-IQXO-350C PDF Download
2.000M   2.000M 2.000M PDF Download Enhanced page-mode operation allows faster memor
2.000MHZ   2.000MHZ 2.000MHZ PDF Download The SP3222H and the 3232H are 2 driver/2 receiver
2.00E11   2.00E11 2.00E11 PDF Download All inputs to the 626162 SDRAM are latched on th
2.00E18   2.00E18 2.00E18 PDF Download The 3B Series of Signal Conditioning I/o Subsyst
2.0122E11   2.0122E11 2.0122E11 PDF Download Notes: 1. VDD = 5.0 V. 2. See Thermal Consi
2.01E13   2.01E13 2.01E13 PDF Download The JAW050A and JAW075A Power Modules are dc-dc
2.01E18   2.01E18 2.01E18 PDF Download MILLER ENCODING: If the data state is a 1, there
2.03E11   2.03E11 2.03E11 PDF Download The MAX5631/MAX5632/MAX5633 are 16-bit digital-to
2.04051E11   2.04051E11 2.04051E11 PDF Download The ML66525 family devices support clock gear fu
2.048   2.048 2.048 PDF Download UNKNOWN 07+ Absolute maximum ratings indicate limits beyond w
2.0480B   2.0480B 2.0480B PDF Download Three types of memory are provided on the DS2751
2.048MHZ   2.048MHZ 2.048MHZ PDF Download ITT A 2-to-1 multiplexer is provided on each fi
2.04E11   2.04E11 2.04E11 PDF Download Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maximu
2.04E12   2.04E12 2.04E12 PDF Download When the configuration data for an FPGA device e
2.05E11   2.05E11 2.05E11 PDF Download MIT DIP/64 Refer to Table 2, Intel Pentium II Processor Pow
2.05E14   2.05E14 2.05E14 PDF Download The megapixel CMOS image sensor features Digital PDF Download Series 32000 TapePak and TRI-STATE are registere
2.06E14   2.06E14 2.06E14 PDF Download International Rectifiers RADHard HEXFET® tec
2.08350MHZ   2.08350MHZ 2.08350MHZ PDF Download n 5 Volt Read, Program, and Erase   C Minim
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